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History of Angelus Memorial Park

In 1951, six people filed the necessary paperwork for the establishment of a memorial park . The park opened it's gates in 1951 and the first burials took place in 1952. It was the first memorial park in Alaska. On September 25, 1953 A.S Haines, Rose B. Haines, A.U. Hassman, Dave Franke, Gordon Green and Marilyn Haines met to create Evergreen Memorial Park Association. On that same day, they had the first Board of Trustees Meeting. Rose B. Haines was appointed Chairwoman and A. S. Haines was appointed Secretary of the meeting.

The Haines property was purchased by the new Association for $44,000.00 on Sept. 25, 1953 and several more properties were acquired over the next few years to make up the 37 acres of rolling hills that belong to Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. today. The first annual meeting was held in the office of the association on Oct. 1, 1955 at 3 P.M. The Association became a non-profit corporation on Sept. 14, 1955. The Park incorporated December 4, 1961 and the park's name was changed to Angelus Memorial Park on Feb. 11, 1964. It is noteworthy that Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. was Alaska's first cemetery to establish a perpetual care fund for the endowment of the corporation. The park is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees elected by the property owners at their annual meeting.

Angelus Memorial Park Inc. 440 East Klatt Road Anchorage, Ak. 99515-3448
M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 907 344-1311


Kackman, Leitha  Devotion Angelus 5/8/1965
Kahn, Edna A. Last Supper Angelus 6/3/2009
Kahn, Willis E. Last Supper Angelus 6/3/2009
Kain, Ivan  Devotion Angelus 6/4/1956
Kalamarides, Adam  Devotion Angelus 6/12/1955
Kaleta, Kikue  Catholic Angelus 5/24/1999
Kalmakoff, Janet  Elks Angelus 7/10/1985
Kalmakoff, Michael  Elks Angelus 6/1/1977
Kalmakoff, Timothy Adam Last Supper Angelus 8/4/1997
Kaloa, Lola M. Devotion Angelus 6/10/1963
Kalovich, Jennifer Marie Babyland Angelus 5/11/1993
Kampen, Nathan Earl Love Angelus 9/17/2003
Kamstra, Cora A. Last Supper Angelus 6/29/1977
Kamstra, Cynthia  Last Supper Angelus 5/26/1981
Kamstra, Walter W. Last Supper Angelus 9/11/1993
Kane, Buehla Geneva Catholic Angelus 6/14/1977
Kane, Howard Thomas Catholic Angelus 8/9/2004
Kang, Bong Suk Love Angelus 5/19/1987
Kang, Changbok  Love Angelus N/A
Kang, Koung Nan Love Angelus 11/17/2003
Kang, Mi Ok Catholic Angelus 12/1/1989
Kang, Young Mae Catholic Angelus 7/2/1999
Kang, Yunsik  Love Angelus 6/9/2000
Kannernark, Crystal Parson Devotion Angelus 8/10/1970
Karalunas, Rebecca Louise Devotion Angelus 9/3/1965
Kareen, Edward L Love Angelus 6/22/2004
Kareen, Scott Edward Love Angelus 7/7/1998
Karg, William  Last Supper Angelus 6/2/1966
Karlsson, Alan Francis Devotion Angelus 8/31/1955
Kashevaroff, Eliana  Last Supper Angelus 6/8/2009
Kashevaroff, Noah  Last Supper Angelus 7/31/2007
Kashevaroff, Ransom  Last Supper Angelus 9/11/2009
Kashevaroff, Sarah  Last Supper Angelus 6/27/2008
Katchis, Steve Patrick Elks Angelus 9/23/2002
Kaufman, Loren C Elks Angelus 10/16/1986
Kawasuk, John Ben Devotion Angelus 6/5/1958
Kederick, Robert  Devotion Angelus 7/16/1962
Keehnen, Betty  Catholic Angelus 9/10/1970
Keene, Suzanne Norisp Devotion Angelus 12/27/1957
Keever, Frank Richard Love Angelus 6/14/1994
Kehm, Arthur C. Columbarium Angelus 4/5/2008
Kehm, Marlene J. Columbarium Angelus 4/5/2008
Keister, Theresa Maxine Devotion Angelus 5/28/1963
Keith, Alverra Carine Devotion Angelus 9/15/1997
Keith, Russell M. Devotion Angelus 5/28/1969
Kellerman, Kevin Dale Christus Angelus 7/19/1979
Kellogg, Bertram Cecil Christus Angelus 6/21/1993
Kellogg, Ernest Geggory Christus Angelus 9/26/1966
Kellogg, Jennie Lee Devotion Angelus 6/22/2000
Kellogg, Lorette L. Christus Angelus 5/9/1964
Kelly, Cletus George Catholic Angelus 8/24/1977
Kelly, Elizabeth  Devotion Angelus 6/19/1974
Kelly, John C. Catholic Angelus 9/7/1976
Kelly, Lily  Catholic Angelus 5/7/1979
Kelly, Thomas F. Devotion Angelus 10/2/1964
Kelly, Victor E. Devotion Angelus 6/19/1974
Kelsey, Johanna C. Christus Angelus 5/22/1982
Kemmer, Dorothy Elizabeth Catholic Angelus 9/20/1994
Kemp, James Princehouse Catholic Angelus 6/11/2004
Kempton, Gerald O Christus Angelus 6/19/1995
Kempton, Phyllis E. Christus Angelus 8/27/2001
Kennedy, Margaret B. Devotion Angelus 5/12/1972
Kennelly, Cornelius "Neil" Ross Catholic Angelus 6/14/2007
Kennicott, Mary Lou Elks Angelus 8/19/1983
Kennicott, Maurice John Elks Angelus 7/31/1964
Kenny, Howard W. Devotion Angelus 7/7/1962
Kenyon, Ervin Douglas Last Supper Angelus 6/17/1996
Keogh, Barbara Joann Christus Angelus 5/28/1964
Keogh, Colin Hugh Christus Angelus 10/17/1962
Kerkove, Alfred Lewis Catholic Angelus 5/22/2003
Kerkove, Evelyn M. Catholic Angelus 5/24/1976
Kernan, Deborah Cassie Columbarium 1 Angelus 4/25/2006
Kerr, Johanna C. Christus Angelus 8/30/2003
Kershner, Angela Marie Last Supper Angelus 5/15/1970
Kessinger, Arloe Walter Columbarium Angelus 8/17/1989
Kessinger, Esther B. Columbarium Angelus 5/15/1997
Kessler, Keith  Catholic Angelus 12/2/2007
Ketchum, Rex Leland Catholic Angelus 7/30/1996
Ketten, Louise  Christus Angelus 6/5/1963
Ketz, Evelyn Elizabeth Last Supper Angelus 5/9/1979
Ketz, Kenneth O. Last Supper Angelus 10/20/1993
Ketz, William A. Last Supper Angelus 5/19/1970
Ketzler, Eleanor Mae Devotion Angelus 4/8/1954
Keum, Yoon Kyo Kwon Catholic Angelus 9/23/2002
Keyes, Ryan Daniel Love Angelus 6/13/2000
Kidder, Connie  Last Supper Angelus 7/2/1971
Kiernan, William Frank Devotion Angelus 5/21/1975
Kil, Hyun Soo Love Angelus 5/18/2002
Kilbuck, Elena  Devotion Angelus 5/5/1954
Killary, Matthew Aaron Love Angelus 9/22/1995
Kilongak, Jeremiah G. Last Supper Angelus 6/24/1991
Kim, Chang Lae Catholic Angelus 6/1/2007
Kim, Chang Yae Love Angelus 5/30/2009
Kim, Chang Yup Catholic Angelus 5/26/2010
Kim, Do Soon Love Angelus 5/25/2007
Kim, Eugene  Columbarium Angelus 10/22/1996
Kim, In Hwa Columbarium Angelus 5/17/2004
Kim, Jae Hak Catholic Angelus 7/1/2008
Kim, Joo Hwan Love Angelus 9/26/1998
Kim, Ju il  Catholic Angelus 7/5/1995
Kim, Seo Woon Christus Angelus 10/9/1992
Kim, Simone Young Catholic Angelus 8/10/2006
Kim, Soon Ok Catholic Angelus 5/19/2008
Kim, Sosun  Christus Angelus 5/19/1992
Kim, Suk Hoi Love Angelus 6/7/1997
Kim, Sun Nyo Catholic Angelus 6/11/2002
Kim, Sung Chun Catholic Angelus 7/7/1999
Kim, Tai H Christus Angelus 9/3/2004
Kim, Yong Ho Catholic Angelus 5/30/1997
Kim, Yong Ki Catholic Angelus 5/30/2003
Kim, Young H. Columbarium Angelus 7/8/2009
Kim, Young Yop Love Angelus 6/3/2005
Kim, Yunak  Catholic Angelus 8/12/1999
Kimball, Micah J. Devotion Angelus 6/17/1976
Kimball, Richard Steven Last Supper Angelus 6/18/1998
Kimberling, Fred Wayne Devotion Angelus 7/24/1961
Kimura, Christopher  Last Supper Angelus 10/5/1988
Kimura, William Yusaburo Last Supper Angelus 5/22/1991
Kincaid, Ethel  Devotion Angelus 9/15/1953
Kincaid, Lorenzo  Devotion Angelus 8/31/1953
Kincaid, Ralph Goodwin Devotion Angelus 5/8/1953
Kincaid, Richard W. Columbarium Angelus 8/16/1997
King, Donald Morrison Christus Angelus 6/11/1994
King, Fern Rose Catholic Angelus 5/19/1989
King, James Joseph Last Supper Angelus 8/11/1994
King, John Leslie Devotion Angelus 5/1/1954
King, Joseph Michael Catholic Angelus 5/19/1989
King, Kody  Last Supper Angelus N/A
King, Leslie D. Christus Angelus 8/11/1962
Kingery, Donald  Devotion Angelus 9/10/1964
Kingsley, Hannah Marie Love Angelus 9/18/2009
Kington, Madelyn Andrew Hubbard Elks Angelus 6/4/1982
Kinnamon, Ralph Thomas Devotion Angelus 1/11/1957
Kinsey, Roy I. Love Angelus 6/20/1986
Kintz, Kathleen Adele Devotion Angelus 5/4/2005
Kipke, Helen A. Catholic Angelus 11/3/2003
Kipke, Maurice J Catholic Angelus 5/22/1986
Kipp, Stephanie "Penny Martin Catholic Angelus 8/4/2010
Kippen, Daniel  Devotion Angelus 2/19/1955
Kirchner, August O Elks Angelus 10/23/1981
Kirkpatrick, David R. Last Supper Angelus 11/21/1979
Kirkpatrick, Derl  Last Supper Angelus 6/30/1965
Kirkpatrick, Gerald Ray Devotion Angelus 5/28/1956
Kirkpatrick, Lorraine J. Last Supper 10 Angelus 7/8/1999
Kirsch, Karen Kay Devotion Angelus 9/18/1972
Kirschner, Francis  Devotion Angelus 7/25/1966
Kirschner, Sherry Lynn Devotion Angelus 8/18/1964
Kirschner, Twin A  Devotion Angelus 5/17/1970
Kirschner, Twin B  Devotion Angelus 5/17/1970
Kirschner, Wayne E. Devotion Angelus 11/30/1970
Kissane, Mary A Catholic Angelus 7/2/1976
Kissane, Patrick J Catholic Angelus 10/4/1971
Kitamura, Masuno  Last Supper Angelus 8/28/1998
Kitamura, Shimichi  Last Supper Angelus 9/23/1977
Kitchens, Ernest Cecil Catholic Angelus 8/4/1977
Klamer, Susane Edythe Love Angelus 10/2/2004
Klein, Elaine M. Love Angelus 6/2/1989
Klingbeil, Barbara A. Last Supper Angelus 5/27/2008
Klouda, Joseph C Christus Angelus 5/18/1989
Klumpp, Marie Terese Catholic Angelus 8/30/1996
Knapp, Edith A. Christus Angelus 7/11/1958
Knapp, Jacob Clay Christus Angelus 9/23/2010
Knapp, John Fillmore Christus Angelus 9/23/2010
Knapp, Maggie L. Last Supper Angelus 5/14/1981
Knapp, Miriam Isabel Christus Angelus 10/29/2003
Knapp, Stanley Max Last Supper Angelus 6/16/2008
Knapp, Thom Denis Catholic Angelus 9/24/1966
Knight, Kenneth Keith Columbarium Angelus 4/22/1996
Knight, Leora Oliver Christus Angelus 5/12/1964
Knight, Muriel Burgit Christus Angelus 6/7/1996
Knight, Virgil E Christus Angelus 9/5/1978
Knighten, Jock Rene Elks Angelus 9/26/1975
Knighten, Marsha  Christus Angelus 5/24/1965
Knisely, Gertrude B. Devotion Angelus 9/10/1957
Knoppe, Georgina  Columbarium Angelus 2/16/1996
Knoppe, Willard M. Columbarium Angelus 6/1/1996
Knosky, Benny Dowe Last Supper Angelus 5/23/1991
Knudsen, Lois W Devotion Angelus 7/6/1966
Knuth, Charles H. Christus Angelus 5/20/1969
Knutson, Karl John Devotion Angelus 6/13/1963
Kobayashi, Gary Martin Love Angelus 7/26/2004
Kochendorfer, Michael Matthew Columbarium Angelus 8/7/2002
Kocur, Audree H. Love Angelus 6/8/1991
Koehler, Donald Russell Devotion Angelus 3/23/1953
Koenig, Cory Rene Christus Angelus 6/19/1995
Koenig, LaVona  Devotion Angelus 6/7/1968
Koeniger, Martha Jean Christus Angelus 5/31/1976
Koeniger, Mary Jane Christus Angelus 6/14/2000
Koestner, Herbert Anton Devotion Angelus 3/13/1959
Kogane, Tamae Yagi Love Angelus 7/30/1999
Kogane, Thomas M. Love Angelus 8/9/2000
Koger, Edwin D. Last Supper Angelus 6/28/1983
Kohli, Fred G Elks Angelus 6/4/1976
Kohniak, George Gregory Christus Angelus 6/22/1976
Kohniak, Marceline J. Christus Angelus 6/22/1976
Koivu, Reino W. Devotion Angelus 10/22/1956
Koll, Emma O Christus Angelus 5/20/1987
Koll, James H. Christus Angelus 5/8/1969
Koll, Joseph Anthony Christus Angelus 3/3/1959
Koll, Joseph Kenneth Christus Angelus 5/12/1973
Koll, Loretta W. Christus Angelus 5/6/1967
Koning, Carol Ann Catholic Angelus 5/13/1967
Koning, Eileen Margaret Catholic Angelus 5/7/2001
Koning, George C. Catholic Angelus 5/31/1984
Kopcha, Michael  Devotion Angelus 5/14/2007
Kopiasz, Marianne Frances Columbarium Angelus 2/10/2000
Kornfeind, Gertrude  Catholic Angelus 6/10/1989
Koropp, Rebecca Ann Christus Angelus 6/6/1990
Kortie, John William Last Supper Angelus 6/28/1976
Kosbruk, Jesse Dawson Last Supper Angelus 6/9/1998
Kosbruk, Moses Alec Last Supper Angelus 8/4/2001
Kosewski, Cecelia Frances Columbarium Angelus 1/25/2007
Koski, Arney W Elks Angelus 6/11/1965
Koski, Jeremy  Elks Angelus 7/26/1986
Koslosky, Harold J Elks Angelus 6/9/1975
Koslosky, Henrietta J Elks Angelus 5/16/1983
Koslosky, Howard Mark Elks Angelus 8/6/1970
Kotoff, Walter Vlademer Devotion Angelus 5/5/1954
Kouchak, Marian  Devotion Angelus 10/2/1953
Koutchak, Dorothy Arlene Devotion Angelus 7/23/1955
Kowal, Ralph D. Catholic Angelus 9/10/1964
Kowalski, Mary Frances Last Supper Angelus 5/23/1980
Krafft, Daniel Mark Catholic Angelus 5/20/1977
Kraft, Barbara LaVonne Columbarium Angelus 8/21/2000
Kramer, Charles Clarke Catholic Angelus 5/31/1985
Kramer, Debra Sue Devotion Angelus 2/1/1958
Kramer, Lyle Q. Christus Angelus 5/22/1980
Kramer, Muriel Marie Christus Angelus 7/2/2008
Kraun, Frederick Edward Devotion Angelus 10/28/1952
Kriger, Duane August Catholic Angelus 7/29/1989
Kringlie, Audrey Nadine Christus Angelus 6/25/1996
Kringlie, Christian R. Christus Angelus 5/6/1969
Kroesing, Lloyd Frederick Devotion Angelus 10/15/1955
Krogstad, Lloyd Earnest Christus Angelus 6/3/1997
Krogstad, Sophia H. Christus Angelus 6/21/1982
Krulic, Ken F. Christus Angelus 5/21/1963
Krull, Theadore David Devotion Angelus 5/14/1953
Krupa, Leo Edward Catholic Angelus 5/30/1981
Krupa, Rose Elisabeth Catholic Angelus 5/15/1998
Krysak, Olga Elgie Catholic Angelus 6/3/1985
Krysak, Ronald A Catholic Angelus 6/19/1990
Krysak, Steven  Catholic Angelus 6/19/1997
Kubitz, Frederick H. Devotion Angelus 6/30/1977
Kubutz, Bernice C. Devotion Angelus 5/23/1970
Kuczek, Ronald J. Christus Angelus 4/30/2001
Kugler, Harry Wesley Columbarium Angelus 1/10/1997
Kuhn, Donald Lavern Christus Angelus 9/5/2007
Kuk, Daniel  Babyland Angelus 7/5/1996
Kuntz, Connie Elizabeth Devotion Angelus 9/16/1958
Kuoppala, Waino Oscar Devotion Angelus 8/12/1971
Kupers, Marvin Christian Christus Angelus 9/17/1976
Kupers, Mary F. Christus Angelus 10/4/1990
Kurth, Jane Kathleen Last Supper Angelus 8/20/2010
Kurtz, Alvin E. Elks Angelus 7/16/1982
Kusegta, James Paul Devotion Angelus 5/29/1958
Kusmider, Joyce Mae Columbarium 1 Angelus 11/7/2009
Kutil, Curtis Lee Catholic Angelus 5/2/1998
Kuznicki, Edward Joseph Catholic Angelus 6/22/1996
Kuznicki, Jennie  Catholic Angelus 5/23/1994
Kuznicki, Linda Joy Catholic Angelus 7/12/1973
Kwon, Bong Soo Love Angelus 8/10/2004

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