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History of Angelus Memorial Park

In 1951, six people filed the necessary paperwork for the establishment of a memorial park . The park opened it's gates in 1951 and the first burials took place in 1952. It was the first memorial park in Alaska. On September 25, 1953 A.S Haines, Rose B. Haines, A.U. Hassman, Dave Franke, Gordon Green and Marilyn Haines met to create Evergreen Memorial Park Association. On that same day, they had the first Board of Trustees Meeting. Rose B. Haines was appointed Chairwoman and A. S. Haines was appointed Secretary of the meeting.

The Haines property was purchased by the new Association for $44,000.00 on Sept. 25, 1953 and several more properties were acquired over the next few years to make up the 37 acres of rolling hills that belong to Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. today. The first annual meeting was held in the office of the association on Oct. 1, 1955 at 3 P.M. The Association became a non-profit corporation on Sept. 14, 1955. The Park incorporated December 4, 1961 and the park's name was changed to Angelus Memorial Park on Feb. 11, 1964. It is noteworthy that Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. was Alaska's first cemetery to establish a perpetual care fund for the endowment of the corporation. The park is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees elected by the property owners at their annual meeting.

Angelus Memorial Park Inc. 440 East Klatt Road Anchorage, Ak. 99515-3448
M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 907 344-1311


Pace, Paul Kevin Love Angelus 11/20/2003
Padgett, Wayne D. Devotion Angelus 5/21/1966
Padzuikas, Anthony V Last Supper Angelus 5/19/1970
Padzuikas, Elsie Magdelane Last Supper Angelus 5/23/1983
Page, Alice Evangeline Catholic Angelus 6/18/1997
Page, Clarence Edward Catholic Angelus 5/27/1980
Page, Valerie Jean Catholic Angelus 5/13/2004
Pagel, Joshua Billy Lee Last Supper Angelus 10/6/1981
Palacios, Jeffery Scott Devotion Angelus 5/21/1970
Palinski, Karen K. Devotion Angelus 8/3/1984
Palinsky, Paul J. Devotion Angelus N/A
Palmer, Amanda Marie Last Supper Angelus 7/16/1985
Palmer, Bernice H. Last Supper Angelus 6/30/2003
Palmer, Edwin Arthur Last Supper Angelus 7/3/1973
Palmer, Robert Golden Last Supper Angelus 10/4/2000
Pancheha, Nadine  Christus Angelus 5/23/1961
Pangburn, Donna L Christus Angelus 5/29/1974
Pannett, Christopher R Last Supper Angelus 10/1/1987
Papasodora, Jeffery J. Last Supper Angelus 5/21/1981
Pappas, Helen Mae Catholic Angelus 6/1/1989
Pappas, John Anthony Catholic Angelus 7/20/1984
Pappas, Nicholas Anthony Catholic Angelus 5/26/1977
Paquette, Melissa Marie Catholic Angelus 5/20/2004
Park, Daiil  Love Angelus 5/26/1995
Park, David Keith Last Supper Angelus 6/14/1984
Park, Ok Nam Catholic Angelus 9/13/2003
Park, Soon ok Kim Elks Angelus 10/13/1984
Parker, Claude G. Devotion Angelus 6/22/1959
Parker, Florette E Christus Angelus 6/2/1972
Parker, Frederick W. Christus Angelus 5/7/1965
Parker, Jaenette Aneice Devotion Angelus 7/9/1986
Parker, Patrick  Devotion Angelus 6/25/1973
Parker, Roy Neal Last Supper Angelus 10/17/1970
Parmenter, Daniel M. Christus Angelus 5/11/1977
Parmenter, Pearl E. Christus Angelus 5/9/1980
Parry, Anna  Devotion Angelus 5/30/1964
Parsons, Albert Fisher Columbarium Angelus 5/5/1995
Partington, Myrtle Lucille Christus Angelus N/A
Partington, William Gordon Christus Angelus N/A
Pass, Robert Allen Devotion Angelus 12/8/1954
Pate, Francis  Columbarium Angelus 3/10/1997
Patnode, Edmond Peter Catholic Angelus 6/5/1976
Patnode, Jessie Mae Catholic Angelus 7/20/1988
Patnode, Michael John Devotion Angelus 8/27/1958
Patrawke, Erich O. Christus Angelus 9/13/1970
Patrawke, Erna H. Christus Angelus 9/23/1970
Patrick, Howard  Last Supper Angelus 5/10/1978
Patrick, Molly  Devotion Angelus 12/4/1954
Patscheck, Alvin William Last Supper Angelus 5/27/1968
Patscheck, Katherine R. Last Supper Angelus 7/9/1992
Patterson, Emma  Devotion Angelus 12/23/1954
Patterson, Harold J. Devotion Angelus 9/5/1975
Patterson, Howard E Elks Angelus 7/13/1978
Patterson, Laura Jean Elks Angelus 7/2/1997
Patterson, Mary Frances Christus Angelus 6/5/2009
Pauk, Eoon  Devotion Angelus 12/7/1957
Pauley, Joseph Michael Ulm Last Supper Angelus 5/25/1983
Paulson, Ann M. Christus Angelus 6/18/2003
Paulson, George C. Christus Angelus 5/18/1967
Paulsteiner, Johanna  Catholic Angelus 6/5/1964
Paulsteiner, John  Catholic Angelus 6/5/1964
Paustian, Clyde C. Catholic Angelus 6/10/1981
Paustian, Dorothy Elaine Catholic Angelus 5/14/1999
Payne, Sophia Alberta Catholic Angelus 6/29/2010
Payton, Henry Nelson Last Supper Angelus 5/29/1982
Payton, Pamela Jean Devotion Angelus 6/2/1954
Peace, Rachael Jean Love Angelus 9/22/2002
Peacock, Alva Richard Christus Angelus 6/7/1958
Pearcy, Billy Joe Elks Angelus 7/27/2007
Pearson, Carl  Christus Angelus 5/3/1974
Peavy, Bertha Anne Last Supper Angelus 7/30/2002
Peck, Elwood "Al" E.C. Elks Angelus 7/20/1991
Peck, Ethel Becker Elks Angelus 10/13/2006
Pedersen, Rose  Catholic Angelus 9/23/1965
Pederson, Tamara Joy Last Supper Angelus 5/11/1984
Pedro, John Joseph Last Supper Angelus 8/8/1990
Pelagio, Jacinto T. Last Supper Angelus 5/28/1981
Pelagio, Jeweline  Last Supper Angelus 6/6/1997
Pelagio, Lucille Sarah Last Supper Angelus 6/6/1994
Pelphrey, Katelyn M. Last Supper Angelus 7/8/1993
Penney, John Orville Devotion Angelus 6/11/1970
Penney, Ruby L. Devotion Angelus 7/13/1967
Pennington, Anne C Love Angelus 9/19/2006
Pennington, Earl  Last Supper Angelus 7/17/1997
Pennington, Ellen  Christus Angelus 5/20/1960
Pennington, Feodoria  Love Angelus 5/14/2010
Pennington, Fred D. Last Supper Angelus 6/11/1986
Pennington, Lloyd L. Christus Angelus 4/21/1956
Pennington, Robert Omar Love Angelus 5/28/1992
Peot, Elaine J. Catholic Angelus 8/13/2003
Peot, James J. Catholic Angelus 8/13/2003
Peretti, Albert  Elks Angelus 6/6/1988
Peretti, Doris E. Elks Angelus 6/17/1985
Perez, Michelle Ann Love Angelus 6/16/1995
Perez, Verda Viola Christus Angelus 5/19/1972
Perez, William V. Christus Angelus 5/30/1990
Perich, Claudia Mae Devotion Angelus 9/20/1971
Perkins, Albert Loyd Last Supper Angelus 5/11/1988
Perkins, Balma  Christus Angelus 5/28/1987
Perkins, Benjamin I. Christus Angelus 5/17/1983
Perkins, Charlene Bee Devotion Angelus 7/15/1977
Perkins, Kate Viola Last Supper Angelus 8/12/2001
Perkins, Robert B. Christus Angelus 7/9/1962
Perlovich, (Jack) John  Devotion Angelus 3/22/1954
Perpinan, Chung  Columbarium Angelus 4/1/2009
Perrin, Joseph  Devotion Angelus 5/18/1957
Perry, Dessirae  Last Supper Angelus 7/20/1993
Perry, Edward Lawton Devotion Angelus 5/6/1953
Perry, Walter Douglas Last Supper Angelus 6/27/1994
Persyn, Robert George Devotion Angelus 6/11/1955
Pete, George Guy Devotion Angelus 12/10/1954
Peterkin, John Robert Devotion Angelus 9/28/1988
Peterkin, William A Devotion Angelus 6/17/1974
Peters, Arthur James Christus Angelus 5/12/1973
Peters, Jennings D. Devotion Angelus 10/29/1964
Peters, Judythe Jayne Catholic Angelus 5/9/1969
Peters, Melissa Ann Elks Angelus 5/21/1992
Peters, Paul Lewis Elks Angelus 9/13/2003
Peters-Carlson, Pearl C. Devotion Angelus 7/19/2002
Petersen, Ina  Christus Angelus 10/15/2008
Petersen, Nels Lousten Last Supper Angelus 5/28/1993
Petersen, Susan Marie(Kohli) Elks Angelus 11/26/2002
Petersen, Todd Schei Christus Angelus 10/20/2009
Peterson, Alice Marian Devotion Angelus 11/9/1954
Peterson, Charles Joseph Columbarium Angelus 3/25/1990
Peterson, Chester Edward Christus Angelus 10/11/1972
Peterson, Erik Oscar Devotion Angelus 7/15/1965
Peterson, Ernestine C. Devotion Angelus 6/7/1969
Peterson, Eva Mae Devotion Angelus 9/9/2006
Peterson, Helen M. Haugen Last Supper Angelus 9/15/2003
Peterson, Leona Mary Catholic Angelus 9/6/1972
Peterson, Loyd Harlow Christus Angelus 6/17/2009
Peterson, Mae Anita Christus Angelus 6/3/2008
Peterson, Melvin Edward Devotion Angelus 9/17/1969
Peterson, Oliver (Ben) Catholic Angelus 5/25/1979
Peterson, Ralph David Christus Angelus 8/10/1987
Peterson, Robin Joy Catholic Angelus 5/21/2007
Peterson, Sanford  Last Supper Angelus 8/12/1971
Peterson, Sharon  Christus Angelus 6/1/1961
Peterson, Waldemar E Last Supper Angelus 9/28/1977
Peterson, William  Devotion Angelus 10/7/1954
Petranovich, Judy Faye Devotion Angelus 10/18/2002
Petranovich, Tina Maria Devotion Angelus 5/28/1966
Petranovich, Trina  Devotion Angelus 5/28/1966
Petrovich, Elvessie Claudell Christus Angelus 7/13/1992
Petrovich, George Anthony Columbarium Angelus 8/11/2000
Petrovich, Mark Richard Christus Angelus 6/27/1984
Pettersen, Henrikke  Last Supper Angelus 5/14/1982
Petterson, Harry G. Christus Angelus 6/20/1961
Pettijohn, Ada Raye Last Supper Angelus 10/13/1976
Pettijohn, Elbert Thomas Last Supper Angelus 7/25/2007
Pettijohn, Ruby  Last Supper Angelus 6/17/1991
Pettis, Duane Dee Devotion Angelus 7/26/1973
Pettis, Eldon Duane Christus Angelus 5/12/1969
Pettis, Ethel M. Christus Angelus 6/7/1995
Pettis, Isaiah  Elks Angelus 10/23/1981
Pettis, Lyle M. Christus Angelus 8/22/1997
Pettis, Pamela Rae Christus Angelus 5/12/1969
Pettis, Wilford Dee Christus Angelus 6/4/1974
Petty, Leva Louisa Christus Angelus 5/12/1978
Pfeifer, Dorothy Helen Last Supper Angelus 6/11/1997
Pfeifer, Robert H. Last Supper Angelus 6/11/1997
Phalin, Crystal L Last Supper Angelus 7/27/1983
Phelps, Eloise E. Last Supper Angelus 6/25/2001
Phelps, Evelyn Frances Elks Angelus 5/20/1988
Phelps, Gene Shane Devotion Angelus 5/15/1965
Phelps, Lloyd D. Last Supper Angelus 6/10/1986
Phelps, William John Elks Angelus 5/23/1970
Phifer, Bertha Beatrice Last Supper Angelus 10/10/1983
Philemonof, Laura Ann Catholic Angelus 5/8/2008
Phillips, Alfred Gordon Last Supper Angelus 5/17/1985
Phillips, Claudine Patty Ann Christus Angelus 9/23/2004
Phillips, Douglas Ray Last Supper Angelus 6/20/1996
Phillips, Elton Bradford Catholic Angelus 8/11/2010
Phillips, Lee  Last Supper Angelus 8/5/1994
Phillips, Lillian E. Devotion Angelus 6/22/2005
Phillips, Patricia  Catholic Angelus 6/9/1967
Phillips, Rebecca Dawn Last Supper Angelus 6/7/1982
Phillips, Roberta Dianne Elks Angelus 6/29/1976
Phillips, Shawn Patrick Love Angelus 7/2/2009
Phillips, Tom G Catholic Angelus 5/26/1981
Phillips, Walter T. Devotion Angelus 6/22/2005
Philpott, W. "Bill" A. Last Supper Angelus 5/31/1991
Piaskowski, Francis (Frank) S. Catholic Angelus 6/15/1967
Piaskowski, James Joseph Catholic Angelus 7/20/2009
Piaskowski, Patrick Joseph Catholic Angelus 10/20/1976
Piaskowski, Robert J. Columbarium Angelus 5/30/2000
Piaskowski, William Franci Catholic Angelus 6/4/1968
Pichler, Frieda A Christus Angelus 8/10/1992
Pichler, Joseph W. Christus Angelus 5/1/1965
Pichler, Mark Joseph Devotion Angelus 12/20/1956
Pickens, Richard Clyde Christus Angelus 6/26/1992
Pickett, Anna M. Catholic Angelus 6/13/1990
Pickett, Peter  Catholic Angelus 7/22/1980
Pickles, Stanley Howarth Christus Angelus 5/16/2005
Pickworth, Ray E Elks Angelus 6/1/1992
Pidgeon, Louise E. Last Supper Angelus 6/4/1976
Pierce, Donald E. Catholic Angelus 8/9/1979
Pierce, Hyon Ok Catholic Angelus 9/26/1997
Pierce, Justin Daniel Last Supper Angelus 8/12/1975
Pierce, Kenneth Leroy Devotion Angelus 6/9/1958
Pierce, Kenneth Winfred Love Angelus 5/30/1985
Pierce, Linda Kay Columbarium Angelus 7/17/2002
Pierce, Mary Nell Last Supper Angelus 9/13/1999
Pierce, Wilda Opal Love Angelus 5/22/2006
Pietila-Plosila, Sanna Elissa Columbarium Angelus 8/11/2003
Pifer, Garnet D Elks Angelus 10/30/1986
Pike, Ellen May Last Supper Angelus 5/22/2004
Pike, James Natalie Love Angelus 5/21/1984
Pike, James William Love Angelus 5/23/1992
Pike, Jeffrey D. Christus Angelus 9/7/1978
Pike, Melissa Faye Christus Angelus 6/7/2008
Pike, Mitchell Christopher Christus Angelus 6/7/2008
Piland, Chris A. Devotion Angelus 6/11/1982
Pilkenton, Alvah Stone Devotion Angelus 12/10/1954
Pillifant, Thomas  Christus Angelus 6/6/1969
Pilon, Julia M. Catholic Angelus 8/7/1981
Pinkham, Merle Maxine Love Angelus 10/9/2010
Pinkham, Robert C. Love Angelus 8/19/1993
Pinkston, Gary E. Last Supper Angelus 5/9/1984
Pinkston, Linda Kay Last Supper Angelus 5/17/1977
Pinpert, Fredrick W. Devotion Angelus 5/7/1954
Pintar, Francine Elizabeth Columbarium Angelus 10/11/2008
Piotrowski, Angeline B. Last Supper Angelus 6/30/2000
Pitmatalik, Ruth  Devotion Angelus 1/25/1954
Pitts, Richard  Catholic Angelus 5/28/1983
Platel, Kathleen Lilian Catholic Angelus 5/10/1984
Plimpton, Cyrus Walker Christus Angelus 8/22/2007
Plimpton, Lilly Frances Christus Angelus 5/25/2005
Plimpton, Michael Charles Christus Angelus 6/29/2004
Plonta, Gary Dean Elks Angelus 6/6/2008
Plowman, Joseph Earl Last Supper Angelus 5/21/1972
Plummer, Wyanne "Niemi" Christus Angelus 6/12/1969
Plyer, Elbert C Elks Angelus 8/22/1986
Poe, Anne V. Last Supper Angelus 7/30/1984
Poe, Floy "Betty" E Christus Angelus 8/18/1995
Poe, Isham  Last Supper Angelus 6/14/2004
Pohl, Edward H Catholic Angelus 9/15/1980
Pohl, Emma L Catholic Angelus 7/11/2006
Pointer, Baby Girl  Devotion Angelus 5/18/1962
Pointer, Chlorus L Last Supper Angelus 6/4/1969
Pointer, Florence L Last Supper Angelus 6/24/1993
Pointer, Hettie L Last Supper Angelus 6/10/1964
Poirier, Caroline May Catholic Angelus 9/14/2007
Polich, Mark Allen Devotion Angelus 9/17/1960
Pollard, Annie Pearl Elks Angelus 5/30/2003
Pollard, Jerry D. Last Supper Angelus 6/25/1987
Pollard, William D. Elks Angelus 5/23/1985
Polley, Leon  Devotion Angelus 2/16/1955
Polley, Robert F.L. Christus Angelus 6/7/1983
Pollock, Eura M. Elks Angelus 7/16/2004
Pollock, Henry  Elks Angelus 7/6/1979
Pollock, Royal Edgar Christus Angelus 9/3/1980
Polsky, Erwin F. Catholic Angelus 8/1/1968
Polsky, Florence Theresa Catholic Angelus 6/3/1998
Polts, Victor Chris Devotion Angelus 9/6/1954
Polyefko, Evelyn Marie Columbarium 1 Angelus 7/12/2005
Poorman, Fred M. Christus Angelus 8/17/1962
Pope, Emma Peggy M. Elks Angelus 5/10/1974
Pope, Harry N. Elks Angelus 8/15/1970
Pope, Rosalie  Last Supper Angelus 6/20/1995
Popovich, Thomas  Devotion Angelus 8/20/1953
Porter, Frank George Last Supper Angelus 8/13/2001
Porter, Lynetta Eileen Devotion Angelus 5/17/1970
Porter, Sarah Lucille Last Supper Angelus 5/12/1981
Portlock, Jodi Marie Catholic Angelus 5/31/1986
Potter, Mary Ellen Christus Angelus 2/13/1958
Pottle, Doris W Elks Angelus 10/29/1990
Pottle, Holman F. Elks Angelus 10/11/1993
Potts, Allen Dale Devotion Angelus 8/23/1956
Potts, Josephine  Devotion Angelus 9/17/1976
Potts, Nicholas Gail Columbarium Angelus 9/6/2005
Pough, William C. Devotion Angelus 2/6/1958
Poussard, Lucien J. Last Supper Angelus 6/30/1986
Poussard, Rosemary Bentley Last Supper Angelus 7/2/2007
Powell, Darion Gilbert Elks Angelus 8/16/1986
Powell, Lance Allen Christus Angelus 5/25/1962
Powell, Margaret Ruth Christus Angelus 7/13/1987
Powell, Roberta Elizabeth Elks Angelus 7/11/2010
Powell, Rosie Bell Devotion Angelus 6/22/2009
Powell, Tazma Kelly Devotion Angelus 8/10/1959
Power, Thomas  Catholic Angelus 8/20/1998
Power, Vandalia Martha Devotion Angelus 7/13/1960
Powers, Mary Olga Devotion Angelus 5/31/1953
Powers, Timmy  Devotion Angelus 8/5/1963
Powers, Tommy  Devotion Angelus 8/5/1963
Prather, Jesse William Babyland Angelus 8/12/2002
Prator, David C. Christus Angelus 6/11/1991
Prator, Wayne C. Christus Angelus 5/22/1967
Pratt, Thomas G. Devotion Angelus 10/1/1965
Preblich, Angela  Devotion Angelus 5/25/1968
Pree, Ruby Nadine Catholic Angelus 5/21/2003
Prentiss, Robert Lee Catholic Angelus 7/6/1989
Presley, Holmes O. Last Supper Angelus 8/17/1974
Preston, James Fred Elks Angelus 5/17/1982
Preston, Lael Victoria Christus Angelus 5/18/1983
Preston, Wilma Irene Love Angelus 6/4/1993
Price, Fred F Christus Angelus 5/11/1977
Price, Fred Franklin Christus Angelus 6/9/1977
Price, James Donald Last Supper Angelus 10/11/1988
Price, Terrance Allen Last Supper Angelus 6/12/2004
Price, Wilma Christine Christus Angelus 10/6/2008
Pridgen, C. Marie Columbarium Angelus 4/3/1999
Priest, Dorothy Viola Devotion Angelus 6/28/1988
Priest, Joseph Lee Devotion Angelus 7/26/1978
Prince, Lawrence WM. Catholic Angelus 5/31/1995
Proffitt, Martin Emory Catholic Angelus 5/17/2002
Proffitt, Virginia Rivers Catholic Angelus 5/10/1982
Provence, Brian Lee Devotion Angelus 7/22/1991
Provence, Timothy Ray Devotion Angelus 5/23/1981
Provost, Nettie Drake Christus Angelus 6/14/1974
Pruitt, Ernest M. Last Supper Angelus 7/19/1971
Przybyla, Stephen Jerome Last Supper Angelus 6/4/1990
Puaoi, Palani K. Last Supper Angelus 7/9/1998
Puett, Chester Aaron Devotion Angelus 6/11/1962
Pugh, Brainard  Elks Angelus 5/15/1965
Pullins, Twanda M Elks Angelus 10/29/1987
Pullock, Michael  Last Supper Angelus 7/5/1994
Purcella, Yulia  Christus Angelus 5/24/2007
Purdy, George Lloyd Devotion Angelus 3/31/1956
Purvis, Debra L. Devotion Angelus 6/20/1956
Purvis, Robert William Devotion Angelus 5/20/1975
Putnam, Reid David Love Angelus 7/10/2009
Pyhala, Vicki Ann Devotion Angelus 6/8/1971

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