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History of Angelus Memorial Park

In 1951, six people filed the necessary paperwork for the establishment of a memorial park . The park opened it's gates in 1951 and the first burials took place in 1952. It was the first memorial park in Alaska. On September 25, 1953 A.S Haines, Rose B. Haines, A.U. Hassman, Dave Franke, Gordon Green and Marilyn Haines met to create Evergreen Memorial Park Association. On that same day, they had the first Board of Trustees Meeting. Rose B. Haines was appointed Chairwoman and A. S. Haines was appointed Secretary of the meeting.

The Haines property was purchased by the new Association for $44,000.00 on Sept. 25, 1953 and several more properties were acquired over the next few years to make up the 37 acres of rolling hills that belong to Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. today. The first annual meeting was held in the office of the association on Oct. 1, 1955 at 3 P.M. The Association became a non-profit corporation on Sept. 14, 1955. The Park incorporated December 4, 1961 and the park's name was changed to Angelus Memorial Park on Feb. 11, 1964. It is noteworthy that Angelus Memorial Park, Inc. was Alaska's first cemetery to establish a perpetual care fund for the endowment of the corporation. The park is governed by a voluntary Board of Trustees elected by the property owners at their annual meeting.

Angelus Memorial Park Inc. 440 East Klatt Road Anchorage, Ak. 99515-3448
M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 907 344-1311


Sabin, John Samuel Devotion Angelus 6/5/1953
Sadowski, Michal James Catholic Angelus 7/26/1983
Saeteurn, Lew Sieo Love Angelus 10/16/2009
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Saint, James H. Christus Angelus 5/22/1963
Salas, Edward Basalato Catholic Angelus 5/7/1981
Salas, Santina Sandy Catholic Angelus 8/12/2002
Sales, Wesley Samuel Devotion Angelus 8/8/1969
Salus, Eugene H. Devotion Angelus 3/8/1958
Salvino, Theresa  Devotion Angelus 6/27/1969
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Sambo, Frank Victor Last Supper Angelus 6/2/1978
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Sampson, Magnus Lee Last Supper Angelus 6/26/1998
Samson, Marie W. Devotion Angelus 5/22/1962
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Sanchez, Paula Delia Columbarium Angelus 12/4/1992
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Schleifman-Bruns, Mina Camille Babyland Angelus 12/2/2003
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Schmitt, Jean Ann Catholic Angelus 8/21/2000
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Schmitt, Siena  Catholic Angelus 6/10/2005
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Schrader, Tyson  Last Supper Angelus 6/14/1976
Schreckenghost, Stacy Coral Last Supper Angelus 5/31/1985
Schroeder, Amanda Louise Last Supper Angelus 9/7/1979
Schroeder, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 7/6/1953
Schroeder, Heather  Last Supper Angelus 9/10/1979
Schroeder, William Henry Last Supper Angelus 6/13/1972
Schubert, Kurt Douglas Last Supper Angelus 7/15/1970
Schubert, Vernon C. Last Supper Angelus N/A
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Schumacher, Arthur Bernard Catholic Angelus 5/15/1970
Schumacher, Catherine Barbara Catholic Angelus 9/22/1960
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Schurr, Walter A. Last Supper Angelus 6/13/1990
Schwab, Ivy  Devotion Angelus 8/11/1964
Schwalbe, Zachary Allen Columbarium Angelus 10/20/1986
Schwankl, Delores E. Catholic Angelus 5/24/1993
Schwarz, Hedy J. Columbarium Angelus 8/27/2008
Scott, Raymond  Devotion Angelus 10/17/1952
Scott, Roy A. Catholic Angelus 7/17/1978
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Scott, William Elmer Devotion Angelus 5/29/1952
Scruggs, Thomas E. Devotion Angelus 7/12/1988
Seaman, Betty Jane Elks Angelus 4/29/1980
Seaman, Robert E. Elks Angelus 5/13/1978
Seaman, Terry Renee Catholic Angelus 5/16/1983
Seay, Mary Ann Catholic Angelus 7/28/1995
Secrease, Evelyn  Devotion Angelus 2/22/1954
Seeley, Lawlor J. Devotion Angelus 5/24/1961
Self, Helen Pulcheria Catholic Angelus 6/12/2001
Self, Modene Viola Love Angelus 7/1/1996
Self, Robert James Catholic Angelus 9/7/1974
Self, Sidney Polo Love Angelus 6/12/1998
Self, Sidney Wayne Love Angelus 5/25/1990
Sells, Barbara Jean Christus Angelus 6/12/2008
Seltenreich, Bud Stanley Elks Angelus 5/10/2000
Seltenreich, Margaret Lucille Elks Angelus 6/30/1998
Senegal, Jessica L Last Supper Angelus 8/10/1988
Serrano, Sabella Lane Columbarium Angelus 8/24/2007
Sessoms, Florence  Devotion Angelus 5/11/1970
Setters, Craig  Christus Angelus 6/29/1985
Setters, Donald Billy Christus Angelus 7/11/2008
Seversen, George G. Devotion Angelus 7/13/1987
Seversen, Inez H Devotion Angelus 7/7/1994
Sexton, Terry Joe Catholic Angelus 7/29/1981
Sey, Bonnie Jean Columbarium Angelus 7/16/1992
Shackleton, Eugene L. Christus Angelus 5/10/1982
Shackleton, John Fredrick Christus Angelus 7/24/2008
Shackleton, Olive Gimple Christus Angelus 7/29/1994
Shade, Anna Agnes Elks Angelus 6/27/2003
Shafsky, Frances L. Catholic Angelus 6/8/2009
Shafsky, Samuel O Catholic Angelus 6/12/1998
Shannon, Helen Louise Simpson  Catholic Angelus 8/28/1998
Shannon, Muffett Melinda Last Supper Angelus 8/31/1968
Sharpe-Garcia, Candelaria  Columbarium Angelus 8/4/2003
Shary, Mildred A. Catholic Angelus 7/5/1978
Shaw, Frederick A. Devotion Angelus 10/17/1962
Shaw, Hazel O. Elks Angelus 6/20/1996
Shaw, John Winton Elks Angelus 9/23/1983
Sheets, Baby Girl  Devotion Angelus 6/29/1956
Sheets, Clarice J. Last Supper Angelus 5/1/1974
Sheets, Donald G. Last Supper Angelus 5/13/1978
Sheets, Lisa Marne Devotion Angelus 7/21/1957
Sheffield, Ruby Floyd Last Supper Angelus 5/10/1979
Sheffield-Ishii, Tommie Frankie Last Supper Angelus 9/19/2003
Shellabarger, Annie Belle Devotion Angelus 6/12/1990
Shellabarger, Edwin Leon Devotion Angelus 6/12/1990
Shellabarger, Maxwell Martin, E. Devotion Angelus 12/18/1956
Shellabarger, Vivian E. Devotion Angelus 6/18/1994
Shemruk, Bozenian  Devotion Angelus 1/12/1954
Shen, Mei Shu  Columbarium Angelus 6/27/1991
Sheneman, Ida Ruth Christus Angelus 11/3/2007
Sheneman, Neale  Christus Angelus 10/15/1992
Shepard, Barbara L. Columbarium Angelus 9/5/1996
Shepherd, Gertrude I. Christus Angelus 5/9/1959
Shepherd, Olive Katherine Christus Angelus 7/10/1998
Sheppard, Eva L. Christus Angelus 8/18/1986
Sheppard, Helga  Catholic Angelus 7/11/1980
Sherrod, Joan Marie Catholic Angelus 6/4/1985
Shibe, Dallas Max Last Supper Angelus 5/29/2003
Shibe, Michael J. Love Angelus 8/2/2005
Shields, Edmund J Catholic Angelus 6/22/1989
Shields, Elizabeth(Betty) M. Catholic Angelus 6/4/2004
Shin, Duk Sang Christus Angelus 8/17/1987
Shin, Yong Hwa Columbarium Angelus 6/1/2010
Shin, Young Soon Choi Catholic Angelus 6/12/1992
Shipman, Enafae G Last Supper Angelus 6/1/1989
Shipman, John L Last Supper Angelus 5/25/1988
Shippy, David Leniel Elks Angelus 7/11/1983
Shirley, Valda Marion Christus Angelus 7/6/1993
Shock, Creed B Christus Angelus 8/31/1970
Shoemaker, Paul David Devotion Angelus 9/7/1953
Shore, Anna Agnes Christus Angelus 8/20/1962
Shorey, Marion C Columbarium Angelus N/A
Short, Dennis A. Elks Angelus 10/15/1976
Short, Floy D Elks Angelus 6/10/1991
Short, Iris Jane Devotion Angelus 9/4/2007
Short, James Lowell Devotion Angelus 6/20/2003
Short, Vivian  Devotion Angelus 9/10/1962
Shorts, Michael G. Catholic Angelus 6/1/1984
Shugak, Lucy L. Last Supper Angelus 6/26/1999
Shugak, Mike  Last Supper Angelus 6/30/2008
Shultis, Donald M. Devotion Angelus 8/30/1965
Shupert, Gayle  Devotion Angelus 10/20/1953
Shute, Carl L. Columbarium Angelus 9/22/1986
Shute, Lois  Columbarium Angelus N/A
Sickler, Steven Alan Love Angelus 10/2/1993
Sider, Stella Dorothy Catholic Angelus 5/14/1974
Sieber, Margaret J. Christus Angelus 6/22/1968
Siefke, Larry Alan Elks Angelus 5/15/1984
Sihakhoth, Tompson S. Columbarium Angelus 10/17/2005
Sikeo, Sathan  Columbarium Angelus 3/4/1999
Silk, John Gaiford Catholic Angelus 9/2/1977
Siltala, Debra  Devotion Angelus 8/16/1957
Silvey, Edward  Columbarium Angelus 9/16/2010
Simonds, Andrew James Catholic Angelus 6/8/2007
Simonka, Elizabeth N. Last Supper Angelus 6/10/2005
Simonka, Stefan M. Last Supper Angelus 10/2/1980
Simonson, Nathaniel C. Devotion Angelus 8/20/1966
Simpson, Brittany Lee Last Supper Angelus 9/26/1991
Simpson, Charlotte M. Elks Angelus 5/18/1984
Simpson, Earl  Catholic Angelus 5/16/1972
Simpson, Helen Lucille Christus Angelus 8/29/2005
Simpson, Lewis Edward Elks Angelus 7/18/1984
Simpson, Markham Joseph Last Supper Angelus 8/16/1982
Simpson, William Herbert Christus Angelus 5/24/1969
Simpson, Zachary Patrick Catholic Angelus 6/8/2007
Sims, Helen B. Columbarium 1 Angelus 6/15/2006
Sims, Tamisha  Last Supper Angelus 5/25/1989
Sindseth, Pedin Erling Devotion Angelus 9/23/1957
Singer, Edward D. Devotion Angelus 9/26/1952
Singh, Nina Nasib Last Supper Angelus 9/9/1987
Singleton, Claire Hoskins Devotion Angelus 5/21/1971
Sinnett, John  Catholic Angelus 5/6/1978
Sinnett, Ruby  Catholic Angelus 7/3/1984
Siock, Dorothy Hale Christus Angelus 5/26/1977
Sipple, Shirley Ann Love Angelus 7/31/1989
Sipray, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 10/25/1954
Sisley, Victoria Bridget Elks Angelus 7/2/1968
Skaar, Olaf  Devotion Angelus 5/4/1955
Skaats, Christopher Anthony Last Supper Angelus 7/3/1985
Skadsem, Darryl G Last Supper Angelus 5/18/1973
Skadsem, Reuben Jerome Last Supper Angelus 5/26/2000
Skag, John  Devotion Angelus 4/15/1958
Skeers, Gerry I. Christus Angelus 10/25/1983
Skelton, Leslie J. Christus Angelus 5/21/1970
Skelton, Richard Van Christus Angelus 5/21/1968
Skelton, Stanford Michael Christus Angelus 5/2/1974
Skelton, Stanford W. Christus Angelus 5/21/1968
Skelton-Nearing, Alice Ida Christus Angelus 9/20/2003
Skinner, Edith  Elks Angelus 10/13/2008
Skinner, Everett Roy Elks Angelus 6/10/1991
Slaby, Dolores S. Catholic Angelus 5/10/1974
Slaby, John L. Catholic Angelus 8/8/1972
Slama, Dorothy Beatrice Christus Angelus 7/16/1996
Slama, Leo  Christus Angelus 6/1/1995
Slappey, Sidney Willard Catholic Angelus 10/10/1995
Slappey-Hiber, Marcia  Catholic Angelus 10/10/1995
Slaughter, Robert Harold Devotion Angelus 12/18/1956
Slawson, Decema Alaska Andresen Christus Angelus 6/12/2002
Slawson, Ellwell (Slim) Gardner Christus Angelus 10/22/1975
Slawter, Terry Joseph Last Supper Angelus 6/5/1987
Sleeter, Clarence M. Christus Angelus 7/28/1959
Sliger, Carla Jeanine Love Angelus 7/7/2006
Slone, Albert L. Christus Angelus 6/20/1997
Slone, Gregory Paul Christus Angelus 5/28/1953
Slone, Mildred Annabelle Christus Angelus N/A
Slone, Shirley Frances Christus Angelus 9/18/2008
Sluder, Adrienne Kelly Last Supper Angelus 8/30/2005
Sluyter, George Frederick Devotion Angelus 6/16/1967
Small, Cameron Arthur Love Angelus 7/11/2001
Smalley, Edward Brady Last Supper Angelus 6/14/1966
Smart, Betty Elaine Christus Angelus 6/3/2002
Smart, Larry K Christus Angelus 7/9/2004
Smith, Adele Doris Devotion Angelus 9/13/1995
Smith, Alberta Lucy Devotion Angelus 2/8/1954
Smith, Alice Margaret Catholic Angelus 5/18/1983
Smith, Alwyn W. Christus Angelus 5/6/1970
Smith, Angeline R. Devotion Angelus 8/11/1989
Smith, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 1/28/1955
Smith, Billy LeRoy Devotion Angelus 11/4/1958
Smith, Buell Ray Devotion Angelus 6/8/2004
Smith, Carl Buren Christus Angelus 10/2/1981
Smith, Catherine Jean Devotion Angelus 7/21/2003
Smith, Charles William Devotion Angelus 9/5/1963
Smith, David Lee Last Supper Angelus 8/23/1997
Smith, Dawn Michelle Devotion Angelus 8/1/1964
Smith, Donald J. Devotion Angelus 5/6/1960
Smith, Donald R. Catholic Angelus 6/1/2010
Smith, Elsie Etta Last Supper Angelus 6/30/1999
Smith, Frank L. Last Supper Angelus 5/12/1966
Smith, Gertrude  Devotion Angelus 5/19/1961
Smith, Glenn Alva Love Angelus 5/12/2000
Smith, Harold D. Devotion Angelus 9/17/1954
Smith, Helen A. Last Supper Angelus 8/6/1996
Smith, James Leslie Last Supper Angelus 8/5/2000
Smith, Janet Elizabeth Devotion Angelus 12/10/1954
Smith, Jeffery Daniel Last Supper Angelus 9/26/1983
Smith, John Linford Last Supper Angelus 5/7/1998
Smith, Kenn E. Last Supper Angelus N/A
Smith, Laura Lovern Devotion Angelus 7/10/2002
Smith, Lerrina Ccolleen Christus Angelus 10/26/1963
Smith, Lucy Laverne Devotion Angelus 5/23/1983
Smith, Margaret M. Devotion Angelus 2/21/1957
Smith, Mark Allan Devotion Angelus 5/28/1966
Smith, Martin F. Devotion Angelus 11/5/1979
Smith, Mary Jean Columbarium Angelus 7/29/1991
Smith, Maynard R. Devotion Angelus 9/14/1979
Smith, Michael Loring Catholic Angelus 6/19/2003
Smith, Michael Wayne Devotion Angelus 5/28/1962
Smith, Ollie Gordon Devotion Angelus 6/4/1971
Smith, Pearl V. Devotion Angelus 7/1/1993
Smith, Phyllis Ann Catholic Angelus 8/5/2008
Smith, Phyllis B. Christus Angelus 12/18/1957
Smith, Ralph Andrew Devotion Angelus 4/28/1965
Smith, Rebecca Lynn Last Supper Angelus 7/9/1993
Smith, Richard Baylis Christus Angelus 8/12/2002
Smith, Robert A. Christus Angelus 4/3/1978
Smith, Roy H. Christus Angelus 5/16/1979
Smith, Ruby Odel Blackburn Christus Angelus 5/19/1964
Smith, Ruth Eva Marie Devotion Angelus 3/14/1957
Smith, Shirley Lee Last Supper Angelus 5/11/1993
Smith, Thomas Darwin Love Angelus 10/10/1988
Smith, Valerie Ann Catholic Angelus 5/18/2001
Smith, Vern Narrin Catholic Angelus 7/12/2004
Smith, Verona G. Christus Angelus 5/19/1973
Smith, Vivian Mildred Christus Angelus 6/23/2004
Smith, Wallace E. Catholic Angelus 9/23/1985
Smith, William Deville Devotion Angelus 9/25/1998
Smith, William P. Devotion Angelus 10/13/1956
Smith-Jones, Chief Marie  Catholic Angelus 6/10/2008
Smithson, Robert Anton Last Supper Angelus 8/24/2001
Snead, James P. Catholic Angelus 6/3/1975
Sneed, Gene Eric Devotion Angelus 5/31/2002
Snell, Adrian L. Catholic Angelus 5/28/1971
Snell, Donald Claive Christus Angelus 5/5/1978
Snelson, Fronna L. Christus Angelus 6/7/1999
Snitzler, Claude  Last Supper Angelus 8/22/1968
Snitzler, Daniel B. Last Supper Angelus 10/2/1993
Snitzler, Evelyn  Last Supper Angelus 5/25/1994
Snodgrass, Lewis J. Elks Angelus 6/21/1974
Snodgrass, Pauline  Elks Angelus 6/3/1989
Snow, Lester William Last Supper Angelus 6/22/1998
Snow, Madelyn Lee Last Supper Angelus 5/10/1979
Snow, Phyllis Evelyn Last Supper Angelus 6/13/1994
Snyder, Elizabeth  Catholic Angelus 7/9/1975
Snyder, Jack Edward Devotion Angelus 3/26/1959
Snyder, Jack W. Christus Angelus 9/24/1992
Snyder, Jeff Dean Christus Angelus 7/25/1991
Soares, Jean Marie Love Angelus 6/26/1997
Sobczyk, Chester J Catholic Angelus 5/22/1985
Sobczyk, Shirlee June Catholic Angelus 10/6/2000
Socha, Stanley  Devotion Angelus 8/27/1954
Sogn, Harold E. Devotion Angelus 11/8/1954
Sogn, Ophelia  Devotion Angelus 8/15/1983
Soldevilla, Felicidad F Catholic Angelus 5/19/1982
Soliai, Monique Lelanie Elks Angelus 7/6/1998
Soliai, Vaiese Moevao Elks Angelus 6/5/2008
Solis, Carole Ann Christus Angelus 6/23/2004
Sommer, Wassily  Last Supper Angelus 10/6/1979
Son, Im Hui Catholic Angelus 5/12/2003
Son, Ki Un Catholic Angelus 6/9/1997
Song, Ki Ha Christus Angelus 5/8/2000
Song, Un Nyon Christus Angelus 8/28/2003
Song, Yong Y Love Angelus 7/1/2000
Sonnentag, Jacob  Catholic Angelus 8/25/1981
Sonnentag, Lorraine  Catholic Angelus 7/1/1998
Soosuk, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 12/11/1957
Soper, Mary Jane Last Supper Angelus 9/10/2008
Sopko, Nicholas William Last Supper Angelus 10/20/1986
Sorensen, Dennis C. Catholic Angelus 10/31/1995
Sorensen, Juanita L. Catholic Angelus 9/15/2003
Sorenson, Robert Lester Devotion Angelus 9/17/1959
Soriero, Deborah L. Devotion Angelus 8/2/1971
Sorsa, Albert  Last Supper Angelus 6/26/1992
Sorsa, Anna M Last Supper Angelus 10/17/1980
Sorsa, Bertha Irene Last Supper Angelus 7/21/1993
Sorsa, Victor  Last Supper Angelus 5/23/1979
Sossaman, Merle W. Last Supper Angelus 7/23/1976
South, Scott R. Catholic Angelus 8/7/1997
Southern, Angel Marie Christus Angelus 6/9/2008
Southern, Frankie M. Last Supper Angelus 6/27/1984
Southern, Jack Lee Last Supper Angelus 8/26/2003
Southern, Sharayah Leticia Christus Angelus 6/9/2008
Sowell, Jack Wayne Christus Angelus 7/22/1964
Spanogle, Zachary Mason Christus Angelus 7/1/1984
Sparks, Clarence Courtland Bill Christus Angelus 10/24/2003
Sparks, Randall J. Love Angelus 6/15/1988
Spasoff, Katheryn Denise Catholic Angelus 10/24/1987
Spaulding, Donald O. Devotion Angelus 6/1/1964
Speer, Leonard Dale Last Supper Angelus 6/15/1985
Spelta, Robert Quinn Devotion Angelus 9/20/1957
Spence, William  Devotion Angelus 5/18/1957
Sperling, Agustive Lynn Last Supper Angelus 9/22/1984
Spernak, Albert J Catholic Angelus 5/20/1977
Spernak, Anna May Last Supper Angelus 6/7/1991
Spernak, George  Last Supper Angelus 6/7/1991
Spernak, James Andrew Catholic Angelus 5/12/1999
Sperstad, Anna S. Devotion Angelus 5/29/1971
Sperstad, Engelhard K. Devotion Angelus 2/25/1954
Spezialy, Peter  Christus Angelus 5/16/1959
Spicer, Leslie Lee Devotion Angelus 6/13/1969
Spicer, Mona J. Last Supper Angelus 6/24/1988
Spicer, Paul Dervin Devotion Angelus 6/24/1988
Spidle, Pauline  Devotion Angelus 7/12/1995
Spielman, Jacqueline Helene Isoard Catholic Angelus 5/26/1983
Spieth, Melissa Anne Columbarium Angelus 1/4/2007
Spivey, Patty  Devotion Angelus 9/23/1958
Sponheim, John E. Devotion Angelus 10/21/1955
Sprinkle, Cheryl D Catholic Angelus 5/29/1986
Sprinkle, Mary A. Christus Angelus 5/28/1964
Sprinkle, Weldon Robert Christus Angelus 5/28/1981
Sproule, Jack H. Devotion Angelus 9/1/1972
Spurr, Robert Lyon Christus Angelus 8/22/1995
St. Amour, James G. Last Supper Angelus 5/12/1982
St. Denis, Eloise  Last Supper Angelus 5/14/2005
St. Denis, Jack  Last Supper Angelus 5/1/1999
St. Pierre, John  Christus Angelus 5/3/1967
Stabenow, Jennifer Anne Catholic Angelus 9/25/1979
Stachowiak, Walter F. Catholic Angelus 5/25/1978
Stadler, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 8/29/1955
Stafford, Yvonne Marie Christus Angelus 8/23/1977
Stahl, Mercedes Angeline Last Supper Angelus 10/26/1995
Stanard, Volney R. Devotion Angelus 7/19/1973
Stanek, Sheryl Ann Columbarium 1 Angelus 11/7/2006
Stanford, Fred Hubert Christus Angelus 7/25/1986
Stanford, Robert Leonidus Devotion Angelus 9/18/1957
Stanford, Thomas Clyde Devotion Angelus 8/14/1962
Stanley, James  Catholic Angelus 6/8/2010
Stanley, Maxine A. Columbarium Angelus 7/8/1999
Stanley, Milford David Christus Angelus 5/14/1969
Staregowski, James Edward Last Supper Angelus 10/14/1985
Starheim, Jon Casey Christus Angelus 10/10/2009
Starkey, Clement  Last Supper Angelus 5/25/1966
Starner, Lee Ann Devotion Angelus 5/16/1973
Starr, Calvin Verne Last Supper Angelus 8/17/1973
Starr, Kerry Marie Devotion Angelus 8/28/1957
Staten, Richard Lee Christus Angelus 8/14/2003
Stauber, Edward Lee Catholic Angelus 6/14/2002
Stauber, Mason Edward Catholic Angelus 6/14/2002
Stauffer, Grace E. Columbarium Angelus 8/15/1997
Stearns, Homer J. Devotion Angelus 5/19/1962
Steel, Jean Dorothy Last Supper Angelus 8/6/1997
Steele, Jenifer Rose Elizabeth Elks Angelus 5/19/1978
Steele, William O. Devotion Angelus 6/2/1965
Steger, Edward Joseph Love Angelus 6/17/2010
Steiner, Chester Henry Devotion Angelus 7/5/1957
Steiner, Louis A. Devotion Angelus 11/5/1953
Steinhauser, Leotia E. Catholic Angelus 9/9/1999
Stenehjem, Betty Nell Christus Angelus 7/29/2003
Stenehjem, Bradley Scott Devotion Angelus 8/3/2001
Stenehjem, Earl H Christus Angelus 6/9/1989
Stephan, Abraham  Last Supper Angelus 6/4/2009
Stephan, Walter Herman Christus Angelus 6/20/1986
Stephens, Carman Alladine Devotion Angelus 8/18/1965
Stephens, George (Larry) Laurence Devotion Angelus 5/21/1962
Stephens, Jennie  Devotion Angelus 6/5/1986
Stephens, Mitchell Dennis Elks Angelus 3/29/2004
Stephenson, Loucille Robb Christus Angelus 6/16/1986
Stephenson, Richard Sellers Elks Angelus 5/28/2002
Stephenson, William R. Christus Angelus 10/1/1971
Stephl, Thomas Fay Devotion Angelus 2/27/1959
Stephl, Zane Lorensen Elks Angelus 9/29/2000
Stepp, Infant Boy  Devotion Angelus 7/3/1963
Sterling, Scott M. Devotion Angelus 5/12/1967
Stern, David Eugene Last Supper Angelus 10/12/1990
Stevens, Ann Cherrington Devotion Angelus 8/11/1989
Stevens, Ann Mary Cherrington Catholic Angelus 12/9/1978
Stevens, David Harold Devotion Angelus 7/1/1963
Stevens, Donald J. Devotion Angelus 8/16/1965
Stevens, Jessica Mary Love Angelus 8/14/1991
Stevens, Neal Howard Devotion Angelus 5/19/1958
Stevens, Rena dianne Love Angelus 10/9/2009
Stevens, William John Devotion Angelus 6/8/2001
Steward, Joseph Trent Devotion Angelus 5/27/1966
Steward, Wendell William Columbarium Angelus 9/24/2001
Stewart, Alexander  Christus Angelus 6/7/1975
Stewart, Barbara Ann Catholic Angelus 5/27/1998
Stewart, Bernard Dwain Last Supper Angelus 5/13/2010
Stewart, Carl P. Last Supper Angelus 6/4/1976
Stewart, Clinton  Elks Angelus 6/10/1985
Stewart, David  Devotion Angelus 5/17/1968
Stewart, Doyle W. Devotion Angelus 9/30/1957
Stewart, Elnora Stasha Last Supper Angelus 6/23/2008
Stewart, Geoffrey Wallace Last Supper Angelus 7/13/1977
Stewart, James Lee Devotion Angelus 7/18/1954
Stewart, John Lewis Devotion Angelus 6/3/1958
Stewart, Marlin Sylvester Elks Angelus 6/5/1985
Stewart, Mary Ellen Devotion Angelus 5/18/1961
Stewart, Minnie Dominica Ellena Elks Angelus 6/13/2001
Stewart, Peter B Last Supper Angelus 5/27/1969
Stewart, Susan Colleen Devotion Angelus 5/27/1966
Stewart, Walter Shane Catholic Angelus 8/19/1999
Stewart, Winnifred D. Catholic Angelus 5/13/1982
Stewman, Jordan James Babyland Angelus 11/21/1995
Stewman, Justin E. Babyland Angelus 5/24/1995
Stiles, Josephine E. Christus Angelus 12/27/1960
Stingel, Alice Ruth Christus Angelus 7/26/2001
Stingel, Kenneth "K.C." Christus Angelus 5/8/1985
Stinnett, Shawna Leigh Devotion Angelus 5/23/1967
Stith, James (J.C.) Charles Catholic Angelus 8/4/2005
Stiver, Gladys J. Christus Angelus 8/14/1967
Stiver, Harry Edward Christus Angelus 5/29/1964
Stockwell, Ruby Viola Hundley Elks Angelus 5/17/1971
Stoltz, Conrad  Catholic Angelus 9/13/1991
Stoltz, Robert B. Catholic Angelus 5/17/1988
Stoltz, Sally  Catholic Angelus 6/12/1989
Stone, Catherlean  Devotion Angelus 6/13/1996
Stone, Dale Sue Larsen Catholic Angelus 9/21/1965
Stone, Kenneth J Catholic Angelus 6/3/1983
Stone, Ray Melvin Catholic Angelus 5/27/1982
Stone, Sharon Ann Devotion Angelus 12/17/1954
Stoneking, Ardelcie  Christus Angelus 5/20/1978
Stoneking, James H. Christus Angelus 5/26/1971
Stoneking, Jess Edward Elks Angelus 6/24/1965
Stout, Erlene E Elks Angelus 5/15/1998
Stout, John R. Elks Angelus 8/20/1982
Stowers, Robert Leon Last Supper Angelus 8/15/1981
Strain, Elmo  Last Supper Angelus 6/12/1974
Strain, Patricia Neal L. Last Supper Angelus 6/19/1985
Strait, Donald Fredrick Last Supper Angelus 5/17/1966
Strauch, James McMillian Devotion Angelus 6/3/1954
Strauch, Melvin  Elks Angelus 6/7/1978
Strickland, H. Elmo Last Supper Angelus 5/11/1983
Strickland, Patricia M Last Supper Angelus 7/12/1989
Strickland, Sean Jacob Last Supper Angelus 6/6/2006
Strickland, Shawn Kelly Columbarium Angelus 9/22/2000
Stricklin, Elder  Devotion Angelus 5/23/1975
Stricklin, Laurie Lee Devotion Angelus 5/23/1975
Strid, Lloyd H Elks Angelus 6/10/1982
Stroebel, Sharon  Christus Angelus 5/14/1970
Stroisch, George Alfons Elks Angelus 9/21/1984
Strom, Nancy Leona Devotion Angelus 7/22/1994
Strong, Arthur R. Last Supper Angelus 6/16/1971
Strong, Elizabeth A. Devotion Angelus 7/1/1996
Strong, Gladys E. Last Supper Angelus 5/31/1988
Strong, Roy V. Christus Angelus 8/21/1972
Strong, Ruthford O. Devotion Angelus 5/5/1984
Stropkai, Michael J. Catholic Angelus 9/30/1972
Stroud, Peggy Joyce Devotion Angelus 4/27/2001
Strouse, Barbara Jean Christus Angelus 8/19/1994
Strouse, Eugene O. Christus Angelus 11/17/1959
Struck, Diana Marie Patterson Devotion Angelus 6/11/1980
Stuart, John-David Phelps Columbarium Angelus N/A
Stuart, Michael Ray Catholic Angelus 8/4/1992
Stump, Adella Lorene Last Supper Angelus 5/31/2002
Stump, Don Alton Last Supper Angelus 10/2/2004
Sturgeon, Marcella Myers Catholic Angelus 9/11/2009
Suddock, Edwin Mathew Christus Angelus 9/16/1986
Suddock, Mary Agnes Christus Angelus 8/26/1981
Suenram, Kap Suk  Catholic Angelus 10/13/2000
Suenram, Ralph Kay Catholic Angelus 8/21/1985
Suffa, Beatrice M. Christus Angelus 9/11/1962
Sugden, Devin Michael Last Supper Angelus 5/25/1994
Sugden, Herdis Norma Kirstine Last Supper Angelus 8/10/1998
Suhr, Amanda Eliza Babyland Angelus 5/31/1995
Suhr, Dallas LeWayne Love Angelus 11/28/2003
Suhr, Jordan LeWayne Love Angelus 9/1/2006
Suhr, Marie Mollie Love Angelus 5/2/2005
Sukhram, Matthew Conrad Babyland Angelus 5/16/2003
Sullivan, Bobby Joe Last Supper Angelus 8/12/1990
Sullivan, Carl Francis Catholic Angelus 6/5/1980
Sullivan, Eleanor L Catholic Angelus 5/24/1976
Summers, Claude Bud Devotion Angelus 8/24/1954
Sumner, Gilbert Gordon Columbarium Angelus 10/13/2009
Sump, Charles Richard Devotion Angelus 5/31/1953
Sumpter, Margaret Ann Christus Angelus 5/25/1974
Sund, Curtis Lee Catholic Angelus 5/2/1980
Sunpter, Karen Lee Devotion Angelus 1/15/1958
Suomela, Albert T. Devotion Angelus 5/10/1967
Suomela, Marian Ellen Devotion Angelus 2/21/1955
Super, Wesley Earl Christus Angelus 8/18/1967
Surrells, James E. Christus Angelus 8/12/1972
Sutherland, Dr. Warren George Christus Angelus 6/18/1971
Sutton, Della Patricia Catholic Angelus 4/28/1998
Sutton, Herbert Lee Catholic Angelus 6/5/1971
Sutton, Lloyd Joseph Last Supper Angelus 7/16/1996
Sutton, Mary Anne Last Supper Angelus 5/25/1991
Svendgard, Gerald T. Christus Angelus 5/3/1969
Svendsen, Lucille  Elks Angelus 5/10/1983
Svendsen, Roy A. Elks Angelus 10/22/1975
Swaggart, Ellsworth  Elks Angelus 6/16/1964
Swaggart, Janice S Elks Angelus 6/21/1991
Swanda, Frank H. Christus Angelus 7/2/1970
Swanda, Minnie S. Christus Angelus 5/17/2001
Swank, Russell  Christus Angelus 10/10/1977
Swanson, Keith S. Christus Angelus 6/3/1983
Swanson, Lois L Elks Angelus 5/14/1972
Swanson, Marie E. Pruitt Last Supper Angelus 6/20/2001
Swanson, Marie Olive Christus Angelus 7/20/2007
Swanson, Steele C. Last Supper Angelus 8/13/1980
Swanson, Walter B. Elks Angelus 5/23/1985
Swartzbacker, Frank A. Devotion Angelus 5/21/1973
Swartzbacker, Norma T. Devotion Angelus 6/1/1990
Sweat, Raymond Lee Last Supper Angelus 6/25/1992
Sweat, Thomas Cleburn Last Supper Angelus 7/9/1969
Sweat, Thomas Cleburn Last Supper Angelus 5/18/2006
Sweet, Fay Lucille Devotion Angelus 5/20/1993
Sweet, Keziah Z.R. Last Supper Angelus 6/24/1986
Sweet, Ralph Thomas Devotion Angelus 8/31/1956
Swetnam, Blain Lee Devotion Angelus 11/30/1959
Swettenam, Irene C. Christus Angelus 9/24/1977
Swift, Robert L Devotion Angelus 5/26/1971
Swingle, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 10/11/1954
Swingle, Baby Boy  Devotion Angelus 9/16/1953
Swoboda, Charles George Christus Angelus 9/12/1964
Swoboda, Ida Elizabeth Christus Angelus 5/28/1960
Sword, Willie C. Devotion Angelus 8/2/1967

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