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Old Advertisements

Taken from the Alaska Searchlight Newspapers

Dec 1894 - Board by the day or month at the Juneau City Hotel, Where you will always find the table supplied with the Very Best the market affords and the Best Furnished rooms in the city. Particular attention given to the comfort of guests. George Miller, Proprietor
Dec 1894 - For the Best Meals in the City or a Comfortable Room go to the Central House, Juneau, Alaska. Private Dinners to Order; Table and Service First Class. George Kyrage, Proprietor, Successor to the late W. F. Reed.
Dec 1894 - Teamster - Archie Burns - Teamster. Prompt and Reliable Draying and Hauling. Offfice and Stables Water Front, Juneau, Alaska.
Dec 1894 - Karl Koehler, E. H. James - Koelher & James The Pioneer Mercantile House of Juneau, carrying the largest and most complete stock of General Merchandise in Alaska. Headquarters for Outfitting, Corner Deward and Second Street, Juneau, Alaska. Branch Stores at Douglas City and Chilkat, Alaska.
Dec 1894 - Pioneer Jewelry Storen, Petery Hahn, Prop. Juneau, Alaska Keeps a full stock of Watches, Clocks, Optical Goods, silverware, souvenir spoons, etc. Chronometers, and all kinds of Complicated Watches and Clocks carefully repaired. All work warranted.
Dec 1894 - P. H. Fox Merchant Carrying a complete stock of General Merchandise, Grociers, Provisions, Cothing, Dry Goods, Footware, Hardware, Etc. Prospectors' and Miners' Outfits at Bottom Prices. In addition to the store A FIRST-CLASS BAKERY is annexed. Douglas City, Alaska
Dec 1894 - Look Out for Our Xmas Announcement. New York Store. G. Kaufman & Sons.
Dec 1894 - The Arctic Billard Hall Reading and Sample Rooms. A most respectable resort, carrying a first-class line of refreshments and cigars. Charles Wells, Lessee and Manager
Dec 1894 - For a First Class Meal at any hour, day or night, go to Joe's Restaurant. Where you can get the best the market affords Cooking and service unexcelled. Joe Winterholder, Prop. Water Front, Juneau, Alaska
Dec 1894 - Juneau Trading Company Incorporated. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in General Merchandise and Drugs. Our Drug Department under management of a First-Class Licensed Pharmagist. Our Labratory the largest and most complete in Alaska. Our Grocery Department filled to overflow with the choicest groceries. All Sold at the lowest prices. Examine our stock.
Dec 1894 - E. Valentine, Manufacturing, Jeweler. Holiday Goods, Diamonds, Watches, Silverware, Gold-Handled Umbrellas. A full line of Jewelery of the latest and most unique designs. Store on Water Front, Juneau.
Dec 1894 - E. Valentine, Manufacturing Jeweler, Holiday Goods, Diamonds, Watches, Silverware, Gold-Handled Umbrellas
Dec 1894 - The Best House in the City. Occidental Hotel, Olds & Orton, Proprietors. Everything Strictly First-Class, Commodious Rooms Well Ventilated, Finely Furnished and Lighted by Electricity. Ladies Parlor, Reading Room and Sample Rooms, Tourist Trade a Specialty. Rates: $1.00 to $2.00 Per Day Board and Lodging, Water Front, Juneau, Alaska.
Dec 1894 - The Louvre,, A Neat and Homelike Restaurant Meals Served at All Hours. E. D. Duffy, Second Street, Juneau, Alaska
Dec 1894 - Charles Oswald Merchant Tailor, Carrying a First-Class line of Imported and Domestic Cloths. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Second Street, Juneau City.
Dec 1894 - We are Headquarters for Engineers' and Plumbers' Supplies. Straven & Laughlin Machinists and Engineers Water Front, Juneau, Alaska. General Blacksmithing, Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting. Done in the most Workmanlike manner. Estimates for putting in Boilers, Engines and all kinds of machinery furnished on application.
Dec 1894 - The Pacific Meat Market, Supplied with an excellent line of Dressed meats, pourltry, etc. Market on Seward Street, Juneau, Alaska. W. D. Utterback, Manager.
Dec 1894 - The Opera House, refreshment and reading rooms, a genial and comfortable resort, Winn Bros., Props. Juneau, Alaska
Dec 1894 - You will Always Find A Choice Assortment of Meats, Fresh, Salted or Smoked at the People's Market. George Miller, Proprietor. Market on Second Street, Juneau Alaska.
Dec 1894 - The Mayflower Billard, Sample and Reading Rooms, Neat, Orderly and Respectable. F. M. Berry, Proprietor
Dec 1894 - The Casino Sample Rooms, Corner Franklin and Second Street, Juneau Alaska. A Germerhausen, Proprietor
Dec 1894 - For General Merchandise Yukon Outfits, Furs and Curios. Call at the Store of Levy Bros., Full line of Furnishing goods. Second Street, Juneau, Alaska.
Dec 1894 - J. M. Rawn's Alaska Candy Factory and General Mercantile House. The Most Complete Assortment of Toys and Holiday Goods of the most novel designs, Christmas Tree Decorations, etc. To make a child happy buy it a Holiday Gift at J. M. Rawn's, Water Front.
Dec 1894 - William McLernon has a complete stock of Choice Groceries and General Merchandies at Popular Prices, Water Front, Juneau, Alaska
Dec 1894 - B. M. Behrends Wholesale and Retail. Dealer in General Merchandise Imported and Domestic, Groceries and Table Delicacies. Creamery Butter, Cheese and Eggs Fresy by Every Steamer. Economy Coffee in the Beans, 25 cents per pound. A Large and Select Line of Clothing and Dry Goods. Third and Seward Streets, Juneau, Alaska
Dec 1894 - Sash, Doors, Tar Paper, Hardward and all kinds of Building Material. Ellingen & Rudolph Contractors and Builders. Store and Shop, Corner Third and Gold Street, Juneau City
Dec 1894 - The Club A popular Resort, Second Street, next door Koehler & James, Juneau. Thoney & Wallastd, Props.

Aug 1897 - For Rent - Four room flat, nicely furnished, centrally located, electric lights, $15 per month. Apply to R. J. Hilts, Opera house building.

Aug 1897 - Are you going to build? Then you need lumber and you want to get the very best for the lowest price. Go to J. P. Jorgenson on the waterfront. He also carries a full line of hardware and all building materials.

Aug 1897 - OF INTEREST TO THE PUBLIC - If you want to buy, if you want to sell, if you want to rent, if you want your bills collected or if you want good tenants for your house call R. J. Hilts.

Aug 1897 - There is far less danger from fire when you use spruce lumber in building. For the best spruce, in any size or quantity, W. T. Hiff of Sheep Creek Sawmill is prepared to give you reasonable prices. Se him before placing your order.

Aug 1897 - If you will call at our office we will show you nearly one thousand names of Juneau people who have purchased our suits made to order. This tells that we can suit you in fit and price. Remember our motto, "No deposit required" Suits to order from $15 to $22 and $22 to $32. L. Blumenthal, Agent for Brownsville Woolen Mills

Aug 1897 - Mayflower Billiard Hall - First-class line of refreshments and cigars. Reading Room Furnished with the Latest Periodicals, Second Street, Juneau, Alaska. Frank M. Berry, Proprietor.

Aug 1897 - Pioneer Jewelry Store, Peter Hahn, Prop. Juneau, Alaska. Keeps a full stock of Watches, Clocks, Optical Goods, Silverware, souvenir spoons, etc. Chronometers and all kinds of Complicated Watches and Clocks carefully repaired. All work warranted.

Aug 1897 - Beautiful Garnets - 10 cent to $3 each. Rock showing these handsome gems in place 25 cents to $10. Alaska Garnet Co. A. G. Bays See, Wrangell, Alaska

Cheasty's Haberdashery, The most complete stock of Hats and Men's Furnishing Goods in the Northwest. Second Ave. and James St.

Aug 1897 - Alhambra Theatre, Will Malan, business manager, Jas. Magrath, State manager, Pete Gerald, Treasurer. Entire Change of Program, Every Saturday Night. Admission Free.

Aug 1897 - Louis Klodt, Scientific Optician and Swiss Watchmaker. If your eyes pain or water it is their pleading for help, yours is the pain and danger, Pre fitted glasses will often remedy it. We fit glasses on scientific principles. Consultation Free.

Aug 1897 - Victoria Metallurgical Works and Assay Office. W. J. R. Cowell, B.A., F.G.S., Mining Engineer, Sole Proprietor and Manager. Gold Dust and Nuggets Purchased for Cash, Payment Made on Delivery Preferences to Bank of Montreal, Victoria, B.C. Mill tests Made, Assays Made, We are prepared to execute all kinds of orders on Commission for Miners. Agents for Joshua Hendy Machine works.

Aug 1897 - Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy always affords prompt relief. For sale by Juneau Pharmacy.

Aug 1897 - Experienced young lady stenographer wants position. Best local reference. Address, "O.V.A.," 712 South J street, Tacoma, Washington.

Aug 1897 - They Recommend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy - In a letter to the manufacturers, Messrs. Davis & Buzard of West Monterey, Pa., says: "Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has cured people whom our physicians could do nothing for. We persuaded them to try a bottle of it and they now recommend it, as do the rest of us."



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