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City Cemetery
Established 1899

Acreage: .7 acres (30,467 sq. ft.)

Number of Burials: 275

Number of Grave Markers: 52

Site Description: The cemetery is irregular in shape in generally a rectilinear orientation. It is located on a level bank adjacent to residential area and overlooking Gastineau Channel with metal and stone grave markers. Much is overgrown with vegetation, however, local Lions Club members have begun clearing the area. Historic photos indicate a fence once existed. No evidence of the fence remains.

The City Cemetery was established on land given to the City of Douglas by W. A. Saunders in exchange for not interfering with his application for mining patents. There is no record that Douglas actually received a deed, and ownership is listed as the Ross Estate. Previous to the establishment of the Douglas City Cemetery burials were in the Chicken Ridge Cemetery and later in the Evergreen Cemetery. Graves in the Chicken Ridge Cemetery were eventually moved to the Evergreen Cemetery in Juneau. Between 1934 and 1972 some graves were disturbed in the City Cemetery and moved due to road construction work on the Douglas Highway.

Records indicate about 275 burials at the City Cemetery however only 52 markers were found in the field work. Numerous ground depressions are evident which may account for more burial sites. The cemetery features wooden markers, wooden and metal fences surrounding family plots, low concrete walls surrounding individual and family plots, cast iron markers, and marble or granite markers. Markers are in various conditions. Many are leaning or fallen over. Some, especially the wooden ones, are not legible at all. Many have broken elements and most of the fences have fallen.

In 1994 the Douglas Lions Club took on the project to start clearing the brush and overgrowth in the cemetery. Due to the size of the site, the work continues and much more needs to be done. The work done so far has exposed many grave markers.

Some of the prominent persons buried in the City Cemetery are:

  • George E. Anderson: Born in Bodie, California on July 22, 1882, died on January 30, 1901. He moved to Douglas in 1889 when he was six years old. He worked at Treadwell at the time of his death which was caused by an explosion at the 700 Foot Mine. It was said that his funeral was the largest on Douglas Island.
  • Sarah Anne Archer: Born in Flintstone, England on 1846, died on October 25, 1904. She was married to Michael B. Archer who was the Treadwell marshall in 1910. She owned a store in Union City which was located west of the current Douglas Bridge. They also had a small daily in 1903.
  • Albert Dazadelli: Born in Italy in 1887, died March 2, 1910. He worked at the Mexican Mine of the Treadwell. He died in an explosion which also took the lives of 36 other miners. The explosion took place on the 1,000 foot level in the powder magazine while the miners were waiting for the hoist to take them to the surface at the end of their shift.
  • Phillip and James Egan: Born August 19, 1900 and August 14, 1901 respectively, Phillip died on April 9, 1902 while James' death date is not known. They were the young sons of John and Annie Fontaine Egan. The boys died in a Diphtheria epidemic. John owned a brewery and a butcher shop in Douglas.
  • Frederick Higgins: Born in Springfield, Nova Scotia in August of 1891, died on september 17, 1919. He worked at various mines in the area. He played semi-professional ball in the United States and was well known as the pitcher in the Douglas baseball team. He was a member of the Douglas Volunteer Fire Department.



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