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Indian Cemetery
Established ca. 1900

Site Name: Douglas Indian Cemetery

Acreage: .23 acres (10,216 sq. ft.)

Number of Burials: Unknown

Number of Grave Markers: 12

Site Description: The cemetery is rectangular in shape and is located on a level bank adjacent to a residential area. Two wooden hexagonal grave houses (one with pillars) exist on the site. A marble marker is located is located in one grave house. A wood faced marker with engraved raven figure exists and a large wood sign identifies the site. A wood picket fence once existed but has since deteriorated. A stacked timber fence is located on the highway side to deter damage caused by plowing the road in winter.

Records were not available to confirm the establishment of the Douglas Indian Cemetery however it is believed to have been around 1900. The earliest identifiable grave marker was in 1909 of Mrs. Gilbert Jackson. Her burial marker lies within one of the two grave houses that exist on the site. These hexagonal buildings were constructed of wood and one features wooden columns. They have wood shingles and are in deteriorated condition.

The cemetery site is located within the boundaries of the City of Douglas across from the Gastineau Elementary School. It is surrounded on three sides by residential development and on the fourth side by Third Street. The site is a level bank with native grassy vegetation. Most grave markers are overturned and many ground depressions are unmarked. The site includes a wooden sign which refers to the cemetery as the burial site for the Taku Tribe, Crow Clan. A representative of the Douglas Indian Association indicated that persons other than Taku Tribe members were buried there and that the local Natives refer to it as the Douglas Indian Cemetery.

A prominent person buried in the Douglas Indian Cemetery is Chief Aanalahaash (misspelled as Anna-Cla-Ash). A wooden memorial marker is located within the cemetery but is badly deteriorated. The two wooden grave houses are in a deteriorating condition. (NOTE: I am happy to say that this cemetery has been restored).



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