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Douglas Native Cemetery
Established ca. 1901

Acreage: .22 acres (9,386 sq. ft.)

Number of Burials: 45

Number of Grave Markers: 18

Site Description: The cemetery is rectangular in shape. It is located on a moderately sloping site with many mature trees. The area has been recently brushed. No evidence of a fence was found.

There is no specific information about the establishment of this cemetery. The earliest burial date noted was June 9, 1901. It is located adjacent to the Catholic Cemetery on a relatively level area in a stand of old growth spruce trees and other native bushes.

Identifiable markers indicate a Tlingit chief, wife of a chief, and a member of the Kaagwaantaan-wolf clan buried in the cemetery. Several of the markers are rather elaborate with relief carvings of the individual's clan crest.

There are numerous family plots surrounded by low concrete walls. One grave marker has rounded low pillars on the corners of the concrete walls. Several of the graves have solid concrete covers with no identifications. Some of the concrete tops have an open section in the center in the shape of a cross. Others have small smooth stones embedded in the concrete.


Some of the Prominent persons buried in the Native Cemetery are

  • Mrs. Jimmie (Jennie) and Helen (daughter) Fox: No date is available for either birth, Mrs. Fox died on December 24, 1918. Helen died on December 28, 1918. Jennie was reportedly the daughter of "Taku Jack" Keen. Jimmie Fox was the best known and respected Native on Douglas Island. When Chief Aanalahaash (Anna-Cla-Ash) died, Jimmie Fox, who was his nephew, became chief of the Taku Tribe. His title was Chief Aanalahaash II. Both mother (Jennie) and daughter (Helen) died of influenza.
  • Mrs. Charles Green: Born in 1886, died on October 17, 1915. She was the wife of Charles Green who was a partner, with Harry G. Slater, in a sawmill in 1902 in Douglas.
  • Chief Johnson: Born in 1862, died June 1917. He was born in the Taku River area and was known as a trapper and fisherman.



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