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Valley Memorial Park is located beyond the Knik River at mile 12.8 on the Old Glenn Highway near Bodenburg Butte, a well known landmark in the area. The 7 acre cemetery was established in 1962 and Angelus assumed management and care of the Park in 1983.
As you enter through the stone pillars and wrought iron gates, your eyes are drawn to the Monument of Flags at the crest of the hill that is the backdrop of the cemetery. As you survey the surrounding area, Matanuska and Pioneer Peaks and Lazy Mountain are just a few of the easily identifiable landmarks.

History of Valley Memorial Park

Valley Memorial Park, formerly known as Valley Memory Gardens, was established in 1962. It's original owners ended up in bankruptcy some years later. Burials began in 1964. Angelus Memorial Park bought the bankrupt Valley Memory Gardens in 1983. At that time, the perpetual care fund was depleted, one gravestone sat 150 feet away from the holder's grave, and records were in a confused mess. People who had bought lots and paid for burial services at the cemetery lost more than $1 million in the bankruptcy. All of the cemetery buildings and equipment were lost. Source: Angelus Memorial Park. Visit their website for further information.


Gaedtke, Brian Keith Babyland Valley 6/4/1973
Gaedtke, Herman  Catholic Valley 7/9/2001
Gaines, Blu Scott Babyland Valley 6/28/1972
Galyan, Homer Sherman Apostle Hill Valley 6/2/1982
Galyan, Willa Mae Apostle Hill Valley 6/7/1990
Garber, Baby Boy  Babyland Valley 9/12/1975
Gardner, Barbara Sue Gethsemane Valley 6/5/1975
Garner, John Reynolds Everlasting Life Valley 8/12/1974
Garrett, Billie Farris Apostle Hill Valley 5/28/1981
Garrett, Florence Myrtle LDS Sec6 Valley 10/16/1967
Garrett, Fred Roland Apostle Hill Valley 5/11/2005
Garrett, Fumiko Yoshida Apostle Hill Valley 5/11/2005
Gasser, Marguerite Forsythe Babyland Valley 5/18/1971
Gibson, Carol Louise Apostle Hill Valley 8/5/2003
Gibson, Pandora D. Babyland Valley 6/6/1969
Gibson, Randoph Scott Apostle Hill Valley 9/18/2004
Gillam, Byron Arthur Apostle Hill Valley 5/25/1978
Gilleland, Annette LaNita Babyland Valley 7/18/1969
Glatfelder, Elizabeth Lucile Gethsemane Valley 9/10/1971
Glatfelder, Ted C. Gethsemane Valley 5/31/1996
Glennon, Edith  Apostle Hill Valley 8/25/1994
Glines, Larry T. Welfare Valley 6/12/1974
Goodrich, Duane L. Devotion I Valley 7/24/2003
Goodrich, Ralph A. Devotion I Valley 7/12/1982
Goriczki, Virginia Mildred Gethsemane Valley 5/3/1973
Goriczki, Walter  Gethsemane Valley 5/3/1973
Gorman, Michael Scott Devotion I Valley 8/17/1988
Graham, Nancy Jane Apostle Hill Valley 6/4/1971
Gray, Bertha A. Everlasting Life Valley 6/29/1984
Gray, Harry Ross West Babyland II Valley 6/11/1990
Gray, Lorene L Gethsemane Valley 8/14/1971
Green, Opal E. Apostle Hill Valley 5/18/1969
Gregory, Joseph Stanley Gethsemane Valley 5/10/1973
Gregory, Ralph Marion Devotion II Valley 5/25/1982
Griesmer, Alicia Ann Gethsemane Valley 6/5/1978
Grimes, Ramona Fahy Apostle Hill Valley 6/3/1991
Grinnell, James I. Gethsemane Valley 7/9/1985
Grinnell, Patricia A. Devotion II Valley 6/7/2002
Groven, Arlene Mae Devotion II Valley 9/19/1982

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