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Valley Memorial Park is located beyond the Knik River at mile 12.8 on the Old Glenn Highway near Bodenburg Butte, a well known landmark in the area. The 7 acre cemetery was established in 1962 and Angelus assumed management and care of the Park in 1983.
As you enter through the stone pillars and wrought iron gates, your eyes are drawn to the Monument of Flags at the crest of the hill that is the backdrop of the cemetery. As you survey the surrounding area, Matanuska and Pioneer Peaks and Lazy Mountain are just a few of the easily identifiable landmarks.

History of Valley Memorial Park

Valley Memorial Park, formerly known as Valley Memory Gardens, was established in 1962. It's original owners ended up in bankruptcy some years later. Burials began in 1964. Angelus Memorial Park bought the bankrupt Valley Memory Gardens in 1983. At that time, the perpetual care fund was depleted, one gravestone sat 150 feet away from the holder's grave, and records were in a confused mess. People who had bought lots and paid for burial services at the cemetery lost more than $1 million in the bankruptcy. All of the cemetery buildings and equipment were lost. Source: Angelus Memorial Park. Visit their website for further information.


Hagen, Imogene Smith MHG Valley 6/2/1972
Halcomb, Melvin A. Everlasting Life Valley 6/13/1985
Halcomb, Ralph Edward Everlasting Life Valley 8/12/1975
Hall, Baby Boy  Babyland Valley 5/14/1971
Hall, Jessie Harold Everlasting Life Valley 7/11/2010
Hamilton, Harlan K Devotion I Valley 6/17/1972
Haney, Micheal P Garden Crypt Valley 5/29/1984
Hann, Fanny Beatrice Catholic Valley 11/6/1978
Hansen, Baby Girl  Babyland Valley 5/20/1971
Hansen, Jack A. Everlasting Life Valley 7/7/1993
Hansen, Neva  Everlasting Life Valley 6/16/1993
Hanson, Melvin Roy Apostle Hill Valley 9/19/1972
Hapoff, Reno Lee Babyland II Valley 6/6/1988
Hardisty, Robert Lee Catholic Valley 5/26/1994
Hardisty, Rosina V. Catholic Valley 5/7/1984
Harkey, David Wells MHG Valley 5/22/1982
Harmon, Ronald David Everlasting Life Valley 7/26/1968
Harp, Rose Anna Christy Last Supper 10 Valley 8/30/2002
Harrel, Emma L. Gethsemane Valley 6/9/1993
Harrel, Johnie Albert Gethsemane Valley 6/16/1998
Harrel, Sue E. Gethsemane Valley 6/6/1995
Harris, Ardee  Devotion II Valley 6/3/1981
Harris, Dawn K. Babyland Valley 5/27/1970
Harris, Ernest Andrew Everlasting Life Valley 8/5/1982
Harris, Frank Leroy Welfare Valley 6/10/1972
Harris, Hazel E Everlasting Life Valley 5/23/1987
Harris, John H Devotion II Valley 11/8/1979
Harris, John Paul Everlasting Life Valley 8/5/1982
Hart, David Franklin Devotion II Valley 9/22/2000
Hart, Joan Natalie Valia Devotion II Valley 7/3/2000
Hartley, Baby Girl  Babyland II Valley 5/24/1978
Hartley, Lee William Last Supper 12 Valley 10/7/2010
Hartley, Leon  Last Supper 12 Valley 7/1/1986
Hartley, Ruth  Last Supper 12 Valley 9/20/1981
Harvey, Gabrielle "Bo" Michele Babyland II Valley 10/8/1987
Hatfield, George Merell Devotion II Valley 7/18/1991
Hathhorn, Harry M. Devotion II Valley 5/15/1994
Hathhorn, Lillie Mae Devotion II Valley 6/25/1975
Hatton, Jay Elliott Everlasting Life Valley 6/15/1981
Hayes, Beatrice Grace(La Venture) Apostle Hill Valley 10/1/1973
Hedberg, Elmer  Welfare Valley 6/14/1972
Heggen, Henry  Everlasting Life Valley 9/6/1996
Heisler, Clifford E MHG Valley 6/1/1972
Held, Nancy Lee Garden Crypt Valley 1/5/2009
Herlan, Ethel Nell Apostle Hill Valley 6/29/1972
Herlan, William Russell Apostle Hill Valley 8/6/1975
Hermon, Evelyn Melin Devotion II Valley 6/10/1983
Herring, Glenn Allen Devotion II Valley 10/21/2006
Heusser, Erma N. Devotion II Valley 8/31/1979
Heusser, Paul Allen Devotion II Valley 6/2/1975
Heusser, Paul Stewart Devotion II Valley 6/30/1972
Hickok, Frederick Alden Everlasting Life Valley 9/3/2005
Hickok, Lily M. Everlasting Life Valley 7/3/1980
Hildreth, Lorri Fahy Apostle Hill Valley 9/12/2010
Hill, Michael Stephen Babyland Valley 5/27/1977
Hill, Micheal Stephen Babyland Valley 5/27/1977
Hillman, Julie Grace Everlasting Life Valley 8/25/1983
Hixon, Charles M. Welfare Valley 6/5/1974
Hodsdon, Spencer Lee Babyland II Valley 6/6/1991
Hoeft, Anna O. Devotion II Valley 5/29/1975
Hoffman, Cora Elizabeth Devotion II Valley 6/13/1991
Hoffman, Milton A. Devotion II Valley 5/23/1975
Hogan, Sean Mark Devotion II Valley 5/27/1970
Holley, Vivian I Gethsemane Valley 6/6/1975
Holtom, Irene A. Welfare Valley 5/16/1970
Holtom, Velma May Devotion I Valley 10/19/2000
Hoover, Dorothy E MHG Valley 10/1/1981
Hope, Hazel A. Apostle Hill Valley 5/20/1970
Horn, Loren Gene Babyland Valley 5/27/1970
Horn, Terry Lynn Babyland Valley 5/27/1970
Hosman, Marjorie B Gethsemane Valley 6/3/1986
House, Clyde Dean Gethsemane Valley 5/5/1973
Houtz, Thelma W Devotion I Valley 5/18/1969
Howard, Wesley L. Welfare Valley 5/16/1969
Hoye, Alfred  Pioneer Welfare Valley 6/7/1974
Hoyt, Charles Parson Everlasting Life Valley 7/24/1967
Huebsch, Herman William Apostle Hill Valley 8/13/1974
Hughes, Kenneth R Devotion I Valley 9/29/1980
Hughes, Timothy Guy Gethsemane Valley 7/27/2001
Hughes, Vivian Vose (Brockhoff) Devotion I Valley 10/2/2001
Huling, Howard W Gethsemane Valley 5/30/1975
Hulse, Matilda H. "Betty" Gethsemane Valley 5/28/1993
Hulse, Robert Ollie Gethsemane Valley 5/24/1982
Hume, Frank Anthony Devotion II Valley 5/27/1968
Hume, Vincent H. S. Devotion II Valley 6/10/1970
Humes, Vivian  Welfare Valley 6/14/1972
Hunsuck, Charlotte Wright Apostle Hill Valley 10/7/1996
Hunsuck, William F. Apostle Hill Valley 6/16/1983
Hurst, Bettie  Last Supper 12 Valley 9/24/1993
Husted, Russell Eugene Apostle Hill Valley 9/3/1986
Hutchinson, Robert  Devotion II Valley 6/27/1983

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