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Valley Memorial Park is located beyond the Knik River at mile 12.8 on the Old Glenn Highway near Bodenburg Butte, a well known landmark in the area. The 7 acre cemetery was established in 1962 and Angelus assumed management and care of the Park in 1983.
As you enter through the stone pillars and wrought iron gates, your eyes are drawn to the Monument of Flags at the crest of the hill that is the backdrop of the cemetery. As you survey the surrounding area, Matanuska and Pioneer Peaks and Lazy Mountain are just a few of the easily identifiable landmarks.

History of Valley Memorial Park

Valley Memorial Park, formerly known as Valley Memory Gardens, was established in 1962. It's original owners ended up in bankruptcy some years later. Burials began in 1964. Angelus Memorial Park bought the bankrupt Valley Memory Gardens in 1983. At that time, the perpetual care fund was depleted, one gravestone sat 150 feet away from the holder's grave, and records were in a confused mess. People who had bought lots and paid for burial services at the cemetery lost more than $1 million in the bankruptcy. All of the cemetery buildings and equipment were lost. Source: Angelus Memorial Park. Visit their website for further information.


Sagar, Ruth Ann MHG Valley 9/8/1989
Sagmiganna, Marie  Welfare Valley 6/10/1972
Salo, Issac  Welfare Valley 9/25/1975
Sambo, Lonnie Floyd Gethsemane Valley 6/16/1975
Sammis, Jessica Katherine Babyland Valley 5/27/1970
Samuelsen, Jessie Marie Welfare Valley 5/28/1969
Sara, Peter  Welfare Valley 7/7/1968
Sauer, Alma R MHG Valley 5/15/1968
Saunders, Logan Jon Babyland II Valley 6/9/1984
Sawby, Florence  Apostle Hill Valley 6/18/2009
Sawby, Irving T. Apostle Hill Valley 6/11/1976
Sawyer, Albert R. "Red" MHG Valley 6/23/1986
Sawyer, Bernice Faye MHG Valley 5/9/1979
Sawyer, Walter Alfred MHG Valley 6/15/1977
Scarborough, George J MHG Valley 5/1/1986
Scarborough, Norma J. MHG Valley 7/12/2003
Schachle, Lawrence Aloysius Apostle Hill Valley 6/8/1994
Scheele, Mary Gaile Everlasting Life Valley 7/30/1993
Scheele, Richard M. Everlasting Life Valley 6/11/1992
Schiermbock, Dennis Walter Welfare Valley 6/2/1977
Schiermbock, Peter Andrew Welfare Valley 6/2/1977
Schoephorster, Brian J. Babyland Valley 5/12/1969
Schreiber, Patricia Geraldine Apostle Hill Valley 10/10/2006
Schroeder, Alice Elizabeth Everlasting Life Valley 9/25/2000
Schroeder, Glen H Devotion I Valley 6/7/1972
Schroeder, Robert William Everlasting Life Valley 8/7/2004
Schroeder, Terry Orla Devotion I Valley 8/23/1964
Schultz, Alvina  Welfare Valley 6/14/1972
Schuster, Alfred Francis MHG Valley 5/12/1978
Schwalbe, Carl Edward MHG Valley 10/18/1995
Scott, Rollin  Apostle Hill Valley 10/16/1969
Secrest, Baby Girl  Babyland Valley 5/15/1968
See, Russell Gordon MHG Valley 5/20/1982
Seitz, James H. Apostle Hill Valley 5/23/1980
Seng, Charles Edwin MHG Valley 5/24/1970
Sexton, Elmer A. Catholic Valley 7/12/1999
Sexton, Lottie M. Catholic Valley 5/25/2001
Shafer, Raymond Lee Apostle Hill Valley 6/1/2001
Shafer, Sara Lee Apostle Hill Valley 6/10/1997
Shaffer, Lisa Ann Babyland Valley 7/1/1968
Shafter, Robert A. Apostle Hill Valley 7/19/2010
Shakoske, Diana Ann Gethsemane Valley 5/15/2010
Shales, Howard F. Everlasting Life Valley 8/8/1973
Shaw, Vivian Lorraine Gethsemane Valley 5/4/1973
Sheaver, Nicholas  Babyland II Valley 10/13/1980
Shelley, Velma L. Apostle Hill Valley 9/7/1990
Sherren, Roma Josephine Gethsemane Valley 6/1/1970
Shields, Edith Elma Devotion I Valley 5/19/1973
Shields, James Harold Apostle Hill Valley 8/23/1974
Shields, Virginia Alice Apostle Hill Valley 6/7/1975
Shipley, Ryan M Apostle Hill Valley 6/1/1995
Sholly, Max Joseph Babyland II Valley 6/4/2007
Siewert, Helen V. Everlasting Life Valley 6/21/2000
Simeon, Karen  Babyland Valley 5/27/1970
Simmons, Joseph Martin Gethsemane Valley 6/1/1978
Simmons, Robert Medford Apostle Hill Valley 8/7/2009
Simpson, Russell Wayne Devotion I Valley 9/24/1966
Sisk, Doris Ava Everlasting Life Valley 5/20/2010
Sisk, Kacel Minor Everlasting Life Valley 7/3/2002
Skeans, May  Welfare Valley 7/6/1972
Skinner, Elsie C. Everlasting Life Valley 5/15/1993
Skinner, Nelson Calvin Everlasting Life Valley 7/13/1988
Slater, Helen Elaine Welfare Valley 11/3/1972
Slater, James F. Gethsemane Valley 5/5/2004
Sligar, Baby Girl  Welfare Valley 10/13/1967
Smallwood, Angela Victoria Devotion I Valley 6/2/2008
Smallwood, Mai Hoa Everlasting Life Valley 6/20/1985
Smart, Barbara C Devotion II Valley 5/20/1988
Smart, Lonzo L. Devotion II Valley 7/3/1964
Smith, Alice A Devotion I Valley 5/29/1990
Smith, Carman Hughes Everlasting Life Valley 6/4/1998
Smith, Dorothy Marie Devotion II Valley 6/13/1985
Smith, Elbourne V. Welfare Valley 8/24/1967
Smith, Henrietta A. Devotion II Valley 5/13/2003
Smith, Irene Elizabeth Scheffera Everlasting Life Valley 8/4/1975
Smith, Jack Douglas Everlasting Life Valley 5/25/1978
Smith, John Lewis Devotion II Valley 5/19/1973
Smith, Joyce Zelma Devotion II Valley 5/28/1975
Smith, Marietta Jo Churchill Everlasting Life Valley 8/15/1988
Smith, William Anderson Apostle Hill Valley 6/22/1972
Smith, William Anderson Apostle Hill Valley 6/22/1972
Smith, William R Devotion I Valley 7/7/1977
Somerville, William Michael Babyland Valley 7/1/1975
Son, Evelyn May Gethsemane Valley 8/5/1998
Spencer, Ivan R. Gethsemane Valley 8/7/1982
Spencer, Leona  Gethsemane Valley 8/2/1995
Spikes, Chester Lee Pioneer Welfare Valley 6/5/1974
Stanislaus, Ursula  Babyland Valley 6/28/1972
Stansell, Robert  Babyland Valley 6/28/1972
Stehlik, Baby Girl  Babyland Valley 5/31/1973
Stephan (Van Natta), Carol Jenny Crystal Apostle Hill Valley 5/17/1969
Sternhagen, John Robert Welfare Valley 5/15/1971
Stevens, Lillian Ethel MHG Valley 8/8/2001
Stevens, Richard Charles MHG Valley 6/17/1972
Stoecklein, Elsie Marie Gethsemane Valley 5/27/1977
Stoll, Charles Fredrick Gethsemane Valley 8/30/2008
Stone, Clarence Robert Babyland Valley 9/13/1971
Stout, Janet W. Apostle Hill Valley 7/1/1985
Stout, Verne Larue Apostle Hill Valley 7/6/1995
Straight, Christopher James Babyland II Valley 6/11/1982
Straight, Jessy Deonald Gethsemane Valley 8/8/1975
Strickland, Sherry Lou Everlasting Life Valley 8/25/1973
Sullivan, Clifton Lee Devotion I Valley 10/11/1989
Sullivan, Rodger D Devotion II Valley 9/12/1994
Sund, Ray O. Everlasting Life Valley 5/23/1980
Sundgren, Grayson Jade Babyland II Valley 5/2/2005
Surratt, Garrett Anthony Garden Crypt Valley 5/31/2005
Swan, Lynn Carol Cox Gethsemane Valley 6/19/1973
Swaney, Marie  Welfare Valley 9/25/1971
Swanson, Andrew  Welfare Valley 7/7/1968
Sweeney, Joseph M. Gethsemane Valley 5/6/1995
Sweetman, Gertrude Mary Apostle Hill Valley 6/17/1974
Sweetman, William James Apostle Hill Valley 6/7/1993
Switzer, Carol Marie B. Apostle Hill Valley 10/18/1972

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