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Hundreds of "colonists" relocated by the Federal Government in the early 30's colonized the eastern Matanuska Valley between Wasilla, Palmer, and the Butte. The colonists came as part of the Matanuska Colony "New Deal" agricultural experiment sponsored by the federal government.

The Federal government offered the opportunity to families from the Northern United States (Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin), as it was believed they would achieve greater success farming in a colder climate.

These 203 families are those who were present at the first draw for land tracts on May 23, 1935.

Alexander: Harold, Francis and 4 children - William Gene, Bonnie Lee, Winston and Harold (Robbinsdale, MN)
Anderson: Chris, Grace and 3 children (Shell Lake, WI)
Anderson: Clarence, Clara and 2 children (Draper, WI)
Anderson: Walter, Garnet and 4 children (Kenton, MI)
Archer: Pearle, Dorothy and 4 children (Nelma, WI)
Arndt: Lawrence, Etta and 1 child (Nelma, WI)
Bailey: Ferber, Ruth and 2 children (Lena, WI)
Barry: Earl, Louise and 7 children (Rhinelander, WI)
Bell: Lloyd and Dorothy (Brook Park, MN)
Bennett: William, Ruth and children (Empire, MI)
Benson: Henning and Irene (Barnum, MN)
Bergan: Leonard, Alice and 1 child (Carlton, MN)
Beylund: Oscar and Irene (Rice Lake, WI)
Biller: Robert, Dorothy and 2 children (Fence, WI)
Boice: Harold, Lona and 6 children (Merritt, MI)
Bouwens: William, Lulubelle and 11 children (Rhinelander, WI)
Bradley: John, Sylvia and 2 children (Lake Nebagamon, WI)
Brown: Otis, Grace and 3 children (Enterprise, WI)
Campbell: George, Onabelle and 2 children (Mio, MI)
Campbell: Harry and Theodora (Abrams, WI)
Carson: Arnold, Hortense and 2 children (Milaca, MN)
Carter: Clifford, Dorothy and 2 children (Muskegan, MI)
Casler: William and Elsie (Mesick, MI)
Chaney: Escar, Louise and 3 children (Stephanson, MI)
Christianson: Martin, Leota and 1 child (Ogilvie, MN)
Church: John, Julia and 5 children (Mountain, WI)
Clayton: Walter, Rose and 3 children (Spooner, WI)
Connors: George, Edith and 4 children (South Range, WI)
Cook: Clyde, Jessie and 7 children (Longville, MN)
Cousineau, Charles, Reba and 1 child (Lansing, MI)
Covert: Albert and Catherine (Cable, WI)
Davis: Harold, Edith and 2 children (Lansing, MI)
Dean: Ballard, Marion and 3 children (Fence, WI)
DeLand: Nile, Helen and 5 children (Winter, WI)
Dingman: William, Mildred and 3 children (Frankfurt, MI)
Doughty: Glendon, Hulda and 2 children (Milaca, MN)
Dragseth: Joe, Velma and 2 children (Rice Lake, WI)
Dreghorn: Lawrence, Grace and 5 children (Wolverine, MI)
Durphy: Robert, Gladys and 3 children (Cheboygan, MI)
Eckert: Virgil, Lillian and 2 children (Cloquet, MN)
Ellison: Carl, Ruth and 1 child (Billings Park, WI)
Ellsworth: Lester, Senia and 5 children (Merriweather, MI)
Emberg: George, Evelyn and 3 children
Engebretson: Oscar, Johanna and 3 children (Richfield, MN)
Ennis: Max, Lila and 3 children (Tower, MI)
Erickson: Carl, Inga and 3 children (Rhinelander, WI)
Ferguson: Walter, Mable and 2 children (Iron River, WI)
Fitzpatrick: Theodore, Leona and 5 children (Roscommon, MI)
Foster: Kenneth, Marion nad 2 children (Stephenson, MI)
Fisher: Otto, Frances and 1 child (Kanabec, MN)
Fox: Waldo, Mable and 1 child (Hulbert, MI)
France: Grant, Iva and 5 children (Grand Rapids, MN)
Frank: Darrell, Lois and 2 children (Mio, MI)
Fredericks: Albert, Audrey and 2 children (Sturgeon Lake, MN)
Fredericks: Allen, Lenore and 3 children (Sturgeon lake, MN)
Giblin: Theodore, Jennie and 1 child (Brookston, MN)
Greene: Clarence and Alida (Hancock, MI)
Greise: Raymond, Hazel and 3 children (Starks, WI)
Gulberg: Bernard, Beatrice and 2 children (Medford, WI)
Hack: Arthur, Mabel and 3 children (Ogilvie, MN)
Hammon: Leroy, Gretchen and 2 children (Iron River, WI)
Havemeister: Arnold, Emmy and 1 child (Wallace, MI)
Hemmer: Patrick, Cora and 4 children (Wright, MN)
Henry: Francis, Ella and 1 child (Viroqua, WI)
Hermon: John, Hilda and 6 children (Plymouth, WI)
Herried: Leonard, Ella and 2 children (Trempealeau, WI)
Hess: Frank, Florence and 3 children (Cavour, WI)
Hesse: Claude, Helen and 1 child (St. Louis Park, MN)
Higginbotham: Robert, Clara and 2 children (Stambaugh, MI)
Hoeft: John, Adeline and 1 child (Rogers City, MI)
Hoganson: Harold, Mayme and 3 children (Ewen, MI)
Holler: John and Gertrude (Pine City, MN)
Hopkins: Roy, Ada and 2 children (Arcadia, MI)
Huntley: Walter, Beatrice and 2 children (Sault Ste. Marie, MI)
Huseby: Einer, Inez and 3 children (Pembine, WI)
Hynek: William, Neville and 5 children (Faithorn, MI)
Ising: William, Marie and 2 children (Saginaw, MN)
Jabobson: Adolph, Mable and 2 children (Mohawk, MI)
Jahr: Paul, Emma and 4 children (Pine City, MN)
Jensen: Harry, Viola and 4 children (Tipler, WI)
Jenson: Henry, Edna and 2 children (Littlefork, MN)
Johnson: Arvid, Edith and 2 children (Crystal Falls, MI)
Johnson: Clinton, Doris and 2 children (Winter, WI)
Johnson: Harold, Fannie and 1 child (Houghton, MI)
Johnson: Johan, Irene and 1 child (Anatol, MN)
Johnson: Victor and Klaria (Harshaw, WI)
Johnston: James and Lillian (Shell Lake, WI)
Jones: Vernon, Eleanor and 2 children (Onamia, MN)
Juvette: Eugene and Mary (Winter, WI)
Kalliosaari: John, Letta and 1 child (Copemish, MI)
Kenser: Grant and Gertrude (Swatara, MN)
Kertulla: Oscar, Elvi and 2 children (Deer River, MN)
Kindgren: Oscar, Saima and 1 child (Duluth, MN)
Kirsch: John, Rose and 3 children (Solway, MN)
Klienpier: Kenneth, Grace and 3 children (Anatol, MN)
Koenen: Henry, Bernice and 2 children (South Range, WI)
Kurtz: Cecil, Mary and 2 children (Suring, WI)
Laako: Henry, Ruth and 1 child (Mohawk, MI)
LaFlam: Claire, Emma and 3 children (Shell Lake, WI)
Lake: John, Magdalene and 3 children (Superior, WI)
LaRose: Henry, Clystia and 4 children (Phillips, WI)
Larsh: Emil, Gertrude and 2 children (Iron Mountain, MI)
Larson: Fred, Laura and 4 children (Ranier, MN)
La Valley: Edward, Florence and 4 children (Houghton, MI)
Leander: Rudolph, Inez and 1 child (Onamia, MN)
Lee: Francis, Eugenie and 3 children (Forest Lake, MN)
Lemmon: George and Josephina (Littlefork, MN)
Lemmon: Gilford and Catherine (Littlefork, MN)
Lentz: Joseph, Zuleika and 6 children (Merrill, WI)
Lentz: William, Viola and 1 child (Merrill, WI)
Lepak: Thomas, Irene and 1 child (Duluth, MN)
Lipke: Henry, Mary and 2 children (Harrietta, MI)
Loyer: Joseph, Naomi and 4 children (Harrisville, MI)
Lund: John, Margaret and 1 child (Saginaw, MN)
MacNevin: Leon, Loraine and 5 children (Atlanta, MI)
McCormick: Martin, Margaret and 3 children (East Tawas, MI)
McKechnie: Loren, Edna and 5 children (Cloquet, MN)
McKendry: Howard, Edith and 1 child (Winter, WI)
Manginen: Walter, Vivian and 1 child (Champion, MI)
Martin: Clyde and Arbutus (Mackinaw City, MI)
Mattson: Runar and Eleanor (Ashland, WI)
Meehan: John, Viola and 5 children (Cloquet, MN)
Meier: Carl, Edith and 5 children (Duluth, MN)
Miller: Neil, Margaret and 3 children (Blair, WI)
Monroe: Lester, Mary and 3 children (Hiles, WI)
Moses: Arthur, Blanche and 1 child (Bigfork, MN)
Moss: Edward, Myrtle and 1 child (Pine City, MN)
Nelson: Arthur, Isabel and 2 children (Shell Lake, WI)
Nelson: Paul, Margaret and 1 child (Riverview, WI)
Newville: Irving, Lila and 1 child (Boyne City, MI)
Nichols: Harry, Virgil and 1 child (Georgetown, WI)
Novak: George, Catherine and 1 child (Ashland, WI)
Nutilla: Eino, Betty and 2 children (Ironwood, MI)
Olmstead: Vernon, Pearl and 3 children (Remer, MN)
Olson: Hilmer, Gwendolyn and 2 children (Duluth, MN)
Olson: Walter, Minnie and 1 child (Duluth, MN)
Onkka: David, Saina and 6 children (Bruce Crossing, MI)
Pakonen: Russell and Madelon (Long River, MI)
Parks: Clarence, Beulah and 3 children (Merriweather, MI)
Parlette: Paul and Violet (Rapid River, MI)
Patton: Claire, Margaret and 1 child (Long Siding, MN)
Peterson: Otto, Meryle and 5 children (Wrenshall, MN)
Pfeiff: John, Clara and 6 children (Stephenson, MI)
Piaskowski: Frank, Frances and 5 children (Ironwood, MI)
Pippel: Walter, Melva and 4 children (Robbinsdale, MN)
Poore: Chaney, Florence and 1 child (Littlefork, MN)
Porter: John and Alice (Champion, MI)
Porterfield: Ernest and Almeda (Harrieta, MI)
Powell: Ores, Lorenzie and 2 children (Duluth, MN)
Puhl: Joseph, Blanche and 2 children (Ashland, WI)
Quarnstrom: Clarence, Sadie and 1 child (Daggett, MI)
Rasche: August, Anna and 1 child (Wentworth, WI)
Rebarchek: Raymond, Edna and 1 child (Graceton, MN)
Reitan: Bernard, Alice and 2 children (Superior, WI)
Retallic: Arthur, Alice and 1 child (Amasa, MI)
Ring: Frank, Lucille and 6 children (Beecher, WI)
Rorrison: Lawrence, Vera and 2 children (St. Louis Park, MN)
Rossiter: Henry, Mary and 4 children (Cloquet, MN)
Rotz: Fred, Emma and 2 children (Plymouth, MI)
Roughan: Henry, Minnie and 5 children (Monico, WI)
Ruddell: Charles, Ada and 6 children (Duluth, MN)
Runyan: Scottie, Irene and 2 children (Winter, WI)
Saaralla: Matt, Olga and 1 child (Swan River, MN)
Sandvik: Ingolf, Agnes and 6 children (Moose Lake, MN)
Scheibl: Gustave, Alethea and 3 children (Sheboygan, WI)
Schultz: William, Martha and 1 child (Tomahawk, WI)
Schutt: Claus, Hattie and 3 children (Lucas, MI)
Sexton: Allan, Minnie and 5 children (Pelican lake, WI)
Sieber: Joseph, Albertine and 5 children (Grasston, MN)
Sjodin: Clarence, Alice and 2 children (Onamia, MN)
Smith: Lauren, Hollis and 5 children (Bennett, MN)
Smith: Martin, Margaret and 7 children (Ewen, MI)
Smith: William, Alice and 5 children (Bennett, WI)
Snyder: Thomas, Freda and 4 children (Manistee, MI)
Sorenson: Clarence, Vivian and 1 child (Rice Lake, WI)
Soyk: Martin, Genette and 1 child (Minocqua, WI)
Spencer: Milan, Margaret and 1 child (Mesick, MI)
Spencer: Nelson, Olive and 3 children (Chauncey, MI)
Splittgerber: Herman, Violet and 2 children (Hinckley, MN)
Stahler: John, Elizabeth and 6 children (Chaney, OK)
Stebbins: Dewayne and Evelyn (Mesick, MI)
Stephan: Vincent, Betty and 1 child (Grasston, MN)
Strang: Eldred, Helen and 1 child (Strang, MN)
Sturdy: Norris, Leona and 1 child (Crystal Falls, MI)
Sullivan: Carl Francis, Elizabeth and 1 child (Cheboygan, MI)
Swanda: Frank, Wilhelmina and 2 children (Pine City, MN)
Taylor: Neil, Violet and 1 child (Florence, WI)
Ubert: Lawrence, Alice and 2 children (Kingsdale, MN)
Usher: Robert, Helen and 3 children (Copemish, MI)
Van Wormer: Howard, Bernice and 1 child (South Boardman, MI)
Vasanoja: Laurence, Helen and 5 children (Cloquet, MN)
Venne: George, Irene and 3 children (Bear Lake, MI)
Vickaryous: Anthony, Alys and 4 children (Bandette, MN)
Walport: Paul, Edith and 1 child (Stone Lake, WI)
Way: Sherman, Esther and 1 child (Lyon Manor, MI)
Weiler: Nicholas, Elsa and 4 children (Medford, WI)
Wilding: John, Viola and 4 children (Iron Mountain, MI)
Wilkes: Ray, Ruth and 5 children (Wahkon, MN)
Wilson: Amedee, Leah and 4 children (Cooks, MI)
Wirtanen: Eino and Fannie (Iron River, MI)
Worden: Frank, Margaret and 5 children (Three Lakes, WI)
Yohn: Victor, Manila Bay and 3 children (Tomahawk, WI)
Zook: Harold, Clara and 3 children (Central Lake, MI)

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