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extracted from the Social Security Death Index
AAENSON NORMAN G AAENSON 30-Apr-1927 21 Feb 2005 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) North Dakota
ABALAMA MARY J ABALAMA 27-Jan-1931 15 Mar 2004 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ABBL STELLA ABBL 20-May-1925 25 Jan 2001 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Arizona
ABRAHAMSEN HENRY A ABRAHAMSEN 4-Jun-1947 26 Mar 2007 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ACE ANDREW S ACE 16-Dec-1979 27 Jun 2008 (V) 99652 Big Lake, AK (none specified) Pennsylvania
ACHEE THEARD P ACHEE 11-Jun-1923 28-Mar-1996 99687 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) New Jersey
ACKERMAN IRENE F ACKERMAN 30-Jun-1947 17 Apr 1998 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ADAME SARAH J ADAME 18-Jun-1941 18 Mar 2008 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ADAMS CARMEL J ADAMS 6-Jun-1937 02 Nov 2009 (V) 99676 Talkeetna, AK (none specified) Ohio
ADAMS CHARLES F ADAMS 26-Jul-1918 30 Mar 2008 (V) 99654 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Ohio
ADAMS CHARLIE ADAMS 04 Jul 1896 1-Apr-1971 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ADAMS CLIFFORD T ADAMS 22-Sep-1967 07 Jun 2006 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Minnesota
ADAMS EUNICE ADAMS 21-Mar-1908 05 Jan 2001 (V) 99687 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Texas
ADAMS EVA ADAMS 13-Jun-1923 1-Jun-1986 99687 (Wasilla, AK) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) Minnesota
ADAMS HILDEGARD E ADAMS 24-Aug-1922 21 Jan 2003 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Texas
ADAMS HUGH W ADAMS 25-Aug-1915 12 Sep 2006 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) California
ADAMS INA J ADAMS 26-Mar-1923 15 Nov 1999 (V) 99654 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Michigan
ADAMS JAMES D ADAMS 26-Jan-1934 11 Oct 1986 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) California
ADAMS PAUL D ADAMS 11-Oct-1962 9-Jun-1996 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ADAMS THEODORE M ADAMS 29-May-1940 07 May 2008 (V) 99687 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Michigan
ADCOCK CLINTON M ADCOCK 3-Jul-1926 12 Mar 2004 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Colorado
ADESZKO HENRY J ADESZKO 9-Oct-1919 21-Jun-1992 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Illinois
ADKINS JAMES M ADKINS 11-Dec-1951 26 Nov 1998 (V) 99676 Talkeetna, AK (none specified) West Virginia
ADKINSON MARILYN J ADKINSON 8-Jun-1918 16 Dec 1998 (V) 99652 Big Lake, AK (none specified) California
AGAR GERALD M AGAR 7-Mar-1930 13 Jun 2001 (V) 99654 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Ohio
AGEN DOROTHY A AGEN 13-Jun-1918 28 Oct 2002 (P) 99687 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Ohio
AGOFF ALVIN H AGOFF 3-Dec-1931 26 Mar 2005 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
AHEARN NANCY L AHEARN 18-Aug-1958 10 Oct 1996 (V) 99654 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Pennsylvania
AHERN CLYDE AHERN 22-May-1912 1-Sep-1982 99687 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Illinois
AKERS RUSSELL AKERS 13-Dec-1954 03 Mar 2006 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Alaska
AKLESTAD GORDON L AKLESTAD 7-Jul-1941 13 Nov 2006 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ALAIMO MICHELLE Y ALAIMO 4-Apr-1955 20 May 2000 (V) 99652 Big Lake, AK (none specified) California
ALBEE LAWRENCE B ALBEE 2-Nov-1945 16 Feb 2002 (P) 99676 Talkeetna, AK (none specified) Massachusetts
ALBRECHT CLIFFORD R ALBRECHT 10-Sep-1915 15 Dec 1987 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) 99645 (Palmer, AK) Minnesota
ALBRECHT LILLIAN H ALBRECHT 18-Nov-1918 12 May 2000 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Minnesota
ALBRIGHT GERALD W ALBRIGHT 2-Sep-1938 16 Sep 2004 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Utah
ALDEMAN CLIFFORD F ALDEMAN 12-Jan-1925 30 Jul 2001 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Iowa
ALDRICH DON ALDRICH 26-Feb-1909 5-Apr-1994 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Washington
ALDRICH DOROTHY M ALDRICH 7-Apr-1923 4-Dec-1992 99688 Willow, AK (none specified) Minnesota
ALDRIDGE DOROTHY J ALDRIDGE 17-Aug-1926 05 Nov 2005 (P) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Louisiana
ALDRIDGE SHIRLEY ALDRIDGE 4-Oct-1929 03 Nov 2005 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ALDRIDGE VIOLET P ALDRIDGE 12-Jan-1923 18 Oct 2005 (V) 99687 Wasilla, AK 72118 N. Little Rock, AR Arkansas
ALENIUS MABEL ALENIUS 18-Oct-1908 1-Dec-1983 99687 (Wasilla, AK) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) Washington
ALEXANDER CHARLOTTE M ALEXANDER 14-May-1931 14 May 1931 (P) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Idaho
ALEXANDER LOIS M ALEXANDER 25-Jul-1913 19 Dec 2004 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Oregon
ALEXANDER JR WILLIS H ALEXANDER JR 26-Jun-1947 31 Jan 2001 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Arizona
ALKE JEROME W ALKE 25-Oct-1939 13 Feb 2000 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Minnesota
ALKINS THEODORE ALKINS 03 Mar 1895 27-Feb-1992 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Michigan
ALLEN BIRDIEJEAN ALLEN 18-Jan-1929 09 Apr 2008 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ALLEN ENI N ALLEN 18-Mar-1902 17 Sep 2000 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Washington
ALLEN HAROLD R ALLEN 29-Dec-1940 07 Nov 2001 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Texas
ALLEN HATTIE V ALLEN 01 Oct 1889 17-Jul-1995 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ALLEN JEAN W ALLEN 13-Jul-1918 1-Nov-1992 99674 Sutton, AK 94541 Hayward, CA Iowa
ALLEN JOEL ALLEN 18 Aug 1884 1-Feb-1980 99645 (Palmer, AK) 99587 (Girdwood, AK) California
ALLEN KEITH W ALLEN 4-May-1921 24 Sep 1996 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Utah
ALLEN MYRTLE L ALLEN 6-Sep-1936 30 Nov 2006 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) 99645 (Palmer, AK) Texas
ALLEN SUZANNE L ALLEN 1-May-1949 02 Apr 2009 (V) 99687 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Florida
ALMASY THEODORE J ALMASY 20-May-1922 21 Dec 2007 (V) 99687 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Ohio
ALTON LYLE ALTON 4-Feb-1912 1-Nov-1978 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) California
ALVAREZ OSCAR H ALVAREZ 21-Mar-1926 1-Feb-1993 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) California
ALVORD ROBERT L ALVORD 8-Aug-1922 29 Oct 2006 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Washington
ALWARD BERNICE T ALWARD 18-Oct-1921 23-Sep-1995 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ALWARD STEVE ALWARD 24-Feb-1913 1-Jul-1983 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
AMAN BLAINE P AMAN 8-Nov-1937 18 Dec 2007 (V) 99688 Willow, AK (none specified) Ohio
AMUNDSON SURGE AMUNDSON 19-Mar-1923 26 Jan 2005 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Montana
ANDER PAULA J ANDER 25-Sep-1956 18 Apr 2002 (V) 99687 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Maryland
ANDERSEN DOROTHY ANDERSEN 27-Jun-1912 1-Jan-1982 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Illinois
ANDERSO JOHN R ANDERSO 8-Oct-1925 27 Dec 1997 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Washington
ANDERSON BLONDELLE E ANDERSON 2-Aug-1928 28 Mar 2000 (V) 99652 Big Lake, AK 99503 (Anchorage, AK) Illinois
ANDERSON CATHERINE L ANDERSON 11-Aug-1924 05 Aug 1997 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) Alaska
ANDERSON CHRIS A ANDERSON 20-Dec-1957 29-Jan-1995 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Washington
ANDERSON CLIFFORD ANDERSON 1-May-1910 1-Jul-1982 99687 (Wasilla, AK) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) Idaho
ANDERSON DON E ANDERSON 10-Jun-1927 11 Mar 2002 (V) 99688 Willow, AK (none specified) North Dakota
ANDERSON DON L ANDERSON 8-Dec-1948 28 Mar 2009 (P) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Nevada
ANDERSON DOROTHEA H ANDERSON 8-Mar-1921 23 Sep 2006 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) California
ANDERSON EUNICE M ANDERSON 17-Aug-1914 16 Dec 2001 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) California
ANDERSON FRANCES L ANDERSON 25-Oct-1922 24 Dec 2008 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) Alaska
ANDERSON GARY S ANDERSON 21-Jun-1958 6-Jun-2001 99652 Big Lake, AK (none specified) Ohio
ANDERSON HILBART F ANDERSON 13-Jun-1914 27 Jul 1998 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Long-time or retired railroad workers
ANDERSON JAMES R ANDERSON 3-May-1944 16 Nov 2006 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ANDERSON LEE E ANDERSON 11 Sep 1897 15 Jul 1989 (V) 99652 Big Lake, AK (none specified) Pennsylvania
ANDERSON LOIS H ANDERSON 17-Nov-1920 14 Mar 2005 (V) 99687 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Minnesota
ANDERSON MARY J ANDERSON 8-Jan-1927 01 Jul 2007 (V) 99652 Big Lake, AK (none specified) Alaska
ANDERSON MYSTIE S ANDERSON 7-Dec-1995 22 Oct 2006 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) California
ANDERSON ROBERT CAL V ANDERSON 19-Jul-1918 1-Feb-1990 99687 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Tennessee
ANDERSON RODNEY W ANDERSON 3-May-1921 1-Sep-1992 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Oklahoma
ANDERSON WILSON W ANDERSON 8-Dec-1918 24-Apr-1995 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) California
ANDREWS ARLEIGH ANDREWS 31-Jul-1916 1-Jun-1978 99676 Talkeetna, AK 99510 (Anchorage, AK) Florida
ANDREWS ARNOLD L ANDREWS 29-Aug-1921 11 Dec 2007 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Maine
ANDREWS DAVID ANDREWS 13-May-1920 14 Dec 2003 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ANDREWS DONALD J ANDREWS 28-Jan-1941 26 Dec 2005 (V) 99652 Big Lake, AK (none specified) California
ANDREWS JIMMIE ANDREWS 24-Oct-1924 17 Jun 2007 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ANDREWS JOHN R ANDREWS 21-Jun-1912 30 Nov 1999 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ANGEL ANTHONY R ANGEL 13-Mar-1943 23 Aug 2005 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) California
ANNAS E EUGENE ANNAS 4-Sep-1922 3-May-1992 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Montana
ANNAS FRANK ANNAS 6-Sep-1918 1-Sep-1987 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Washington
ANTHONY MICHAEL J ANTHONY 15-Aug-1983 05 Feb 2006 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Alaska
ANTONI JOHN A ANTONI 15-Nov-1928 15 Sep 1996 (V) 99654 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) New York
ANTONI PETER ANTONI 2-Feb-1903 1-Jul-1973 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) New York
APRILL CARL J APRILL 24-Jun-1934 02 Dec 2008 (V) 99687 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Michigan
ARCHAMBAULT RICHARD A ARCHAMBAULT 4-Jan-1956 25 Dec 2004 (V) 99676 Talkeetna, AK (none specified) Massachusetts
ARDAW MICHAEL ARDAW 10 Jan 1892 1-Apr-1978 99687 (Wasilla, AK) 99510 (Anchorage, AK) California
ARDUSER L D ARDUSER 28-Dec-1927 15 Dec 1988 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) Nebraska
ARLOW ALEXANDER ARLOW 28-Aug-1921 17 Nov 2005 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) New York
ARMSTRONG DENA B ARMSTRONG 22-Oct-1908 1-Nov-1995 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) California
ARMSTRONG KEITH M ARMSTRONG 2-Nov-1939 23 Apr 2006 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Montana
ARMSTRONG WALKER G ARMSTRONG 10-Aug-1938 06 Aug 2005 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) Washington
ARNDT DAVID L ARNDT 2-May-1957 14 Apr 2007 (P) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Minnesota
ARNDT ELAINE ARNDT 11-Mar-1959 29-Dec-1992 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Minnesota
ARNEY ROBERT A ARNEY 14-Jan-1934 25 Aug 2003 (V) 99654 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Indiana
ARNHARDT W BARNHARDT 2-Jun-1905 1-Sep-1984 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) New York
ARNOLD MARGARET C ARNOLD 22-Sep-1912 04 Jul 2008 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) 86336 (Sedona, AZ) Arizona
ARRINGTON IVAN ARRINGTON 3-Sep-1929 27-Apr-1989 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Washington
ASANUMA SAM ASANUMA 18-Aug-1914 03 Jun 2002 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Washington
ASHFORD JEFFREY W ASHFORD 1-Dec-1948 19 Jul 2005 (P) 99654 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Illinois
ASHLEY DESMOND L ASHLEY 3-Jun-1930 17 May 2001 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) 99645 (Palmer, AK) Connecticut
ASHLEY STELLA L ASHLEY 9-Oct-1947 17 Aug 2008 (V) 99687 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Washington
ASHMORE ELROY ASHMORE 29-Dec-1917 1-Sep-1984 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Minnesota
ASICKSIK WALKER ASICKSIK 30 Jun 1895 1-Jun-1978 99645 (Palmer, AK) 99510 (Anchorage, AK) Alaska
ATAMIAN SARKIS ATAMIAN 12-Jul-1923 27 Dec 2005 (V) 99687 (Wasilla,  AK) (none specified) Rhode Island
ATCHISON CORRINE A ATCHISON 13-Sep-1929 18 Jul 2001 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) California
ATKIN RICHARD E ATKIN 26-Feb-1930 08 Jul 2009 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Michigan
ATWATER ALICE ATWATER 6-Sep-1930 25 Dec 2005 (V) 99654 (Wasilla, AK) (none specified) Alaska
AULNER BEATRICE AULNER 26-Nov-1925 26 Dec 2001 (V) 99687 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Michigan
AUMANN EWALD NAUMANN 17-Mar-1921 08 Oct 2007 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Long-time or retired railroad workers
AUSTIN MARSHALL AUSTIN 19-Mar-1929 20-Mar-1993 99652 Big Lake, AK (none specified) Utah
AVANT SHARON L AVANT 7-Aug-1952 20 Oct 2008 (V) 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) New Mexico
AXTELL SAMUEL AXTELL 29 Mar 1890 1-Nov-1971 99645 (Palmer, AK) (none specified) Oregon
AYCOCK FLOYD A AYCOCK 22-Jan-1923 24-Jan-1988 99687 Wasilla, AK (none specified) Texas


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