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Baranof Sitka A-3 52 A post office named Baranoff was established here in 1907 and was discontinued in 1912. It was reestablished in 1917; name changed to Baranof in 1930. The town was probably named for Baranof Island. Description: at head of Warm Spring Bay, on E coast of Baranof I., 19 mi. E of Sitka, Alex. Arch
Chatham Sitka C-3 0 History: Cannery village named for Chatham Strait, established about 1905. The Chatham post office was established in 1906; discontinued in 1963 (Ricks, 1965, p. 10).
Description: pop. 4, on W shore of Sitkoh Bay, on Chichagof I., 22 mi. SE of Tenakee Springs, Alex. Arch.
Goddard Port Alexander
56 This is the site of a health resort locally named about 1924 for Dr. F. L. Goddard, a local businessman. It was probably established about 1800 by the Russians who called it "Teplyya Tseplitel Yuchya Klyuchi," meaning "sheltered curative hot springs" (Sarichev, 1826, map 19). They had a hospital here in 1841. In 1908 a post office named "Sanitarium" was established here, but the name was changed to "Goddard" in 1924; discontinued in 1944 (Ricks, 1965, p. 23, 56). Description: on NE side of Hot Springs Bay, on W coast of Baranof I., 15 mi. S of Sitka, Alex. Arch.
Mount Edgecombe Sitka A-5 23
Port Alexander Port Alexander
Port Armstrong Port Alexander
92 Former cannery, now a herring reduction plant. In 1933 its population was estimated to be 100. The Port Armstrong post office was approved in 1913 but was never in operation (Ricks, 1965, p. 52).
Description: on N shore of Port Armstrong, 3.3 mi. N of village of Port Alexander, on S coast of Baranof I., Alex. Arch.
Sanitarium See Goddard
Sitka Sitka A-4 26 After the destruction in 1802 of "Fort Archangle Gabriel" (see Old Sitka), a new Russian settlement was established in 1804 several miles from the old fort under the direction of A. A. Baranov. This new settlement, built around a fortification on Castle Hill, was named "Mikhailovsk" or Novo Arkhangelsk," meaning "New Archangel," for Saint Michael Archangel. This became the headquarters of the Russian American Company and capital of Russian America. When Russian America was purchased by the United States the town was named Sitka, a Tlingit Indian name, said to mean "by the sea" or "on Shi", the native name for Baranof Island. Sitka was the capital of Alaska until 1900 when territorial administration was transferred to Juneau. the population of the town was 968 in 1867; 1,039 in 1910; 1,175 in 1920; 1,05 6 in 1930; 1,987 in 1939; and 1,985 in 1950. The Sitka post office was established in 1867.
Description: pop. 3,237, on W coast of Baranof I., 95 mi. SW of Juneau, Alex. Arch.
Todd Sitka B-4 59 History: Name of a former cannery; published by USC&GS in the 1943 Alaska Coast Pilot (p. 378).
Description: pop. 5, on Chichagof I., 9 mi. W of Chatham Strait and 27 mi. NW of Baranof, Alex. Arch.


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