AlaBenton Genealogical Society Meetings
2014 Programs

2nd floor, Anniston-Calhoun County Public Library (Corner of Wilmer & 10th Street, Anniston, AL)

Monthly meetings take place at 1:00 PM on the first Saturday of each month (except for May, June, July and August) unless that Saturday falls in a Holiday weekend.  Please pay careful attention to the dates shown below for those months.  Since the meeting space occasionally has to be changed from the Ayers Room to the Anniston Room, be sure to check in at the sign-up table outside the Alabama Room.  If the table isn't set up, either you're way too early or it's the wrong day!

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January 4, 2014:    Dot Bishop will speak on seldom-used Courthouse records.

February 1, 2014:      Ruth McCarty--" Who Do You Think You Are??"

March 1, 2014:    Don East:  "Creek Indians."

April 5, 2014:    Colonel Larry P. Cornwell SAF Retired -"Revolutionary War."

May 3, 2014:    Shane Spears and Tom Mullins --"Virtual Tour of Hillcrest Cemetery."

Saturday, August 6, 2014 - SUMMER WORKSHOP conducted by Elizabeth Wells on PIONEER ANCESTORS; EXPLORING TRADITIONAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS TO FIND THEM. Watch for details.


September 6, 2014:    Tom Mullins, Librarian/Genealogist/Historian in the Alabama Room Of The Anniston-Calhoun Co. Public Library.   Tom will share with us what he learned at the Samford Genealogy Institute, Samford University.  Always an enjoyable and informative program.

October 4, 2014:      Bob Davis, director of Family & Regional History Program, Wallace State College, Hanceville, Alabama, Rhodes Scholar, through Alabama Humanities Foundation will present "Writing a Local or Personal History." Coming from such a knowledgeable genealogist/historian with so many published and articles to his credit, many of which are staples to historical and genealogical researchers, this is a "can't miss" program.

November 1, 2014:   Veneta McKinney, AlaBenton member and transcriber for the website,, will speak on "How to Transcribe Old Handwriting." This is an eminently practical subject for genealogists, because we are all faced with the problems posed by earlier handwriting styles and idiosyncracies.

December 6, 2014: Enjoy Good Food, Good Fellowship, Good Times!!!!