AlaBenton Newsletter

January 2015

               The December AlaBenton meeting and Christmas Reception were much enjoyed, and our members and those of several hereditary societies were generous with their contributions to the Alabama Room. Tom Mullins was present did the honors on opening the cards and gifts, and we had the pleasure of the company of Library Director Theresa Kisor as well.  Refreshments furnished by various members and organized by Peggy Smith were outstanding, which for AlaBenton is par for the course. 

               On Saturday, January 10, 2015, we'll  have an opportunity to add to our knowledge through a presentation on Genealogy and DNA by Ruth McCarty. As changes occur and opportunities expand, it's good to hear updates on complex subjects like DNA. It seems that certain aspects of DNA testing are finding expanded acceptance in certain parts of the genealogical world.             

             At the December meeting, the Nominating Committee offered its recommendations for the 2015 year, and the recommended slate of officers was approved as follows:  President: Ruth McCarty; Vice President/Program Chairperson: Shirley Wilson; Secretary: Randy Bussey: Treasurer: Veneta McKinney. These nominees all agreed to serve, and the committee's recommendations were approved by the membership. We offer sincere thanks to our 2014 Officers for their diligent service, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with the new officers during the coming year. Thanks to all of you for agreeing to serve the Society.

Don't forget--our members are our greatest asset. We thank every one of you who serves AlaBenton, either in a leadersip role or a support role. Please keep up the good work!

               Keep supporting your local Society, your local library, and especially the Alabama Room!

Deanna Slappey, Editor

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