AlaBenton Newsletter

September, 2014

                Our 2014 Summer Workshop in August was excellent, temperamental electronics notwithstanding. This year's subject was  "PIONEER ANCESTORS: Exploring TRADITIONAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS TO FIND THEM." It was conducted by our good friend, Elizabeth Wells, whose storehouse of knowledge and winning personality more than made up for the computer.

The September 6 meeting will feature Tom Mullins, from our own Alabama Room. He will share with us some tidbits of knowledge from this summer's classes at Samford University, which is always both a treat and something we can put to good use.

               Our members are our greatest asset. We are always grateful to those who serve the Society, both in leadersip roles and in support roles. Please keep up the good work.

                Keep supporting your local Society, your local library, and especially the Alabama Room!

Deanna Slappey, Editor

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