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Will of Nicholas Zeigler 1840

Autauga Co AL Reports E-A, 1838-1841, 4

Page 276.

The State of Alabama
Autauga County

In the name of God Amen.  I Nicholas Zeigler
being of sound disposing mind & memory do hereby
make ordain & constitute this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other
wills by me heretofore made.  In the first place I will that all my just debts
& funeral expenses be paid by my Executors to be hereafter named after 
which I will as follows--Item 1st  It is my will that all my land containing
about Eight hundred acres where I now live be divided between my wife--
Milly and my son Edward Jefferson in the following proportions that is
to say my wife to have one fourth of the same including the houses or homes
and that no difficulty arise as to the division I will that the judge of the 
county court appoint three disinterested persons to lay off and allott the same
to the former, and I will that the residue of said lands (towit) three fourths
to my said son Edward Jefferson forever Item 2nd  It is my will also as
follows I give and bequeath the following named slaves to my said son
Edward Jefferson forever (towit) Abraham George Henry Att Granduson
Richard Sam Adeline Matilda Lotta Phiney Lark Bob and Adaline
Item 3rd  I also give and bequeath to my daughter Caroline the following
named slaves (towit) Kiziah Emilie Martha Gilbert Winney Mary(little) Elias
Phill(big) Isaac Alan Sam(big) & Mary for her use forever  Item 4th  I also
give and bequeath to my son David George Washinton the following named
slaves forever (towit) Demsey Moses Tom Bethelaham Mathew Pheby
Edy Samuel & Jacob  Item 5th  I also give and bequeath to my Wife Milly
Zeigler the following named slaves forever towit Lewis Dudley  Letha Joe
Daniel Chaney Harriet Clarissa & Charles  Item 6th  It is my further
will that all my personal property not named above consisting of horses
cattle hogs Plantation utensels also the crop of every discription that may 
be on hand be sold and the proceeds be divided equally between my wife
& the above named children and also all my money notes &c that I may
have at my death be divided in the same manner as last named and
I further will that if my wife or either of the above named children should
die before or after my death without issue then the property of such dece
ased wife or child or children be equally divided among the survivors and
whereas I have heretofore by Deed bestowed & delivered an equitable of
my property on my other children towit William Katey Lewis Henry &
Lousia it is therefore my will that they are not to receive anything 
more from my Estate  Item 7  I do hereby appoint my beloved wife
Milley Zeigler Executrix & Lewis Houser Executor to this my last
will and testament--In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and seal this 28th August 1840
                                                        Nicholas   X   Zeigler
In presence of us
Wm R Pickett
James Holly senr
J A Thomason

The State of Alabama
Autauga County
This day came Wm R Pickett who being duly sworn
saith that he saw Nicholas Zeigler make his
mark to his name as above and published the foregoing as his last...
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Autauga Co GA
Book E-F
Vol 5  F

Page 36

Appraisement of the Estate of Nicholas Ziegler Deceased 11 February 1841

1       Negro Girl Hanna                    450.00
1       "     "    Fanny                    500.00
1       "     "    Nancy                    600.00
1       Mahogany Bureau                      30.00
1       Piano Forte                         350.00
1       Secretary                            30.00
2       M. dining tables                     30.00
8       Flag Bottomed Windsor Chairs          8.00
1       Armed Rocking chair                   4.00
1       Doz. Cum.      do                     5.00
1       M. Side Board                        25.00
2       pine Tables with drawers 1 painted    8.00
1       Bed Stead Bed & furniture            40.00
1       do      do              do           40.00
1       do      do              do           30.00
1       do      do              do           50.00
1       do      do              do           30.00
1       do      do              do           25.00
1       small Pine table & cover              2.50
1       lot bed clothes                      20.00
1       do      do      do                   50.00
1       lot Crockery ware Glasses
        Knives & forks                       15.00
2       pr. fire dogs shovel & tongs          6.00
1       Rifle Gun                            10.00
2       U States Map                         10.00
1       Brass Clock & 2 Lt Glasses           20.00
1       lot Books                             5.00
1       Spinning Machine                     80.00
1       lot Plantation tools                 75.00
1       lot clean oats                       15.00
1       lot Barley                            2.50

1       lott pots Cooper ware &c             15.00
4       Btls Flour                           24.00
1       lot Wheat                            16.00
1       "   White peas                        8.00
1       sack Coffee                          20.00
1       lot Bacon                           300.00
5       Barrel Pork                          40.00
2       Barrels Salt                          3.00
1       Steel Mill                            2.00
1       Carriage & Harness                  150.00
1       lot Corn supposed 1500 Bush         800.00
1       lot stock hogs about 180 head       200.00
1       Waggon & 4 oxen                     150.00
1       pr. Match Horses                    150.00
1       Gray mare 55$  1 Sorrel horse 80$   135.00
1       do   horse 50$  1 Gray  do    40$    90.00
2       colts a Gray & Sorrel 25 ea          50.00
7       head mules ea 50$                   350.00
13      stacks fodder                       120.00
1       Waggon @65 1 pr Cart wheels 8$       73.00
36      head Cattle at 4$                   144.00
8       stacks pea Vines                     45.00
1       lot Baggin & Ropes                   18.00
1       40 Saw Gin                           60.00
1       old Gin                               2.00
15      Bales cotton @ 45$ p-Bale           675.00
1       Loom & harness                        6.00
1       spinning wheel                        1.50
2       Scythes & Cradle                      5.00
1       New Cutting Knife                    30.00

We the undersigned appraisers hereby certify that the above & within
appraisement is a fair Valuation of the property appraised March 12 1841
                                                        Joseph I. Chappel
                                                        Charls Golson
                                                        Thos. J. Fullilove

Transcribed 15 Sep 1998 by Honey Lanham Dodge, Mary Early Dishner, 
and Ginga Hathaway.

Contributed by Honey Lanham Dodge,

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