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Baldwin County Alabama Cemeteries
Baldwin County, Alabama Cemeteries

Baldwin County has over 400 known Cemeteries. We have tried to identify all the different names they have been called over the years. If you know of a Cemetery here in Baldwin County that we have missed or of another name for one listed that we missed. Please let us know. Please contact Jan Allison at beachmouse at Cemeteries that have a list of people buried in them are colored in TURQUOISE. All others will have list as soon as they become available. Work is being done to have access to all cemeteries in Baldwin County, Alabama

285 Aiken Memorial Stockton
085 Allen Memorial Gardens Clear Springs
183 Amish Graves Bay Minette
182 Amison Foley
186 Anderson-Moses Montrose
191 Ankum Tensaw 
62 Antioch
215 Aspen Circle Robertsdale
179 Atchison Tensaw
079 Baldwin Memorial Robertsdale
141 Bankester-Trawick Bromley
142 Barlow Family Stockton
211 Barnwell Community Barnwell
266 Battles Wharf Gravesite Point Clear
029 Bay Minette Bay Minette
382 Beagles Phillipsville 
143 Bear Point Community
aka: Orange Beach
aka: Caswell
Orange Beach
072 Belforest Community Belforest
296 Belle Fountain School (1) Gateswood
297 Belle Fountain School (2) Gateswood
144 Benton Bon Secour
080 Bethel Baptist Church Elsanor
145 Bethel Luthern Church Point Clear
184 Blackshear
aka: Tate Creek Baptist Church
281 Blackwater Lillian
147 Blakeley Civilian Blakeley
053 Blakeley Park Memorial Blakeley
138 Boaz Loxley
373 Bon Secour Bon Secour
258 Brickyard Lake
aka: Tate's Brickyard Plantation
Bon Secour
054 Bromley Memorial
aka: Durant
091 Brook-Cedron (1) Barnwell
240 Brook-Cedron (2) Vaughn
131 Bryars Family Stockton
018 Bryars McGill
aka: Bayer
128 Buzbee Family Spanish Fort
059 Byrd Stapleton
033 Cain-Taylor
aka: Taylor
Bay Minette
321 Campbell  Stapleton 
348 Campbell Field (Old) Phillipsville
193 Canby's Vangordon
379 Camey
aka: Dyer Station
aka: Pinchona
375 Catrick Vaughn
148 Chandler William Temple Hatchett Gravesite Fort Morgan
041 Chastang Whitehouse Forks
149 Childress Graveyard Gulf Shores
066 Clear Springs U M C
aka: Bellafountaine
Clear Springs
311 Cobb-Patterson Rosinton
378 Collins-Desilvia Family
Magnolia Springs
336 Confederate (1) Bromley
312 Confederate (2) Blakeley
088 Confederate Rest
aka: Point Clear Confederate Rest
Point Clear
192 Conway Stapleton
109 Cook, Marone
aka: Goulds Bend or Gules
Bon Secour
151 Cook Memorial Bromley
245 Cook, Nicholas Gravesite Bon Secour
290 Cook-Weeks Magnolia
077 Cooper (Old) Rosinton
076 New Cooper Memorial
aka: Freeman
150 Crossroads Church of God
aka: Taylor
372 Daphne Baptist Daphne
153 Daphne United Methodist Church
aka: Methodist Episcopal Church South
015 Dean Rabun
194 Dennis Family Stockston
305 Dennis,W.C.Gravesite Bay Minette
274 DeSorges Blakeley
050 D'Olive Daphne
162 D'Olive Hall Daphne
164 Donaldson Plantation
aka: Reeder
045 Douglasville
aka: Mutual Aid
aka: Bay Minette Colored
Bay Minette 
075 Driskell-Rosinton Road
aka: Maranatha
aka: Bethesda
376 Dryce Plantation Magnolia
008 Dunn Tensaw
121 Durant Chapel Baptist Church
aka: Crossroads Community
062 Dyess
aka: Antioch
156 Elberta Public
aka: Elberta Community
206 Elsanor Catholic Elsanor
377 English Landing Tensaw
390 Eslava Family Foley
223 Etheridge Family Rabon
157 Ewing Gulf Shores
113 Fairhope Colony Fairhope
073 Fairhope Friends Quaker Fairhope
198 Fairhope Slaves Fairhope
098 Fell Family Elberta
256 Fergusen Blacksher
177 Fishermans Baptist Church
aka: Smith
aka: Kenedies-Smith
Bon Secour
155 Foley City Foley
082 Foley Family
aka: Boyington Teal
aka: Merriel
135 Fort Mims Tensaw
251 Fort  Mims Civilian
aka: Fort Mims Black
190 Fort Montgomery Tensaw
185 Fort Morgan State Park Fort Morgan
242 Fort Pierce Tensaw
125 Friendship AME Church Bellforest
043 Galilee Primitive Baptist Church Stapleton
169 Garden of Bethlehem
aka: Durgin
aka:Pine Grove
Bay Minette
017 Gentry Rabun
137 Gideon's Family Bay Minette
101 Gilley's Memorial Lillian
246 Gipson ?
331 Gooly Little River
210 Gracen Mill Phillipsville
084 Greek Family Elsanor
369 Greenwood  Loxley
165 Greenwood Memorial Summerdale
165 Greenwood Plantation Loxley
195 Griffin Stockton
016 Guys Chapel UMC Rabun
078 Hale Robertsdale
136 Hall Carpenter
aka: Carpenter Station
aka: Hall Burying Ground
380 Hall Homeplace Carpenter Station
035 Hall's Fork Church of Christ Phillipsville
064 Hamilton Baptist Church Baptist Gateswood
178 Hammond-Duffee Stockton 
286 Hastie Stockton
255 High Ground Latham
047 High Pines
aka: Locke
Bay Minette
061 Hinote Rosinton
048 Holly Grove
aka: Hall-Yarbrough
189 Holmes Family Tensaw
310 Holyyoke Plantation Stapleton
176 HoneyCutt Stapleton
270 Honeycutt (Old) Stapleton
158 HoneyCutt Stage Depot Carpenter Station
309 Hubbard Bay Minette
071 Italian Catholic of The Assumption
aka: Belforest
aka: Christ The King Catholic
224 James Family Halls Fork
039 Johnson Whitehouse Forks
209 Jones Family
aka: Jones Road
320 Jones Road
aka: Jones Family
Bay Minette
243 Jorgensen (Old) Malbis
202 Josephine Josephine
389 Josephine Gardens Josephine
308 Jubilee Memorial Gardens
aka: Bayview
013 Killcrease
aka: Gilchrist
292 Lacoste Bon Secour
012 Lancaster Vaughn
238 Latham Community Memorial Latham
116 Latham U. M. C. Latham
322 Lawrence Dyas
111 Lay
aka:Miflin Baptist Church
aka:Old Dean
102 Lillian Baptist Lillian
103 Lillian Old Spanish
aka: Suarez Graveyard
aka: Spanish Cove
295 Lipscomb Magnolia Springs
002 Litchfield Graveyard Bay Minette
160 Little Bethel Baptist Church
aka: Starke
126 Little Rock Baptist Foley
287 Live Oak Springs Stage Depot Seminole
020 Lottie New Home Lottie 
021 Lottie United Methodist Church Lottie
021 Lottie U M C
221 Louis Robertsdale
220 Lowell  (destroyed) Robertsdale
261 Macedonia Memorial Gardens Belforest
261 Macedonia Memorial Belforest
123 Magnolia
aka: Old Brady
123 Magnolia Methodist Church Malbis
056 Malbis Family
aka: Malbis Memorial Church Gravesite
268 Malbis,Jason Gravesite
aka: Malbis Memorial Church Gravesite
003 Mamie's Chapel Little River
090 Marlow Memorial Marlow
094 Marlow United Methodist Church
aka: Groves
114 Memory Gardens of Fairhope
aka: Fairhope Memory Gardens
218 Miller (1) Crossroads
019 Miller (2)
aka: Byron
036 Miller Family Hurricane
105 Miller Memorial
024 Milstead Lottie
188 Mims,David Tensaw
086 Mitchell Seminole
006 Montgomery Hill Baptist Church Tensaw
315 Montgomery Williams Crossroads
070 Montrose African Methodist Episcopal
aka: Greater Montrose
aka: McIntire Street A.M.E.
068 Montrose Community Montrose
023 Morning Dove Baptist Church Perdido
203 Mothershed Phillipsville
124 Mount Aid Baptist Church Malbis
201 Mount Marriah Baptist Church
aka: New Mount Marriah
118 Mount Nebo Baptist Church Latham
212 Mount Siniah Barnwell
059 Mount Zion
aka: Byrd
aka:Stapleton Primitive Baptist
065 New Hope UMC Gatewood
119 New Life Baptist Church Bay Minette
030 New Providence Church
aka: Sims
083 Oak Grove Elsanor
180 Our Lady of Bon Secour Catholic
aka: Bon Secour Catholic
aka: Cooke Family
Bon Secour
107 Oyster Bay Baptist Church Oyster Bay-Gulf Shores
230 Padgett Lottie
244 Patterson, William Gravesite Daphne 
115 Perdido Perdido
032 Peridio Baptist Church Perdido
166 Persimmon Swamp
aka:Old Spanish
Gulf Shores
181 Pilot Town
aka: Navy Cove
Fort Morgan
169 Pine Grove Church
aka:Garden of Bethlehem
Bay Minette
168 Pine Grove Church Loxley
046 Pine Grove Community Bay Minette
022 Pine Grove Free Will Baptist Church Perdido
095 Pine Rest Memorial Photo
aka: Shady Rest 
095 Pine Rest Memorial
aka: Shady Rest
063 Pittman Memorial
110 Pleasant View Baptist Church Foley
130 Pleasant View Bay Minette
200 Point Clear Point Clear
332 Powers Summerdale
025 Presley Lottie
10 Presley Family Lottie
099 Prince of Peace Catholic
aka: Saint Bartholomew's
aka: Old Kaiser
129 Propst Family Bay Minette
329 Purvis Family  Lillian
282 Ray Seminole
326 Reedy Family Phillipsville
007 Rice, Nellie Tensaw
014 Richerson E. M. Stockton
170 Riverside Inn Bon Secour
011 Robinson Vaughn
330 Rock Robertsdale
171 Rocky Hill
aka: Byrne Family
196 Roshon Plantation
aka: Trouliett
Spanish fort
081 Rosinton Community
aka: Rosinton UMC
293 Rosinton Wesleyan Methodist Church Rosinton
265 Sacred Heart Catholic Church Fairhope
093 Saint John's Catholic Magnolia
100 Saint John's
aka: Baumann
159 Saint Joseph's Baptist Church Little River
132 Saint Margaret Queen of Scotland Foley
097 Saint Mark's Lutheran Elberta
004 Saint Paul's Episcopal Church Daphne
154 Saint Peter's Episcopal Church Bon Secour
051 Saluda Hill
aka:Saluda Ridge
034 Schrock
aka: Dutch Mennonite
aka: Howell
Halls Fork
257 Scranage Little River
249 Scranage Lumber Company Little River
117 Seales
aka:John Seales
248 Seven Mile Spring
aka: Hadley, Benjamin
205 Shelby Family
aka: Seminole Lumber Company
104 Shell Banks Gulf Shores
002 Shipp Family Little River
241 Sibley Chapel Stapleton
055 Sibley, Cyrus Bromley
052 Sibley, Origen Bromley
253 Sibley,Walter Homeplace Stapleton
074 Silverhill Silverhill
074 Sissons Family Magnolia Springs
172 Slaughter-Booth
aka: Booth
173 Slaugher-Shaft
aka: Five Plaques
146 Southside Baptist Church
aka: Beulah Heights
197 Spanish Fort Spanish Fort
333 Springhill Marlow
027 Stanmyers (Stanmire)
aka: Old Bay Minette
aka:  Bay Minette Assembly of God
Bay Minette
271 Stapleton, Calvin Stapleton
042 Stapleton
aka: Old Stapleton
aka:Holly Hills
058 Stapleton U.M.C
aka: Stapleton Community
aka: Tatumville>BR>aka:Overton
271 Stedham Family Blacksher
120 Stedham Family Blacksher
060 Steelwood
aka: John Stocks Gravesite
026 Stockton Memorial Stockton
067 Stokes-Yuille Daphne
122 Sunrise Memorial Bay Minette
275 Swift
aka: Morgan Chapel UMC
139 Swift Presbyterian Church Miflin
133 Tate Chapel
aka: Turkey Creek
Little River
335 Tate,David Family Tensaw
199 Tatumville  Fairhope
005 Tensaw Tensaw
161 Tensaw Memorial Gardens
aka: Little Zion
089 Timney South River Park Marlow
247 Tunstall Family
aka: Tate Tunstall
087 Twin Beech Point Clear
092 Vernant Park Magnolia Springs
316 Wallace, Captain Gravesite
aka: Roberts
Gulf Shores
106 Wallace  Gulf Shores
214 Watson Stockton
001 Weatherford Memorial Park
aka: William 'Red Eagle' Weatherford
Little River
225 Weekley Phillipsville
175 Weeks-Barnard-Eslave-Cook  Magnolia Springs
276 Weeks Crossroads
037 Westview
aka: Magnolia
aka: West Hill
aka: Hook
031 White Family Dyas
174 White, John H Family Whitehouse Forks
040 Whitehouse Fork Baptist Church Whitehouse Forks
038 Wilkin's Bromley
049 Wilson
aka: Wilson Heights
aka: Wilson Community
Spanish Fort
009 Wilson Family
aka: Montpelier Church
108 Witt-Brown Bon Secour
204 Woodsmen of the World Seminole 
096 Wynn Memorial
aka Summerdale
152 Yancey-Crane
aka: Morgan Chapel UMC
323 Zion Fountain A.M. E. Church
aka: Vaughn
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