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Bon Secour, Alabama
Cemetery Index

Cemetery Name Birth Death Inscription Notes
Catholic ? , Little George 30 Nov 1874 25 Sep 1877 "Erected by his Mama and Papa C. O. G." stone broken
Witt Allen, Aubrey C. 1897 1955   Son of James and Winifred Allen; Husband of Rose Nolte Allen.
Witt Allen, Baby Jacqueline 6 Nov 1950 30 Nov 1950   Granddaughter of Werneth and Irma Allen.
St. Peter's Episcopal Allen, Delvia Marie July 28, 1931     Wife of Orville Melvin Allen
Witt Allen, Ferdinand H. 1872 1932   Son of James and Louise Allen; Husband of Virginia Estelle Allen.
Witt Allen, Infant       Infant of James and Winifred Allen; small unmarked grave.
Witt Allen, Irma 1910 1962 "In heaven there is one angel more" Daughter of Edwin and Caroline Bemis; Wife of Werneth F. Allen.
Witt Allen, James ca. 1821 ca. 1898 "aged 77 years"
"Gone but not forgotten"
Husband of Louise Allen; no dates on grave.
St. Peter's Episcopal Allen, James Archibald III June 7, 1916 January 28, 1991 "Non Sibi"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Allen, James Archibald Jr. May 7, 1916 July 13, 2000    
Witt Allen, James F. 28 Jan 1869 21 Apr 1956 "Thy will be done" Husband of Winifred Johnson Allen.
Witt Allen, John R., Sr. "Johnny" 1894 1955   Son of James and Winifred Allen; Husband of Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Kroutter Allen.
St. Peter's Episcopal Allen, Juanita Alphise March 18, 1924 December 12, 2000    
Witt Allen, Louise ca. 1844 ca. 1903 "age 59 years"
"Thy soul is safe in Heaven"
Wife of James Allen; no dates on grave.
Witt Allen, Mary Elizabeth "Aunt Bessie" Kroutter 1894 1968 "Mercifully Grant Thy Peace" Daughter of Laura Witt Kroutter; Wife of John R. Allen.
Witt Allen, Mildred Galloway 3 Oct 1919 21 Jun 1998 "Beloved and Everfaithful"
"You are always in our hearts"
Wife of Lloyd Allen who was the son of John and Mary E. Allen.
St. Peter's Episcopal Allen, Orville Melvin March 19, 1925 April 30, 2001   Husband of Delvia Marie Allen
Witt Allen, Rose Nolte 1902 1976   Wife of Aubrey C. Allen.
Witt Allen, Virginia Estelle 20 Apr 1881 4 Feb 1966   Wife of Ferdinand H. Allen
Witt Allen, Werneth F. 1906 1981 "He is at rest in heaven" Son of James and Winifred Allen; Husband of Irma Bemis Allen.
Witt Allen, Winifred (Johnson) 23 Apr 1874 26 Dec 1927 "wife of Jas. F. Allen"
"God giveth us Blessed sleep"
Witt Anderson, Anna Louise 8 Sep 1906 9 Apr 1908 "Asleep in Jesus" Anna and George Anderson are grandchildren of John W. and Annie R. Miller.
Witt Anderson, George Wilmer 14 Jan 1914 21 Feb 1917 "Asleep in Jesus" Anna and George Anderson are grandchildren of John W. and Annie R. Miller.
Witt Anderson, Warren, Sr. 16 Aug 1915 24 May 1979   Husband of Juanita Allen Anderson who was the daughter of John and Mary E. Allen.
Methodist Batson, Edna Virginia 21 Nov 1932 28 Nov 1932 Our little Angel  
St. Peter's Episcopal Baxter, Ruth Beede November 11, 1920 July 26, 2000    
St. Peter's Episcopal Baxter, William H. December 20, 1916 June 20, 1992 "CUCM U. S. Navy, World War II, Korea, Vietnam"  
Catholic Beaudin, Gertrude 30 Apr 1798 20 Aug 1868 "Born in Mobile"
"70 yrs 3 mo 27 dys"
Died between the hours of 2 and 3 in the morning.
stone broken
Witt Beebout, Robert Theo 1 Nov 1961 23 Apr 1989   Son of Robert and Lavonia Scott Beebout; Robert was killed in an auto accident; he was cremated and his ashes scattered over Bon Secour River. His urn is buried in this grave site.
St. Peter's Episcopal Beede-Henry, Jean E. June 25, 1926 September 29, 2002    
Witt Bemis, Alberta Nelson "Aunt Bert" 10 Jun 1906 16 Dec 1993 "Our beloved wife Mama" Wife of William Ross Bemis
Witt Bemis, Bobbie Joe       Daughter of Freddie and Mollie Lee Harrison Bemis; Unmarked grave.
Witt Bemis, Carol 23 Jul 1912 29 Jun 1972 "Daddy at rest"
"Married 26 Nov 1938"
Son of William Ross and Alberta NELSON Bemis; Husband of Mae Peacock Bemis.
Witt Bemis, Caroline Brown November 18, 1871 December 6, 1932   Wife of Edwin A. Beemis
Witt Bemis, Edwin A. October 15, 1863 October 10, 1940   Husband of Caroline Brown Beemis
Witt Bemis, Freddie       Son of William Ross and Alberta Nelson Bemis; Husband of Mollie Lee Harrison Bemis; Unmarked grave.
Witt Bemis, James Ross 10 Jan 1944 9 Apr 1991   Son of William Ross and Alberta Nelson Bemis; twin of Kathleen Bemis Benton (buried in Benton Cemetery).
Witt Bemis, Mae Peacock 7 May 1919 11 Jan 1958 "Mom at rest"
"Married 26 Nov 1938"
Wife of Carol Bemis.
Witt Bemis, Margaret Eleanor Carver 4 Jan 1908 6 Dec 1988   Daughter of John and Minnie Carver; Wife of Walter Gavins Bemis.
Witt Bemis, Mollie Lee Harrison       Wife of Freddie Bemis; Unmarked grave.
Witt Bemis, Rosie       Daughter of Edwin and Caroline Brown Bemis.
Witt Bemis, Roy 1905 September 5, 1926   Son of Edwin and Caroline Brown Bemis
Witt Bemis, Vernon Lee 1 Dec 1933 6 Aug 1963   Son of Walter Gavins and Margaret Eleanor Carver Bemis.
Witt Bemis, Walter Gavins 8 Aug 1904 7 Nov 1957   Son of William Ross and Alberta Nelson Bemis; Husband of Margaret Eleanor Carver Bemis.
Witt Bemis, William Ross 16 Jul 1903 14 May 1971 "Our beloved Husband - Daddy" Son of Edwin and Caroline Brown Bemis; Husband of Alberta Nelson Bemis.
Benton Benton, Baby Girl 1929 1929    
Benton Benton, Dena K. 1932 1941    
Benton Benton, Elizabeth 1858 1935   Wife of Thomas H. Benton
Benton Benton, Kathleen Bemis 16 Jun 1905 4 Sep 1985   Wife of Walter H. Benton
Benton Benton, Robert W. 1883 1890    
Benton Benton, Thomas H. 1881 1895    
Benton Benton, Thomas H., Capt. 1857 1905   Husband of Elizabeth Benton
Benton Benton, Walter H. 14 Apr 1896 15 Aug 1962 Ala PVT Btry A 107 Field Arty WWI Husband of Kathleen Bemis Benton; Son of Capt. Thomas and Elizabeth Benton.
Catholic Bertrand, Odile Cook 31 Mar 1863 28 Nov 1948    
Catholic Bertrand, Paul Edwin 3 Mar 1903 5 Apr 1917    
Catholic Bertrand, Victor 12 Dec 1863 29 Apr 1949    
Witt Black, Alvin E. 2 Feb 1930 25 Dec 1995 "Married 29 May 1950" Son of William F. and Ruth V. Carver Black; Husband of Virginia Ruth Black.
Witt Black, Virginia Ruth November 4, 1931   "Married 29 May 1950"; "Thy will be done" Wife of Alvin E. Black
Witt Black, Ruth V. 1897 1962 "Thy will be done" Wife of William F. Black
Witt Black, William F. 1891 1945 "Thy will be Done" Husband of Ruth V. Carver Black
St. Peter's Episcopal Borton, Anne N. 1913     Wife of Thomas E. Borton
St. Peter's Episcopal Borton, Thomas E. 1910 1978   Husband of Anne N. Borton
Cook Bradley, Robert G. 8 Jul 1915 12 Apr 1987 Married 1 Mar 1936 to Wynnifred Z. Bradley  
Cook Bradley, Wynnifred Z. September 14, 1916   Married 1 Mar 1936 to Robert G. Bradley  
Oyster Bay Baptist Brandt, Carl Duncan 18 Dec 1917 7 Nov 1918    
Oyster Bay Baptist Brandt, Indiana Steiner 2 Jan 1870 7 Jul 1893    
Witt Brown, George Allen 20 Jun 1910 7 May 1988   Son of Joseph and Grace Brown; Husband of Hattie Brown (not buried here); Husband of Una O. Brown.
Witt Brown, Grace Allen 3 Oct 1884 3 Jun 1957   Daughter of James and Louise Allen; Wife of Joseph E. Brown.
Witt Brown, Joseph E. 1876 1954   Husband of Grace Allen Brown
Witt Brown, Una O. 21 Aug 1914 6 Jan 1985   2nd wife of George Allen Brown.
Oyster Bay Baptist Burnes, Francis L. 12 Mar 1927 12 Nov 1941 "Rest in peace"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Burnes, Frank 23 Jun 1887 10 Nov 1952   Woodmen of the World Memorial - Insignia
Oyster Bay Baptist Burnes, Ida Doretta 23 Feb 1910 5 Jul 1990    
Oyster Bay Baptist Burnes, Louisa K. 22 Oct 1890 31 May 1978    
Oyster Bay Baptist Callaway, Annie Steiner 20 Aug 1885 20 Nov 1935    
Oyster Bay Baptist Callaway, Houston 14 May 1919 27 Jun 1992    
Oyster Bay Baptist Callaway, J. A. 14 Oct 1902 18 Oct 1902 "We had a little treasure once He was our joy and pride We loved him, ah! Perhaps too well for soon he slept and died. All is dark within our dwelling lonely are our hearts to day for the one we loved so dearly, Has forever passed away."  
Oyster Bay Baptist Callaway, Percy Boyd 27 Jun 1887 12 Jan 1937    
Benton Carver, Alvin E. 8 Mar 1876 4 Nov 1929 "Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep"  
Benton Carver, Austin P. 1909 1910    
Witt Carver, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Peacock       Wife of William "Bill" Carver. Unmarked Grave.
Witt Carver, Helena Lipscomb "Lena" 1881 1974   Wife of Joseph W. Carver
Witt Carver, Infant Twins       Infants of John Henry and Minnie Wells Carver. Unmarked graves.
Witt Carver, John Henry April 15, 1885 July, 1955   Son of John William Carver; Husband of Minnie Wells Carver Stewart.
Witt Carver, John William 26 Feb 1852 22 Feb 1926 "Father: Let thy grace be given, that we may meet in heaven" Husband of Josephine Carver.
Witt Carver, Joseph R. 20 Jul 1938 26 Jul 1993 "TSGT US AIR FORCE, Vietnam" Son of William and Elizabeth Peacock Carver; Husband of Comer Elizabeth "Liz" Carver.
Witt Carver, Joseph W. 1880 1968   Son of John William and Josephine Carver; Husband of Helena Lipscomb Carver.
Benton Carver, Kittie 1885 1943    
Witt Carver, Minnie E. 29 Aug 1927 5 Aug 1992    
Witt Carver, W. J. 27 Feb 1910 5 Feb 1911 "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God called thee home He thought it best" Son of Joseph W. and Helena Lipscomb Carver
Witt Carver, William "Bill"       Son of John Henry and Minnie Wells Carver; Husband of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Peacock Carver. Unmarked Grave.
Witt Carver, William E. 18 Apr 1915 6 Dec 1991    
Benton Christinsen, Christine M. 26 Feb 1892 28 Aug 1898    
Methodist Clark, Alfred N. 1 Dec 1857 26 Jul 1933    
Methodist Clark, Lorence E. 11 Nov 1871 25 Jun 1944    
St. Peter's Episcopal Colidis-Coles, Norman Nicholas March 7, 1923      
Riverside Cook, Adela 23 Nov 1819 6 Nov 1889 "May she rest in peace"  
Catholic Cook, Alfred J. 21 Jan 1860 15 Sep 1878 "Born in Bon Secour"
"18 years 7 mo 25 dys"
stone broken
Catholic Cook, Honorine A. 27 Feb 1833 11 Oct 1892 "wife of Jerome Cook" stone broken
Catholic Cook, Jerome 25 Mar 1827 8 Apr 1898 "May He Rest In Peace" stone broken
Catholic Cook, John Sr. 2 Apr 1794 25 Sep 1878 "84 yrs 5 mo 23 dys"
"Born in Mobile, Ala."
Catholic Cook, Joseph J. 10 Jan 1857 6 Sep 1878 "I.H.S."
"Born in Bon Secour"
"21 yrs.,7mo.,27 days"
Cook Cook, Marone   1893   No Marker
Cook Cook,     1895   Wife of Marone Cook
No Marker
Catholic Cook, Nancy J. 25 Jan 1847 13 May 1941    
Catholic Cook, Nicholas   22 Jul 1836 "Bon Secour" stone broken
Catholic Cook, Olivia 7 Jun 1885 21 Dec 1913    
Oyster Bay Baptist Crabb, Grace Mae 1 Aug 1925 5 Jun 1994    
Oyster Bay Baptist Crabb, Jack Dempsey 27 Jul 1923 4 Sep 1991 SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II " Silverstar purpleheart"  
Witt Devine, George Washington 22 Feb 1915 1 Jan 1994 "US ARMY WORLD WAR II" Husband of Paulette Silver Devine.
Witt Devine, Paulette Silver 1 Feb 1919 9 Jan 1972   Wife of George Washington Devine.
Old Navy Cove Dorgan, Mahala Ann   30 Mar 1860 "Age 26 yrs.,8 mos.,7 days"
"daughter of M. L. Coster, wife of A. Dorgan"
"An affectionate life, a loving mother an obedient daughter and a consistent Christian she has been called to her final home where no sorrow, sickness, pain nor death can enter."
Cease ------cause to languish oer the grave of how you Loved and death and -- and --- enter not the world above.
Benton DuBuisson, Andrew Anthony 30 Nov 1917 2 Jul 1990 "US NAVY"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Duffy, Jeanette May 20 Dec 1942 24 Nov 1992 "Jeanie"
"Reach out and touched the face of God."
"M. T. Y. L. T. T. We miss you so much"
St. Peter's Episcopal Dunlap, David R. III January 21, 1945 August 20, 2002    
Methodist Esco, Odessa 1916 1934    
Witt Etheridge, Harvey Eugene October 2, 1937 August 28, 1998   Husband of Carrie Bemis Etheride who is the daughter of Carol and Mae Bemis; Masonic emblem.
Catholic Frost, Arnold J. March 13, 1905 March 19, 2000    
Witt Ewing, Rosie Mae Bemis Nelson May 14, 1908 September 20, 2000   Daughter of Edwin and Caroline Brown Bemis; Wife of William F. "Bill Bo" Nelson (buried at Point Clear, AL); Wife of Carlton Ewing (buried at Miller Memorial, Gulf Shores, AL).
Catholic Frost, Clarence and Clairice 23 Feb 1928 23 Feb 1928    
Catholic Frost, Edward 17 Dec 1886 31 May 1963    
Catholic Frost, Francis Cyril March 16, 1923 December 4, 1998 "SSgt. U. S. Army, World War II"  
Catholic Frost, James Adrain 23 Dec 1925 12 Oct 1957 ALa S1 USNR WWII  
Catholic Frost, Loretta C. 14 Aug 1891 16 Mar 1928    
Benton Gable, Lavenia S. 1879 1939 "Mama"  
Witt Gates, Agnes Witt 16 Mar 1894 25 Jan 1971   Daughter of Charles H. and Ella Witt; Wife of Gordon Gates.
Witt Gates, Charles Rush 6 Oct 1913 7 Jul 1973 "TEC5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II PSM (or B5M)"  
Witt Gates, Gordon 25 Jul 1878 31 Mar 1956 "PVT Co. A. 2nd Miss. Inf. Spanish American War" Husband of Agnes Witt Gates.
Witt Gates, John Wesley "Jack" 23 Mar 1918 21 Oct 1979 "S2 US NAVY WORLD WAR II" Husband of Lorrine Allen Gates
Witt Gates, M. Lorraine 14 Aug 1924 22 Feb 1997 "Beloved Mother" Daughter of Aubery C. and Rose Nolte Allen; Wife of John Wesley "Jack" Gates.
Oyster Bay Baptist George, Pauline Plash 11 Jun 1890 5 Oct 1918 "age 28 years"
"Sleep on dear child and take they rest in Jesus arm forever blest."
also on stone it refers to Pauline P. Steiner
Oyster Bay Baptist Gerstenberg, E. C. 24 Jun 1814 14 Oct 1900 "May they rest in peace"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Gerstenberg, Margaret Louise 20 Jan 1813 7 Dec 1901 "wife of E. C. Gerstenberg"
"May they rest in peace"
Cook Gule (or Ghule/Gould)   1907   A young man injured in a logging accident.
No Marker
Oyster Bay Baptist Grass, Alphonse Joseph April 11, 1911 March 16, 1999 "Dear Husband and Special Daddy"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Grass, Barbara E. 12 Oct 1933 9 Nov 1933 "Gone to be an Angel"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Grass, Mary Esther December 5, 1913 July 1, 1998 "Loving Wife and Mother"  
Methodist Green, Arthur E. 11 Jul 1908 22 Jun 1935 At rest  
Cook Gregg, Hazel D. 11 May 1887 21 Sep 1978   On foot stone: Hazel Hubble Bourbonais Gregg
Oyster Bay Baptist Harper, Peter Anthony 17 Jul 1937 20 Mar 1991 "US ARMY VIETNAM"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Harper, Thomas James 13 Jul 1932 18 Feb 1955 "Our Beloved Brother"
"The happiest heart that ever beat was in some quiet breast that found the common day - light sweet and left to heaven the rest."
"Alabama, AN, U. S. Navy"
Smith Harrison, James Lawrence November 5, 1931 November 30, 1999 "A1C, U. S. Air Force, Korea" Husband of Lillie M. Harrison
Smith Harrison, Lilie M. October 30, 1933     Wife of James Lawrence Harrison
St. Peter's Episcopal Heeth, Annette July 25, 1903 November 25, 1972    
Cook Herring, Michelle Lynn 13 Nov 1979 14 Nov 1979    
Smith Hicks, Kathleen Ann 1 Sep 1961 4 Oct 1995 We love you mom
Ellen - Tyger - Charleen- Dustin - Carrie - Lavon - Cindy
Oyster Bay Baptist Hooks, Evelyn Plash 1 Feb 1917 11 Aug 1996    
Oyster Bay Baptist Hooks, William C. 18 Apr 1908 19 Apr 1986    
St. Peter's Episcopal Hough, Fred A. September 19, 1909 April 29, 1985    
Witt Hough, James B. 5 Nov 1939 25 Feb 1981 "A3C US AIR FORCE" stepson of Louise Brown Hough
Witt Hough, John Anthony 21 Jan 1941 11 May 1992   Grandson of John and Annie Miller.
Witt Hough, Louise Brown 7 Feb 1906 22 Sep 1968   Daughter of Joseph E. and Grace Allen Brown; Wife of James B. Hough.
St. Peter's Episcopal Hough, Lucille M. October 4, 1916 April 4, 1998    
St. Peter's Episcopal Howes, Father William J. 1888 1985 "Priest"  
Cook Ingram, Brenda K. May 21, 1942    Wife of Charles C. Ingram
Cook Ingram, Charles C. April 28, 1933     Husband of Brenda K. Ingram
St. Peter's Episcopal James, William Hoyt December 12, 1920 November 24, 1988 "Anchored in God's Love" Wife of Thomas Mund
Witt Jernigan, Virginia Katheryne 29 Mar 1943 7 Nov 1974 "A Loving mother" "While she lives cherished in our memories, she is never far away." Daughter of Willie Dale Parker McCombs; killed in an auto accident.
Witt Johnson, Anne C. 21 Apr 1876 29 Oct 1956 "In our hearts she still lives" sister of Winifred Johnson Allen
Witt Jones, Doris V. Fulford Witt August 6, 1936     Wife of Charles Thomas Witt, Sr.; Remarried to a Mr. Jones.
Smith Jones, Henry 1929 1993 Beloved son and brother asleep in Jesus
Thy will be done.
Shares a stone with Lizzie Jones.
Smith Jones, Lizzie 1909 2003   Shares a stone with Henry Jones.
Smith Jones, Lewis J. 1935     Husband of Rosa Lee Jones
Smith Jones, Rosa Lee 1942 1993 Beloved wife and mother Wife of Lewis J. Jones
St. Peter's Episcopal Koelling, Dallas Allison Lee March 12, 1909 December 15, 1999    
St. Peter's Episcopal Koelling, Herbert Jessen May 30, 1902 May 5, 1985    
Oyster Bay Baptist Kuffskie, George 9 Aug 1853 18 Jan 1924    
St. Peter's Episcopal Kyte, Frank Clyde October 3, 1904 February 14, 2001   Husband of Margaret Irene Kyte
St. Peter's Episcopal Kyte, Margaret Irene June 18, 1915     Wife of Frank Clyde Kyte
Cook Lady 4 Sep 1959 27 May 1974   Family Pet?
St. Peter's Episcopal Lambert, Charles Alfred Jr. February 14, 1924 January 16, 2003 "U. S. Marine Corps, World War II"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Lang, Dolly December 31, 1933     Wife of Harry K. Lang
St. Peter's Episcopal Lang, Harry K. March 6, 1935 January 15, 1985   Husband of Dolly Lang; Masonic emblem
Catholic Lauderdine, Mrs. Edna 3-3-1903 7-19-1977    
Methodist Logan, ? 1882 1931   Mason
Methodist Logan, Leo O. 1880 1931    
Methodist Long, Lucille Elizabeth 10 Jul 1931 26 Sep 1934 Bunny  
Cook Lucky 1966 1980   Family Pet?
Oyster Bay Baptist MacGinnis, Adrian "Mac"       new grave not yet marked; Rev. Peebles said he died Aug/Sept 2003
St. Peter's Episcopal Maerlender, Arthur C. 1918   "Husband"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Maerlender, Barbara H. 1917 1992 "wife of Arthur"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Maerlender, Mary Ann H. 1920   "wife of Arthur"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Marshall, Nell Swift November 18, 1896 January 13, 1976    
St. Peter's Episcopal Marshall, Randolph T. Feburary 21, 1893 March 28, 1966 "Alabama 1st Lt. Infantry, World War I"  
Catholic Martinez, Manuel   15 Feb 1902 "Age 72"
"Erected by Mrs. Kate Martinez"
St. Peter's Episcopal McAdoo, Edward Charles 27 Feb 1914 17 Jul 1982    
St. Peter's Episcopal McAdoo, Maude P. 1876 1967    
St. Peter's Episcopal McAdoo, Ruth H. October 25, 1916 December 21, 2001   Cremation Vault Wall
Witt McCombs, Willie Dale Parker 26 Mar 1927 30 Apr 1990 "Her faith was unending"
"A loving Mother, Grandmother and sister"
Cook Meko 3 Jul 1983 24 Jul 1997   Family Pet?
Witt Miller, Annie R. 2 Oct 1892 6 Nov 1968   Wife of John W. Miller.
Witt Miller, Earl L. no dates on stone      
Witt Miller, John H. A. 31 Oct 1849 4 Aug 1930   Husband of Therese K. Miller.
Witt Miller, John W. 15 Mar 1881 26 Dec 1970   Husband of Annie R. Miller
Smith Miller, Kevin Glenn July 7, 1980 July 16, 2001    
Witt Miller, Therese K. 8 Dec 1854 8 Mar 1925   Wife of John H. A. Miller.
Cook Moore, J. R. 24 Jul 1924 12 Feb 1997 MM3 US NAVY WORLD WAR II  
Cook Moore, Margie F., R.N. April 20, 1923 February 14, 2002    
Oyster Bay Baptist Morrison, John 3 Aug 1813 16 Oct 1905 "Jesus my all to heaven has gone, He whom I fixed my hope upon, His track I see, and I pursue, The narrow way, till Him I view. Good friends let your lights be burning, in hope of heaven."  
Oyster Bay Baptist Morrison, John H. 11 Oct 1845 24 Mar 1889 "The Lord our God is great and greatly to be praised within His city where His throne is."  
Oyster Bay Baptist Morrison, Mrs. Caroline 28 Jan 1819 7 May 1905 "Thus far my God, faith led me on and made His truth and mercy known. Safe in the arms of Jesus soft on his gentle breast there by His love oershadowed sweetly my soul shall rest."  
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Abigail 23 Sep 1856 17 May 1902    
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Andrew 26 Mar 1847 24 Dec 1925    
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Andrew, Sr.        
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Infant son       Infant son of Andrew and Abigail Mund
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Katherine     died age 3 years  
St. Peter's Episcopal Mund, Leona January 6, 1917   "Anchored in God's Love" Wife of Thomas Mund
Smith Mund, Mary H. July 13, 1932 August 3, 1999 "Mother"
"Finally Home"
"Just think of stepping on shore / And finding it Heaven, Of touching a hand and finding it God's Of breathing new air / And finding it celestial; Of waking up in glory / and finding you're home."
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Rosena        
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Tammy Doreen   23 Aug 1959    
St. Peter's Episcopal Mund, Thomas January 17, 1919 September 27, 1998   Husband of Leona Mund
St. Peter's Episcopal Mund, Thomas C. Jr. September 15, 1938 July 15, 1967 "In His Will Is Our Peace"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Thomas C. III 3 Nov 1960 4 Nov 1960   Son of Thomas C. and Vivian
Oyster Bay Baptist Mund, Thomas L. 18 Jan 1892 24 Nov 1928 Alabama PVT 1CL 322 Inf 81 Div
"Safely anchored in the harbor of eternal rest"
Oyster Bay Baptist Nelson, A. Laura 1872 1957    
Witt Nelson, Annie Bell Peacock 1930 1990   Wife of Robert "Tunk" Nelson who is the son of William F. and Rosie Mae Bemis Nelson Ewing.
Smith Nelson, Carrie Smith 12 Feb 1914 30 Mar 1998 Married 14 Dec 1929 Wife of Fred Edward Nelson
St. Peter's Episcopal Nelson, Cyrus 6 Jul 1915 30 Jan 1970    
Oyster Bay Baptist Nelson, Frank E. 1870 1955    
Smith Nelson, Fred Edward 31 Oct 1907 2 Dec 1991 They that go down to the sea in ships that do business in great waters these see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep. PS: 107, 23-24
Married 14 Dec 1929
Husband of Carrie Smith Nelson
St. Peter's Episcopal Nelson, George W., Sr. 22 Feb 1901 30 Apr 1980 Marine Engr. Since 1919  
Oyster Bay Baptist Nelson, James Hilary April 14, 1919   Husband of Mary Plash Nelson, Married February 4, 1939, "Father"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Nelson, Jardine 22 Jul 1946 8 May 1967 "Great Loves Live On"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Nelson, John Andrew January 21, 1894 October 21, 1966    
Oyster Bay Baptist Nelson, Joseph 1912 1928    
Smith Nelson, Leslie Howard 16 May 1937 31 May 1993 AIC US AIR FORCE  
Oyster Bay Baptist Nelson, Mary Plash November 14, 1918 May 27, 2000 Wife of James Hilary Nelson, Married February 4, 1939, "Mother"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Nelson, Minnie Lee Steiner May 13, 1896 December 31, 1990    
St. Peter's Episcopal Nelson, Myrtle B. 9 Jan 1916 2 Oct 1995 "wife and mother"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Nelson, Paul Ulman February 5, 1928 December 23, 1981 "2nd Lt. U. S. Air Force, Korea"  
Witt Nicholson, John       Unmarked grave in the older Witt plot.
Cook Osborn, Esther Inez 11 Aug 1900 17 Feb 1984 "Mother"
"Although your smile be lost to sight to memory you are dear"
Witt Pendleton, Dorothy V. Black 1922 1966   Daughter of William and Ruth Black
St. Peter's Episcopal Persons, Frank Stanford III "Stan" 1923 1996 "Beloved Husband and Father"
"Episcopal Priest 19571996"
"Served South Baldwin Churches 34 Years"
"He Lived With Joy Unto The Lord"
"U. S. Army Air Corps, World War II"
Witt Phillips, Child       Unmarked Grave.
Witt Phillips, Child       Unmarked Grave.
Oyster Bay Baptist Pierce, Darrell A. 25 May 1959 14 Mar 1979 "Rest in Peace"
"Our Beloved Son"
Oyster Bay Baptist Pierce, Emma 15 Feb 1900 10 Dec 1988 "Mama"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, Jane Bemis June 29, 1928 February 17, 2002 "Partners For Life, Partners For Eternity" Wife of Melvin A. Plash
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, John 20 Jul 1866 25 Mar 1933 "Our loved one has gone we will meet him on the surf beyond."  
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, John Arnold 10 Jul 1914 9 Feb 1935 "Brother"
"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal."
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, John Henry 1893 1940 "Father"
"The strife is o'er, the battle done. The victory of life is won."
Woodman - insignia
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, Judith A. "Judy" December 7, 1957 August 29, 1998 "Faithful Loving Wife, Mother and Friend"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, Laura Kroutter 1888 1957 "Mother"
"The day of sorrow and of doubt is gone thy love remembered thy haven won."
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, Mahala C. 26 May 1867 20 Jul 1939 "I long to see you again someday, to behold your smiling face to clasp your hand in mine and say 'I love you mother dear.'"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, Melvin A June 9, 1926 December 14, 2001 "Partners For Life, Partners For Eternity" Husband of Jane Bemis Plash
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, Pauline Jacobs 1 Oct 1844 15 Feb 1918   Shares a stone with Peter Adolph Plash
Oyster Bay Baptist Plash, Peter Adolph 21 Jan 1828 -- Feb 1903   Shares a stone with Pauline Jacobs Plash
Riverside Pollard, Margaret E. 20 Jul 1878 2 Oct 1900 Farewell Dear Margaret we will miss thee, in this world so full of care, Yet again we hope to meet thee, when the day of life is fled and in heaven with joy to greet thee where no farewell tears are shed.  
Smith Pruitt, Ernest Newton 13 Aug 1824 21 Mar 1995    
Witt Roach, Gerald April 27, 1919   "Together forever" Husband of Sally Roach
Witt Roach, Sally 9 Jul 1926 2 Jan 1998 "Together forever" Wife of Gerald Roach
Witt Ross, Denny C. 9 May 1902 2 Jan 1975   Husband of Nellie Meta Carver Ross
Witt Ross, Joel Denny February 23, 1925 January 27, 2000   Son of Denny C. and Nellie Meta Carver Ross
Witt Ross, Nellie Meta 20 Dec 1895 13 Jun 1955   Wife of Denny C. Ross
St. Peter's Episcopal Scott, Jack 15 Apr 1928 1 Oct 1982 A1C US AIR FORCE WORLD WAR II  
Witt Seeberger, Anton     "CO K. 56 N. Y. Inf."  
St. Peter's Episcopal Shafer, Tina Steiner   1998    
Methodist Sherman, Lucille 22 Feb 1930 1 Jan 1932 Bless and comfort our angel baby  
Witt Shutt, Darryl L. 1966 1984 "A sleep in Jesus" Grandson of Werneth F. and Irma Bemis Allen; Died in an automobile accident.
Methodist Shutt, John L. 13 Aug 1860 3 Jul 1935    
Methodist Shutt, Millie F. 15 Sep 1861 30 Jan 1936    
Cook Smith, Helen Short 13 Nov 1900 23 Aug 1976   Wife of Howard Rogers Smith
Cook Smith, Howard Rogers 26 Jan 1897 19 Sep 1985   Husband of Helen Short Smith
Oyster Bay Baptist Smith, Kenneth Leroy 12 Jun 1943 11 May 1996 "BT3, US NAVY, VIETNAM"  
Benton Stancill, Beulah 1888 1932    
Benton Stancill, William E. 1878 1954    
St. Peter's Episcopal Stancliff, Marlon C. July 26, 1964 March 25, 1965    
Witt Stanford, David       Died in an automobile accident; Last grave in back of cemetery; Unmarked Grave.
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Amele 5 Jun 1895 16 Aug 1895 "Baby"  
Smith Steiner, Annie D. 29 Jun 1864 28 Jun 1904 Sacred to the memory of wife of W. R. Steiner  
Smith Steiner, Armine G.   6 Sep 1916 In memory of our Mother aged 72 years  
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Cecila 25 Mar 1872 10 Jun 1877    
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Charles H. 11 Oct 1885 6 Jul 1916 "He took thee from a world of care an everlasting bliss to share" Woodmen of the World Memorial - Maple Camp No. 5
Smith Steiner, Dena Elloisa 2 Dec 1898 14 May 1899 "Sacred to the Memory of Little Dena Elloisa Steiner"  
Witt Steiner, Eli David 14 Feb 1880 13 May 1940   Husband of Sarah Ellen Steiner
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Henry 5 May 1876 20 Nov 1886    
St. Peter's Episcopal Steiner, Herbert Ameal September 5, 1910 January 25, 1981   Husband of Maria Steiner
Smith Steiner, Hubert   8 Sep 1888 In memory of our father aged 53 years  
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Irwin 5 Mar 1898 21 Nov 1900 "A precious one from us has gone a voice we loved is still. A place is vacant in our home which never can be filled."  
St. Peter's Episcopal Steiner, Maria July 2, 1910 December 27, 1991   Wife of Herbert Ameal Steiner
Smith Steiner, Mrs. Margaret E. 3 Nov 1859 1 Mar 1925 Father Let Thy grace be given that we may meet in heaven  
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Pauline P. 11 Jun 1890 5 Oct 1918 "Age 28 years"
"Sleep on dear child and take they rest in Jesus arm forever blest."
also note that on stone it refers to Pauline Plash George.
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Percy L. 1905 1934    
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Ruby M. 1907 1984    
Witt Steiner, Sarah Ellen 25 Jan 1882 26 Jul 1963   Wife of Eli David Steiner
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, Walter M. 2 Dec 1908 2 May 1909 "Age 6 Months"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Steiner, William 1829 1899 PVT CO A 46 Regt Miss Inf Confederate States Army  
Smith Steiner, Wm. R. 5 Feb 1864 27 Sep 1906 Sacred to the memory of safely Anchored in the Harbor of eternal rest Woodman - Insignia
Cook Stephens, George T. July 5, 1920      
Cook Stephens, Wynell P. April 15, 1920      
Benton Stewart, Alfred   14 Dec 1928    
Benton Stewart, Carrie 2 Mar ---- 2 May ----    
Methodist Stewart, Chestina 8 Dec 1873 10 Dec 1937 Gone but not forgotten Mother  
Methodist Stewart, Dan W. 22 Jan 1867 9 Feb 1939 Gone but not forgotten Father  
Methodist Stewart, Mamie V. 3 Jul 1884 28 Jun 1957    
Witt Stewart, Minnie Wells Carver January 29, 1891 January 16, 1969   Wife of John Henry Carver; Wife of Floyd Stewart (buried at Pine Rest Cemetery, Foley,AL).
Methodist Stewart, Sherman D. 6 Aug 1889 10 Jan 1935    
Benton Stewart, Vivian   28 Mar 1925    
Benton Styron, C. J. 12 Jul 1858 13 Aug 1923 "Father let thy grace be given that we may meet in heaven" Husband of Nancy Styron
St. Peter's Episcopal Styron, Harvey C. February 2, 1938 October 9, 1973    
Benton Styron, Nancy 1 Apr 1858 23 May 1921 "wife of C. J. Styron"
"In memory of our dear Mother"
Benton Styron, Wil A. 1 Mar 1878 27 Sep 1908    
Benton Styron, Willie Hermon 2 May 1918 2 Feb 1923    
Benton Styron, Wm. A. 1 Nov 1878 27 Sep 1906    
Cook Susie 1970 1984   Family Pet?
St. Peter's Episcopal Swift, William Henry May 9, 1893 July 24, 1971    
Witt Taylor, Daniel W., Jr. 26 Sep 1951 19 Aug 1983   Shrimp boat engraved on it- Sunset Pride. Son of Daniel W. Sr. and Edna Mae Taylor; grandson of Nonie E. Stewart Taylor.
Witt Taylor, David W. 3 Dec 1961 21 Nov 1966   Son of Daniel W. Sr. and Edna Mae Taylor; grandson of Nonie E. Stewart Taylor.
Witt Taylor, James P., Jr. 1923 1968 "Gone but not forgotten" Son of James P. Sr. and Nonie E. Stewart Taylor
St. Peter's Episcopal Taylor, John Dilmus Sr. January 10, 1907 May 10, 1980 "F1 U. S. Navy, World War II"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Taylor, Winifred Grace March 9, 1914      
Witt Taylor, Nonie E. Stewart 5 Aug 1907 9 Jul 1984 "Gone but not forgotten" Wife of James P. Taylor, Sr.
Witt Taylor, Vivian Lorraine JUly 2, 1929 March 24, 2001    
Oyster Bay Baptist Todd, Infant Daughter - 1 2 Feb 1957 3 Feb 1957 "Infant daughters of Donald and Marie Todd"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Todd, Infant Daughter - 2 2 Feb 1957 3 Feb 1957 "Infant daughter of Donald and Marie Todd"  
Oyster Bay Baptist Todd, William 6 Dec 1954 7 Dec 1954 "In loving memory of"
" Infant son of Barbara Todd"
Cook Tollefson, Bonnie Bradley 1940 1990 Beloved wife of Terry Mother of Brad, Michelle, and Kathy  
Cook Trixie 1984 1993   Family Pet?
St. Peter's Episcopal Underwood, Richard E. 1932 1993 "U. S. Army" Husband of Rita McCarthy Underwood
St. Peter's Episcopal Underwood, Rita McCarthy 1934   "Wife and Mother" Wife of Richard E. Underwood
Witt Van Ness, L. H.        
Oyster Bay Baptist Verdecchia, Lee Willie Allen 20 Jul 1908 23 Mar 1954 "In Loving Memory of Our Dear Wife and Mother"
"The lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want"
Oyster Bay Baptist Verdecchia, Peter 3 Aug 1913 4 Mar 1993 US NAVY WORLD WAR II
"O keep my soul and deliver me let me not be ashamed for I put my trust in thee"
Old Navy Cove Wallace, Charles   29 Oct 1866 "Age 56"
"A native of Sweden who departed this life at Navy Cove, Mobile Bay"
"Sacred to the memory"
"He spent a useful life in the faithful discharge of his duties as a man, a citizen, a husband and a father. Was a Pilot of Mobile during Forty years"
no danger deterred him from the performance of his calling. Calm in the storm and strong in his good conscience he was at all times ready to answer his makers call. Let him sleep, the sleep of the just. Carmatite
St. Peter's Episcopal Wakeford, Amelia A. May 26, 1901 November 4, 1985   Wife of Charles H. Wakeford, Owner of Meme's Restaurant
St. Peter's Episcopal Wakeford, Charles H. December 11, 1898 July 23, 1972   Husband of Amelia A. Swift Wakeford, Owner of Meme's Restaurant
Old Navy Cove Wallace, Charlie 30 Apr 1864 1874    
Old Navy Cove Walsh, Carmelie 22 Oct 1830 24 Apr 1892 "Memory of"
" er ----soul----peace ----ster thou Last le-----"
Stone is broken - inscription is very hard to read.
Cook Welch, Gerardine L. Bourbonais 5 May 1912 9 Jan 1992 To Thy cross I cling
Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven can not Heal
Cook Welch, Haward E. 27 Nov 1914 18 Feb 1971 "Together Forever" Husband of L. Noreen Welch
Mason - Insignia
Cook Welch, Howard Grant 28 May 1914   "Tog Orm Mo Phiob 'S Theid M Dhachaidh" (To Thy Cross I Cling)  
Cook Welch, L. Noreen October 26, 1915   "Together Forever" Wife of Haward E. Welch
Oyster Bay Baptist White, Cornelia Plash 7 Feb 1887 23 Jan 1946 "Faithful to her trust even unto death."  
Oyster Bay Baptist White, Ernest Albert 5 Apr 1886 27 Oct 1948 "Rest is yours, sweet memory ours."  
Smith Williams, Charles Lewis April 6, 1987 July 31, 2003 "In God's Care", "Chuckie", "Beloved Son, Brother and Grandson"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Williams, Florence Swift March 30, 1904 October 1, 1993    
St. Peter's Episcopal Williams, Price Stevens November 3, 1908 April 14, 1993    
St. Peter's Episcopal Wilson, Joseph Durant Cooper 1887 1975 "Priest, Vicar, St. Paul's, Foley; St. Peter's, Bon Secour; St. John's, Robertsdale; Archdeacon of Baldwin Co. 19431957"  
St. Peter's Episcopal Wilson, Sarah Emily Prentiss 1888 1981 "Beloved Wife of Joseph Durant Cooper Wilson"  
Cook Wingender, Charles 18 Sep 1905 24 Jun 1920 "In loving memory of"
"May he rest in peace"
Drowned in the Bon Secour River.
Witt Witt, Andrew L. March 22, 1919 July 3, 1996   grandson of Charles Henry and Ellafair Witt; Husband of Ann Witt.
Witt Witt, Annie Anderson March 3, 1918 Julu 15, 2001   Wife of Andrew L. Witt.
Witt Witt, Charles Henry       Son of Charles and Mary Ann Smith Witt; Husband of Ellafair Witt; buried under the magnolia tree at the front of the cemetery, unmarked.
Witt Witt, Charles Thomas, Sr. "Tommy" 13 Oct 1933 15 Aug 1991   Son of William Emmett and Winona Hurley Witt; Husband of Doris V. Fulford Witt Jones.
Witt Witt, Ellafair "Ella"       Wife of Charles Henry Witt; buried under the magnolia tree at the front of the cemetery, unmarked.
Witt Witt, John William "J. Willie" ca. 1863     Son of Charles and Mary Ann Smith Witt; did not marry; No dates on stone.
Witt Witt, James Conrad 3 Oct 1867 13 Mar 1941   Son of Charles and Mary Ann SMITH Witt; Husband of Sofia Scribes Witt.
Witt Witt, James Edward "Jimmy" 27 Mar 1898 6 Sep 1957 "PFC 39 FLEX GNR TNG GF AAF WORLD WAR II" Son of Charles Henry and Ellafair Witt
Witt Witt, Mary Ann Smith 18 Oct 1831 31 Jan 1904   Wife of Charles Witt married 5-10-1853; Charles born ca. 1814 Prussia; Charles may be buried on the point known as Kingfish Lodge on the south bank of Bon Secour River at the mouth of Oyster Bay. Mary born in Germany.
Witt Witt, Mary A. 15 Dec 1860 17 Mar 1925 "Blessed ----- in heart" Daughter of Charles and Mary Ann SMITH Witt; did not marry.
Witt Witt, Mrs. J. C. (Sofia Scribes)       Wife of James Conrad Witt; No dates on stone
Witt Witt, William Emmett "Willie" 9 Jul 1903 30 Mar 1971   Son of Charles Henry and Ellafair Witt; Husband of Winona Hurley Witt.
Witt Witt, Winona Hurley 8 Mar 1905 25 Aug 1988   Wife of William Emmett "Willie" Witt.
Oyster Bay Baptist Wroten, Louise Steiner 17 Jul 1862 1 Oct 1885    
Witt Yutzy, Mary D. 23 Dec 1932 11 Nov 1966 "Gone from our home, But not our hearts" Daughter of Werneth and Irma Bemis Allen; killed by a train.