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Joseph Schultz Family

     Joseph Schultz was the fourth child of Jacob Schultz and Adelia Cook Schultz. Joseph was born on October 10, 1858 in the Bon Secour area of Baldwin County, Alabama. Joseph Schultz married Juanita Weekley October 3, 1896 in Mobile County.

     Joseph Schultz children were:

  1. Cora Rosa (born August 30, 1897; died September 7, 1990; married Frank Foots August 20, 1912 and 2nd Dexter “Bud” Bates).

  2. Jacob (born February 8, 1899; died July 25, 1989; married Minnie Gibson December 3, 1922).

  3. Joseph Palmer (born June 5; 1901; died May 28, 1982; married Iva Lee Jackson November 25, 1925).

  4. Wilmer (Jim) (born April 29, 1903; died October 9, 1993; married Betty Lou Wright May 15, 1948).

  5. Adell P. (born May 25, 1905; died December 25, 1986; married James F. Weekley Jan. 31, 1921).

  6. Thomas James (born January 22, 1907; died January 14, 1982; married Ophelia Quigley October 11, 1931).

  7. Catherine Elizabeth (born June 15, 1910; died September 2, 1982; married Jim Kennerson).

  8. Floyd Henry (born May 24, 1913; died October 15, 1915.

     Joseph Schultz' father, Jacob was born about 1793 in Denmark. His mother was Adelia Cook (born November 23, 1819; died November 6, 1889). She was the granddaughter of Nickolas Cook who was one of the first settlers in Baldwin County. Jacob Schultz came to this country aboard a cargo clipper in the 1840's. He jumped ship when the clipper was anchored off Dauphin Island. He settled in the Bon Secour area where he raised his family. He was an oysterman and seaman most of his life.

     Joseph and Juanita Schultz lived on property next to what is now known as The Riverside Inn Motel located on Highway 6. He purchased this property from his mother in 1880. He worked as a ship builder and carpenter. Some of the homes he worked on is still standing, one is the Swift Family home located on the west side of the Bon Secour River. He also helped renovate Our Lady of Bon Secour Church.

     Joseph and Juanita Schultz moved to Bayou La Batre in Mobile County Alabama. They lived out their remaining years here.

     Written 2001 for The Baldwin County Heritage Book.
Submitted by: Joseph F. Weekley, Grandson of Joseph and Juanita Schultz, P. 0. Box 787, Havana, FL 32333