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The Petrified Seal

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Photo circa 1930

  William Dade Wilcox (11/6/1858 - 8/11/1935), a former sheriff of Choctaw County, built a home on the corner directly across the street from the NW corner of the County Court House Square, beside the Masonic Hall. In the yard was a large rock resembling a seal. The following was written by one of his daughters, Mrs. Josie Bell Wilcox Thrash.
  "There were many large rocks by the side of the road at the foot of Spear Hill. The McCall house, which had been Aunt Betty Spear's home in which Papa lived when was a boy after his parents died, was at the top of the hill. The house across the road was Judge Wallace Lindsey's home. When the road was straightened about 1915, the large rocks were blasted out of the way to make way for the new road. Among the rocks unearthed was a large rock shaped like a seal. Papa always said it was a petrified seal and it surely looked like it in size and shape. He had it moved to our front lawn by an oxen team. It stayed there until after Mama's death in 1955. Then, someone broke the head off. Children, grandchildren and neighbor children enjoyed playing on this stone. The little boy in the picture above was one of the grandchildren [Paul Wilcox]."

Contributed by Ms. Jeanette Thrash McDowell
Picture courtesy of Ms. Jeanette Thrash McDowell