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1938 - 1946

Contributed 15 June 2006
by Darlene (Campbell) Scott

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 Record

This is an index for Colbert County, Alabama, but the type of information available on these records can be found in the two samples below.

Name: Charles A Abernathy
Birth Year: 1923
Race: Negro, citizen
Nativity State or Country: Tennessee
State: Alabama
County or City: Colbert
Enlistment Date: 25 Feb 1943
Enlistment State: Georgia
Enlistment City: Fort Benning
Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Branch Code: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life
Education: 4 years of high school
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 69
Weight: 135

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 Record

Name: Earnest E Abernathy
Birth Year: 1925
Race: Negro, citizen
Nativity State or Country: Alabama
State: Alabama
County or City: Colbert
Enlistment Date: 3 Dec 1943
Enlistment State: Tennessee
Enlistment City: Camp Forrest
Branch: No branch assignment
Branch Code: No branch assignment
Grade: Private
Grade Code: Private
Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Source: Civil Life
Education: Grammar school
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 00
Weight: 000

Index to Colbert County, Alabama
World War II Enlistment Records 1938 - 1946

A - B - C - D - E

 - A -

Abernathy, Charles A.
Abernathy, Colbert W. Jr.
Abernathy, Earnest E.
Abernathy, Leo 
Abernathy, Mo S.
Abernathy, William T.
Ables, James A.
Abram, Sanford 
Abroms, Irvin s.
Acklin, Andy 
Brewster, Adams C.
Adams, Henry
Adams, James F.
Adams, Raymond L. Jr.
Adams, Selth
Adams, Wiley S.
Aday, George E.   
Aday, Johnny W.  
Agee, Glenn H.
Aigner, Paul
Akin, Aubrey B.
Akin, Martin C.
Aldridge, James E.
Alexander, Calvin C.
Alexander, James E.
Alexander, Lealon A.
Alexander, William H.
Allen, Arthur C. 
Allen, Arthur P.
Allen. Carl H.
Allen, Charles E. Jr. 
Allen, James 
Allen, James E.
Amos, Roy J.
Anderson, Clyde H.
Anderson, Guy W.
Anderson, Homer C.
Anderson, James T.
Andrews, Lois E.
Andrews, Robert P.
Anglin, George E.
Applegate, James  
Appleton, William E.
Archer, Willie H. 
Armistead, Carlos C. 
Armistead, Thomas C.
Armstead, Charlie Jr.
Armstrong, John
Arnett, William E.
Arnold, Allen Jr.
Arnold, Floyd
Arnold, James C.
Ashley, William W.
Askew, Clifford W. 
Askew, Thomas E. 
Askew, William L. 
Askew,  William O. 
Austin, Alvie L.
Austin, Clifford R.
Austin, James H.
Austin, Leman M. 
Ausuin, George R.
Autry, Charles O. 
Autry, William N. 
Avery, Kenneth L. 
Aycock, Clifford E.
Aycock, Edward L.
Ayers, Arthur L. Jr.
Ayers, Homer G.
Ayers, J. P.
Ayers, Ola K.
Azbell, Roy P.
Azbell, William W.

- B -

Bailey, Ben
Bailey, Milverd
Bailey, Raymond
Bailey, Robert C.
Bailey, William J.
Baker, David B. Jr.
Baker, Frederick D.
Baker, James J. 
Baker, James R.
Baker, Jerry M.
Baker, Olion Jr.
Baker, Willie Jr. 
Baker, Willie J. 
Balentine, Dennis F.  
Balentine, William M.
Bange, Blake 
Bange, Robert E.
Banks, Aaron Jr.  
Bardin, Henry C.
Barfield, Edward H.
Barlow, Jack
Barnard, John M. 
Barnes, Billy L.
Barnes, Charles D. Jr. 
Barnes, Emmett W.  
Barnes, Isham C. 
Barnes, James E.
Barnes, James J. 
Barnes, Robert L. Sr.
Barnes, Samuel 
Barnes, Thomas C. Jr.
Barnes, Thomas L.
Barnes, William L.
Barnett, Henry R.
Barnett, John H.
Barnett, Silvester
Bartlett, Robert M.
Barton, William N.  
Basden, Dewey R.
Bass, Tennis E.
Bassham, Roy S.
Bates, Edward
Bates, Harry D.
Bates, Henry 
Bates, John E.
Bates, Ozie
Bates, Peter J.
Bates, Wilber C. 
Beard, Donald E.
Bearden, Robert H.  
Beasley, Marzet
Beasley, Murray W.  
Beasley, Tillman H. Jr.  
Beaver, Clark J.  
Beaver, John H.
Beaver, Lilbern W. Sr.
Beavers, Ellis L.
Beck, James T. 
Beckman, Paul H.
Bell, James R.
Belue, Edward J.
Belue, John A.
Bennett, John A.
Bennett, Marvin L. Sr.
Bennett, Thomas E.
Berry, Harold R.
Berryhill, Charlie D.
Berryhill, James H.
Berryhill, Raymond D. 
Berryhill, Walter C.
Berryman, Abner C.
Berryman, Earl B. 
Berryman, William C.
Berryman, William C.
Bethea, Benjamin F.
Bevis, Luther T.
Bickley, Thomas L.

Bivens, Charles
Bivens, Walter T.
Black, Artis H.
Black, Athy L.
Black, Claud R.
Black, George W.
Black, James E.
Black, William C.
Blackburn, G. C. Jr.
Blackburn, Stephen W. Sr. 
Blackburn, Thaddeus L.
Blackwell, Maurice
Blair, Ocie
Blake, Robert L.
Blankenship, James E.
Blankinship, William J.
Blanton, Raymond H.
Blaxton, William R.
Blount, Walter A. Jr.  
Blythe, Augustus
Boatwright, Clarence
Bobo, Oneal
Body, Willie J.
Bolton, Coy A. Jr.
Bolton, Lloyd T.
Boothe, John T.
Borden, David S.
Borden, Frank F.
Borden, Lloyd D.
Bostick, William J.
Bottom, Ralph K.
Bowen, Geraldine
Bowling, Marvin J.
Bowling, Shepherd Y.
Bowling, William R.
Bowling, Woodrow W.
Box, Curtis C.
Box, George A. Jr.
Box, James E.
Box, James R.
Box, Robert G.
Box, Thomas H.
Boyd, Robert B.
Brackens, Price
Brackin, Billy H.
Bradford, Charlie B.
Bradford, George B.
Bradford, Milton M.
Bradford, William C.
Bradley, Kenneth E.
Branscome, James H. 
Bratton, Billy William
Brenneman, Benjamin F. Jr.
Brewer, James E.
Brewer, James E.
Bridges, Halverine P.
Broaden, Robert L. 
Broaden, Thomas E.
Broca, Philip J.
Brooks, Walter H. Jr.
Brown, Bennie F. 
Brown, Charles H.
Brown, Charles W.
Brown, Edgar J.
Brown, Edward G. Jr.
Brown, Gene E. 
Brown, Jesse D. 
Brown, John P. 
Brown, Nolen S.
Brown, Robert N. Jr.  
Brown, Roe
Brown, Tommie
Brown, William P.
Brown, William T.
Bruce, Elwood 
Bruce, James F.
Brumley, Donnie T. 
Brumley, Glenon R. 
Bruton, Leonard Spencer
Bryan, Monroe J. Jr.  
Bryant, Henry F.  
Bryant, Herbert C. 
Bryant, Raymond R.  
Buford, Lawerence  
Bullington, Billy J. 
Bullington, Frank H.  
Burcham, James L. 
Burcham, Roy P.
Burgess, Freeman A. 
Burgess, Harold W. 
Burgett, Homer O.
Burkett, Comer E.
Burks, Edgar R. Jr.
Burleson, Hulbert M. 
Burnett, Elbert  
Burns, James R. 
Burns, John E. 
Burns, R. Junior
Burns, Walter J. 
Burt, James
Burt, Richard J. 
Burt, Willie W.
Busby, Glenn E.
Butler, Bennie E.
Butler, David L. 
Butler, Robert L. 
Butler, Yancey Jr.
Byers, Ethern 
Byers, Shirley W. 
Byrd, Alton P. 
Byrd, Emmett E.
Byrd, Floyd E. 
Byrd, James L.
Byrd, James R. 
Byrd, James W. Sr.
Byrd, Lehmann T. 
Byrd, O. Car 
Byrd, Oscar B.  
Byrd, Robert C.
Byrd, Tommy 
Byrd, William C. 
Byrd, William C.
Byrd, William O.

- C -

Cabaniss, Clyde
Cabaniss, Howard L.
Cahoon, Carl H. 
Cahoon, Leslie C.
Cal, Earnest L. Jr. 
Callahan, James E. 
Cameron, Wiliam O.
Campbell, George D.
Campbell, Gunnie  
Campbell, James F.
Campbell, Jimmie L.
Campbell, John E. 
Campbell, Leroy
Campbell, Louis Jr. 
Campbell, Walker E.
Campbell, William A.
Campbell, William H.
Cannon, Rush
Cantrell, Claude R.
Cantrell, Reed D.
Carlisle, Charles A.
Carmack, Vester M.
Carmichael, Jere M.
Carmichael, Thomas H.
Carpenter, Joe R. 
Carpenter, Oscar G.
Carpenter, Roger L.
Carroll, Edwin E.
Carroll, Herman F.

Carroll, Jessie J. 
Carson, Colbert D.   
Carson, Eddie D.
Carson, Robert J.
Cartee, Oscar M.
Carter, Daniel G.
Carter, Earl L. 
Carter, Eulace A.
Carter, George H. Jr. 
Carter, James W.
Carter, Jerry K.
Carter, Sam T. 
Carter, William
Carter, Zack
Cason, Isaac
Castleberry, James L.
Castleberry, John T.
Cathey, William O.
Caudill, Charles E.
Caudill, William T.
Chaffin, Charles E.
Chaney, Charles A.
Chaney, Clarence B.
Chaney, Floyd L. 
Chaney, Grady M.
Chaney, Manuel E.
Chapman, Joseph V. Jr.
Cheattom, Emmett L.
Childers, Bruce B.
Choat, Joseph B. Jr. 
Christopher, James H. 
Clark, Colbert D.  
Clark, Edward H.
Clark, Freddie L.
Clark, George E.
Clark, Lloyd N.
Clark, Marshall W.
Clark, O. C.
Clark, Oval W.
Clark, Paul O.
Clark, Ralph E. 
Clark, Robert A. 
Clark, Thomas Jr.
Clark, William H.
Claunch, Parmer O. 
Cleere, Samuel R.
Clement, John W. Jr.
Clow, Raymond C.
Cobb, William G.
Coburn, Ernest P.
Coburn, Lois M. 
Cochran, Homer L.
Cochran, Jerry M.
Coffey, James H.
Coggins, D. C.
Coggins, E. L.
Coggins, Henry W.
Coggins, James L.
Coker, Willard W.
Colagross, Charles C.
Colagross, James E.
Colagross, Joseph E.
Colbert, Benjiman L.
Colbert, Charles A.
Colbert, Charles W.
Colbert, Clarence A.
Colbert, Cullen B. 
Colbert, Edward
Colbert, Erskin C. 
Colbert, Herschel 
Colbert, James L. Jr. 
Colbert, Jimmie L. 
Colbert, John H.
Colbert, Johnnie C.  
Colbert, Johnnie W.
Colbert, Lovell
Colbert, Oscar
Colbert, Roy
Cole, Henry F.  
Cole, Leland H.
Colelough, George F.
Collier, Hezzy J.
Collier, Jake J.
Collier, Richard B.
Collin, James A.
Collins, Dewey N. 
Collins, Hobson N. Jr.
Collins, Rudolph W. 
Collum, Hollis D.
Collum, Manus W. 
Coln, Tolbert L. 
Comer, Ralph O.
Condra, Russell P. Jr.
Conner, Clifton C.
Conner, William L. 
Conner, Willie  
Conney, Dave 
Cook, Clentterry
Cook, B.
Cooksey, William V.
Cooley, Joe  
Cooley, William E. 
Coon, Eubie L.
Coons, Andrew Jr.
Copeland, Aurrie L.
Copeland, Floyd T. Sr. 
Copeland, Glen D.  
Copeland, James L.  
Copeland, William L. 
Copham, John D.   
Corbell, Harry H.   
Corder, Samuel C.      
Cornelius, Cecil A.     
Cornelius, Cyrus W.  
Corsby, Reubin H.  
Corter, Jennings L. 
Cotton, Annie B.
Cottrell, Raymon J. 
Couch, Bernard H.
Couch, James J.  
Couch, William P.  
Counts, Jesse R.
Courtney, Edward C.
Cox, Andrew
Cox, Buffard 
Cox, Francis A. 
Cox, Hathaway Jr.
Cox, Henry J.
Cox, John J. H. 
Cox, Lester A.
Cox, Samuel
Cox, Ted R.
Cox, Theo S. 
Craig, Barney O. 
Crawford, Albert J. Jr.
Crawford, Colbert
Crawford, Joe B. Jr.
Creasy, Jessy W.
Creasy, William O.
Crittenden, Curtis W.
Crittenden, David A.  
Crittenden, Jack D.
Crittenden, Robert E.
Crittenden, Silas  
Crockett, Howard A.   
Crombie, Booker T.   
Crosswhite, Homer J. 
Crouch, Warren R. Sr.
Crowe, Julian P. 
Crowell, Lloyd W. Sr.
Crowell, Raymond R.
Curry,  Auzzie L.
Curtin, George L. 
Curtis, Robert Lee

- D -

Daily, Cifford C.
Daily, Hubert H.
Dalrymple, Lonnie
Dalrymple, Luther D.
Daniel, James E.
Daniel, Sam
Darby, John L.
Darby, William
Darby, William G.
Darnell, Robert Y.
Darnell, William F.
Daughety, Charles H.
Davenport, Homer
Davenport James A.
Davidson, Willie J. D.
Davis, Andrew
Davis, Bertie A.
Davis, Clyde
Davis, Eugene
Davis, George W.
Davis, D.
Davis, Harry L.
Davis, Herman E.
Davis, Hugh A. Jr.
Davis, James W.
Davis, Lester B.
Davis, Marion P.
Davis, Mary E.
Davis, Percy H.
Davis, Robert H.
Davis, Robert L.
Davis, Thomas E.
Davis, Walter G.
Davis, Washington C.
Davis Will D.
Davis, William C.
Davis, William E.
Davis  Wyatt O.
Daw, Roy T.
Deaton  Jim F.
Deaton, William V.
Degraw, Floyd
Degraw, Floyd
Degraw, Lloyd
Deloney, Ozzie
Deloney, Parker

Deloney, Rush M.
Deming, Philip H.
Denton, John C.
Denton, John E.
Despres, Frances E.
Dewberry, Ervin
Dewberry, Icum E.
Dhority, William R.
Dickens, Jasper L.
Dill, Gilbert S.
Dill, William R.
Dillard, Fred H.
Dills, Burley
Dirago, Jimmie E.
Dixon, Levy M.
Dobbs, Ernest P.
Dobbs, Jessze R.
Dobbs, John W.
Dobbs, Raymond C.
Dobbs, Raymond G.
Dobbs, Russ
Dodson, Claude H.
Dodson, Floyd B.
Dodson, Orlando H. Jr.
Donley, Milton Jr.
Doss, Alberta L.
Doss, Clifford O.
Douglas, T. C.
Douglas, Arssie
Douglas, David L.
Douglas, James T.
Douglas, John R.
Douglas, Ralph A.
Dowdey, Woodrow M.
Driggers Wallace G.
Driggers, Walter J.
Drinkard, Dorothy B.
Driver, James T.
DuBois, Charles
Dugless, Edd
Dugless, William O.
Dukes, Robert A.
Duncan, Carol P.
Duncan, John N.
Duncan, Lawrence
Dunn, Sam C.
Durham, Ruth E.
Durham, Wilmer H.
Dukes, Colbert D.

- E -

Eady, James L.
Earp, Ernest W. Jr.
Earp, Robert C.
East, Bennie F.
East, Cash M.
Eckles, Fred
Eddins, Robert J.
Edens, Clarence S.
Edwards, Frank K.
Edwards, Herman L.
Edwards, William T.
Elam, James W.
Elam, John L.
Elam, Robert A.
Elder, Oscar L. r
Elkins, Clyde
Elkins, George M.
Elkins, Hollis L.
Elkins, Jesse E.
Elkins, Melvin L.
Elkins, Noah S.
Elledge, Lester
Elliot, Woodrow
Elliott, John H.
Emmons, Eldridge H.
Emmons, Gillus L.
Engle, Sylvester
English, Sammie
Enloe, Joseph D.
Enloe, William J.
Enlow, Raymond L.
Ennis, Leslie
Enochs, Edgar S.
Esslinger, Bill
Esslinger, Donald C.
Esslinger, Milton T.
Evans, Arnold L.
Evans, Clarence E.
Evans, George W.
Evans, Herbert E.
Evans, Will Jr.
Evans, Worley M.
Everett, Charlie W.
Everett, James L.
Everett, Vester
Everett, Vester L.

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This database contains information on about 8.3 million men and women who enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II. While this database contains information on the majority of the men and women who served in the Army during this war, it is not complete and does not represent the entirety of the U.S. Army servicemen. Information found in this database comes from the WD AGO Form 317 (used from 1941-45), WD AGO Form 372 (used from 1945-46), and Enlisted Reserve Corps Statistical cards.

Source Information:

National Archives and Records Administration. U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946 [database online]. Provo, Utah:, Inc., 2005. Original data: Electronic Army Serial Number Merged File, 1938-1946 [Archival Database]; World War II Army Enlistment Records; Records of the National Archives and Records Administration, Record Group 64; National Archives at College Park, College Park, MD.

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