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Lawrence Chapel Cemetery Records

Fairview, Alabama

65 documented graves. Approx. 60 unmarked graves.

Any additions or corrections to these files would be welcome.

Maintained by: William David Smith

Short History of Lawrence Chapel
Cemetery Photos
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Allen, Howard12/14/191208/10/1913.
Allen, Mollie Oaks18841904w/o W. W. Allen
Anderson, Columbus T.03/03/187101/05/1873s/o W. E. and M. D. Anderson
Bennefield, Hoyat08/08/190905/22/1929.
Bennefield, Laura18801947.
Bennefield, Willard02/11/191902/11/1919.
Brindley, Alton David11/03/194603/04/1997.
Brindley Jr., George L. 04/14/192405/21/1998.
Bolzle, Charlie02/28/191205/21/1966.
Bolzle, Dellano dateno datew/o J. J. Bolzle
Bolzle, Kimberlie Lynn03/21/189603/29/1896d/o Walter and Connie Bolzle
Bolzle, Mamieno dateno date.
Bolzle, Marvin R.01/21/194112/23/1999.
Bolzle, Myrtice09/20/1917no date.
Bolzle, Theodore J.03/03/186605/07/1918.
Bolzle, Vernice02/11/191802/18/1940.
Bolzle, Walter Eric03/21/189603/29/1896s/o Walter and Connie Bolzle
Box, Alpheus Daker01/04/190201/19/1934.
Box, Annie Lavenia04/04/188312/15/1897.
Box, Eliza Martinabt 182703/03/1882w/o Stephen Thomas Box
Box, Hayden Lafayette10/10/189311/15/1912.
Box, Infant08/31/189208/31/1892s/o M. D. and Sarah Box
Box, John Bradshaw12/18/188407/08/1894.
Box, Michael David03/15/185203/07/1904.
Box, Nannie E.02/26/189111/19/1894d/o S. T. and R. T. Box
Box, Sarah Hamby Brindley03/22/186009/08/1918w/o Michael David Box
Brindley, Anna Donaldson01/08/184503/15/1930.
Brindley, Van Buren11/14/184010/11/1898.
Christian, J. H.05/05/182812/18/1889.
Christian, Mary J.10/17/183605/09/1920w/o J. H. Christian
Donaldson, Beatrice01/18/187510/29/1958.
Donaldson, Emily S.01/27/187008/19/1894.
Donaldson, Infantno dateno dateInfant s/o John and Martha Donaldson
Donaldson, John A.01/04/183007/12/1900.
Donaldson, Luther R.05/11/185811/11/1951.
Donaldson, Martha A.11/30/183103/31/1910.
Donaldson, Robert A.18541861.
Donaldson, Vilanty05/09/186812/13/1893w/o James D. Donaldson
Donaldson, Wm. Ben04/15/186604/30/1943.
Dye, Cathrine P.09/18/184911/18/1881w/o J. J. Dye
Dye, Elijah01/24/180005/01/1877.
Dye, Magoalene03/10/180406/06/1879.
Eason, Kate M.05/20/187412/29/1965.
Eason, Lella10/10/189706/30/1899d/o Parker and Kate Eason
Eason, Olga03/21/189603/29/1896s/o Parker and Kate Eason
Eason, Parker R.12/24/187208/21/1901.
Garrett, Martha L.07/16/183010/13/1888w/o David R. Garrett
Gosby, Lucy Ann Josaphin04/15/186006/03/1888w/o R. W. Gosby
Harlo, Mollie dateno date.
King, C. L.18601941.
King, Mary12/29/181502/13/1858w/o George King
Landers, Infant04/06/193304/26/1933Infant s/o Mr. Mrs. Joe Landers
Marsh, John H.10/10/186411/14/1864s/o W. H. Marsh
Martin, Corbin E.11/01/187604/25/1964.
Martin, Samuel G.05/17/188506/21/1896s/o W. H. and Malinda Martin
Martin, Walker M.08/06/188201/08/1909.
Martin, William A.12/01/184001/01/1908.
Mauldin, Alfred11/24/183005/11/1894.
Mauldin, Rachel10/30/183506/01/1914w/o A. M. Mauldin
Minter, Robert F.08/17/183412/05/1901.
McMillenno dateno dated/o Ella McMillen
McMillen, Ella Minterno dateno date.
Oaks, Lucy A.02/23/184801/24/1890w/o I. C. Oaks
Needham, Mrs. Lucrecyno dateno date.
Needham, dateno date.
Tanner, Callie E.18701941.
West, Buford W.10/31/1909no date.
West, Emma L.10/18/191012/20/1966.

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