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TO: Tom Clemens, President

Save Historic Antietam Foundation

FROM: Randall Marott, Falls Church, Virginia

Dear Mr. Clemens:

Sincere thanks for your interest, and kind offer to help us restore the Rodes' Brigade Tablet to its rightful place in the history of the Sharpsburg Battlefield. In accordance with your request, I offer the following for your newsletter:



It was September 17th, 1999; the 137th anniversary of the day that would infamously christen an old sunken farm road as "The Bloody Lane." My wife and I placed a single Red Rose against the fence of the 6th Alabama Infantry of Rodes' Brigade had fought and died there. I felt like we had forgotten these brave men....the most valiant of their time. But maybe we had just forgotten to remember them. I had just spoken with John Howard, the Superintendent of the Sharpsburg Battlefield....he verified that the Rodes' Brigade Tablet had been officially missing from the field since 1934. Funding was short, but for a contribution of $2,200, the Park Service would recast the tablet from the official historical records. A week of research led me to two important historical links....Jimmy Allen, a 6th Alabama descendant, and creator of the 6th Alabama Infantry Web Site....and The General Robert E. Rodes Camp 232, of the Sons of Confederate Veterans....with General Rodes' son a member of the original Camp 232 in the late 1800's. I requested their involvement and contributions, and we're hoping for the best....but my personal goal is to have the tablet restored to the hallowed ground of Sharpsburg for the 138th anniversary.

On Feb. 5, 2003, James D. Allen, creator of this website passed away
There is no doubt that he would want the work on the
6th Alabama Infantry to go on.
With that in mind, this site is dedicated to him.
We miss you, Jimmy.

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