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~~ 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment ~~
Field and Staff Officers

ARMSTRONG, William H. (Chaplin, Field and Staff, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) December 16, 1862 Sources: Original record in Adjutant General's Office.

BAKER, Benjamin H. (Lieutenant Colonel, Field and Staff, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Born 1811 and is buried in Crawford Russell County Alabama; Enlisted May 5, 1861 as 1st Captain for Company F "Russell's Volunteers" from Russell County Alabama. His name appears as a Captain on the Requisition for Camp & Garrison equipment signed by Governor A. B. Moore dated May 13, 1861 in Montgomery, Alabama; Elected Lieutenant Colonel May 14, 1861, Commissioned May 14, 1861, Certificate of Election signed by Company Officers, May 14, 1861; Retired November 20, 1861, Original record in Adjutant Generals Office; Name appears in Original newspaper clippings; A Colt 3rd Model Dragoon that is inscribed on the backstrap " Russell Volunteers to Colonel B. H. Baker by a private collector. I have pictures of Bakers' lands and properties that he owned, of the courthouse where he practiced law, his gravesite and monument in Crawford, copies of his signature, etc. but am shocked at my failure to get any kind of photo. His Civil War record is also quite sketchy. " Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History; List of Field Officers, Regiments & Battalions, CSA, 1861-65, US Adjutant General's Record; Historical Record by Lyman W. Martin, 1908; Brewer's Alabama (1872), p. 514.

BRYAN, James C. (2nd Lieutenant, Staff and Field, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Assistant Commissary Sergeant with Company A; Enlisted June 4, 1861 at Corinth Mississippi as a Junior 2nd Lieutenant; Commissioned Lieutenant September 28, 1861 and Appointed Regimental Commissary by The President on Record Roster of Commissioned Officers at Davis Ford, Virginia December 25, 1861; Commissary Vice Thomas L. Kennedy resigned with Army of Potomac December 31, 1861; Commissary Present Davis Ford, Virginia. January 13, 1862; Dropped August 2, 1862. Sources: Alabama Department of Archives and History; Original record in Adjutant General's Office

BOYD, J. M. (Private, Company F, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Hospital Register of the General Hospital, Selma, Alabama Date admitted: 1863/09/14. Remarks: "Did not come with others". Hospital register no. 2261 Source: Alabama Department of Archives and History  

GORDON, Augustus Manley. (Major, 6th Alabama Infantry) Wounded, Seven Pines Augustus died at Chancellorsville on  December 20, 1864. Contributed by the late Homer Jones  

HALL, Bolling H. (Adjutant, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Enlisted as Sergeant Company "E"

*NESMITH, Samuel P. (Major, Company M 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Samuel Perry Nesmith on original Roster of the Hayneville Guards, Lowndes County, Alabama. KIA May 31, 1862 at Seven Pines

THOMAS, John Whit (1st Lieutenant & Adjutant, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment), Spotsylvania, Virginia May 12, 1864

WATSON, Elisha Wesley (1st Lieutenant & Adjutant, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Company E

WILLINGHAM, James J. (Lieutenant Colonel, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment), Seven Pines, Virginia May 31, 1862

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