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1st Alabama, Tennessee & Mississippi Infantry


1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi Infantry Regiment was organized in December, 1861. It was composed of four Alabama, four Tennessee, and two Mississippi companies. The unit served in the Western Department and was captured in April, 1862, at Island No. 10. After being exchanged the four Tennessee companies merged into the 42nd Tennessee Regiment. Its field officers were Colonel Alpheus Baker of Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel William T. Avery of Tennessee, and Major Adolphus P. Cansler of Mississippi.



Name Unit Rank
Avery, William T. Lt. Colonel
Baker, Alpheus Lt. Colonel
Cansler, Adolphus P. Major
Farribey, J. R. H Captain 
Keith, J. M. D First Lieutenant 
Coleman, N. G Second Lieutenant 
Hall, J. M. F Brevet Second Lieutenant 
Sherron, J. S. K Brevet Second Lieutenant 


    Island Ten



Name Unit Rank
Bellaire, J. T. E Private 
Cowin, John C. D Private
Crocker, D. W. H Private 
Fortner, R. F. K Private 
Freeman, Thomas C. K Private 
Hendrix, Charles D Private 
Holloway, T. P. E Private
Rannall, James H Private
Shearin, Anthony K Private
Stewart, C. W. E Private
Sugarrough, James A Private
Tompkins, G. W. K Private
Velsher, L. L. B Private
Watson, A. R. I Private
Welcher, L. L B Private
Wilkes, J. A. D Private


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