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Alabama Civil War Roots 
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Alabama Civil War Roots

39th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Roster, Company H

Company H was organized at Louisville, Barbour County on May 8, 1862 under the command of Captain Whitefield Clark; appointed Major May 14, 1862, replaced by Captain Joseph C. Clayton, promoted to Captain on that same date; the organization of the regiment was completed at Opelika May 15, 1862; Captain Clayton was wounded at Murphreesboro December 31, 1862 and died nearby on January 15, 1863; he was replaced by 1st Lieutenant, promoted to Captain, John L. McRae who served in that capacity until captured and paroled at Macon April 20, 1865; since the 39th was not paroled until May 1, 1865 in North Carolina and then as a part of the 22nd Alabama, there surely would have been another company commander, but I have no idea who that would have been; if memory serves, Captain Clayton was a brother of Colonel Henry D. Clayton who commanded the 39th and later served as Major General of the Army of Tennessee. Source: National Archives

The following was found at:
Extracts From Official War Records

Vol. XX, Part I--(973) Roll of honor, battle of Murfreesboro:

Adjt. J. M. Macon;
Sergt. C. K. Hall, Company H;
Sergt. W. J. White, Company H;

The following roster was supplied by James L. Cheatham,
Ranks were found on the
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

Officers & Non-Commissioned Officers

Name Rank Im Rank Out
Clayton, Joseph C. (killed at Murfreesboro) Captain Captain
McRae, John L. 1st Lieutenant Captain
Hobdy, Robert L 2nd Bvt. Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant
Burton, William J. 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant
White, William J. Sergeant 2nd Lieutenant
Murphy, Benjamin F. 1st Sergeant 2nd Lieutenant
Macon, Junius M. Private Adjutant
Lillie, George (also see Company S [?] ) Private Orderly Sergeant
Eidson, Francis W. Sergeant 1st Sergeant
James, John W. Sergeant Sergeant
Stephens, Nelson K. aka Nelson T. Stephens Sergeant Sergeant
Warren, Thomas E. Private Sergeant
Beverly, William N. Private Corporal
Dorman, Thomas M. Corporal Corporal
Faulk, James K. Private Corporal
Grubbs, Frank M., aka Francis M. Grubbs Private Corporal
Lunsford, William T. Corporal Corporal
Raizer, Thomas R. Corporal Corporal
Armstrong, Frank M. Corporal Private
Wood, Green Corporal Private


Adams, John W. Derman, J.Z. Marley, Shine C. B Shearley, John
Ammons, Thomas J. Dickinson, Judge M. Marsh, John Shirah, Jesse
Armstrong, Jesse B. Emerson, James C. McDaniel, Elisha Smart, Wilson S.
Balkcom, James K. Emmerson, William J. McDaniel, H. Smith, Bennett
Barefield, James J. Faulk, Henry B. McGlann, Edward W. Smith, T.N.
Benefield, Jacob Faulk, James M. McGlann, William M. Smith, W.P.
Benefield, Zachariah Fenwick, Fletcher McKinney, Andrew J. Smith, W.R.
Bethune, Martin P. Floyd, Theophilus McNab, Daniel L. Solomon, William L.
Bizzell, James C. Fountain, Henry P. Merritt, George W. Stammers, William E.
Blackburn, B.F. Gilmer, William M. Miller, George W. Standifer, William R.
Bound, Osmond C. Grantham, John J. Mooneyham, Henry Stephens, William P.
Bounds, Henry Griffin, Samuel C. Mooneyham, John Stewart, William
Bounds, Richmond Hall, Columbus K. Mooneyham, Simeon Stokes, John J.
Boyd, John C. Harper, William M. Mooneyham, Stephen S. Suggs, John D.
Boyd, Thomas M. Harrison, Sharp B Nolin, John W. Taylor, Thomas D.
Brazile, Benjamin Haynes, Henry T. Parmer, Roan C. Teal, Alexander C.
Brazile, Jesse Heron, D.J. Passmore, Samuel Teal, Christopher C.
Brown, Allen G. Hobdy, E.H. (Edward H. Hobdy) Peacock, John J. Tharp, John A.
Cain, Joseph A. Horn, Joel R. Poole, William Thomas, William E.
Cain, Thomas R. Howell, J.H. Rabon, Thomas Thornton, R.D.
Carpenter, Dwight Jackson, Erastus D. Rhodes, E.B. Truette, John S.
Carpenter, Nelson James, Enos E. Rivenbark, John Ward, Henry C.
Carpenter, William Jeter, Richard C. Robertson, Theophilus J. White, W.A.J.
Carroll, J.D.W Johns, James H. Rodgers, Timothy M. White, William
Carroll, James M Johnson, John Ross, William C. Wilson, Thomas M.
Carswell, Robert K. Kemp, Henry Rush, Benjamin F. Wommack, Asa J.
Caust, Pinkney Laden, Robert Sanford, W.T. Wood, John
Clark, Joseph A Lott, Henry Saunders, John S. Wright, Henry
Colbert, William Lovette, Lemuel Saunders, Samuel Wynn, William J.
Cutts, James E.      

The Alabama Civil War Roots' webmaster, James D. Allen, passed away February 5, 2003.  His tireless dedication to making available information on all our Civil War ancestors will always be our inspiration.  We dedicate the continuation of this site to him.  Jimmy, we miss you.

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