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Can you tell me more? I am collecting short Biographies on each soldier from an Alabama unit to be displayed on the Soldier Roots pages. With each Bio, I will display the Email address of the contributor or contributors as source/contacts for other researchers. Send the following information to me, Carolyn Golowka.

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ADAH stands for the Alabama Department of Archives and History. ADAH is linked to the Civil War Service Database, which is a treasure trove for Alabama Civil War researchers. For more information about this database, click here

CWSS stands for the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, which is the National Parks Service's database with 6.3 million names of those who served in the Civil War, both Union and Confederate. For more information on this database, click here.

Some Civil War veterans eventually lived the last part of their lives in the Mountain Creek Soldiers Home in Chilton County, Alabama. A list of some of its residents from 1901 to October 1933 can be found by clicking here.

Confederate Memorial Park is located in Southeast Chilton County and is administered by the Alabama Historical Commission. Confederate Memorial Park was the site of Alabama's only Confederate veterans home (Mountain Creek Soldiers Home). The facility was in operation from 1902 to 1939 for the care of elderly veterans and their wives and widows. Of the many hundreds who resided at the facility, 313 were buried in one of the two cemeteries located at this site. Cemetery #1 is the original cemetery, and was used from 1902 to 1911, when Cemetery #2 was opened.

Surnames Hi - Hu

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HICKS, Elijah (Private, Company A, 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment) born March 31, 1841 – died December 30, 1915 and buried Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery, County Roads 79 and 87, Grimes Dale County Alabama.
,  Harbin David Irwin Invincibles Henry County Alabama, 3rd Company E 25th Georgia Volunteer Infantry & Company  K 61st Alabama Infantry Regiment) was born September 26, 1842 in Alabama (possibly Henry County) and died December 26, 1914 and Buried in Otter Creek Cemetery, Holmes County Florida the son of William Hicks (Born: March 26, 1805 - Died: February 19, 1887, Buried: Friendship Primitive Baptist Cemetery, Houston County, Alabama) and Mother not yet known. Military record: Per Pension application: Joined Confederate Army, April 1, 1862 at Eufaula Alabama in Irwin Invincibles a private company which had returned from a year at the front in Virginia and which on May 2, 1862 became 3rd Company E of the 25th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. Many members of Companies E, and K, were transferred to form 2nd Company I, 38th Regiment Georgia Infantry, which became 2nd Company A, 60th Regiment Georgia Infantry on February 28/ March 1, 1863, and Company K, 61st Regiment Alabama Infantry on April 11, 1864. While serving with the 61st Alabama Regiment, K Company under Captain John D. Grantham (Also of Henry County Alabama). The regiment was first brigaded under General Clanton, but in January 1864 was ordered to Virginia. Reaching Orange Court House, the regiment took the place of the Twenty-sixth Alabama in Battle's brigade, Rodes' division. The Sixty-first was first under fire at the Wilderness May 5, 1864, where its loss was severe, but it captured a battery, killed General Jenkins, and almost annihilated his New York Zouave brigade. Harbin Received a gun shot wound on right hip bone. At Spotsylvania the Sixty-first lost heavily in casualties and prisoners during the several days' fighting. Its loss was not severe at the second Cold Harbor, and it soon after moved into the Shenandoah Valley with Early, and crossed into Maryland. At Snicker's Gap and Winchester the loss of the Sixty-first was severe, and even larger at Fisher's Hill. Rejoining the main army, the regiment took its place in the trenches at Petersburg, and lost continually, especially in prisoners at Hare's Hill. On the retreat to Appomattox the Sixty-first fought much of the time and surrendered there with 27 men under Captain A. B. Fannin. Harbin was captured at Petersburg, Virginia on March 25, 1865 and imprisoned at Point Lookout, Maryland. Released from Point Lookout prison on June 13, 1865 when war was over. After the war, Harbin married November 11, 1866 in Henry County Alabama to Cynthia Ann Sumalin (Born: May 1849-Died: July 19, 1924) Known Children are: 1) Joseph Hicks b. August 9, 1874 d. June 14, 1954; 2) Henry David Hicks b. June 18, 1869 d. June 03,1926; 3) William Hicks; 4) Ida B. Hicks; 5) Susan E. Hicks (Susan Mozelle Hicks b. January 19, 1867 - d. February 4, 1932; 6) Annie B. Hicks. Harbin settled with his family in the panhandle area of North Florida (Holmes County).  Received 160 acres of land in north Florida from federal government, October 16, 1895. Sources: David Jones; J. C. Conner
, J. W. (Company C, 10th Confederate Cavalry) b. 1829 – d. 1913 one military headstone and a personal headstone with Free Mason Logo, Buried in the Tyus Cemetery in Mulberry Autauga County Alabama. Source: Barry N. Wyatt
, J. W. (Private, Company H, 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee.
HICKS, Thomas E. (Private, Company H, 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee.
J. T., (Private, Company A, 1st Battalion Alabama Artillery) Died January 11, 1865 at Elmira Military Prison, Elmira New York. Buried in Plot Number 1453 at Woodlawn National Cemetery.
, George W., (Corporal, Company I, 6th Alabama Infantry) He was living in Wilcox County, Alabama with his mother, Mariy in 1850 and with his children John Edgar, age 4, and daughter Margaret A, age 3 in 1860.  Enlisted May 11, 1861 in Clifton, Alabama.  Company I was Company C.  Wounded June 1862.  Was absent on furlough of disability in Wilcox County, Alabama and his rank was Private in April 1864 and February 1865Apparently, George married Mary before 1865 and they are in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana in 1870 with their children Alice, age 5, George, age 3, and Lizzie, age 1 along with John Edgar and Margaret Maggie A.
, George Washington (Private, Company E, 3rd Alabama Cavalry) Honored at  memorial service by the Southern Guard, Semmes Battery, Order of the Black Rose, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Order of the Rose and Sons of Confederate Veterans in the Hopewell Cemetery in Hopewell Louisiana. Lake Charles American Press Newspaper date December 16, 2001.
, John Y. (Private, Company E, 12th Alabama Infantry Regiment) born January 23, 1830 – died November 29, 1902 and buried in Blue Springs Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama
, Robert W. (Captain, Company E, 12th Alabama Infantry Regiment) born 1825 – died 1861 and buried in Blue Springs Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.
B. W. (Private, Company F, 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment)
HIGHTOWER, Issac Newton (Private, Company F, 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment) was born August 9, 1839 and died April 1925, brother to Richard E. Hightower of this company. Source: Adam Robinson; NARA Film Number M374 roll 20
Richard E (Private, Company F, 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment) was born July 29, 1833  and died February 10, 1910, brother to Issac Newton Hightower of this company. Source: Adam Robinson; NARA Film Number M374 roll 20
, E. B. (Private, Company -, 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee.  Source:  ADAH
James (Private, Company C, 9th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Enlisted March 16, 1862, residence Houston, age 27, married.  Died May 7, 1862.  Source:  ADAH
HILL, James H. (Private, Company F, 9th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Enlisted May 4, 1861, Athens, Alabama.  Absent detail:  Siege of Yorktown April 1862 & Williamsburg May 5, 1862; Present at Seven Pines June 1, 1862.  Absent sice:  Gaines' Mill June 27, 1862, Frazier's Farm June 30, 1862, Sharpsburg Sept. 17, 1862, Manassas No. 2, Aug. 30, 1862, Fredericksburg Dec. 13, 1862, Salem Church May #, 1863, Gettysburg, July 2-3, 1863.  Was left in Pennsylvania quite ill and is supposed to be dead.  Age 27, P.O. Mooresville, Alabama.  Source:  ADAH
, James T (Private, Alabama) Captured: February 6, 1862 Fort Henry; Died May 31, 1862 of Pneumonia at Alton Federal Military Prison Illinois
, J. F. (Private, Company I, 7th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Buried at Point Lookout Maryland.
, Robert Alexander (Private, Company F, 16th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Born July 8, 1838 – died June 17, 1923 and buried Corinth Cemetery, Winston County, Alabama
, W. J. (Private, Company E, 4
th Battalion, Hilliard's' Legion) b. October 24, 1833 – d. November 9, 1910 and Buried Enterprise City Cemetery, North Main Street, Enterprise, Coffee County, Alabama
, Henry (Private, Company D, 3rd Alabama Cavalry Regiment “Wilcox Mounted Rifles”) buried in Camden Cemetery, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama
HILLSON, John L. (Private, Company A, 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment) From Henry County Alabama; died of wounds October 7, 1862 in Ripley Mississippi.
William H. (Private, Company A, 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment) From Henry County Alabama; died of fever July 18, 1862 in Columbus Mississippi.
, James R. (Private, Company B, 28th Battalion Georgia Siege Artillery) Born January 28, 1834 – died January 8, 1914; buried Hartford Cemetery, Geneva County; any information ref parents and wife greatly appreciated. Sources: the late Homer Jones
, W. B. (Private, Company H, 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee.
HITT, E. P. (Private, Company D, 28th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee.
George W., (Private, Company C, 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Died April 06, 1865 at Elmira Military Prison, Elmira New York. Buried in Plot Number 1657 at Woodlawn National Cemetery.
Lewis, (Private, Company A,1st Battalion Alabama Artillery) Died January 17, 1865 at Elmira Military Prison, Elmira New York. Buried in Plot Number 1437 at Woodlawn National Cemetery.
HODS, James (Private, Company G, 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee.
Madison (Private, Company C, 42nd Alabama Infantry Regiment)  Born 1831 in Wilcox County,  Alabama, the son of James & Hester Elizabeth Helms Holder; enlisted May 10, 1862.  Captured at Vicksburg, paroled, and captured again at Lookout Mountain and sent to Rock Island Prison Camp.  He was killed in a mill accident at Caldonia-Pineapple in the middle 1870s.  He is in the 1870 Census records for Wilcox County next door to his parents and with his wife, Mary and children Cynthia, age 18, Maggie, age 3, William, age 5, and Miranda (listed as male), age 7.  The 1880 Census shows Mary, a widow, with children Altha, age 30, William H., age 20, and Maggie, ag3 15.  Source:  Lynn Anderson
Ira (Private, Company H, 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment) From Henry County Alabama; died of pleurisy August 5, 1864 at Camp Douglas Illinois.
, 3.3. (Private, Company K, 26th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee.
John (Private, Company A, 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment) From Henry County Alabama; died November 14, 1862 in Oxford Mississippi .
Jeremiah James (Private, Company A, 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment)  Born June 27, 1833 in Georgia, died at Barlow's Mill Hospital, January 4, 1862.  Son of John & Winnie Johnson Hollaway, married Gatzie A. Brewer (she married second William F. Holley). Jeremiah and Gatzie had one daughter, Josephine.  Source:  Larry Hollaway
, Reuben (Private, Company K, 16th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee.
Jonathan Americus (Private, The Pickens Planters, Company B, 40th Regiment, Alabama Infantry) was born October 04, 1844 in Georgia and died February 28, 1863, in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  He was buried in Section G, Grave 5629 in the Military Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi.  See brother to Marion Columbus Hollingsworth this page. “The History of Pickens County, Alabama, page 61 1540 – 1920” by James F. Clanadan, it is found: “On the 20th day of November, 1862, Andrew Bush and A. J. Hollingsworth joined Company B, 40th Regiment by enlistment, arriving at the age of eighteen years. They were from Pickens County, Alabama.”  
An account in the Alabama Historical Quarterly reported substantially as follows: February 17, 1863.  It was raining torrents and we were ordered to fall in line just at dark and move up to Chickasaw Bridge.  Lt. Latham commanded the Company, and Captain Willett commanded the Regiment.  This dark and rainy night the mud was from shoe top to knee deep and there was no escape from it.  There were great ditches on either side.  Several of the boys lost their shoes in the mud, and some were crippled by falling into the ditches.  Americus J. Hollingsworth fell into the ditch and it was so deep that it was quite a while before he got out, and when he did he was covered with mud.  A violent attack of pleurisy developed the next day.  He was sent to the hospital at Vicksburg where pneumonia developed.  He died after a painful illness of several days.  
Another account of this event was taken from the diary of Captain E. D. Willett, Commander. 40th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate States Army.
On the evening of 17th of February 1863, it was raining torrents when orders came for the 40th to move up to the bridge known as Chickasaw Bridge in that terrible rain.  The Regiment moved at dark in the rain, and the roads were well nigh impassable.  The mud and water was from shoe mouth to knee deep, and mostly knee deep, and on either side were deep gullies.  The Regiment marched that dreadful road three miles in the dark and got to the bridge about 11 O’clock that night.   The 2nd Texas had not moved and the 40th were at the bridge in the dark.  When the men got there they were warm and perspiring freely, but stopping in the rain soon chilled the men.  They had no tents or cover, and were soon ordered to bivouac on the hills.  Each Company went up on the hills and after an hour or two got fires started and partially warmed and dried their clothes.  Many lost their shoes, and many had fallen and injured themselves.  Few slept that night.  The next day the weather was better and the men dried their clothes.   A camp was laid off in a cornfield and the whole Regiment moved to it on Saturday evening in hard rain.    The Regiment remained at Chickasaw Bridge until the 19th day of March doing guard duty, picket duty on the Lake farm and on the levee.  Americus J. Hollingsworth by the march to Chickasaw Bridge was taken sick and the attack was violent.  He lingered five or six days in great pain and on the 28th day of February he died.  He was a little over eighteen years old and unmarried.  Source:  Jim Allen
HOLLINGSWORTH, Joshua Stevens (Private, Company K, 20th Alabama Infantry) Born in Calhoun County, Alabama, on June 3, 1842, died December 15, 1914 in Burnet County, Texas.  Wounded at Shiloh.  Married Josephine V. Dillard
HOLLINGSWORTH, Marion Columbus (Private Company I, 63rd Alabama Infantry Regiment) He was born on March 1, 1847 in Chambers County Alabama.  See brother to Jonathan Americus Hollingsworth this page. Enlisted May 1863 at Camp Buckner, Alabama, and served until captured on April 9, 1865, and was paroled after the surrender.  The 1907 Census of Confederate soldiers stated he was living at Byan Alabama.  Source:  Jim Allen
Calvin (Private, Sheppard’s Company Alabama State Reserves) born May 1815 – died February 1892 and buried in Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery in Equality Coosa County Alabama
, Abner (Private, Company H, 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Buried at Point Lookout Maryland.
, John (Private, Company K, 48th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Buried at Point Lookout Maryland.
Mark (Private, Company A, 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment) From Henry County Alabama; died [04] 1863 in Vicksburg Mississippi
M. N., (Private, Company C, 12th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Died July 17, 1865 at Elmira Military Prison, Elmira New York. Buried in Plot Number 2870 at Woodlawn National Cemetery.
, J. W. (Lieutenant, Company -, 1st Alabama Cavalry Regiment) Burial at Chattanooga’s Confederate Cemetery, Chattanooga Tennessee
Joshua Wiley, (Private, Joshua Hightower's Company, Randolph County Reserves) Born February 15, 1808 in Georgia, son of Wiley Hood (b. bet.1784-1786 Colonial Georgia) and Polly Baker (d. November 23, 1870 in Marquez, Leon County, Texas and buried in Friendship Cemetery, Leon County, Texas. Married 1832 in Jasper County, Georgia to Harriet S. Robertson (b. 1815 Georgia - d. aft. 1880 in Leon County Texas or Bosque County Texas) Joshua Hood remained in Randolph County, Alabama during the war. In mid 1865, he and his wife moved to Texas, with his son-in-law Benjamin Apling Burdett, who had returned home from the war. Children of Joshua Wiley Hood and Harriet S. Robertson were; (1) Millie Elizabeth b. October 1, 1838 Newton County Georgia - d. April 23, 1926 Meridian, Bosque County Texas and buried Meridian Cemetery, Married January 4, 1855 Randolph County, Alabama to Benjamin Apling Burdett son of James W. Burdett & Alice Falkner. (2) Sarah Hood b. 1840 Georgia; (3) John Hood b. 1842 Georgia; (4) Benjamin Hood b. 1844 Georgia; (5) Susan Hood b. 1846 (6) Mary Hood b. 1849 Georgia. Joshua resided in Leon County Texas until his death in 1880. His burial was the first one in this cemetery. In 2001, the Friendship Cemetery received a marker from the Texas Historical Commission. Submitted by: Source: Gayle Hennington-Van Horn 
HOOD, William J. (Private, Company D, 57th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Born about 1845, died August 3, 1864 Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia; son of William Hood (1824-before 1859) & Elizabeth Almon/Alman/Almand/Allman (about 1826 - before 1900; she married 2nd Asa Allums); step-brother of Stephen Thomas Allums; enlisted October 16, 1863 in Pollard, Escambia County, Alabama; wounded Battle of Atlanta (aka Battle of Decatur, July 22, 1864); buried Forsyth City Cemetery, Forsyth, Monroe County, Georgia. Sources: Lynda Curry; ADAH; Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of Alabama at the National Archives.
HOOLE, James L. (Lieutenant, Confederate States Navy) Born December 6, 1840 - died August 12, 1866 at General Henry D. Clayton's home buried Fairview Cemetery, Barbour County Alabama the son of Violetta and Private Bertram J. Hoole, Company B, 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment. Homer Jones
, M. W. (Private, Company A,15th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Died December 27, 1861. Buried Warrenton Cemetery, Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia.
, Joel R. (Private, Company H, 39th Alabama Infantry Regiment) and buried Clopton Methodist Church Cemetery, County Road 68, Clopton Dale County Alabama
, Robert C. (Private, Company D, 45th Alabama Infantry Regiment) born May 30, 1839 – died August 24, 1899 and buried Providence Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, Hwy 84, Clayhatchie Dale County Alabama
Basil Kitchen Benjamin was a solider in the civil war. He was born on September 11, 1845 in Mt Zonia, Habersham County Georgia. His father was Samuel Horton (b. England or South Carolina)  Mother was Elizabeth Norris (b. South Carolina). He Married October 9, 1869 in Blount County Alabama to Martha Louisa Wilma Baccus. Martha Baccus was born April 9, 1849 in Alabama. Their Children was Jackson Baz Horton (b. February. 22, 1879);  Buie Hayden Horton, Jake Horton, Eunice Horton, Julie Horton (all children were born in or around Blount County Alabama. Letter written about his request for pension: “His name may appear on the roll as B. K. Horton his recollection being that he enrolled in that name. His name was Basil Benjamin Kinchen Horton. He later dropped the third name. He states that his name on the roll was always called Horton B. K.   He volunteered on Sunday following his arrival at the age of 18 years on Friday next before. He enlisted at Brooksville in Blount County, under Capt. Jesse Alldredge, recruiting officer. He was sent to Captain Jim Stewart's Battalion, in John Roddy's command. Stewart was at that time Major. When he was later made Colonel Mr., Horton's battalion was attached to Gen. Forrest's command. The Captain of Mr. Horton's company was John McKenzie, of Coosa County, 1st Lieutenant Richard Steven's, 2nd Lieutenant J. C.  Dines, both of whom lived in Blount County, His witnesses used to make proof were Jim Hall, of Blount County, and Pensioner's wife. However Lycurgus H. Hipp, also of Blount County, will make a witness, as both he and Hall were with pensioner all the time. Ed Scott, Wesley Hipp, Benton French, Wesley French, Austin Carnes, John Chaney, John Alldredge, Robert Harbison, Bradley Alldredge, are some of pensioner's comrades who were in his company. He can name others. Most of his company, together with numbers of others were captured at Selma, by Wilson's raid. About the 17th or 18th of February 1865, were marched up to Montgomery and a few days later turned Loose. He, with a number of his comrades Marched up to Auburn, where they understood that the men would meet to get back into their command. They did meet other scattered parts of the command there, and remained there for orders. When the orders came it was to disband and go home. This was immediately following the surrender. He enlisted the 18th day of September 1862, and reached his home in May 1865.” Blount: Cavalry: 12th, 2nd Kentucky * Infantry: 19th; 26th-50th; 28th; 29th; 48th; 49th; 54th. Source: 
, Lewis Marion (Private, Company C, 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment “Shelby Confederates) Enlisted at Fort Gaines, Alabama, September 7, 1861. Admitted to Pettigrew General Hospital No. 13, Raleigh, North Carolina, March 20, 1865. Treated for wound to left leg. Transferred to Charlotte, April 1, 1865. No later record. Born in Lancaster County, South Carolina, April 28, 1844. Died in Shelby County, Alabama, February 12, 1931. Buried in Williams Cemetery, Shelby County, Alabama.   
, William H. (Private, Company C, 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment “Shelby Confederates) Enlisted at Fort Gaines, Alabama, September 7, 1861. Appointed 1st Corporal {December 1862}. Appointed 5th Sergeant {June 1863}. Wounded at Chickamauga, Georgia, September 20, 1863. Died there September 24, 1863. Claim filed by his mother Nannie C. Horton. Description: fair complexion, blue eyes, auburn hair, six feet one inch tall, age twenty-one. Born in Shelby County, Alabama.
James H. (Private, Company G, 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment) died Lewis House Virginia on February 18, 1862 of pneumonia.
, S. H., (10th Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment) and buried at Bristoe Station, Virginia 
, James Madison Howard (Private, Company B, 18th Alabama Infantry Regiment) b. January 15, 1847 - d. July 10, 1932.  Grave has a VA marker. Red Oak Cemetery, Hwy 55, South of Andalusia, Alabama., Covington County, Alabama.
John J., (Private, Company F, 1st Battalion Alabama Artillery) Died November 24, 1864 at Elmira Military Prison, Elmira New York. Buried in Plot Number 926 at Woodlawn National Cemetery.
John Wilson (Private, Company A,2nd Alabama Infantry Regiment) born 1845 – died 1908 and buried at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Equality Coosa County Alabama
, W. B. H. (Private, Company B, 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment “Wilcox True Blues”) buried in Camden Cemetery, Camden, Wilcox County, Alabama  
David R. T. (Corporal, Company I, 13th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Died May 01, 1865 at Elmira Military Prison, Elmira New York. Buried in Plot Number 2742 at Woodlawn National Cemetery.
James A. (Sergeant, Company D, 13th Alabama Infantry Regiment) buried in Upper Greens Creek Cemetery, Erath County, Texas
Martin V. (Private, Company A, 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment) From Henry County Alabama; died [place unknown, 1863-64]
, William Clark, (Private, Companies M & L, 1st Alabama US Calvary) William was born 1825 in Picken County, South Carolina to James & Jane Howell. Married in Cherokee County, Georgia to Margaret Beck (d. 1926, Clayton, Rabun County, Georgia.) Enlisted September. 1864 with the Union, in the. Returned home June 1865, to Nauvoo, Alabama. Died 1871, Winston County Alabama. Buried Old Union Baptist Cemetery, Winston County Alabama. Widow, Margaret Beck Howell drew widow's pension from the Union. Her home was burned by the HKH (Southern Home guard) while he was away. Source: G or J Hobbs
Phillip Franklin (Private, 1st Alabama Militia) Born June 25, 1825 in Georgia, died September 5, 1822 in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas; signed Oath of Allegiance May 19, 1865 in the headquarters 16th Army Corps, Office of Provost Marshall, Montgomery, Alabama; his description was "height: 5'7", Hair: Black, Eyes: Grey, Complexion: Dark". Sources:  CWSS, Charlene Grafton
HUCKABEE, Lucian B., aka Lucius B.
(Private, Company A, 11th Alabama Regiment) Son of Robert C. & Nancy (Newton) Huckabee, born 1841, in Marengo County, Alabama. Brother of William B Huckabee. Enlisted July 30, 1861 (ADAH states enlistment date as June 11, 1861) at Linden, Alabama; sick Seven Pines May 30, 1862; wounded while fighting with the 4th Brigade of Longrstreet's Division at the Battle of Gaines' Mills (or First Cold Harbor or Battle of Chickahominy River), which took place on June 27, 1862 in Hanover County, Virginia; absent at Fraziers Farm June 30, 1862 because wounded; present at the Battle of 2nd Manassas; absent without leave Sharpsburg September 17, 1862, present Fredricksburg December 13, 1862. Captured while falling back to Salem Church May 4, 1863 (ADAH shows he deserted at Salem Church May 3, 1863 though apparently he was captured while falling back). Sources: ADAH; CWSS; Tom Tolbert
HUCKABEE, William B.
(Private, Company C, 21st Alabama Infantry Regiment) Son of Robert C. & Nancy (Newton) Huckabee, born 1843, in Marengo County, Alabama. Brother of Lucian B Huckabee. Enlisted November 28, 1861; wounded left leg at the Battle of Shiloh, Tennessee (April 6-7, 1862); captured at Fort Gaines August 8, 1864 and imprinsoned at Ship Island, Mississippi; exchanged on January 5, 1865; paroled at Demopolis, Alabama Jun 19, 1865. Widow's pension granted to his wife, Sarah. William died March 27, 1913 in Marengo County, Alabama. Sources: ADAH; CWSS; Tom Tolbert
HUDGINS, William F. (Private, Company H, 37th Alabama Infantry Regiment) From Henry County Alabama;  killed May 27, 1864 at New Hope Church Georgia
, William C. (Private, Company G, 29th Alabama Infantry Regiment) born December 23,1840 – died March 14, 1923 and buried City Cemetery, County Road 47, Pinckard Dale County Alabama
, A.M. (Private, Company E, 15th Alabama Infantry Regiment) born 1821 – died June 11,1877 and buried City Cemetery, Killebrew Street, Newton Dale County Alabama.
, E. D. (Private, Company B, Hilliard's Legion) Born 1834 – died July 11, 1910 Buried City Cemetery, 3rd and Brookline Streets, Midland City Dale County Alabama. Enlisted April 7 1862 in Montgomery; honorably discharged April 9, 1865.  Pension application Dale County, August 16, 1902, age 77.  Source:  ADAH
, George Washington (Private, Company E, 59th Alabama Infantry Regiment) He was from Skipperville and joined at the age 17. He was paroled at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.  George's daughter, Martha Emma Jane married Amos (P) Mixon.  They are my great-grandparents.  Source: Linda Mixon Mehaffey 
HUMPHRIES, M. S. (Private, Company C, Livingston's Cavalry,  8th Alabama Cavalry Regiment) of Bradleyton, Alabama
, Daniel C. (Private, Company C, 47th Alabama Infantry Regiment) born January 22, 1818 – died October 23, 1901 and buried Echo Cemetery, County Roads 36 and 67, Echo Dale County Alabama
, William H. (Private, Company G,  47th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Buried Enman Field Church Cemetery, Winston County Alabama
, G. A., Corp. (Private, Company H, 8th Alabama Infantry Regiment) Buried at Point Lookout Maryland.

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