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I try to keep it


Alabama African-American mailing list:

To join the mailing list for Alabama African American genealogy, address your
email to leave the subject blank (or
use the word subscribe) and for the body use only the word


and nothing else. Turn off any signatures.

To join the "digest" version (where you get the same messages in a bunch, less often),
simply change the -l- in the above address to -d-

To search the archives of the Alabama African-American mailing list:
Go to the Rootsweb mailing
list search form

For the list to be searched, enter:
Copy-and-paste of the list name is suggested.

To search for all the messages in August 1998, you can enter
"aug 1998"

(including quotes) in the search block. You may edit the search for other months (using
3-letter abbreviations for months). For extensive search help, see
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Alabama African American Genealogy website.

Afro-American group forming: Dot Tribble picked up a flyer at the AL Archives
with the following:

"Attention African American Genaolgists!!!

Are you tired of running into brick walls when tracing your ancestors and
havng no one to complain to?
When you emerge successfully from your latest genealogical feat, do you have
no one to celebrate with?

Now you do!!!

If you are interested in joining the first African-American Genealogical
Society in this area, please contact Ron Shufford at 288-8077, or ask for
Tiffany Kennedy at the Archives Ready Reference Desk."

If you learn of additional information this group, please tell us
so we can post it here.

Elmore County Museum of Black History
Eloyse Jones
(334) 567-6336
Wetumpka AL

African-American heritage across the US

Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 73086
Washington, DC 20056-3086

Christine's Genealogy Site


Pleas for slave data for genealogy research, by Linda Ball and Valencia King Nelson.

Another place to post slave data:

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 11:56:08 -0500 (CDT)
From: Carol C-H []



If, while you are researching your ancestors, you encounter plantation
information - slave data - in wills, deeds, or other documents, please send
it to so that African-American cousins who are
seeking their ancestors might have a better chance of success. If you have
a copyrighted book with such info and are willing to do lookups, please post
that fact to the list, also.

Some of you sent data a few months ago when I was planning to have a website
for that purpose, but this will be even better, I think, since the archives
of that list can be accessed by those who want the information.

Any of you who might also want to join that list can do so by sending
SUBSCRIBE in the message part of a post to

You may send information to the mailing list without having to be a member
of it.


And another.

Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 06:14:06 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Slave data addresses


One more you can add to the above. I send slave names
from wills I run into all the time. She acts as a cutter - doing away with the
unnecessary and just leaving what the researchers need. Her name is Susan.


SLAVEINFO-L mailing list archives Load ROOTSWEB archive search form
Enter slaveinfo to access SLAVEINFO-L archive search
Enter slaveinfo again to search for, and you will get a listing of all messages. You can do this as long as the list remains small.
Detailed search help.
Other lists that can be searched here. You would just enter
them in ROOTSWEB archive search form (first step, above).

Tuskegee Institute Tuskegee Institute
Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site

Afro-American genealogy how-to from Afro-American Lifelines.

Afro-Americans and Civil Rights, a bibliography at Alabama Department of Archives and History.

Three sites concerned with historical multi-racial relations and with slavery of both Indians and Blacks. They provide some insights into conditions resulting in multi-racial ancestry.

Your suggestions for what should be provided on this page, or your contributions of same, are most welcome. Send email to the Elmore County Coordinator, Maggie Stewart and be sure to visit the Elmore County Sponsor Page.

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