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From: SMJ58@aol.com
To: "DEEP-SOUTH-ROOTS genealogy list" 
Subject: AL Death Index Lookups
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 16:23:13 -0400 (EDT)

Greetings DEEP-SOUTH-ROOTS Subscribers,

I have seen several folks interested in the AL Death Index.
I am willing to do lookups in the AL Death Index.  The index is contained
on 6 reels of microfilm and covers Jan 1908 through Dec 1959.  I purchased
the entire index from the state of Alabama (The Center For Health Statistics)
a year ago, although it is available at several public libraries and
FHC's/FHL's. I have my own microfilm reader in my home.

I responded to over 800 requests last year.  My response time depends on the
volume of requests and whether the requestor can provide enough information
to speed the search along (remember the index is on microfilm, it takes time
to screen it).  My response time general ranges from next day to three weeks,
although I normally respond within 7 days.

If interested, please provide the following to request lookups of specific

	-Full Name (first name, middle name or initial, last name) or nickname
	(if known)

	-Approx date of death (within 10 years, best guess is ok)

	-County or city where believed to have died or where last known to have

If you have no idea when a person may have died, at least provide an
approximate birthdate (so I can avoid checking the 1950's for someone who was 
born in 1825).

If listed (not all persons are, there are some exceptions), you will receive
the following:

	-date of death (or month/year in some cases), 
	-county where died, and
	-the volume/page number where the deceased's death certificate is 
	 located in Alabama State records.

With this info, you can order a copy of the death certificate from the state.
Assuming relatives provided the info for the death certificate, the certificate
will contain info such as 
	-parent's names, 
	-home address, 
	-cause of death, etc.  

I do lookups for free, there are no charges.  Pls email SMyhand@aol.com
or SMJ58@aol.com.  

Sol M.

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