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  • Native American Research
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    Elmore County Printed Resources


    1. The scope of these listings includes Elmore and all adjacent counties.
    2. Some items are available at more than one source.
    3. The owners of this page have no affiliation with any organization or individual offering any of the listed items for sale.
    4. The listing of any publication does NOT represent an endorsement on our part.

    • "An Elmore County Life
      Author: Thomas, Dan
      NewSouth Books [2002] [Montgomery]
      ISBN: 1588380599
      The late Dan Thomas, historian for many years at the University of Rhode Island, was a native of Elmore County, Alabama. In this small book, he tells the history of both his family and his home county, recounting major events of the twentieth century, including the Great Depression. His is an engaging portrait of small-town Southern life in the first and middle thirds of the 1900s."

      John put a link to my Creek Bibliography on the Elmore page which is why I know it and happened to notice this book.
      Anne Gometz
    • 1850 census w/index for Coosa, Tallapoosa and Macon counties (and others) in softcover manuals, published by Mary Brooks. Each book (not county) is $13.50 ppd.
    • Elmore County at The Alabama Department of Archives & History
    • Auburn University Library books on genealogy relating to Elmore and adjacent counties.
    • University of Alabama at Birmingham Library books on genealogy relating to Elmore and adjacent counties.
    • Alabama Land Grants [Thanks to Tom Edwards]
      • The General Land Office (GLO) of the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has developed an automated system to access the large number of Land Grants given to private individuals in numerous states. This is an ongoing process and ALL of the Land Grants given in eight states have been completed (including Alabama) and are available on CDROM by individual state. Several additional states, ie MS, are close to completion. The beauty of this GLO data system on CDROM is three fold - first it is inexpensive, second is has an extremely versatile built in search system, and third it contains a complete history of US Land Grants with accompanying maps.
      • The Alabama CDROM (Number 024-011-00190-5) is sold by the Government Printing Office for $15.00 which includes shipping and can be ordered from:
        Superintendent of Documents
        PO Box 371954
        Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954
      • The CDROM also includes, in part, the ACT under which the Land Grant was made together with ALL information advising how one can obtain copies of the original application paperwork, surveys, etc. associated with individual Land Grants. Of note is the Homestead Act which required detailed signed and witnessed (usually by family members) statements attesting to land occupancy. The search feature allows one to identity other grantees in any given area, ie Township and Range, so the names of neighbors (relatives?) can be readily determined.
      • The basic data contained on these CDROM's has been utilized by several commercial companies who have also published CDROM's to provide genealogists with the minimuim data from the government's version. The search capability on the commercial versions is limited to NAME only.
      • The location of the Land Grants are identified by Township, Range and Section (not county) so you need good maps identifying these aspects.

    • Alabama Township/Range/Section Maps [Thanks to Tom Edwards]
      Again the government has come to our rescue. The State of Alabama sells "General Highway Maps" for all counties in various scales. The largest map has a scale of 1" = 1 mile = one Section. This size allows one to readily indentify quarter sections of land. Another beauty of these maps is that ALL towns, villages, roads (including county roads), latitude/longitude (rough) and cemeteries (most but not all) are shown. The smallest size map has a scale of 1/4" = 1 mile. The large size map costs $2.00 (picked up) and $2.30 (mailed) and is available from:
      State of Alabama Highway Department
      Equipment Bureau
      1409 Coliseum Blvd., Rm R-109
      Montgomery, AL 36130
      Attn: Map Sales

    • Tallassee Chamber of Commerce

      • A History of Tallassee by Virginia Noble Golden, 1949, [I admit to some affiliation here: Virginia Golden was writing this the same time that she was my 8th grade home room teacher!-JR] Tallassee Mills of Mount Vernon-Woodbury Mills, Inc. Reprinted 1990 by the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce. Available as long as supply lasts from:

        Tallassee Chamber of Commerce
        301-A King Street
        Tallassee AL 36078

        for $10.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling. It is available locally from Chamber members for $10.00 (no shipping!). (I bought mine at Hotel Talasi a few months ago -JR).

      • Debra Boswell reports that a combination Elmore/Tallapoosa map is available from the Tallassee Chamber of Commerce.

    • Linda Blankenship, 125 Blankenship Lane, Wetumpka AL 36092 (334) 567-4697 [Thanks to Dot Tribble]

      • Cemeteries of Elmore County AL, 2 Volume set, over 1,000 pages. Purchase price: $62.00 post paid.

      • Abstracted Newspapers of Elmore County, Alabama, 11 Volumes, each with full name index. Articles specifically extracted that would be of value to family researchers.
        • Vol. 1 Abstracted newspapers 1870-1880 $33
        • Vol. 2 Abstracted newspapers 1881-1885 $33
        • Vol. 3 Abstracted newspapers 1886-1890 $33
        • Vol. 4 Abstracted newspapers 1890-1893 $33
        • Vol. 5 Abstracted newspapers 1893-1896 $36
        • Vol. 6 Abstracted newspapers 1896-1898 $36
        • Vol. 7 Anstracted newspapers 1897-1900 $43
        • Vol. 8 Abstracted Newspapers Coosa, Autauga & Sur Co.s $43
        • Vol. 9 Abstracted newspapers Misc. yrs.1856-1875 $43
        • Vol.10 Abstracted newspapers 1900-1904 $Not Available
        • Vol 11 and 12 in works covering 1904 thru 1911 $Not Available The Heritage of Elmore County is currently out of print but when 100 people pre-pay, they will re-print it. As of August 2006 there were 49. I believe the price is & 70.

        • Descendants of John Veazey, by Ann Veazey Davis. 508 pages, hard cover, 4 color coat of arms on cover, documents over 5,250 direct descendants (plus spouses and in-laws) of the first John Veazey of Cecil County, Maryland, as they have spread all the way across the country. Descendents are found in Coosa, Chilton and Tallapoosa counties. Contact: Ann Veazey Davis, P. O. Box 353, Zebulon, NC 27597, (919)269-5691. Her offline database contains over 15,500 names in this line.

        • Barnette's Family Tree Book Co.

          • The Federal Road Through Ga., the Creek Nation, and Alabama 1806-1836 # 3017, $ 17.95 (Southerland/de Leon/Brown), 198 pages, Softcover. Discusses the impact of the Federal Road on the timing, shape, and settlement of the lower South. Why and how the road was created. A great help to genealogists' understanding of this famous route to the west.

          • Fort Toulouse # 3027, $10.00 (Thomas). Study of the French outpost on the Coosa River in early Alabama history.

          • Indian Place Names in Alabama # 3028 $12.00

          • McIntosh and Weatherford Creek Indian Leaders # 3029 $ 35.00 (Griffith) Tells of a turbulent time in Creek history and of their relations with the whites.

          • Rivers of History # 3031 $ 29.95 (Jackson). Life on the Coosa, Tallapoosa, Cahaba, and Alabama.

          • Researching in AL: Genealogical Guide # 3095 $15.00 (Barefield). A guide to the counties and records of the state.

          • Alabama in the Formative Period 1815-28 # 3096 $19.00 (Abernathy). Excellent history of Alabama from just before to just after statehood.

          • Old Montgomery Land Office Records and Military Warrants 1834-1869 # 3103 $ 26.00 (Barefield). Covers original land sales in current counties of Autauga, Barbour, Bullock, Chamber, Coosa, Elmer [Elmore?], Lee, Lowndes, Macon, Montgomery, Russell, Talladega, and Tallapoosa AL.

          • Place Names in Alabama # 3109 $15.00 (Foscue). 2610 place names in AL and their histories.

          • Dead Towns of Alabama # 3114 $ 17.95 (Harris). A vivid story of the life of 83 Indian towns, 77 fort sites, and 112 colonial, territorial and state towns.

        • Books on AL genealogy in Library of Congress. At least, it'll let you know it is out there somewhere! [Does anyone want to volunteer to go on-line with LOC and clean-up or amplify this data?]

          • 97. 82-243942: Horn, Robert C. (Robert Coleman), 1921- Tap roots : epitaphs in east-central Alabama cemeteries / Dadeville, Ala. (P.O. Box 484, Dadeville 36853) : Genealogical Society of East Alabama, c1982- v. <1-2, 4 > : ill. ; 28 cm. LC CALL NUMBER: F325 .H67 1982

          • 109. 79-103918: Julich, Louise Milam. Roster of Revolutionary soldiers and patriots in Alabama / Montgomery, Ala. : Parchment Press, c1979. xii, 692 p. ; 29 cm. LC CALL NUMBER: E255 .J84

          • 113. 78-112625: Jackson, Ronald Vern. Alabama 1830 census index / Bountiful, Utah : Accelerated Indexing Systems, c1976. 28], 79 p. : maps ; 29 cm. LC CALL NUMBER: F325 .J3

          • 85073165 1870 federal census, Baker County, (now Chilton County), Alabama / compiled by Sue Hardy Thomas and Elizabeth Jones Coll

          • 82215743 1907 Alabama census of Confederate soldiers, Autauga, Baldwin, and Barbour Counties / indexed and compiled from Alabama

          • 78112625 Alabama 1830 census index / editors, Ronald Vern Jackson, Gary Ronald Teeples.

          • 77086078 0895931311 Alabama 1840 census index / editors, Ronald Vern Jackson, Gary Ronald Teeples.

          • 84240880 Census index, 1860, Tallapoosa County, Alabama / compiled by Steve Iwanski.

          • 82215625 Elmore County, Alabama : 1907 census of Confederate soldiers : indexed and compiled from Alabama State Archives microfil

          • 89143170 Elmore County, Alabama, 1870 : Federal census index / arranged by Nell Bass Riggs.

          • 78112557 Alabama 1850 census index / editors, Ronald Vern Jackson, Gary Ronald Teeples.

          • 72090655 Marriage records of Montgomery County, Alabama, 1817-1850, being transcribed and indexed from the original marriage book

          • 72080322 Marriage records of Coosa County, Alabama, 1834-1865.

          • 85073535 Some early pioneer settlers of Tallapoosa County, Alabama / researched and compiled by Sandra S. Wilson.

        • Hearthstone Books

          • Compendium Of The Confederate Armies--Alabama, Stewart Sifakis, $24.95, 144 pp., ind., biblio., 1992. Cloth, Item Number: CW-986. All known units, with date organized, names of officers, battles in which each unit fought, and sources for further reading. Indexed by name and by battle.

          • Place Names In Alabama, Virginia O. Foscue, $17.50, 182 pp., maps, rep. 1994 (1989). Paper. Item Number: AL-011. Explanations of approximately 2,700 place names, including all Ala. towns with a population of over 100 persons. Also treats geographic features (valleys, creeks, etc.). Maps show Ala. counties as they appeared from 1820 to the present.

          • Railroad And County Map Of Alabama, No author listed, $2.00, Folded map. Paper. Item Number: AL-012 . Prepared in the 1880s, this map includes townships and ranges, making it especially useful for researchers working with land office records.

        • K.B. Slocum - Old AL Maps

        • University of Alabama Press. Also catalog.

        • Amazon.Com. "World's largest bookstore".

          • Creek Indian history : a historical narrative of the genealogy, traditions, and downfall of the Ispocoga or Creek Indian tribe of indians; George Stiggins; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

          • History of Coosa County Alabama; George E Brewer; Hardcover; $35.00 (Special Order)
            This may also be obtained from the Coosa County Historical Society. See Coosa ALGenWeb page.

          • Slavery in Alabama (The Library of Alabama Classics); James Benson Sellers; Paperback; $24.95 (Back Ordered); Descriptive information available.

          • Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs, Late of the Tallapoosa Volunteers; Together With 'Taking the Census' and Other Alabama Sketches (Library of Alabam); Johnson Jones Hooper; Paperback; $14.95

          • Rivers of History : Life on the Coosa, Tallapoosa, Cahaba, and Alabama; Harvey H., III Jackson; Paperback; $29.95

          • Fort Toulouse : The French Outpost at the Alabamas on the Coosa (The Library of Alabama Classics); Daniel H. Thomas; Paperback; $12.95

          • Rivers of History : Life on the Coosa, Tallapoosa, Cahaba, and Alabama; Harvey H., III Jackson; Paperback; $29.95

          • Shadow of the Plantation (Black and African-American Studies); Charles S. Johnson; Paperback; $21.95 (Back Ordered); Descriptive information available. (Macon Co.)

          • McIntosh and Weatherford, Creek Indian Leaders; Benjamin W. Griffith; Hardcover; $34.95 (Special Order)

          • The Politics of Indian Removal : Creek Government and Society in Crisis; Michael D. Green; Paperback; $10.95 (Special Order)

          • Creek Source Book (North American Indian); William C. Sturtevant (Editor); Textbook Binding (Hard to Find)

        • Blair's Book Service

          • Alabama Salt Lists 1862 by Sherry Harris (Transcribed). An alphabetical list of original salt vouchers housed in the Alabama State Arachives. The listing includes approximately 200 names and gives there place of residence in 1862. Other information on some of the individuals includes state of birth, age in 1860, occupation, county of residence in 1860 and page on the 1860 census. The following counties are included, Autauga, Butler, Choctaw, Conecuh, Coosa, Monroe, Montgomery, and Tallapoosa. 15 pp., 1993, paper spiral bound, $5.95 includes postage. ASL

          • Book ID: 6999, Dept: MAIN, Old Montgomery Land Office Records and Military Warrants, 1834-1869by Marily Davis Barefield Contains records from the present-day counties of: Autauga, Barbour, Bullock, Chambers, Coosa, Elmore, Lee, Lowndes, Macon, Montgomery, Russell, Talladega and Tallapoosa. 150 pages, full name index, library binding, $26.00, #6999.

          • Book ID: K147, Dept: AL, Miscellaneous Alabama Newspaper Abstracts, Volume 1 by Michael Kelsey, Nancy Graff Floyd, and Ginny Guinn Parsons. This book contains abstracts from central Alabama newspapers published during the years 1823 through 1869. The newspapers were published in the counties of Dallas, Green, and Talladega; however, the genealogical information found within the notices are, by no means, limited to central Alabama. Many notices include the surrounding counties of Perry, Autauga, Wilcox, Bibb, Sumter, Montgomery, Shelby, and Tuscaloosa. The abstracts consist of marriage, death, legal and slave notices, advertisements, and a great number of names in lists of letters left unclaimed in the local post offices. The lists of letters are of particular importance to the researcher as many of the names found in the lists do not appear on census indexes, making them an excellent addition to census and tax records. This book is ideal for the researcher looking for information that does not appear in other sources or the history buff looking for fascinating insightful details on the way of life for individuals in the state of Alabama in the mid-nineteenth century. 1995, 256 pp., index, paper, $23.00, #K147 XX.

          • Book ID: K149, Dept: AL, Marriage and Death Notices From the "South Western Baptist" Newspaper by Michael Kelsey, Nancy Graff Floyd, and Ginny Guinn Parsons. The South Western Baptist newspaper was first published in 1850 in Marion, Perry County, Alabama; in 1852 its residence moved to Montgomery County and from there to Tuskegee [sic] County in 1854. This book contains abstracts of marriage and death notices reported in the South Western Baptist from 1850 through 1862. The last part of the book is a listing of Alabama county courthouse destroyed by fire and finally, the book's surname index will be of great aid to researchers. 1995, 223 pp., index, paper, $21.50, #K149 XX.

          • Book ID: BJ4, Dept: AL, Alabama Soldiers (Revolution, War of 1812 and Indian Wars) by Pauline Jones Ganrud and Bobbie Jones McLane. Through the years, the late Mrs. B. W. Gandrud compiled 45 looseleaf notebooks of records relating to soliders who at one time lives in Alabama. The notebooks list all records found concerning each solider; pensions, last payment, bounty land warrants, wills, lists of heirs, Bible records, tombstone inscriptions, obituaries, census, anything of genealogical interest, including correspondence with descendants over a 40 year period. This is a continuing series. Volume 1 - Surnames A thru Ba. 107 p, $15.00, #BJ4. [many other volumes available]

          • Book ID: DA2, Dept: MAIN, Grassroots of America: Index to American State Papers, Land Grants and Claims, 1789-1837. You've seen Grassroots of America listed in bibliographies for years, but do you know the value of this treasure? If you have ancestors who lives in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, or Wisconsin before 1837, this index may list your ancestors and lead you to interesting information in the American State Papers volumes of land grants and claims. What is American State Papers? In 1831, the House of Representatives passed a bill which called for the printing of a collection of documents generated by the Congress and Executive branch during the nation's early years. 38 volumes are referred to as American State Papers. 520 p., hardbound, $49.50, #DA2.

          • Book ID: AL0001 XR, Dept: MAIN, Early Settlers of Alabama by J.E. Saunders. With notes and genealogy by E.S.B. Stubbs. 530 pp., (1899) 1991. $42.00, #AL0001 XR.

          • Book ID: BJ3, Dept: AL, Alabama, An Index to the 1830 United States Census by Pauline Jones Ganrud and Bobbie Jones McLane. In 1830, Alabama had 36 counties, and a population of 309,527, including slaves. This index contains names of all heads of households in 1830 and gives the resident county of each. 382 p., 1973, $30, #BJ3.

          • Book ID: 1036, Dept: MAIN, First Settlers of the Mississippi Territory. Applicants came to the Land Offices to have their land claims confirmed after the Mississippi Territory was established on April 7, 1798. Area included the present states of Mississippi and Alabama. Soft cover, off-set printing, surname index. price reduced from $19.50 to $17, #1036.

          • Book ID: AL0002, Dept: AL, Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama, Being a List of Names, compiled from Authentic Sources, of Soldiers of the Amer. Rev. who Resided in the State of Alabama. By T.H. Owens. 131 pp. (1911) 1991. wrprs. $15.00. #AL0002

          • Book ID: 7002, Dept: MAIN, Alabama Mortality Schedule, 1850 compiled by Marilyn Davis Hahn. List of everyone who died from June 1849 to June 1850. Information given was age, sex, color, whether free person or slave, place of birth, occupation, month of death, cause of death, and number of days sick. 288 pages, hard cover, full name index, $22.50, #7002.

          • Book ID: 7022, Dept: MAIN, Alabama Mortality Schedule, 1860 compiled by Marilyn Davis Barefield. Records similar to 1850 Mortality Schedule. $20.00, #7002.

        • Vital Records Information Information where to obtain copies of Alabama vital records (birth, death, marriage, and divorce) including addresses for local county clerks/ registrars in every county.
        • County Death Records In Alabama, By Susette Cook
        • Register of births, 1881-1907; indexes to births, 1881-1920 (Listing of microfilm at FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY CATALOG)
        • Register of deaths, 1881-1898 (Listing of microfilm at FAMILY HISTORY LIBRARY CATALOG)
        • See "Genealogical Societies" for their publications for sale.

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