Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 23:18:21 -0400
From: "W.T. Edwards" 
Subject: Beneath the Lakes

Hi John!

    Being from the last API class of 1958 (aka Auburn) I understand your
identity problem.  I enjoyed the new Elmore Co. GenWeb page and plan to
contribute to it in the future.  

    My great grandfather (Dr. Thomas EDWARDS) and mother (Elizabeth Jane 
JORDAN) and probably a son who died in infancy (John W. EDWARDS) are all 
buried beneath Lake Martin on his farm in Tallapoosa Co. (R22, T21, 
Sections 17 and 18).   Dr. Thomas was an original settler in Coosa (now 
Elmore) Co. and had moved slightly east to bottom land in Tallapoosa Co. 
with his third wife leaving his original farm in Coosa (now Elmore) Co. 
to the sons of his first two wives (they were STANLEY sisters).

      My grandfather, W. Thomas Edwards Sr., was a lawyer in Birmingham
when Alabama Power started acquiring land for the Lake.  The local
Elmore Co. descendants of the family contacted my grandfather who
authorized the power co. to cover the graves with concrete slabs in lieu
of moving them.  He felt that there wouldn't be anything left to move. 

      I've been thinking  contacting the power co. since based on this
info. it is felt that they would have the records of ALL the graves and
cemeteries under the lake.  Please let me know if that trick works.  You
might have a better shot since you would be doing it for everyone.

     The JORDAN/GUILLAND Cemetery in Elmore Co. (South side of Little
Kowaliga Creek - R20, T20, Section 10) in which my great great
grandfather, John JORDAN, was the first burial just missed being under 
Lake Martin as the water splits the old farm of his son on which the
graveyard was located in half.

     My great great grandfather, Alfred EDWARDS, was also buried on his
farm in Coosa (now Elmore) Co. (North side of Little Kowaliga Creek -
R20, T20, Part of Sections 2 and 10).  We don't know exactly where his
grave was, or for that matter even if it was marked, but in that most of
his land is now covered with the lake there is a good chance he to is
underwater.  Again I would like to see power co. records.

War Eagle!  

Tom Edwards
Port Republic, NJ 
(not a Yankee)
Beneath the Lakes