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Geographic Names Information System Query Results


659 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.

Feature Name Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
AYS Youth Camp locale 323113N 0860355W Claud
Aaron Park park 323855N 0860250W Eclectic
Abercomby Branch stream 323432N 0860525W Claud
Adkin Hill pop place 323632N 0861840W Elmore
Adkin Hill Church church 323627N 0861814W Elmore
Alabama River Canal canal 323324N 0861557W Elmore
Annie T Gregory Lake reservoir 323548N 0855648W Tallassee
Annie T Gregory Lake Dam dam 323548N 0855648W Tallassee
Anthony Cemetery cemetery 322656N 0860151W Brassell
Antioch Church church 324136N 0861218W Dexter
Asbury Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tallassee
Asbury School (historical) school 323747N 0855643W Red Hill
Assembly School (historical) school 323620N 0860935W Wetumpka
Assembly of God Church church 322752N 0862146W Montgomery North
Atoka Station (historical) locale 323247N 0861550W Elmore
Auburn University Agricultural Experiment Station locale 322950N 0855332W Shorter
Azalea Woods Estates (subdivision) pop place 322835N 0861040W Willow Springs
B G Powell Lake reservoir 324154N 0861336W Dexter
B G Powell Lake Dam dam 324154N 0861336W Dexter
Bald Knob summit 323202N 0861105W Wetumpka
Balm of Gilead Church church 324115N 0860818W Dexter
Batchler Cemetery cemetery 323632N 0861150W Wetumpka
Bensons Mill (historical) locale 323912N 0862037W Holtville
Berry Swamp swamp 322904N 0862010W Montgomery North
Bethany Church church 322737N 0860300W Brassell
Bethel Assembly of God Church church 323238N 0861309W Wetumpka
Bethel Church church 322818N 0861100W Willow Springs
Bethel Church church 324048N 0860830W Dexter
Bethlehem (historical) locale 324258N 0855814W Red Hill
Bethlehem Church church 324452N 0861256W Dexter
Bethlehem East Church church 323714N 0855634W Tallassee
Beulah Church church 323751N 0855935W Red Hill
Beulah Church church 323742N 0861114W Dexter
Bibb Graves Bridge bridge 323218N 0861225W Wetumpka
Bibbs Cemetery cemetery 323002N 0862021W Elmore
Big Bend bend 322820N 0861716W Montgomery North
Big Branch stream 324222N 0862118W Holtville
Billingslea Cemetery cemetery 322647N 0860546W Brassell
Bingham Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Willow Springs
Black Well Lake reservoir 324345N 0860645W Eclectic
Blackwell Lake Dam Number One dam 324342N 0860648W Eclectic
Blackwell Lake Dam Number Two dam 324336N 0860642W Eclectic
Blackwell Lake Number One reservoir 324342N 0860648W Eclectic
Blackwell Lake Number Two reservoir 324336N 0860642W Eclectic
Blue Ridge Baptist Church church 322835N 0861106W Willow Springs
Blue Ridge Estates (subdivision) pop place 322845N 0861136W Willow Springs
Blueberry Hill (subdivision) pop place 323128N 0861215W Wetumpka
Brensen Branch stream 322603N 0860733W Willow Springs
Britt Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Wetumpka
Broadmoor (subdivision) pop place 323033N 0862100W Elmore
Bullard Cemetery cemetery 323849N 0860305W Eclectic
Burlington pop place 323449N 0855620W Tallassee
Burlington Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tallassee
Butler Memorial Church church 323033N 0860148W Claud
Butts Mill pop place 323340N 0855746W Tallassee
Buyck pop place 324216N 0861525W Holtville
Buyck Church church 324225N 0861510W Holtville
Buyck Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Holtville
Callaway Creek stream 323054N 0861639W Elmore
Calvary Baptist Church church 323242N 0861247W Wetumpka
Camp Dixie (historical) locale 324450N 0855646W Red Hill
Camp Exchange locale 324027N 0855535W Red Hill
Camp Grandview locale 322957N 0862410W Prattville
Camp Kiwanis Girl Scout Camp locale 324410N 0860110W Eclectic
Camp Rotary locale 323805N 0861530W Holtville
Carolina Church church 324327N 0861108W Dexter
Castleberry Memorial Chapel church 324444N 0860217W Eclectic
Castleberry Memorial Congregational Church church 323728N 0860146W Claud
Castleberry Park park 323752N 0860143W Eclectic
Cat Hollow valley 322919N 0861808W Montgomery North
Cathmagby Church church 322818N 0860600W Brassell
Cathmagby School school 322813N 0860600W Brassell
Cedar Grove United Methodist Church church 323753N 0860203W Eclectic
Central pop place 324056N 0860551W Eclectic
Central Church church 323058N 0860554W Claud
Central Institute (historical) school 324059N 0860554W Eclectic
Central Post Office post ofce 324051N 0860552W Eclectic
Central School school 324027N 0860712W Eclectic
Chana Creek pop place 323715N 0855918W Tallassee
Chana Creek Church church 323711N 0855922W Tallassee
Chanahatchee Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Red Hill
Channahatchee Creek stream 323801N 0855333W Red Hill
Channahatchee Hunting Club locale 323839N 0855706W Red Hill
Channahatchie Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Red Hill
Chapel Church church 324032N 0860010W Eclectic
Cherokee Estates (subdivision) pop place 323432N 0861107W Wetumpka
China Grove Cemetery cemetery 323041N 0860352W Claud
Chubbehatchee Creek stream 322515N 0860508W Brassell
Church in the Pines church 324418N 0855809W Red Hill
Church of Christ church 323501N 0860846W Wetumpka
Church of Christ church 324512N 0861914W Richville
Church of God church 323607N 0860941W Wetumpka
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints church 323255N 0861332W Wetumpka
Claud pop place 323444N 0860414W Claud
Claud Church church 323445N 0860408W Claud
Claud Church church 323441N 0860410W Claud
Claud Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Claud
Club Yamas and Golf Course locale 323636N 0855703W Tallassee
Cobbs Ford pop place 322715N 0862238W Prattville
Cobbs Hill summit 322733N 0862322W Prattville
Cobbs Lake reservoir 322650N 0862235W Prattville
Cobbs School (historical) school 322738N 0862300W Prattville
Cobbs Swamp swamp 322643N 0862307W Prattville
Cold Spring pop place 323632N 0862205W Elmore
Cold Springs Church church 323635N 0862108W Elmore
Colley Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Red Hill
Collier Bridge bridge 323808N 0861427W Dexter
Coosa River stream 322910N 0861640W Montgomery North
Coosa River pop place 323852N 0862211W Holtville
Coosa River stream 322910N 0861640W Montgomery North
Coosa River Church church 323855N 0862203W Holtville
Coosa River Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Holtville
Coosa Valley valley 322900N 0861600W Montgomery North
Coosada pop place 322952N 0861953W Montgomery North
Coosada Cemetery cemetery 323025N 0862054W Elmore
Coosada Creek stream 322810N 0861830W Montgomery North
Coosada Elementary School (historical) school 323034N 0861932W Elmore
Coosada Post Office post ofce 322951N 0861950W Montgomery North
Cooter Pond lake 322606N 0862351W Prattville
Corn Creek stream 323335N 0861209W Wetumpka
Corn Creek Shoals bar 323342N 0861233W Wetumpka
Cotton pop place 324052N 0860104W Eclectic
Cotton Cemetery cemetery 324104N 0860110W Eclectic
Cotton Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Eclectic
Cottonford Creek stream 323202N 0861921W Elmore
County Line Cemetery cemetery 324434N 0855508W Red Hill
County Training School school 323302N 0861238W Wetumpka
Crabapple Valley valley 323127N 0860603W Claud
Crenshaw School (historical) school 323545N 0861530W Elmore
Crescent Lake reservoir 322613N 0862149W Montgomery North
Crommelin Lake reservoir 323024N 0861212W Wetumpka
Crommelin Lake Dam dam 323024N 0861212W Wetumpka
Crystal Island Marina locale 324248N 0855615W Red Hill
Danny Davis Lake reservoir 323912N 0860730W Dexter
Danny Davis Lake Dam dam 323912N 0860730W Dexter
Davis Dam dam 323924N 0860742W Dexter
Davis Lake reservoir 323924N 0860742W Dexter
Davis Pond reservoir 323925N 0860703W Eclectic
Dawson Bradford Cemetery cemetery 322612N 0860217W Brassell
De Long Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Wetumpka
Dead River stream 323005N 0861600W Elmore
Deatsville pop place 323629N 0862345W Deatsville
Deatsville Church church 323632N 0862356W Deatsville
Deatsville Division civil 323814N 0862132W Holtville
Deatsville Elementary School (historical) school 323635N 0862315W Deatsville
Deatsville Post Office post ofce 323628N 0862348W Deatsville
Dexter pop place 323821N 0860859W Dexter
Dexter Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Dexter
Dixie Sailing Club locale 324229N 0855444W Red Hill
Dorminey Pond reservoir 322652N 0862051W Montgomery North
Draper Correctional Center building 323435N 0862010W Elmore
Dubois Mill (historical) locale 323125N 0855327W Tallassee
Dunlap Creek stream 324330N 0861746W Holtville
East Chapel church 322923N 0862109W Montgomery North
Ebenezer Church church 323709N 0862029W Elmore
Eclectic pop place 323807N 0860204W Eclectic
Eclectic Division civil 323906N 0860150W Eclectic
Eclectic Elementary School school 323743N 0860145W Eclectic
Eclectic Library building 323749N 0860223W Eclectic
Eclectic Post Office post ofce 323809N 0860205W Eclectic
Eclectic Town Hall building 323808N 0860205W Eclectic
Eclectic United Methodist Church church 323818N 0860107W Eclectic
Eclectic Volunteer Fire Department Fire Station Number One building 323807N 0860203W Eclectic
Edgewood Academy school 323248N 0861710W Elmore
Edgewood Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Prattville
Elmore pop place 323219N 0861854W Elmore
Elmore Bible Chapel church 323213N 0861851W Elmore
Elmore Church church 323233N 0861823W Elmore
Elmore Church church 323408N 0861916W Elmore
Elmore County civil 323500N 0860900W Wetumpka
Elmore County Courthouse building 323212N 0861218W Wetumpka
Elmore County Experimental Farm locale 323330N 0861335W Wetumpka
Elmore County High School school 323802N 0860147W Eclectic
Elmore County Hospital hospital 323308N 0861112W Wetumpka
Elmore County Landfill locale 324041N 0860706W Eclectic
Elmore County Training School school 323305N 0861235W Wetumpka
Elmore County Vocational School school 323258N 0861255W Wetumpka
Elmore Division civil 322953N 0862102W Montgomery North
Elmore Elmentary School (historical) school 323217N 0861828W Elmore
Elmore Post Office post ofce 323229N 0861854W Elmore
Emmanuel Church church 324117N 0860516W Eclectic
Emmanuel Holiness Campground locale 324113N 0860518W Eclectic
Ester Hall (historical) locale 322720N 0862037W Montgomery North
Evans Airport airport 324222N 0860741W Dexter
Evergreen School (historical) school 324357N 0861040W Dexter
Faith Rescue Mission Farm locale 324238N 0860848W Dexter
Falkner pop place 324143N 0860301W Eclectic
Falkner Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Eclectic
Fay Branch stream 322533N 0862410W Prattville
Fays pop place 322850N 0862436W Prattville
Fays Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Prattville
First Baptist Church church 323219N 0861237W Wetumpka
First Baptist Church church 323204N 0855342W Tallassee
First Baptist Church of Eclectic church 323759N 0860206W Eclectic
First United Methodist Church church 323226N 0861240W Wetumpka
First United Methodist Church church 323210N 0855353W Tallassee
Fisher Creek stream 323922N 0861320W Dexter
Fitzpatrick Dam dam 323018N 0861054W Wetumpka
Fitzpatrick Lake reservoir 323018N 0861054W Wetumpka
Fitzpatrick School (historical) school 323300N 0861708W Elmore
Five Points pop place 322922N 0862106W Montgomery North
Flat Branch stream 323450N 0861014W Wetumpka
Flat Rock Church church 323306N 0855931W Tallassee
Flat Rock School (historical) school 323300N 0855933W Tallassee
Floyd pop place 323600N 0860102W Claud
Floyd Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Claud
Fort Toulouse National Historic Park park 323001N 0861501W Elmore
Fort Toulouse State Park park 323010N 0861520W Elmore
Fourmile Creek stream 323517N 0861059W Wetumpka
Franklee Correctional Youth Center building 323450N 0862330W Deatsville
Friendship pop place 323213N 0855829W Tallassee
Friendship Cemetery cemetery 323218N 0855828W Tallassee
Friendship Church church 324139N 0861855W Holtville
Friendship Church church 323210N 0855858W Tallassee
Friendship School (historical) school 323213N 0855820W Tallassee
Fusihatchi (historical) pop place 322528N 0860725W Brassell
Galbraith Mill Creek stream 322833N 0861716W Montgomery North
Galilee Church church 323422N 0860921W Wetumpka
Galilee School (historical) school 323423N 0860925W Wetumpka
Gennie Branch stream 323910N 0862057W Holtville
Glendale Acres pop place 323613N 0860249W Claud
Glenn Cemetery cemetery 322926N 0861856W Montgomery North
Glenns Chute channel 322832N 0861750W Montgomery North
Gold Branch stream 323906N 0855701W Red Hill
Gold Star Park park 323206N 0861230W Wetumpka
Good Hope pop place 323424N 0860048W Claud
Good Hope Church church 323422N 0860052W Claud
Good Hope Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Claud
Goodhope Cemetery cemetery 322745N 0861005W Willow Springs
Goodhope Church church 322840N 0860954W Willow Springs
Goodhope School (historical) school 322841N 0860952W Willow Springs
Goodship Church church 322711N 0862135W Montgomery North
Goodship School (historical) school 322711N 0862137W Montgomery North
Goodwater Creek stream 322538N 0860011W Brassell
Grandview Branch stream 322905N 0862303W Prattville
Grandview Pines (subdivision) pop place 323158N 0862306W Deatsville
Grandview Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Prattville
Gravel Creek stream 323910N 0860930W Dexter
Graveyard Creek stream 323229N 0855330W Tallassee
Grays Island Shoal bar 323511N 0861437W Wetumpka
Great Oaks (subdivision) pop place 322836N 0862210W Montgomery North
Green Cemetery cemetery 323428N 0860612W Claud
Greenridge Church church 322632N 0860753W Willow Springs
Greer pop place 324050N 0860925W Dexter
Griers Chapel church 324051N 0860916W Dexter
Gun Island island 322735N 0861840W Montgomery North
Gun Island Chute channel 322735N 0861844W Montgomery North
Haggerty Cemetery cemetery 322901N 0861116W Willow Springs
Hall Chapel School (historical) school 323838N 0861138W Dexter
Halls Chapel church 324147N 0860406W Eclectic
Haney Creek stream 323601N 0860356W Claud
Harmony Cemetery cemetery 324405N 0860044W Eclectic
Harmony Church church 324404N 0861944W Holtville
Harmony Church church 324404N 0860044W Eclectic
Harrington Branch stream 323318N 0855733W Tallassee
Harris Chapel church 323131N 0862212W Elmore
Harrogate Springs pop place 323047N 0861221W Wetumpka
Harwell Cemetery cemetery 323109N 0861019W Wetumpka
Harwell Mill Creek stream 322722N 0861120W Willow Springs
Hatchitchapa (historical) locale 323955N 0860540W Eclectic
Hatchsophka Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Dexter
Heck Ridge ridge 323150N 0860330W Claud
Hidden Forest (subdivision) pop place 323114N 0860355W Claud
Hogbed Creek stream 323912N 0862055W Holtville
Hoithlewalli (historical) locale 322510N 0860450W Brassell
Holman Cemetery cemetery 324132N 0861501W Holtville
Holtville pop place 323810N 0861936W Holtville
Holtville Church church 323656N 0861635W Elmore
Holtville High School school 323808N 0861935W Holtville
Holtville Park park 323859N 0861944W Holtville
Holtville Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Elmore
Holy Assembly Church of Jesus Christ church 323244N 0861515W Elmore
Honeysuckle Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Wetumpka
Hornsby Cemetery cemetery 323723N 0855450W Tallassee
Hornsbytown pop place 323302N 0855501W Tallassee
Howles Store Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Red Hill
Hughes Ferry (historical) locale 322919N 0861421W Willow Springs
Hurricane Branch stream 323615N 0861943W Elmore
Ingram State Technical Institute school 323500N 0862332W Deatsville
Interchange 179 crossing 322736N 0862317W Prattville
Interchange 181 crossing 322918N 0862433W Prattville
Irma (historical) locale 324324N 0855617W Red Hill
Irma Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Red Hill
Jackson Branch stream 322705N 0862010W Montgomery North
Jackson Lake lake 322655N 0862012W Montgomery North
Jacksons Ferry (historical) crossing 322548N 0861843W Montgomery North
Jacksons Lake pop place 322643N 0862028W Montgomery North
Jake Creek stream 324337N 0862149W Holtville
Jasmine Hill (subdivision) pop place 322943N 0861118W Willow Springs
Jerusalem Church church 323005N 0855404W Tallassee
John Bear Creek stream 323938N 0861109W Dexter
John Lee Acres (subdivision) pop place 322638N 0860828W Willow Springs
Jones Cemetery cemetery 323333N 0862156W Elmore
Jones Chapel church 323314N 0862214W Elmore
Jordan pop place 324219N 0860008W Eclectic
Jordan Dam dam 323706N 0861526W Elmore
Jordan Lake reservoir 323707N 0861528W Elmore
Jordan Lake Diversion reservoir 323436N 0861642W Elmore
Jordan Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Eclectic
Jordanville (subdivision) pop place 323153N 0855400W Tallassee
Judkins Ferry (historical) locale 322717N 0861205W Willow Springs
Judkins Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Dexter
Kailaidshi (historical) locale 324350N 0855900W Red Hill
Kelsey School (historical) school 324302N 0855805W Red Hill
Kenner Creek stream 323223N 0862239W Deatsville
Kent pop place 323708N 0855655W Tallassee
Kent Community Center building 323640N 0855645W Tallassee
Kent Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tallassee
Kid pop place 324320N 0860437W Eclectic
Kid Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Eclectic
Kingswood (subdivision) pop place 322901N 0862218W Montgomery North
Knight Lake reservoir 323436N 0860724W Claud
Knight Lake Dam dam 323436N 0860724W Claud
Knollwood (subdivision) pop place 323042N 0862232W Deatsville
Koasati (historical) locale 322755N 0861850W Montgomery North
Kowaliga pop place 324424N 0855809W Red Hill
Kowaliga Academic and Industrial Institute (historical) school UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Red Hill
Kowaliga Marina locale 324423N 0855808W Red Hill
Kowaliga Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Red Hill
Kulumi (historical) pop place 322610N 0860750W Willow Springs
Lake Elam Baptist Church church 322834N 0862120W Montgomery North
Lake Hill Church church 324002N 0862021W Holtville
Lapradd Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tallassee
Laurel Hill Cemetery cemetery 322723N 0860754W Willow Springs
Lebanon Church church 324044N 0861516W Holtville
Levins Store (historical) locale 324210N 0861440W Dexter
Lewis Creek stream 323110N 0855331W Tallassee
Liberty pop place 323117N 0855953W Tallassee
Liberty Church church 324319N 0862419W Marbury
Liberty Church church 323123N 0855956W Tallassee
Liberty Hill Church church 323452N 0861534W Elmore
Lightwood pop place 324242N 0862321W Marbury
Lightwood Junior High School school 324201N 0862238W Marbury
Lightwood Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Marbury
Lilly Hill Church church 322842N 0862426W Prattville
Lily Green Church church 323543N 0862412W Deatsville
Lipschogee Creek stream 323844N 0861355W Dexter
Little Flock Cemetery cemetery 323837N 0861445W Dexter
Little Kowaliga Creek stream 324346N 0860404W Eclectic
Little Texas Church church 333105N 0855948W Munford
Little Weoka Creek stream 324433N 0861419W Dexter
Little York Post Office (historical) post ofce 323745N 0861840W Holtville
Log Landing locale 323125N 0861519W Elmore
Long Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Montgomery North
Lott Slough stream 324409N 0860245W Eclectic
Lovejoy Cemetery cemetery 324212N 0855624W Red Hill
Maier Lake reservoir 323812N 0860642W Eclectic
Maier Lake Dam dam 323812N 0860642W Eclectic
Mallis Chapel Church church 323705N 0861408W Wetumpka
Mann Cemetery cemetery 324211N 0860748W Dexter
Mariner Island island 324416N 0860112W Eclectic
Marl Branch stream 322705N 0860832W Willow Springs
Marshall Cemetery cemetery 323053N 0860455W Claud
Martin Dam dam 324048N 0855441W Red Hill
Martin Lake reservoir 324048N 0855442W Red Hill
Meadowbrook Park park 323103N 0861248W Wetumpka
Meinzine Branch stream 323602N 0860541W Claud
Memorial Park park 323235N 0861219W Wetumpka
Middle Creek stream 323203N 0861935W Elmore
Milam Lake reservoir 323824N 0861118W Dexter
Milam Lake Dam dam 323824N 0861118W Dexter
Mill Creek stream 322642N 0862200W Montgomery North
Millbrook pop place 322847N 0862143W Montgomery North
Millbrook Baptist Church church 322835N 0862130W Montgomery North
Millbrook Church of Christ church 322822N 0862136W Montgomery North
Millbrook Community Center building 322836N 0862147W Montgomery North
Millbrook Junior High School school 322905N 0862146W Montgomery North
Millbrook Methodist Church church 322833N 0862204W Montgomery North
Millbrook Middle School school 322833N 0862104W Montgomery North
Millbrook Post Office post ofce 322848N 0862142W Montgomery North
Millbrook Presbyterian Church church 322851N 0862142W Montgomery North
Mitchells Mill Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Brassell
Mitts Chapel church 323636N 0862113W Elmore
Moccasin Shoals bar 323424N 0861335W Wetumpka
Morris Ferry (historical) locale 324200N 0862052W Holtville
Mortar Creek stream 323026N 0861808W Elmore
Mount Canaan Elementary School school 323612N 0861235W Wetumpka
Mount Canaan Missionary Baptist Church church 323612N 0861230W Wetumpka
Mount Gilead Church church 324214N 0860128W Eclectic
Mount Hebron Church church 324157N 0860148W Eclectic
Mount Hebron East Church church 324205N 0860149W Eclectic
Mount Hebron School (historical) school 324157N 0860156W Eclectic
Mount Hebron West Church church 323336N 0861925W Elmore
Mount Olive Church church 323024N 0860226W Claud
Mount Olive Church church 323456N 0855617W Tallassee
Mount Pisgah Church church 323940N 0861519W Holtville
Mount Pisgah Church church 323958N 0861512W Holtville
Mount Pisgah School school 323958N 0861602W Holtville
Mount Vernon Church church 324333N 0860447W Eclectic
Mount Zion (historical) locale 323200N 0861855W Elmore
Mount Zion Cemetery cemetery 323357N 0860217W Claud
Mount Zion Cemetery cemetery 323758N 0862421W Marbury
Mount Zion Chapel church 323549N 0861633W Elmore
Mount Zion Church church 324030N 0860709W Eclectic
Mount Zion Church church 323135N 0855355W Tallassee
Mount Zion Church church 323328N 0860314W Claud
Mud Island island 322824N 0861719W Montgomery North
Mulder Church church 323045N 0860741W Wetumpka
Myles Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Montgomery North
Nelson Lake reservoir 324028N 0860652W Eclectic
Neman pop place 323447N 0855903W Tallassee
Neman Community Center building 323526N 0855918W Tallassee
Neman Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tallassee
Neros Point cape 324411N 0860037W Eclectic
New Bethel Church (historical) church 323840N 0861127W Dexter
New Bingham pop place 322809N 0860943W Willow Springs
New Harmony Church church 324413N 0862418W Marbury
New Home Church church 323301N 0861720W Elmore
New Home Church church 324208N 0861616W Holtville
New Hope Church church 324156N 0862241W Marbury
New Nazareth Church church 323631N 0862325W Deatsville
New Style Church church 323340N 0860826W Wetumpka
Nobles Ferry (historical) crossing 324130N 0862029W Holtville
Nolan Davis Lake Dam Number One dam 323924N 0860654W Eclectic
Nolen Davis Lake Dam Number Two dam 323918N 0860648W Eclectic
Nolen Davis Lake Number One reservoir 323924N 0860654W Eclectic
Nolen Davis Lake Number Two reservoir 323918N 0860648W Eclectic
North Elmore pop place 323323N 0861909W Elmore
Nye Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Brassell
O'Daniel Bridge bridge 322657N 0855352W Shorter
Oak Grove Church church 322847N 0855913W Shorter
Oak Grove School (historical) school 322847N 0855914W Shorter
Oak Valley (historical) locale 323324N 0855959W Tallassee
Oak Valley Church church 323318N 0860004W Claud
Oak Valley Church church 323311N 0855923W Tallassee
Odshiapofa (historical) locale 323115N 0861520W Elmore
Okchayudshi (historical) locale 323050N 0861510W Elmore
Old Bingham pop place 322630N 0860749W Willow Springs
Old Bingham Cemetery cemetery 322616N 0860804W Willow Springs
Old Harmony Branch stream 324409N 0860030W Eclectic
Omar (historical) locale 323047N 0855900W Tallassee
Omar Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Tallassee
Omar Post Office (historical) post ofce 323047N 0855900W Tallassee
Overton Heights (subdivision) pop place 323032N 0862047W Elmore
Pakana (historical) locale 323035N 0861505W Elmore
Paravigini Dam dam 322724N 0862224W Montgomery North
Paraviginis Lake reservoir 322724N 0862224W Montgomery North
Parker Ferry (historical) crossing 323022N 0861805W Elmore
Parker Island island 323001N 0861730W Elmore
Parker Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Claud
Paterson Creek stream 323951N 0860821W Dexter
Peace Church church 322658N 0860708W Brassell
Peace School (historical) school 322700N 0860700W Brassell
Peeler Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Claud
Peter Hill Cemetery cemetery 322633N 0860245W Brassell
Pierce Chapel church 323721N 0860706W Claud
Pigeonroost Creek stream 323441N 0861414W Wetumpka
Pine Brook Estates (subdivision) pop place 322812N 0862203W Montgomery North
Pine Grove Church church 323058N 0861929W Elmore
Pine Haven School school 323108N 0862234W Deatsville
Pine Point cape 324410N 0860020W Eclectic
Pine View Memorial Gardens cemetery 323344N 0861339W Wetumpka
Pinkston Creek stream 323947N 0861749W Holtville
Pistol Park park 322832N 0862143W Montgomery North
Pleasant Grove Cemetery cemetery 323820N 0860122W Eclectic
Pleasant Hill Church church 323213N 0855920W Tallassee
Pleasant Hill Church church 323748N 0855643W Red Hill
Pleasant Hill Church church 323225N 0860746W Wetumpka
Pleasant Hill Church church 323600N 0860457W Claud
Pleasant Hill Church church 323559N 0863606W Old Kingston
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery cemetery 323929N 0860951W Dexter
Poundstone Dam dam 322606N 0860700W Brassell
Poundstone Lake reservoir 322606N 0860700W Brassell
Powellton (historical) locale 324422N 0860619W Eclectic
Prattville Junction pop place 322802N 0862034W Montgomery North
Prospect Cemetery cemetery 324416N 0855850W Red Hill
Prospect Church church 323112N 0860546W Claud
Prospect Church church 324347N 0855857W Red Hill
Providence Church church 323713N 0855747W Tallassee
Providence Church church 324411N 0861533W Holtville
Quail Run (subdivision) pop place 323350N 0861400W Wetumpka
Quail Walk Golf Course locale 323352N 0861338W Wetumpka
R H Lamb Lake reservoir 323518N 0860148W Claud
R H Lamb Lake Dam dam 323518N 0860148W Claud
Real Island island 324440N 0860115W Eclectic
Real Island Marina locale 324426N 0860052W Eclectic
Red Hill pop place 324106N 0855635W Red Hill
Red Hill School (historical) school 324038N 0855640W Red Hill
Redland Academy (historical) school 323037N 0860754W Wetumpka
Redland Bluffs (subdivision) pop place 322748N 0861010W Willow Springs
Redland Church church 322929N 0860716W Brassell
Redland Fire Tower tower 323116N 0860755W Wetumpka
Refuge Church church 324101N 0855637W Red Hill
Rehoboth Church church 322719N 0860329W Brassell
Riddle pop place 323917N 0861455W Dexter
Riddle Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Holtville
Rivers Chapel church 324422N 0861936W Holtville
Riverside Race Track locale 322728N 0861202W Willow Springs
Robinson Bend bend 322645N 0855900W Shorter
Robinson Ferry (historical) locale 324512N 0855329W Our Town
Robinson Primary School school 323042N 0862223W Elmore
Robinson Springs pop place 323042N 0862236W Deatsville
Robinson Springs Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Elmore
Rock Hill School (historical) school 323814N 0855930W Red Hill
Rock Springs Church church 322836N 0855944W Shorter
Rock Springs School (historical) school 322832N 0855944W Shorter
Rocks Bar, The bar 322539N 0862310W Prattville
Rocks, The bar 322620N 0861925W Montgomery North
Rocky Mount Cemetery cemetery 322827N 0862354W Prattville
Rocky Mount Church (historical) church 322825N 0862355W Prattville
Rocky Point cape 324218N 0855733W Red Hill
Rose Hill (subdivision) pop place 322915N 0862147W Montgomery North
Rosehill Cemetery cemetery 323257N 0855345W Tallassee
Rosenwald School (historical) school 322718N 0860339W Brassell
Rushenville Church church 323750N 0860412W Eclectic
Saint Clair pop place 323205N 0861400W Wetumpka
Saint James Church church 323833N 0861133W Dexter
Saint James Church church 323801N 0862404W Marbury
Saint James School (historical) school 323808N 0862400W Marbury
Saint Mark Church church 323138N 0855345W Tallassee
Saint Marks Church church 325818N 0855326W Alexander City
Salem Church church 323600N 0860500W Claud
Salem Road Baptist Church church 323752N 0860213W Eclectic
Salem School (historical) school 323600N 0860500W Claud
Sand Creek stream 323602N 0860541W Claud
Sand Tuck Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Dexter
Santuck pop place 323758N 0860747W Dexter
Santuck Baptist Church church 323807N 0860743W Dexter
Scenic Hills (subdivision) pop place 322542N 0862432W Prattville
Sears Marina locale 323803N 0861447W Dexter
Second Missionary Baptist Church church 323249N 0861229W Wetumpka
Seman pop place 324357N 0860644W Eclectic
Seman Church church 324409N 0860640W Eclectic
Seman Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Eclectic
Sewell Cemetery cemetery 324225N 0861640W Holtville
Sewell Memorial Junior High School school 324139N 0861634W Holtville
Shady Acres (subdivision) pop place 323023N 0862231W Deatsville
Sharp Branch stream 322807N 0860130W Brassell
Sheppard Cemetery cemetery 323653N 0860628W Claud
Sheppard Creek stream 323603N 0860540W Claud
Shiloh Baptist Church church 324302N 0855805W Red Hill
Shoal Creek stream 323926N 0861925W Holtville
Shores Wildlife Conservation Club locale 323838N 0860038W Eclectic
Sistrunk Post Office post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Shorter
Sofkahatchee Creek stream 323752N 0861601W Holtville
Southside School school 323139N 0855339W Tallassee
Speigner pop place 323502N 0862041W Elmore
Speigner Cemetery cemetery 324102N 0861700W Holtville
Speigner Dam dam 323418N 0862018W Elmore
Speigner Lake reservoir 323407N 0862033W Elmore
Speigner Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Elmore
Spring Church church 323054N 0861153W Wetumpka
Springdale (subdivision) pop place 323018N 0862210W Elmore
Springfield pop place 323105N 0862229W Elmore
Stanholt-Elmore High School school 322937N 0862142W Montgomery North
Stearns Creek stream 324342N 0860403W Eclectic
Stewart Dam dam 323918N 0860736W Dexter
Stewart Lakes reservoir 323915N 0860738W Dexter
Still Creek stream 322541N 0862353W Prattville
Strahan Cemetery cemetery 322746N 0860010W Brassell
Sunny Hill School (historical) school 323258N 0861747W Elmore
Swayback Bridge bridge 323759N 0861440W Dexter
Sweetening Junior High School school 323323N 0862211W Elmore
Sweetwater Church church 323741N 0860755W Dexter
Sweetwater School school 323742N 0860753W Dexter
Sykes Mill (historical) locale 324430N 0861703W Holtville
Sykes Mills Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Holtville
Tallapoosa Falls (historical) falls 323209N 0855309W Tallassee
Tallapoosa River stream 322910N 0861640W Montgomery North
Tallapoosa River stream 322910N 0861640W Montgomery North
Tallassee pop place 323209N 0855336W Tallassee
Tallassee Church church 323346N 0855602W Tallassee
Tallassee Division civil 323222N 0855606W Tallassee
Tallassee Elementary School school 323214N 0855353W Tallassee
Tallassee High School school 323213N 0855350W Tallassee
Tallassee Municipal Airport airport 322900N 0855300W Shorter
Tallassee Sewage Disposal Pond reservoir 323100N 0855336W Tallassee
Tallassee Sewage Disposal Pond Dam dam 323100N 0855336W Tallassee
Talleconocko Camp locale 324350N 0860225W Eclectic
Tan Trough Creek stream 323953N 0862222W Holtville
Tarwater (subdivision) pop place 323346N 0861120W Wetumpka
Taskigi (historical) locale 323015N 0861515W Elmore
Taskigi Mound summit 323014N 0861531W Elmore
Taylor Chapel church 323145N 0860012W Claud
Taylor Creek stream 323409N 0861151W Wetumpka
Ten Cedars Estates (subdivision) pop place 323943N 0861451W Dexter
Thelma Church church 323558N 0861228W Wetumpka
Thompsons Old Ferry (historical) crossing 324502N 0862217W Richville
Thrash Cemetery cemetery 324048N 0860112W Eclectic
Thrasher Cemetery cemetery 323618N 0861633W Elmore
Thurlow Dam dam 323208N 0855316W Tallassee
Titus pop place 324244N 0861906W Holtville
Titus Church church 324537N 0861910W Richville
Titus Division civil 324142N 0861501W Holtville
Titus Post Office post ofce 324243N 0861907W Holtville
Tomonpa (historical) locale 323050N 0861530W Elmore
Toulouse Shopping Center locale 323105N 0861238W Wetumpka
Town Creek stream 324154N 0862044W Holtville
Townsend Creek stream 323338N 0860445W Claud
Trash Branch stream 324302N 0862135W Holtville
Trico Shopping Center locale 322755N 0862135W Montgomery North
Tuckabatchie (historical) locale 322940N 0855335W Shorter
Tuckabatchie Monument park 322902N 0855258W Shorter
Tumkeehatchee Creek stream 322658N 0855623W Shorter
Tumlame Branch stream 322909N 0855830W Shorter
Tunnell Church church 323527N 0861002W Wetumpka
Tuskpoka (historical) locale 323604N 0862358W Deatsville
Tutwiler Prison locale 323349N 0861136W Wetumpka
Tysonville Ferry (historical) crossing 322542N 0860032W Brassell
Union Academy (historical) school 323522N 0860722W Claud
Union Branch Junior High School school 324011N 0860020W Eclectic
Union Church church 323534N 0860330W Claud
Union Church church 323934N 0860329W Eclectic
Union Church church 324319N 0862356W Marbury
Union Church (historical) church 324116N 0860116W Eclectic
Union Rosenwald School school 323548N 0861701W Elmore
Union School (historical) school 323612N 0855443W Tallassee
Valley Brook Park park 323230N 0861218W Wetumpka
W A Williamson Dam dam 323048N 0862212W Elmore
WETU-AM (Wetumpka) tower 322906N 0861225W Willow Springs
WHHY-FM (Montgomery) tower 322933N 0860850W Willow Springs
WTLS-AM (Tallassee) tower 323327N 0855503W Tallassee
Wadsworths Old Ferry (historical) locale 324332N 0862140W Holtville
Wall Cemetery cemetery 323552N 0860307W Claud
Wallahatchee Creek stream 322703N 0855431W Shorter
Wallsboro pop place 323512N 0861233W Wetumpka
Wallsboro Community Club building 323505N 0861238W Wetumpka
Walter Bouldin Dam dam 323436N 0861642W Elmore
Ware pop place 322723N 0860303W Brassell
Ware Ferry (historical) crossing 322602N 0860729W Brassell
Ware Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Brassell
Wares Quarter Cemetery cemetery 322603N 0860658W Brassell
Warren Cemetery cemetery 323012N 0860027W Claud
Watson Chapel church 324026N 0855901W Red Hill
Watson Chapel Cemetery cemetery 324055N 0855834W Red Hill
Weoka pop place 324303N 0861103W Dexter
Weoka Creek stream 323919N 0861805W Holtville
Weoka Junior High School (historical) school 324258N 0861055W Dexter
Weoka Mills pop place 324054N 0861802W Holtville
Weoka Post Office (historical) post ofce UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Dexter
Wetumpka pop place 323237N 0861243W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Church of Christ church 323222N 0861245W Wetumpka
Wetumpka City Hall building 323209N 0861223W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Division civil 323240N 0861122W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Elementary School school 323249N 0861255W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Falls falls 323247N 0861157W Wetumpka
Wetumpka High School school 323235N 0861242W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Industrial Park locale 323320N 0861120W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Institute (historical) school 323332N 0861511W Elmore
Wetumpka Junior High School school 323242N 0861311W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Municipal Airport airport 323145N 0861930W Elmore
Wetumpka Municipal Park park 323308N 0861245W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Post Office post ofce 323214N 0861217W Wetumpka
Wetumpka Prison (historical) building 323302N 0861128W Wetumpka
Whetstone Dam dam 324236N 0861048W Dexter
Whispering Springs Campground locale 324150N 0855757W Red Hill
Whits Lake reservoir 324236N 0861048W Dexter
Williamsons Lake reservoir 323048N 0862212W Elmore
Willow Springs pop place 322805N 0861123W Willow Springs
Wingard Lake reservoir 323624N 0860154W Claud
Wingard Lake Dam dam 323624N 0860154W Claud
Wolf Creek stream 324018N 0862334W Marbury
Woods Store (historical) locale 324416N 0861700W Holtville
Yellow Water Creek stream 323530N 0861432W Wetumpka
Young Cemetery cemetery 322746N 0861014W Willow Springs
Youngs Academy school 323623N 0860639W Claud
Zion Branch stream 322923N 0862041W Montgomery North
Zion Church church 322932N 0862058W Montgomery North

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