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Fayette County, Alabama
~ 1870 Census Index ~

Your corrections are welcomed!

The following index was compiled and generously contributed to this website by W.T. "Terry" Thornton.  The information below is based on his careful examination of the online census images.  Surnames, given names (or initials), ages, places of birth, and census image references have been included.  Given names that were abbreviated in the census record were changed to the full spellings in this index.

Remember, this is NOT an every-name index.  Entries in bold type indicate a head of household.  No additional members of that particular household with the same surname are listed in this index (see the images for a complete listing).  Entries in regular type indicate a member of a household with a surname different from the household head.  Where there are multiple such people in a household, only one was included in this index, usually the first listed or the eldest (see images for a complete listing).

Like most U.S. censuses, the 1870 enumeration of Fayette County is plagued by poor spelling and even worse penmanship.  Then again, legibility is often in the eye of the beholder.  For example, what may look like Thompston to a transcriber may clearly be seen as Thornton by a descendant.  But how many Thornton researchers will overlook this misguided interpretation of the surname?

The goal of this index is not to prove that census takers can't spell or that transcribers can't read.  Rather, it is to repair the most egregious mistakes of both.  Correcting your ancestor's name here — even if your interpretation is not universally accepted — should make it easier for other researchers to find him or her on the 1870 Fayette County census.

Please contact the Fayette County Coordinator with your comments and suggestions.

• Entries in RED are questionable; help is needed to identify the actual surnames.
  • Highlighted items have been changed from the original transcription (see Changes).
• A plus sign (+) indicates that a family enumeration continues on the next page.
• Two plus signs (++) indicate that a household entry continues on the second census page following (some sections are not in proper sequence).
• A minus sign (-) indicates that a household entry continues on the previous census page (again, some sections are not in order).

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~ G ~
G___ING, Elizabeth, 80, SC, 408a
GLADEN, James, 30, AL, 434a
GREGG, Jesse, 69, NC, 366a
GADDIS, Linden, 49, NC, 383a
GLADEN, Martin, 60, SC, 433b

GREGORY, Martha, 34, AL, 415b
GADDIS, Mary, 50, GA, 405b
GLAIZE, H.F., 38, AL, 444a+
GRIFFAN, Adaline, 56, AL, 437b
GAIN, Hand, 26, AL, 386a
GLASSCOCK, Charles, 35, AL, 367a
GRIFFAN, Ira, 40, AL, 437a+
GAINES, James, 60, SC, 383b
GLOVER, J.N., 58, SC, 403a
GRIFFAN, Wily, 15, AL, 446a
GALMER, Charles, 66, TN, 437a
GODFREY, C.P., 23, GA, 373b
GRIFFIN, R., 28, AL, 366b
GANEY, Gill T., 17, GA, 410a
GOSS, Mary, 13, AL, 430b
GRIFFIN, Thomas, 43, AL, 434a
GARRISON, Arminda, 24, GA, 415b
GRAHAM, T.F., 34, AL, 409a

GUARDNER, Jeres J., 53, NC, 435b
GARRISON, Fanny, 74, NC, 416a
GRAY, D.A., 28, AL, 448b
GUARDNER, Jesse, 30, AL, 436a
GARRISON, Thomas, 30, GA, 416a
GRAY, Daniel, 40, AL, 435b
GUARDNER, John, 34, AL, 435b
GAULER, G.W., 26, AL, 449b
GRAY, George, 21, AL, 435b
GUNEY, Jude, 17, AL, 366b
GAUTER, William, 36, AL, 391a
GRAY, James, 58, NC, 434a
GURLY, Elizabeth, 45, SC, 416a
GAUTER, Willis, 32, AL, 391a
GRAY, Lonso, 25, AL, 435b
GWIN, Bulyam, 39, SC, 372a
GEORGE, W.W., 38, AL, 387b
GRAY, Lucy, 50, NC, 451a
GWIN, Cader, 55, NC, 372a
GERLEY, James T., 37, AL, 454b
GRAY, Newton, 24, AL, 435b
GWIN, E., 45, AL, 372b
GERLEY, W.J., 22, AL, 454b
GRAY, Sarah, 54, KY, 435b
GWIN, H.W., 33, AL, 384b
GIFFORD, M.C.M., 43, AL, 412b
GRAY, Thomas, 27, AL, 433b
GWIN, Jeremiah, 39, AL, 388a+
GIFFORD, S.J., 23, AL, 432a
GRAY, William, 29, AL, 438b

GILPIN, Peter, 42, AL, 380b
GREEN, George, 65, AL, 438a

GILREATH, C., 46, SC, 432a
GREGG, G.T., 24, AL, 366a

~ H ~
HAGER, Hager, 8, AL, 459b
HARRIS, Tom, 45, AL, 366b
HOLLINGSWORTH, J., 50, GA, 380a+
HAINS, F.F., 54, SC, 386b
HARRISON, Catherine, 27, AL, 435a

HOLLINGSWORTH, Jacob, 30, AL, 398a
HALEY, Jebron, 59, GA, 405b+
HARRISON, R., 54, GA, 373a
HOLLINGSWORTH, John, 33, AL, 395b
HALEY, S___, 55, AL, 456a
HARRISON, W.J., 23, AL, 378a
HOLLINGSWORTH, John, 77, GA, 400a
HALL, C., 35, AL, 378b
HARVY, A.T., 27, AL, 437a
HOLLINGSWORTH, Mariah, 59, AL, 400a
HALL, C.J., 20, AL, 386b
HARVY, John, 28, AL, 437a
HOLLINGSWORTH, Samuel, 54, GA, 400a
HALL, John, 20, AL, 438b
HARVY, W.L., 59, GA, 437a
HOLLINGSWORTH, Thomas, 51, GA, 420a
HALL, Tabia, 21, AL, 456a
HARWOOD, E., 68, SC, 381a

HALMARK, Frank, 22, AL, 420a
HASSEL, J.W., 24, AL, 403b
HOLLIS, James, 26, NC, 398a
HALMARK, William, 44, AL, 395b
HASSEL, M.B., 56, NC, 412b
HOLLY, N.K., 31, NC, 430b
HAM, B.A., 30, AL, 381b
HASSEL, W.J., 30, AL, 403b
HOLLY, Thomas, 40, AL, 459b
HAM, C.J., 27, AL, 380b+
HASTON, Henry, 39, SC, 424d
HOLMS, Thomas, 55, SC, 382a
HAM, D., 40, AL, 377b
HATCHER, Daniel, 45, GA, 439b
HOLOMAN, John, 15, AL, 449b
HAM, Henry, 59, NC, 382b
HAWKINS, W., 25, AL, 369a
HOMES, W.J., 23, AL, 405b
HAM, J.B., 29, AL, 380b
HEART, Drucella, 35, AL, 384a

HOPSON, George, 30, AL, 458a
HAM, Martin, 24, AL, 398b
HELEMS, James, 26, AL, 434b
HOPSON, H., 28, GA, 448b
HAM, N., 30, AL, 381a
HELLUMS, Lillian, 1, AL, 393a
HORBEN, James, 24, AL, 392b
HAM, Spias, 56, NC, 381b
HELLUMS, Nathaniel, 52, GA, 400b
HORN, E.G., 24, NC, 449b
HAM, Stewart C.C., 45, AL, 381a
HENANS, J.H., 45, GA, 405a+
HORN, J.M., 20, NC, 448a
HAM, William, 68, NC, 380b
HENDERSON, Claud, 50, GA, 416a
HORN, James, 47, NC, 448b
HAMBY, W.M., 43, SC, 452a
HENDERSON, Lucy, 35, GA, 403b

HORTON, Aran, 37, AL, 396a
HAMICK, P., 48, AL, 404a
HENDERSON, Richard, 30, AL, 375b
HORTON, Artha, 35, AL, 460a
HAMILTON, H., 14, AL, 388a
HENDERSON, Richard, 40, GA, 399a
HORTON, G., 17, AL, 426b
HAMILTON, P., 45, SC, 424c
HENDON, Andrews J., 41, AL, 393a
HORTON, J.H., 38, NC, 426b
HAMMER, M.A., 35, AL, 375a
HENDON, S.P., 36, AL, 379a
HOUTON, Darcus, 78, SC, 422a
HAMMER, S.E., 20, AL, 429b
HENIMAN, F.H., 38, AL, 431a
HOUTON, G.W., 46, AL, 424d
HAMNER, A.W., 38, AL, 440a
HENRY, ___, 9, NC, 448b
HOUTON, Martha, 32, AL, 422a
HAMNER, Austen, 65, VA, 439b
HENRY, Marget, 60, TN, 421a

HOWELL, A.F., 33, AL, 422a
HAMNER, Ben, 26, AL, 439b
HENTON, May, 38, AL, 431b
HOWELL, Rose, 40, NC, 449b
HAMNER, Charles, 35, AL, 439b
HERREN, James, 26, AL, 390b
HOWELL, Telac, 18, AL, 450a
HAMNER, Jiannes, 25, AL, 392b
HERREN, John, 33, AL, 375b+
HOWTON, A., 55, KY, 427b
HANDS, W.T., 19, AL, 424c
HERREN, Rebecca, 33, AL, 393b+
HOWTON, M., 43, TN, 427a
HANELLY, Thomas, 43, TN, 445a
HERREN, Sanford, 25, GA, 420b
HOWTON, William, 57, KY, 428a
HARBEN, Jefferson, 38, AL, 398b
HERREN, Sarah, 55, AL, 394a
HUBBARD, Sidney, 65, VA, 412b
HARBEN, Thomas, 20, AL, 442b
HIDER, Decater, 50, TN, 411b

HUBBARD, Vincent, 78, VA, 423b
HARBER, Lawis, 64, TN, 419b
HISAW, Nancy, 27, AL, 392b 
HUBBERT, Jim, 45, AL, 378a
HARKINS, A., 68, GA, 405a
HODGES, Jane, 55, AL, 383a
HUBERT, Joseph, 41, AL, 380a
HARKINS, C.L., 62, SC, 431b
HOGAN, J. I., 29, AL, 366b
HUBERT, W., 43, AL, 380a
HARKINS, Charles, 45, GA, 404a+
HOLIMAN, J.F., 32, AL, 389a
HUBURT, G.M., 70, TN, 383a
HARKINS, J.T., 32, AL, 422b
HOLIMAN, M., 57, AL, 386a
HULL, William M., 54, SC, 426b
HARKINS, W.B., 29, AL, 431b
HOLIMAN, W., 37, NC, 455b
HUMBER, R.H., 53, AL, 384a
HARLEN, Caroline, 25, AL, 438b
HOLIS, A., 23, AL, 457b

HUMBERS, R.H., 24, AL, 372b
HARRIS, ___, 32, AL, 369a
HOLLAND, M., 29, SC, 410a
HUTIG, John M., 35, GA, 447b+
HARRIS, Adlai, 76, NC, 420a
HOLLAND, Nina, 8, AL, 433b
HYDE, J.H., 27, AL, 437b
HARRIS, E.G., 52, IL, 422b
HOLLEY, William, 70, NC, 425b
HYDE, Jeremiah, 55, SC, 415b
HARRIS, M___, 49, AL, 393a
HOLLIMAN, Aron, 28, AL, 455b
HYDE, Kiram, 37, SC, 437a
HARRIS, Martha, 27, AL, 430b
HOLLIMAN, B., 74, NC, 455b
HYDE, N.J., 38, SC, 437a
HARRIS, Moore, 70, SC, 368b
HOLLINGER, A.W., 37, AL, 451b
HYDE, William, 36, SC, 415b
HARRIS, R.M., 57, TN, 379a
HOLLINGSWORTH, Alph, 47, AL, 398a+

HARRIS, Thomas, 54, GA, 369b
HOLLINGSWORTH, Isaac, 25, AL, 394a

~ I ~
IRVIN, J.N., 50, AL, 394b
IRVIN, Martha, 65, KY, 395a
IVESS, Jerimah, 15, AL, 402b
IRVIN, Jesse, 20, AL, 395a
ISNER, G.R., 26, AL, 440a

~ J ~
JACK, Sarah, 65, SC, 439a
JOHNSON, E.J., 41, GA, 370a
JONES, Druccella, 10, AL, 382b
JACKSON, James, 40, SC, 434b
JOHNSON, Elizabeth, 38, GA, 395a

JONES, E.P., 50, AL, 423b
JACKSON, Jesse, 44, GA, 441b
JOHNSON, F.G., 30, AL, 453a
JONES, Giles, 45, AL, 405a
JAMES, Thomas H., 35, NC, 453a
JOHNSON, Fredrick, 29, AL, 440a
JONES, J.B., 21, AL, 403a
JAMISON, Caroline, 47, AL, 440a
JOHNSON, Fredrick, 43, AL, 417b+
JONES, James C., 43, SC, 424a
JANE, James, 31, AL, 445b
JOHNSON, G.W., 38, AL, 440b
JONES, Jasper, 36, SC, 433a
JEFFRES, John, 70, NC, 393a
JOHNSON, Isaac, 45, AL, 391a

JONES, Jesse, 62, KY, 382a
JEFFREYS, Elija, 38, AL, 390b
JOHNSON, James W., 31, AL, 393a
JONES, Mary, 40, AL, 445b
JEFFREYS, Pleasant, 23, AL, 441a
JOHNSON, James, 24, AL, 450b
JONES, Melvina, 13, AL, 405b
JEFFREYS, Thomas, 27, AL, 441a+
JOHNSON, M.___, 58, TN, 375a
JONES, N.W., 22, AL, 405b
JEFFREYS, William, 54, GA, 441a
JOHNSON, M.A., 48, TN, 451a
JONES, Nancy, 21, AL, 446a
JENKINS, Elizabeth, 44, AL, 440a
JOHNSON, M.C., 28, AL, 451a
JONES, Narcissa, 60, TN, 443a
JENKINS, James, 70, NC, 403a
JOHNSON, Moses, 48, AL, 393b
JONES, R.G., 36, AL, 443a
JENKINS, Lucious, 40, AL, 418a
JOHNSON, Pleasant, 35, AL, 391b
JONES, Sarah, 30, AL, 402a
JENKINS, Sherman, 22, AL, 418a
JOHNSON, Price M., 73, SC, 392b
JONES, W.L., 45, SC, 457b
JENSON, James, 24, AL, 408a

JOHNSON, S., 50, SC, 454a
JONES, W.W., 43, AL, 449a
JEPSON, Benjamin, 45, AL, 457b
JOHNSON, Thomas, 40, AL, 418a
JORDAN, Manasco, 38, AL, 390a
JOEL, H. Lye, 42, AL, 387b
JOHNSON, Will, 35, TN, 448a
JULIAN, G.W., 48, AL, 441a
JOHNSON, B___, 45, AL, 392b
JOHNSON, William, 11, AL, 459a

JOHNSON, Ben, 13, AL, 459a
JOHNSON, William, 35, AL, 391b

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