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Fayette County, Alabama
~ 1870 Census Index ~

Your corrections are welcomed!

The following index was compiled and generously contributed to this website by W.T. "Terry" Thornton.  The information below is based on his careful examination of the online census images.  Surnames, given names (or initials), ages, places of birth, and census image references have been included.  Given names that were abbreviated in the census record were changed to the full spellings in this index.

Remember, this is NOT an every-name index.  Entries in bold type indicate a head of household.  No additional members of that particular household with the same surname are listed in this index (see the images for a complete listing).  Entries in regular type indicate a member of a household with a surname different from the household head.  Where there are multiple such people in a household, only one was included in this index, usually the first listed or the eldest (see images for a complete listing).

Like most U.S. censuses, the 1870 enumeration of Fayette County is plagued by poor spelling and even worse penmanship.  Then again, legibility is often in the eye of the beholder.  For example, what may look like Thompston to a transcriber may clearly be seen as Thornton by a descendant.  But how many Thornton researchers will overlook this misguided interpretation of the surname?

The goal of this index is not to prove that census takers can't spell or that transcribers can't read.  Rather, it is to repair the most egregious mistakes of both.  Correcting your ancestor's name here — even if your interpretation is not universally accepted — should make it easier for other researchers to find him or her on the 1870 Fayette County census.

Please contact the Fayette County Coordinator with your comments and suggestions.

• Entries in RED are questionable; help is needed to identify the actual surnames.
  • Highlighted items have been changed from the original transcription (see Changes).
• A plus sign (+) indicates that a family enumeration continues on the next page.
• Two plus signs (++) indicate that a household entry continues on the second census page following (some sections are not in proper sequence).
• A minus sign (-) indicates that a household entry continues on the previous census page (again, some sections are not in order).

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~ V ~
VAIL, Samuel, 30, AL, 452b
VANZANT, Dock, 22, AL, 376b
VICE, Sandle, 33, AL, 455a
VANHOOSE, Mary, 21, AL, 398b
VANZANT, William, 53, AL, 418a
VICK, A.G., 32, AL, 438b
VAN HOOSE, Richard, 64, NC, 403b
VAUGHN, W.F., 29, AL, 427b
VICK, Caroline, 40, SC, 453a
VANDOUR, J.P., 24, SC, 423b
VICE, James R., 25, AL, 447a
VICK, Mina, 32, SC, 411a
VANHORNE, M., 45, AL, 377c
VICE, Morgan, 25, SC, 454b
VICKERY, E., AL, 369a
VANTER, Malia, 38, AL, 449a
VICE, Morgan, 59, SC, 448b
VINES, Eley, 36, GA, 457a

~ W ~
WADE, James, 24, GA, 398a
WEEKS, C.T., 24, AL, 368a
WILLINGHAM, T., 24, AL, 456a
WADE, John, 54, SC, 398b
WELCH, John, 75, SC, 439b
WILLINGHAM, William, 17, AL, 439b
WAKEFIELD, George, 65, GA, 391a
WELCH, John A., 32, SC, 420b
WILLINGHAM, Z.L., 63, GA, 438a
WAKEFIELD, James, 23, GA, 396a
WEST, E.H., 45, AL, 411a
WILLIS, Amy, 44, SC, 409a
WAKEFIELD, Thomas, 34, GA, 391a+
WHEAT, Henry, 38, AL, 459b
WILLIS, Angelina, 26, AL, 392a
WALDEN, F.P., 22, AL, 428b
WHEELER, Charles, 21, AL, 389a+
WILLIS, L.A., 15, AL, 410a
WALDEN, J.A., 21, NC, 454a
WHILEY, Alen, 50, NC, 375b
WILSON, Alex, 46, AL, 377b
WALDEN, Jonathan, 66, NC, 428b
WHIMACK, Ab, 32, AL, 449a
WILSON, Andy, 26, AL, 449a
WALDEN, R.A., 41, GA, 427a
WHITE, A.G., 30, AL, 379b

WILSON, B.W., 61, TN, 402b+
WALDEN, W.W., 22, NC, 429b
WHITE, A.W., 58, SC, 379b
WILSON, Ely, 24, AL, 448a
WALDROP, G.B., 30, AL, 440b
WHITE, Dianer, 61, SC, 421a
WILSON, Hamp, 33, SC, 452a+
WALES, G.U., 57, SC, 460a
WHITE, J.W., 44, SC, 433a
WILSON, Harvy, 39, SC, 453b
WALES, Hampton, 45, GA, 376a
WHITE, L., 26, AL, 379b+
WILSON, Henry, 24, AL, 423a
WALIS, Wash, 21, AL, 438b
WHITE, Mary, 41, GA, 435a
WILSON, James, 35, SC, 452b
WALKE, S.T., 48, AL, 454a
WHITE, P.H., 49, AL, 379b
WILSON, James A., 64, SC, 452a
WALKER, Anna, 65, AL, 402a
WHITEHEAD, D., 37, AL, 366a

WILSON, James H., 33, AL, 452a
WALKER, B.T., 25, AL, 375b
WHITEHEAD, J.P., 29, AL, 370a

WILSON, Joel, 35, AL, 452b
WALKER, E.F., 31, AL, 448b
WHITEHEAD, Joseph, 59, AL, 370b
WILSON, John, 40, AL, 459b
WALKER, Finly, 60, NC, 377a
WHITEHEAD, M., 44, AL, 366a
WILSON, K., 26, AL, 437b
WALKER, George, 25, AL, 367a
WHITEHEAD, W.S., 35, AL, 370b
WILSON, Lewis, 54, SC, 419b
WALKER, Lew L., 44, AL, 390a
WHITESIDES, Pane, 26, AL, 435b+
WILSON, Lou, 22, AL, 448a
WALKER, Manning, 23, AL, 367a
WHITESIDES, Thomas K., 52, NC, 408a
WILSON, M.A., 30, SC, 452b
WALKER, Mat, 60, AL, 375b
WHITLEY, Henry, 75, NC, 419a
WILSON, Peter, 45, AL, 404a
WALKER, T.M., 34, AL,366b
WHITLEY, James, 70, NC, 421a
WILSON, Rhody, 8, AL, 423a
WALKER, Tom, 25, AL, 367a
WHITLEY, Jasper, 31, SC, 419a
WILSON, Richard, 36, SC, 454a
WALLACE, Hugh, 19, SC, 425b
WHITLEY, Sarah, 19, AL, 419b
WILSON, Sezar, 22, AL, 456a
WALLACE, J.T., 22, NC, 426a
WHITLEY, W.C., 46, AL, 421a
WILSON, Spencer, 39, SC, 452a
WALLACE, John, 22, NC, 425b
WHITLY, Henry, 22, NC, 375a
WILSON, Tom, 33, AL, 452a
WALLACE, M.A., 45, NC, 426b
WHITSON, Albert, 40, AL, 436a

WILSON, Vincents, 48, AL, 404b
WALTER, James, 19, AL, 449b
WHITSON, Audy, 45, NC, 427b
WILSON, W.J., 30, AL, 422b
WALTERS, Henry, 30, GA, 415b
WHITSON, Charles, 55, AL, 460a
WILSON, Ward, 56, SC, 390b
WALTERS, John, 60, GA, 376b
WHITSON, James, 20, AL, 392a
WILSON, William, 29, AL, 428a
WALTERS, John L., 46, SC, 427b+
WHITSON, James, 46, AL, 460a
WILSON, William, 39, SC, 452a
WALTERS, Moses, 54, SC, 423a
WHITSON, Jeff, 40, AL, 437b
WIMBERLEY, F.M., 21, AL, 405b
WALTERS, W.H., 30, AL, 423a
WHITSON, Miles, 24, AL, 443a+
WIMBERLEY, L., 41, AL, 405a
WALTERS, Wade, 54, GA, 385b
WHITSON, Samuel, 52, TN, 443a
WIMBERLY, James, 25, AL, 398b
WALTERS, William, 21, AL, 376b
WHITSON, Thomas, 46, AL, 444a

WIMBERLY, Mary, 58, TN, 396a
WARD, B.F., 35, AL, 373b
WHITSON, Thomas, 90, NC, 433a
WINDHAM, H., 39, AL, 426a
WARD, David, 26, AL, 427b
WHITSON, William, 21, AL, 444a
WINDOM, E.W., 51, SC, 435a
WARD, J.W., 30, AL, 373b
WIDDLE, James, 58, GA, 410b
WOLF, James, 56, KY, 414a
WARD, Mary, 74, England, 424d
WIGGINS, E., 30, SC, 412a
WOMACK, G., 33, AL, 458a
WARD, Sam, 25, AL, 400b
WILBANKS, A., 46, GA, 405a
WOOD, Henry, 9, AL, 370a
WARD, Willis, 68, SC, 374a
WILCUTT, Rachel, 63, GA, 444a
WOOD, M.C., 50, GA, 380b
WARREN, A.J., 53, SC, 415a
WILKE, M.D., 30, AL, 414a+

WOOD, William, 25, GA, 393b
WATSON, Isaac, 57, AL, 457b
WILKS, Asa, 72, SC, 399a
WOODS, James, C., 24, TN, 385a+
WATSON, Joshua, 61, SC, 407b+
WILLIAM, B.H., 48, NC, 424b
WOODS, William, 10, AL, 447b
WEAVERS, Harry, 25, AL, 458b
WILLIAMS, D., 55, SC, 425b
WRIGHT, B.F., 25, AL, 450a
WEBB, ___, 28, AL, 376a
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, 36, SC, 416b
WRIGHT, Elizabeth, 64, GA, 449b
WEBB, Benton, 10, AL, 405a
WILLIAMS, Jim, 35, AL, 370a
WRIGHT, Horatio, 36, GA, 449b
WEBB, James, 53, AL, 415a
WILLIAMS, John, 71, SC, 456a
WRIGHT, Jackson, 38, GA, 435a
WEBSTER, M.V., 21, AL, 387b
WILLIAMS, M.E., 11, AL, 428b
WRIGHT, M., 50, SC, 460b
WEBSTER, S.E., 28, AL, 387b
WILLIAMS, Martha, 40, TN, 445a
WRIGHT, M.J., 21, AL, 450b
WEBSTER, Samuel, 63, TN, 388a
WILLIAMS, W.T., 27, AL, 378b
WRIGHT, Nancy, 29, GA, 418a
WEBSTER, T.S., 43, AL, 369b
WILLIAMS, Whitson, 19, AL, 443a
WRIGHT, Newton, 23, AL, 435a
WEBSTER, W.C., 22, AL, 387b
WILLINGHAM, H., 14, AL, 412b
WRIGHT, Rhoda, 61, GA, 418b
WEDGWORTH, Rosa, 75, AL, 458a
WILLINGHAM, Hugh, 28, AL, 435b
WRIGHT, Robert, 38, AL, 418a+
WEEKS, Ben, 70, GA, 373b
WILLINGHAM, Reuben, 63, SC, 439b
WRIGHT, S.A., 50, NC, 450a+

~ Y ~
YARBROUGH, A., 69, SC, 431b
YERBY, F.M., 41, AL, 429b
YOUNG, James, 18, AL, 387b
YARBROUGH, S., 61, SC, 430a
YERBY, Hogan, 64, NC, 424b
YOUNG, L.J., 47, TN, 388a
YARBROUGH, S.J., 25, AL, 431b
YERBY, Mariah, 36, AL, 438b

YERBY, A., 24, AL, 449a
YOUNG, B.U., 36, SC, 430a

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