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Fayette County, Alabama
~ Letter from R.B.F. Berry to J.H. Berry ~

Generously contributed by
Marcheta Jones

May the 10
Dier brother / i sete mi self to let you know our sad miss fortune / our good old foth is desest this life / he was struck all most sud[den] / he lived a bout a hour afte[r he] was struck / we all think he ----- ded pollsy / he never spok but two words and that was he sad he had a mity bad pane in the back of his neck and he belevd it wold kill him and shore a nof it did / he dide just at day brake on the 7 of May / I got to him a half hour or more before he dide / he did not speke aftr I got thar / he never moovd hand nor foot / he looked at me as if he wa-- to spek but he did not
he ete his super harty and went to bed well and sleped and resed as far as we know / he a woke a bout fiftene minuts before he was struck and was well --nd a taking and all at onst ----- good lord cald for him and he had to go in spit of all we cod do / His funel was preached bye McDANEL and then he was lad in the grave / McDANEL was his favorite of all he had evr sene / he was struck five days before with the same deses but only lasted a half day / he sade he felt that the good lord had cald for him / he got yore kind letter and was glad to get it / he shode it to me / he never got to anser it / he was buried on the hill rite a bove wher the rode turn ---t of the big road to go to the MIS HENRY place
for fother information rite  RBF to JH

Transcriber's Notes:

The author of this letter — presumably Robert B.F. BERRY of Fayette County — was writing to his brother, John H. BERRY, who lived in Burnet County, Texas.  He was relating the unexpected death of their father, David BERRY, of Fayette County.  The letter was not dated, but Mr. BERRY's headstone at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery confirms that it was written in 1880.  A black border across the top and bottom of the page and on both sides signified that this was a death notice.  Some words are missing due to a tear in the paper.  The original letter is in the possession of Kathryn SMITH, a great-granddaughter of John H. BERRY.

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