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Fayette County, Alabama
~ Students of Bluff ~

Graciously contributed by
Barbara Jean Prather

Record Reveals Bluff Area Students
[Source: Clipping from unidentified newspaper]

John Hall HOLLIMAN of Birmingham has a roll book kept by his father, James F. HOLLIMAN, who taught school near Bluff in the 1860's.  In the book many names familiar to the Bluff area are found.

The elder HOLLIMAN was [a] First Lieutenant, Co. B, 58th Ala. Inf., CSA.  He first married Rebecca Utley STEWART.  She died Nov. 21, 1883.  His second marriage was to Bertha POWELL, one of his students.  They were the parents of several children, among whom is John Hall HOLLIMAN, who recently retired from [the] U.S. Customs Service at Birmingham.

The dates given in the roll book are 1866, 1867, 1868, and two other years which are not definite and can only be estimated to be in the 1870's and 1885.

The following names are found in the book: [NOTE: Although not stated in the article, the names appear to be separated by year in the paragraphs below (i.e., first paragraph, 1866; second paragraph,1867; etc.).]

Cornelius HOLLIMAN, brother; Nancy P. HOLLIMAN, sister; Wm. P. HOLLIMAN, brother; Ann HOLLIMAN, sister; Rebecca HOLLIMAN, sister; Frances HOLLIMAN, sister; J.W. HOLLIMAN, brother; John T. HOLLIMAN, brother who only attended five days [NOTE: John's short-lived status as a student probably was due to his age (22 years) rather than his desire to learn], Cornelia HARRIS, Josephine HARRIS, Hasseltine POWELL, Frances POWELL, Maranda POWELL, James POWELL, Ada McCLELLAND, Marcellus SOUTH, Sidney STEWART, Mary STEWART, Virginia DAVIS, Laura DAVIS,

Mary CORBLE, Caroline CORBLE, Johnathan CORBLE, Frances DAVIS, Franklin DODSON, Monroe DODSON, Wilson DODSON, Emaline DODSON, Frank DODSON, Jacob DODSON, Wesley DODSON, Eliza HARRIS, Frank HUGHEY, Ephrem HUGHEY, E.M. HUGHEY, Henry McGRAW [McCRAW?], Edward L. McGRAW, John McGRAW, Smith McGRAW,

[NOTE: Article cut off and name(s) missing] ...MERY, William MOSS, Ann REESE, Madison SYMES [SIMS?], Malinda SYMES, John SYMES, Frances STEWART, Hiram GOODWIN, Joshua GOODWIN, Isiam (Isaiah) GOODWIN, Gaston McCLAIN, William McGRAW, Elizabeth McGRAW, J. Farnel McGRAW, Benjamin McGRAW, Ann P. REESE, D.C. REESE, Eugenia STEWART, Matt SYMES, Martha SOUTH, Rhoda SOUTH, Lorena SOUTH, James SOUTH, Ann SMITHERMAN, Tina SMITHERMAN, Laura THOMPSON, Louvenia THOMPSON, Virginia THOMPSON, Cornelia THOMPSON, Alice THOMPSON,

Harmon CAMPBELL, Eliza BARNES, Littleton BARNES, Burton BARNES, Jessie BARNES, Joseph BARNES, Perry CAIN, Mary CAIN, Magnolia CAIN, J.B. CUNNINGHAM, Joe CUNNINGHAM, Thomas CUNNINGHAM, V.A. HOLLIMAN, daughter; I.F. HOLLIMAN, son; Joseph ABERNATHY, Eugenia PRATER, Minnie B. SCOTT, Isabella SCOTT, Martha SCOTT, Sallie WOODS, Rufus  BUCKNER (later to become HOLLIMAN's brother-in-law), James GEORGE,

Frank BYARS, William BYARS, James BYARS, Joe BYARS, Amanda BYARS, Virginia BYARS, Bud DYER, Charles DYER, Ada GARTMAN, Bess GARTMAN, Fannie GARTMAN, Cor. GARTMAN, Bailey HOLLIMAN, son; Monroe LUCAS, Frank LUCAS, Pleas. LUCAS, William LUCAS, Virg. A. LUCAS, Elizabeth LUCAS, Dora MOSLEY, Leon MOSLEY, Lou McCLUSKEY, Bell McCLUSKY, Bertha POWELL (his second wife), Stant. POWELL, Delia SANDERS, Fannie POORE, Alonzo POORE, Virgia POORE, Thomas SMITH [NOTE: Rest of article (if any) cut off.]

Bluff School (circa 1912)

Old Bluff School about 1912

Some of those recognized, starting front row left to right, Cleora POWELL [circled], Elora HOLLIMAN, Harold ROBERTS, Scecil LAUGSTON [Cecil LANGSTON?], Braskie HOCUTT MULINAX, Leon POWELL, Miss Vergie WALDROP teacher, Ruth McCARVER BARNES, Austin BARNES, Rhonda Belle GARTMAN, Loama HOCUTT.

I am the great-granddaughter of
Stanton A. Powell (1883-1933) and Mattie L. Dollar (1878-1907)
and the granddaughter of Cleora Powell.
I would love to locate the original "Old Bluff School" photograph
or, at least, obtain a better copy.
Please contact me if you can help.
~ Barbara Jean Prather

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