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Fayette County, Alabama

~ Customers at Burr Wilson's Store ~

This information was posted by a previous county coordinator.
The original source appears to have been an old account book (see below).
It is apparent that this is only a partial listing of Mr. WILSON's patrons.
If anyone has access to these records, please contact me.
This valuable resource should be posted in its entirety. 

Page 1:

(Rufus) to DAVIS (John)

Page 2:

(John) to HOWTON (Abraham)

"Sometime in the early '90s I was poking around the courthouse and the ladies in the probate office directed me to another room across the hall that I had never been in.  This is apparently where the county commissioner records were stored and they went way back.  I had seen these records cited in various places but had never seem them myself until then.  They were not indexed.  Among these books I found the Burr Wilson account book.  I was amazed that it was there.  I didn't have the time that day to peruse it carefully and I was leaving town after that.  The next time I went back I couldn't find them again and since the courthouse has been extensively renovated since then perhaps these old records and the account book have been located.  Apparently, the account book is the source for the 'Burr Wilson customer list' that has been around a while.  It was first published, to my knowledge, in one of the early '70s Broadcaster books, and I have seen one 1960s vintage paper where Marguerite Callahan, a well-known Fayette County researcher, cited the book and gave some information from it.  The book lists not only the names of customers but their purchases, which is interesting.  Burr Wilson was probate (county) judge at one time so supposedly this is why his personal account book came to be in the courthouse; at least this is what I read or heard at one time." ~ Richard B. Herring, e-mail message, 31 Mar 2005

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