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Fayette County, Alabama

~ Index to the Online Cemetery Records ~

Generously compiled and contributed by
W.T. "Terry" Thornton

As of this writing (July 2006), more than 175 cemeteries and burial places have been identified in Fayette County, Alabama.  At least 43 of these are known locally by two and sometimes three different names, which brings the total number of recognized cemetery names to well over 200.  The late Herbert M. Newell Jr. and his wife, Jeanie Patterson Newell, transcribed many of these cemeteries in the late 1950s.  Their transcriptions, as well as numerous others from various contributors, are posted on this ALGenWeb site (see Fayette County
Cemetery Records), the USGenWeb Archives Project for Fayette County ("+"), and/or other offsite web pages.

Within the online transcriptions, more than 13,400 individual burials are recorded.  But accessing all of these records requires a slow process of opening multiple files and looking for names among lists that are not standardized in format much less arranged in alphabetical order.  This index streamlines that process and makes the countless hours of work by the Newells and other contributors more readily accessible to Fayette County researchers and family historians.  

The burials in this index are listed alphabetically by SURNAME, then Given Name (or initials), followed by the year of birth and year of death (if recorded).  Preceding each entry is a three-digit code number that identifies the place of burial.  The code numbers with corresponding cemeteries are shown below.  Please note that some cemeteries (added recently) are listed out of "alpha" order at the bottom of the list.

Researchers are advised to search the individual cemetery listings/transcriptions for additional information, including map directions, notes/corrections provided by other researchers, and, in most cases, more complete dates.  Some gravestones, and even entire cemeteries, have been photographed by generous contributors. 

If you cannot locate your relative, remember that many of these transcriptions were completed in the late 1950s.  Those cemeteries that are still in use may have hundreds of additional burials not included in this index.  Additionally, many graves are marked only with field stones and others have been lost to time and memory.


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001  Adams-Pinion Family Cemetery
002  Alta Cemetery (different from Alta Baptist Cemetery, 224)   
003  Anthony Family Cemetery
004  Antioch Cemetery #1 
005  Antioch Cemetery #2
006  Antioch Cemetery #3 (formerly Antioch Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery) 
007  Ashcraft Corner Baptist Church Cemetery
008  Ballard Family Cemetery (a/k/a "Second Ballard Cemetery")
009  Ballard School House Cemetery
010  Bankhead Cemetery 
011  Bankston Cemetery
012  Belk Cemetery see Antioch Cemetery #3 (006)
013  Berea Church of Christ Cemetery
014  Berry City Cemetery
015  Berryhill Family Cemetery
016  Bethabara Baptist Cemetery (a/k/a Bethaberry Cemetery)
017  Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery see Gibson Hill Baptist Church Cemetery (059)
018  Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery
019  Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery  
020  Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery
021  Bevan Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
022  Bluff Cemetery 
023  Boley Springs Cemetery  
024  Box Cemetery  
025  Brotherton Family Cemetery
026  Brown Cemetery NE see Turkey Creek Cemetery (196)
027  Brown Cemetery SW   
028  Bunkum/Buncombe/Buncomb Cemetery 
029  Caines Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery
030  Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery 
000  Camp Comfort Community Cemetery see Housh Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery (080) 
031  Cedar Creek Cemetery see Alta Cemetery (002) 
032  Cedar Grove Church Cemetery
033  Chapel Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
034  Chapel Hill Methodist Church Cemetery see Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery (156)
035  Cleveland Church of Christ Cemetery
036  Clover Hill Cemetery +
037  Concord Baptist Church Cemetery
038  County Line Cemetery 
039  Covin Baptist Church Cemetery
040  Davis Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery 
041  Davis Chapel Church Cemetery  
042  Dobbs, Barzilla S. and Hugh L. Bolton burials
043  Dobbs Family Cemetery
044  Dykes Cemetery see Mozingo Cemetery (109) 
045  Earnest Cemetery  
046  Edmonds Family Cemetery 
047  Elam/Ellem Cemetery see Elm Church of Christ Cemetery (050) 
048  El Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery +
049  El Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery; see Bunkum Cemetery (028) 
050  Elm Church of Christ Cemetery  
051  Elm Grove Church Cemetery  
052  Enis Family Cemetery
053  Fayette City Cemetery 
000  Fayette Memorial Gardens Cemetery see Heritage Memorial Gardens Cemetery (071) 
054  Feltman Family Cemetery
055  Flat Top Cemetery
056  Flatwood Cemetery (a/k/a Upper Flatwood Cemetery)  
057  Fowler Family Cemetery
058  Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery 
059  Gibson Hill Baptist Church Cemetery  
060  Gibson Hill Cemetery see Willcutt Chapel Cemetery (210)
061  Gilpin Family Cemetery
062  Glen Allen Methodist Church Cemetery
063  Glover Family Cemetery
064  Gravlee Family Cemetery  
065  Gumbud Cemetery see Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery (094) 
066  Harmony Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
067  Harper Cemetery 
068  Harris Cemetery 
069  Harris Graves
070  Heggard Church Cemetery see Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery (077) 
071  Heritage Memorial Gardens Cemetery  
072  Hillcrest Cemetery  
073  Hodges Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
074  Hodges Family Cemetery
075  Holliman Family Cemetery see Stewart Family Cemetery #2 (185) 
076  Hollingsworth Family Cemetery
077  Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery   
078  Hopewell Cemetery
079  Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
080  Housh Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery  
081  Hubbertville Church of Christ Cemetery +
082  Humber Family Cemetery
083  Hyder Family Cemetery see Harper Cemetery (067) 
084  Jenkins Family Cemetery
085  Johnson Family Cemetery
086  Johnson School House Cemetery 
087  Killingsworth Family Cemetery see New River Baptist Church Cemetery (124) 
088  Kimbrell Cemetery see Montgomery Family Cemetery (104) 
089  Kuykendall Family Cemetery
090  Lawrence Cemetery see Randolph Cemetery (164) 
091  Lee Family Cemetery see Vick-Kelly Cemetery (200) 
092  Liberty Hill Methodist Church Cemetery 
093  Logan Cemetery 
094  Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery  
095  Madison Cemetery see Pendley Cemetery (148) +
096  Madison Family Cemetery
097  Mallory Cemetery  
098  Mayfield Church of Christ Cemetery
099  McCollum Cemetery see Hubbertville Church of Christ Cemetery (081) +
100  McCollum Family Cemetery
101  McConnell Family Cemetery see Heritage Memorial Gardens Cemetery (071) 
102  McDonald Family Cemetery see Mallory Cemetery (097) 
103  Melton Family Cemetery
104  Montgomery Family Cemetery    
105  Moore Family Cemetery see Woods Cemetery (214) 
106  Morris Family Cemetery
107  Moss Family Cemetery
108  Mountain Home Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery  
109  Mozingo Cemetery  
110  Mt. Joy Baptist Church Cemetery see Alta Cemetery (002)
111  Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery
112  Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church Cemetery
113  Mt. Vernon Methodist Church Cemetery
114  Mt. Willing Cemetery +
115  Musgrove Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery
116  Musgrove Family Cemetery see Edmonds Family Cemetery (046)
117  Nall Family Cemetery see Gravlee Family Cemetery (064) 
118  New Canaan Cemetery 
119  New Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery 
120  New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
121  New Hope Cemetery  
122  New Liberty Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery  
123  New Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery 
124  New River Baptist Church Cemetery  
125  New River Church of Christ Cemetery +
126  New River Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery see Wade Cemetery (202) +
127  New Salem Cemetery  
128  Oak Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery 
129  Oak Grove Methodist Church Cemetery
130  Oakwood Memorial Cemetery see Heritage Memorial Gardens Cemetery (071) 
131  Old Bethel Cemetery
132  Old Brand Cemetery
133  Old Canaan Cemetery 
134  Old Lebanon Cemetery 
135  Old Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery
136  Old Rocky Mount Baptist Church Cemetery
137  Old Salem Church Cemetery  
138  Old Shepherd Church Cemetery
139  Old Union Cemetery see Wade Cemetery (202) +
140  Old Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
141  Old Wesley Chapel Cemetery  
142  Owens Family Cemetery
143  Palestine Cemetery 
144  Panter Family Cemetery #1 (a/k/a Old Panter Cemetery) 
145  Panter Family Cemetery #2 
146  Patterson Family Cemetery
147  Pea Ridge Methodist Church Cemetery
148  Pendley Cemetery +

149  Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery
150  Phillips Cemetery NE 
151  Phillips Family Cemetery
152  Phillips Memorial Cemetery 
153  Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church Cemetery
154  Piney Grove Church Cemetery  
155  Piney Grove Church of God Cemetery 
156  Pisgah Baptist Church Cemetery  
157  Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
158  Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery
159  Pleasant Hill Church Cemetery see Johnson School House Cemetery (086) 
160  Pleasant Hill Methodist Church Cemetery
161  Porter Family Cemetery see Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery (030)
162  Possum Trot Cemetery see New Liberty Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery (122)
163  Powell Family Cemetery see Bluff Cemetery (022) 
164  Randolph Cemetery  
165  Rehobeth Baptist Church Cemetery
166  Rice Family Cemetery
167  Robertson Family Cemetery
168  Rocky Mount Baptist Church Cemetery see Old Rocky Mount Baptist Cemetery (136)
169  Rose Hill Cemetery see Hopewell Baptist Church Cemetery (077)
170  Salem Nazarene Church Cemetery
171  Sand Springs Cemetery see Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery (058)
172  Sanders Family Cemetery
173  Savage Family Cemetery +
174  Shady Grove Baptist Church Cemetery
175  Shady Grove Church Cemetery SW  
176  Shady Grove Nazarene Church Cemetery
177  Shepherd Baptist Church Cemetery
178  Shirley Family Cemetery
179  Siloam Baptist Church Cemetery (a/k/a Solome Cemetery) 
180  Simmons Cemetery 
181  South Family Cemetery
182  Spring Hill Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery
183  Sprinkle Hill Cemetery see Clover Hill Cemetery (036) +
184  Stewart Family Cemetery #1
185  Stewart Family Cemetery #2  
186  Strong Family Cemetery see Whitley/Whitson Cemetery (209) 
187  Studdards Crossroads Cemetery
188  Sulphur Springs Baptist Church Cemetery
189  Summers Cemetery  
190  Tabernacle Cemetery
191  Thornton Cemetery 
192  Tidwell Family Cemetery  
193  Tidwell Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery
194  Tucker Family Cemetery North see Tidwell Family Cemetery (192) 
195  Tucker Family Cemetery South
196  Turkey Creek Cemetery 
197  Unidentified or Forgotten Cemeteries
198  Union Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 
199  Unity Baptist Church Cemetery see Housh Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery (080) 
200  Vick-Kelly Cemetery  
201  Victory Church Cemetery 
202  Wade Cemetery
203  Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery
204  West Highland Church of Christ Cemetery 
205  Whitehead Family Cemetery
206  White Springs Church Cemetery
207  Whites Chapel Church of Christ Cemetery
208  Whitley Cemetery NE 
209  Whitley/Whitson Family Cemetery   
210  Willcutt Chapel Cemetery  
211  Williamson Family Cemetery see Montgomery Family Cemetery (088) 
212  Willingham Cemetery 
213  Wilson Cemetery see Old Wesley Chapel Cemetery (141) 
214  Woods Cemetery  
215  Wright Family Cemetery  
216  Zion Cemetery (in Fayette city proper) 
217  Zion Chapel Cemetery 
218  Zion Methodist Church Cemetery  
219  Old Philadelphia Church Cemetery 
220  Wesley Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery (SW) 
221  Unity Grove Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery 
222  Old Tyre Cemetery see Phillips Cemetery NE (150)
223  Lucas, Charles Daniel (Jr.) Grave  
224  Alta Baptist Cemetery (different from Alta/Cedar Creek/Mt. Joy Baptist Cemetery, 002) 

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