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If you would like to advertise an upcoming family reunion, please send your information to the Fayette County Coordinator.  Be sure to include the name and address (e-mail & postal) of at least one contact person.  Please scroll down to view all notices.






Reese ~ April 7

Descendants of John Reese & Bertha Ruthie Reese
are all invited to attend

The Reese Reunion

April 7, 2012
Wayside Community Center
 10:00 a.m.

We plan to eat about noon.
Please bring a 2-liter drink, dessert, and a bag of chips to share.

For more info contact:

Ann Reese
(931) 732-4596




Miles ~ June 8–10

Rev. Wiley Miles along with his wife Rebecca Savannah Bobo and 5 small children
migrated to Alabama from South Carolina with a large extended family group in 1844.
Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church, located six miles west of Fayette,
was organized in 1850 by Rev. Miles.
Rev. Miles gave land for the first Church, school as well as
the cemetery and served as the first pastor.

The descendants of Wiley Miles, his parents Landon Miles and Sarah Martin,
as well as the descendants of Wiley’s grandparents,
Thomas Miles and Sarah Farrow, invite you to the

(including allied families of Farrow/Waters/Bobo/Rainwater)

 Cross Anchor, South Carolina
June 8-10, 2012

For more information please see our website


Or contact
Marguerite Miles Harrington





Aldridge / Canterbury / Bowling / Lee / Berryhill / Bridges / Westmoreland
October 27

Aldridge • Canterbury • Bowling • Lee
Berryhill • Bridges • Westmoreland

October 27, 2012
Glen Allen Methodist Church Basement
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
(or when the AL football games begin, unless no games are scheduled)

The Church once again invites us all for this family gathering.
They are pleased to have us use the facilities in the basement, and we are happy
to be gathering there.  Let someone know if you have alternate ideas for a meeting place.
In memory of every loved one in the cemetery, we will make
a donation to the Cemetery Upkeep Fund, as we have in past years.

We hope everyone is well, and you can plan to join us for a potluck,
family reunion.  Pass the word to any relatives, and come have lunch
(we have some really good cooks in the family).  And this year, let’s celebrate
the food of Alabama and all the good cooks we have at hand.

Please plan to visit with us for a brief time, if you can’t stay long.
Thanks to those who provide paper/plastic products for us,
which makes the whole day a bit easier.  We want to see everyone
and get news of how we are all doing.  Let’s hope for good health for everyone
(no emergencies) and good weather for all of us near and far.
See you on Sat. 27 Oct. in Glen Allen.

Whoever gets to the location first, the back basement door sticks
and is difficult to pull open -- we have often thought it was locked,
but it was just stuck.  The front doors are sometimes unlocked, other times not
(bathrooms are near the front door).  If the hill next to the highway is too steep,
park on the side of the church nearest the train tracks.
Plan to eat pot luck (with those excellent Alabama cooks
& those of us who inherited some cooking techniques from AL cooks)
about noon, but come earlier and stay later to visit.
Enjoy the air conditioning in the basement or a stroll
through the cemetery.  The reunion may be scheduled for October,
but we are in the south.


Wanda James
6265 Valleydale Drive, Memphis, TN 38141
(901) 794-5003 






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