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Fayette County, Alabama
~ Walter Harkins Family ~

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Jon Stewart

Walter HARKINS was born on July 25, 1776, in North Carolina, the son of Hugh and Elizabeth HARKINS, Scotch-Irish immigrants who landed at Charleston in 1767.  Family sources claimed that he was born in Ireland and came to America at 12 years of age, but census records state North Carolina as his birthplace and a will from Hugh HARKINS that has his name on it.  Walter was married to Joanna STEWART about 1798, probably in Pendleton District, South Carolina.  He is listed on the 1800 census of Pendleton Dist. with his father 2 houses down from him.

About 1804 or 1805, Walter moved his family to Georgia where they lived for 5-10 years.  He then moved his family to Lincoln Co., Tennessee.  Sometime in the late 1810's or early 1820's, the family relocated about 5 miles north of where present-day Fayette, Alabama, is.  He lived in a very fine, large home.  Walter was a Judge and magistrate of Fayette Co., but all records of his tenure were destroyed in a courthouse fire in the 1860's.  According to family history, he was a member of no church, but a Universalist.  His wife Joanna died on April 6, 1853, and Walter died on August 27, 1864, at the age of 88.  No grave marker has been found on either one of them, however, they are believed to have been buried in the Stewart Family Cemetery north of Fayette.

Walter and Joanna Stewart Harkins had the following children:

1.   William Stewart HARKINS, born March 23, 1799, in South Carolina.
      Died December 4, 1853.  Buried in Mt.Vernon Methodist Cemetery.  Married Catherine Lemons MOORE.

2.   Elizabeth HARKINS, born September 3, 1800, in South Carolina.
      Died ca. 1889.  Never married.

3.   Andrew HARKINS, born October 16, 1802, in South Carolina.
      Died April 6, 1871.  Buried in Hopewell Primitive Baptist Cemetery.  Married Christian SMITH.

4.   Charles HARKINS, born May 2, 1805, in Georgia.
      Died ca. 1889.  Never married.

5.   Hugh HARKINS.  No birthdate available; died in childhood.

6.   Sarah HARKINS, born July 7, 1817, in Lincoln Co., Tennessee.
      Died June 28, 1867, in Fayette, Alabama.  Married William DAVIS.

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