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Fayette County, Alabama
~ William Stewart Harkins Family ~

Generously contributed by
Jon Stewart

William Stewart HARKINS was born on March 23, 1799, in Pendleton District, South Carolina, the son of Judge Walter HARKINS and Joanna STEWART.  He came to Alabama in the late 1810's or early 1820's.  About 1828, he was married to Catherine Lemons MOORE, daughter of Lewellen MOORE, a noted preacher and elder in the Primitive Baptist Church.  Their home was located approximately 6 miles west of Fayette on the Leuxapolia River. 

William Stewart HARKINS died on December 4, 1853, at the age of 54 and was buried in Mt. Vernon Methodist Cemetery.  His wife Katy, as she was called, was left to manage the estate and raise the children.  Sometime in the 1870's, Katy left Alabama and moved to Lampasas Co., Texas, where some of her children and brothers lived.  She was listed on the 1880 census living next to her brother, John MOORE.  Katy died on May 16, 1895, and was buried in Killeen, Texas.

William Stewart and Catherine Lemons Moore Harkins had the following children:

1.   Hugh Lewellen HARKINS, born September 23, 1829.
      Died March 17, 1875, in Elgin, Bastrop Co., Texas.  Buried in Hogeye Cemetery.  Married Julia Catherine TURNER.

2.   Elijah Moore HARKINS, born ca. 1831.
      Died in Civil War in Chickamauga, Georgia.  Married Sarah BOBO.

3.   Julia Ann Elizabeth HARKINS, born December 6, 1832.
      Died August 23, 1908, in Clarendon, Donley Co., Texas.  Buried in Citizens Cemetery.  Married a Mr. SHEPHARD.

4.   James Martin HARKINS, born ca. 1835.
      Died in Civil War in Virginia.  Married Agnes SELF.

5.   John Thomas HARKINS, born December 4, 1837.
      Died October 4, 1904, in Killeen, Bell Co., Texas.  Buried in Killeen, Texas.  Married Mary Jane JONES.

6.   William Benton HARKINS, born September 19, 1840.
      Died April 4, 1921, in Fayette, Alabama.  Buried in Mt. Vernon Cemetery.  Married Mary Caroline SMITH.

7.   Biddie Priscilla HARKINS, born September 2, 1844.
      Died January 26, 1924, in Killeen, Texas.  Buried in Killeen, Texas.  Married John R. SMITH.

8.   Walter Worth HARKINS, born January 19, 1849.
      Died May 30, 1922, Fayette, Alabama.  Buried in Fayette City Cemetery.  Married Lula BURRIS.
      *Walter's daughter Musa was married to Alabama senator John Hollis BANKHEAD.

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