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Fayette County, Alabama

~ Original Landowners ~
(in southwest Fayette County)

Special Thanks to Mark LaFave for the marvelous job he did on this deed map.

The following maps show the original land owners within four townships in the southwestern portion of the county.
Township 16 S
Range 13 W
Township 16 S
Range 12 W
Township 17 S
Range 13 W
Township 17 S
Range 12 W

These maps were compiled by Mr. LaFave from the Original Land Patents database at the Bureau of Land Management - Eastern States - General Land Office.  Mr. LaFave comments, "Surname spelling is as recorded in the database unless known by the author. This map contains approximately 1,000 patents.  Approximately 1 percent of the patents conflict.  Each land tract contains the patentee name, the number of acres, and the signature date that the patent was applied for.  Ninety percent of these patents were cash entry sales bought from the Tuscaloosa Land Office.  Sections 16 were reserved for school districts by a Congressional act in 1820." 

Mark LaFave is the great-great-great grandson of early Fayette County Alabama settler Joseph Wright.

This area has been divided into nine different images for display upon the web site. You may view the pages online or download larger images for printing or further study.

Map 1:
NW Corner


Map 2:
N Central


Map 3:
NE Corner


Map 4:
W Central


Map 5:


Map 6:
E Central


Map 7:
SW Corner


Map 8:
S Central


Map 9:
SE Corner


NW corner NC section NE corner WC section Center section EC section SW corner SC section SE corner

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