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Fayette County Alabama
~ John Hollingsworth Family of Fayette County ~

John HOLLINGSWORTH was born 9/3/1792 in Franklin Co., Georgia.  He married Matilda “Tilda” WHITE in Franklin Co. on 11/24/1816.  They moved to Fayette Co. in 1824.  Together they had six children.  Tildy died unexpectedly in 1825.  John then courted and married Zilpha GALLOWAY on 10/11/1827 […] She and John had fifteen children, three dying in infancy.  John was a successful farmer and became one of the largest landowners in Fayette Co.  He died on 11/30/1880.  Zilpha lived until 4/15/1894.  They are buried in the Hollingsworth Cemetery on Ford’s Mountain, Fayette County. [1]

Samuel Hollingsworth

Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH was the first child born to John and Matilda HOLLINGSWORTH.  He was born on 9/7/1817 in Franklin County, Georgia.  He  married Martha Louise GALLOWAY, younger sister to his stepmother Zilpha, on 5/20/1838.  Their children were: (1) Matilda, born 12/2/1840, who later married Charner James McCOLLUM, youngest son of James K. and Sarah Carter McCOLLUM; and (2) Phebe, born 5/17/1849, married G.W. McDONALD.  (Two others listed on the 1850 census, Marion and Thomas, could possibly have been their children.)  After Martha Louise’s death, Samuel married Nancy Caroline McCOLLUM, the oldest daughter of James K. and Sarah Carter McCOLLUM and sister to his son-in-law, James Charner McCOLLUM.  Jim HERREN has recently discovered that Nancy was the widow of Russell SPARKS.  Russell and Nancy had two daughters, Sarah and Basheba.  Samuel and Nancy had the following children: (1) Frances, born 4/10/1855, (2)  Drusilla (Priscilla), born 1859.  Samuel died 12/5/1880.  Thanks to Jim for his help.

Thomas Hollingsworth

Thomas HOLLINGSWORTH was the second child of John and Tildy.  He was born on 9/30/1818.  He married Margaret FOWLER on 1/30/1841.  They lived in Fayette County and had the following children: (1) Mary, born 1/6/1842, died 9/12/1859, (2) Emily, born 3/21/1844, died 5/5/1850, (3) Samuel, born 9/23/45, died 5/5/1855, (4) Margaret, born 4/1849, died 9/4/1859, (5) Sarah, born 10/24/1851, died 2/8/1857, (6) Frances, born 7/7/1854, died 8/12/1859, (7) Joannah, born 12/25/1856, died 8/9/1875, (8) Virginia Hill, born 4/6/1860, married William A.J. NEWTON, (9) John Thomas, born 10/1/1862, married Ida E. NEWTON.  Sad family.  Only two of nine children survived.

Jeptha Hollingsworth

Jeptha was the third child of John and Tildy.  He was born on 5/28/1820.  He married Martha “Patsy” FORD, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth FORD.  They had the following children: (1) Elizabeth, born 1/20/1834, married Isaac PAYNE (2) John Stevens, born 9/7/1845, married Melissa Ann McCOLLUM, daughter of Henry Carter McCOLLUM and granddaughter of James K. McCOLLUM, (3) Matilda, born 6/20/1847, died 11/14/1892, (4) Martha, born 12/29/1848, married Josiah SHIRLEY, (5) Malinda, born 12/3/1851, married James PICKLE, (6) Mary, born 5/19/1853, married William KIRKLAND, (7) Phoebe Kizziah, born 5/26/1855, married Wesley WHITE, (8) Jacob Newton, born 4/18/1857, married Annie Louise WELCH, (9) Belzora, born 3/29/1859, married Morris KILLINGSWORTH, (10) Orenia Jennie, born 1/18/1861, married Elijah RAINEY, (11) Sarah Clementine, born 2/2/1863, married Benjamin GILPIN, (12) Nannie, born 2/9/1867, married W.L. LONG, (13) Basha, born 7/4/1868, died 10/20/1870.

Phoebe Hollingsworth McCaleb

Phoebe was the fourth child of John and Tildy.  She was born on 1/9/1822 and married James H. McCALEB, the sixth child of Hugh and Elizabeth [Holbrook] McCALEB, on 5/10/1838.  They had the following children: (1) Leysta W., born 11/1/1839, died 3/26/1848, (2) Annthey Sue, born 11/10/1840, died in childhood, (3) Zilpha, born 4/1/1842, died 8/16/1844, (4) John H., born 7/7/1843, died 5/8/1844, (5) James K. Polk, born 3/7/1845, died 4/18/1846, (6) William, born 10/30/1848, died in childhood, (7) Andrew, born 7/4/1855, death unknown, (8) Hugh Clark, born 2/8/1859, married Margaret Eliza HARRIS, granddaughter of Daniel and Elizabeth FORD.  After Margaret’s death, Hugh married twice more.  Children by these marriages is unknown.  (9) Eppie Belzora, born 5/16/1861, died in childhood.  Another sad family.  Only one or possibly two of nine children survived to adulthood. [2]

Mary Hollingsworth Evans

Mary was the fifth child born to John and Tildy.  She was born on 11/8/1823, probably in Franklin Co., Georgia.  She married Arthur EVANS on 1/14/1841 in Fayette Co. and they had the following children: (1) Samuel Franklin, born 5/7/1842, died 5/18/1859, (2) Hepsey Katherine, born 5/7/1844, (3) John Thomas, born 2/24/1846, 4) Henryetta Matilda, born 11/26/1847, died 12/23/1848, (5) Mary Vinnah, born 11/26/1849, (6) Americus Columbus, born 9/16/1857, (7) Nancy Virginia, born 12/13/1859.  I have not tried to follow this family as closely as some of the other descendants; consequently I have very little information on the children other than that presented here.

Matilda Hollingsworth

Matilda [sixth child of John and Tildy], born 8/25/1825, died 2/26/1832.  She is buried in the Old Hollingsworth Cemetery on Ford’s Mountain.

These are the children of John and Matilda HOLLINGSWORTH.  At Matilda’s death, John was left with six small children to care for.  He courted and won Zilpha GALLOWAY, the seventh daughter of Thomas and Jane Beal GALLOWAY.  Zilpha was eighteen years of age when she and John married.  She immediately became the mother to six little ones, and she and John had fifteen additional children.  Zilpha wrote about some of the stepchildren in her journal, and if one was not aware that she was not their mother it would go unnoticed as she showed no difference in them and her own.  She evidently was a very kind and benevolent soul who was loved and respected by all her children.  She kept a journal of the birth, deaths and marriages of the children and grandchildren.  Also her journal is filled with information about loans she made to family members and other folks in the community.  She is the only ancestor that I have found to keep such a record.

Sarah Hollingsworth Fowler

Sarah was the first child born to John and Zilpha.  She was born 7/17/1827 in Fayette Co.  She married Thomas Edward FOWLER on 10/29/1850.  They had the following children: (1) Daniel Huston, born 11/29/1851, (2) John Lafayette, born 6/5/1854, (3) William Jacob, born 6/23/1858, (4) Belza Elizabeth, born 6/23/1862, (5) James “Winchester,” born 3/21/1867.  Sarah and Thomas spent their entire married life in Fayette County.  They are buried in Cedar Grove Cemetery, near Fowler’s Crossroads, Fayette Co., Alabama.

Jane Hollingsworth Ford

Jane was the second child and second daughter of John and Zilpha.  She was born on 12/24/1829.  She married Daniel Newton “Newt” FORD, the second son of Daniel and Elizabeth FORD, on 2/17/1848.  They had the following children: (1) Zilpha Elizabeth Kezziah, born 1/15/1849, (2) Sarah E., born 4/30/1850, (3) James J., born 7/11/1851, (4) Dorothy Frances, born 12/4/1852, (5) John S., born 9/11/1854, (6) Hannah Elizabeth, born 12/14/1855, (7) Martha Luesa, born 2/16/1857, (8) Jacob Alva Jackson, born 1/29/1859, (9) Mary Ann Colema, born 6/21/1861.  Newt was killed in the Civil War.  Jane moved to Texas and never remarried.  She was buried in Milam County, Texas.

Hannah Hollingsworth Reynolds

Hannah was the third child and third daughter of John and Zilpha.  She was born on 2/9/1831.  She married George “Jake” REYNOLDS on 10/19/1848.  They had the following children: (1) John William, born 9/21/1849, (2) Sara M., born 11/5/1850, (3) Eli A., born 6/1/1852, died 11/13/1852, (4) Thomas Galloway, born 6/10/1853, died 1/10/1857, (5) Greenberg Morgan, born 8/30/1854, died 1/16/1857, (6) Zilpha Amanda, born 12/22/1855, (7) Lucinda Jane, born 11/7/1857, (8) Jacob Churchill, born 1/16/1859, (9) Georgia Ann Frances, born 1/2/1861.  Jake was killed in the Civil War and Hannah never remarried. [3]

Jacob Hollingsworth

Jacob was the fourth child and first son born to John and Zilpha.  He was born 6/5/1832.  He married Sarah Frances “Sallie” McCALEB, daughter of Andrew and Leah [Catherine McCollum] McCALEB, on 4/5/1860.  They had the following children: (1) John Tyler, born 2/7/1864, married Orpha Elizabeth PERRY, (2) Andrew Jackson “Dude,” born 9/28/1868, married Georgia Elizabeth NEAL, (3) Zelpha, born 1/2/1872, married John Wesley FRANKS, (4) Thomas Galloway, born 11/21/1874, married Mary Ann “Mollie” McCALEB, (5) Sarah Frances, born 2/17/1877, married Huey Thomas “Bud” HOLLINGSWORTH.

Greenberry Hollingsworth

Greenberry was the fifth child and second son born to John and Zilpha.  He was born on 11/13/1833.  He lived just over one year.  He died on 12/26/1834.  He was buried in the Hollingsworth Cemetery on Ford’s Mountain.

Frances Hollingsworth Roberts

Frances was the sixth child and fourth daughter.  She was born on 3/1/1835.  She married Matthew H. ROBERTS on 8/24/1856 in Fayette County.  They had the following children: (1) Samuel Houston, born 7/25/1857, married Melvina MARTIN, (2) Howard Roberts (twin), born 12/5/1861, married Mary GREY, (3) Matthew Henry (twin), born 12/5/1861, married Sallie BITTLE.

Zilpha Hollingsworth Fowler
Zilpha was the seventh child and fifth daughter.  She was born on 4/27/1836.  She married Coleman Green FOWLER, son of John Daniel and Elizabeth Stough FOWLER.  They married on 5/27/1855.  They had the following children: (1) Francina Ann, born 9/8/1856, married James Madison LOWERY, (2) Emily Jane, born 6/29/1858, married W.J. “Bud” DEASON, (3) James Coleman, born 8/14/1862, married Martha Frances LOWERY, (4) Zilphia Elizabeth, born 7/25/1864, married Horace Burton STACKS, (5) Felix Lawson, born 2/12/1876, married Lula Bell STOUGH, (6) Margilene Ersula, born 8/8/1878, married James Howell STOUGH.

John R. Hollingsworth

John R. was the eighth child and third son of John and Zilpha.  He was born on 11/15/1837.  He married Elizabeth Jane “Bet” McCALEB on 7/24/1862 in Fayette County.  “Bet” was the daughter of Andrew and Leah C. McCALEB.  They had the following children: (1) J.R., born 7/23/1863, died 6/15/1917, (2) Martha Jane, born 6/8/1865, married William Melton WOODARD, (3) Nancy Missouri, born 12/16/1866, married Madison Benjamin McCOLLUM, (4) William M. “Dock,” born 5/4/1869, married Louetta “Jenny” MORRIS, (5) John Galloway “Judge,” born 4/3/1871, married Maude KILLINGSWORTH, (6) Virginia E., born 4/3/1873, married Wiley KILLINGSWORTH, (7) Regina Catherine, born 1/12/1875, married James Franklin McCALEB, (8) James Wiley, born 12/17/1876, married Mandy Bell KELLY, (9) Lula V., born 1/22/1878, married William R. DODSON, (10) Emma Frances, born 1/31/1881, married William Aute TUCKER, (11) Artie Bess, born 1/14/1883, married John Hopwood HALLMARK.

Henry Hollingsworth

Henry was the ninth child and fourth son of John and Zilpha.  He was born on 8/30/1840.  He joined the Confederate Army and according to Zilpha’a journal left home on 6/17/1861.  He was wounded in battle near Richmond, Virginia, on 6/30/1862 and died of those wounds on 7/27/1862. [4]

James D. Hollingsworth

James D. HOLLINGSWORTH was the tenth child and the fifth son born to John and Zilpha.  He was born on 8/11/1843.  He enlisted in the Confederate Army on August 3, 1861, and was present at Andersonville.  Died in action around Kennesaw Mountain on June 24, 1864, in Marietta, Georgia.  He was a member of the 26th Alabama, company I, “Sipsey Guards.”  He served with several of his relatives.  He was the second son of John and Zilpha to die in the Civil War.  He never married.

Wiley Jackson Hollingsworth

Wiley Jackson was the eleventh child and sixth son of John and Zilpha.  He was born on 6/27/1845.  He married Regina Ann McCALEB, daughter of Andrew and Leah Catherine McCALEB, on 12/1/1864.  They had the following children: (1) Nancy Bashie, born 2/19/1865.  She married Hugh Roscoe McCALEB.  (2) Martha Catherine, born 11/19/1866.  She married John Ransom NICHOLS.  (3) Margaret Elizabeth, born 1869.  She married Pollard Randolph WAKEFIELD.  (4) Huey Thomas “Bud,” born 3/17/1871.  He married Sarah Frances HOLLINGSWORTH, daughter of Jacob and Sallie McCaleb HOLLINGSWORTH.  (5) James Henry, born 10/17/1872.  He married Novia Adeline HOWELL.  (6) Mary Frances, born 3/23/1875.  She married George Dunlap WAKEFIELD.  (7) John A., born 6/13/1877.  He married Sarah Ida SMITH.  (8) William Galloway “Bill,” born 9/17/1879.  He married Nancy Ann MILLS.  (9) Isabell, born 1881.  She married Andrew Jackson McCOLLUM.  (10) Mahalia Jane, born 12/20/1885.  She married William Archibald WHITEHEAD.  (11) Leah, born 10/18/1887.  She married Virgil W. WHITEHEAD.

Martha Louise Hollingsworth Stephens

Martha Louise was the twelfth child and sixth daughter born to John and Zilpha.  She was born on 10/19/1846 and married Samuel STEPHENS on 11/30/1865.  They had the following children: (1) Alice, born 8/24/1866.  She married Thomas Newton DOBBS.  (2) Willie, born 5/30/1868 and died 6/7/1868.  (3) Roscoe, born 8/28/1866.  (4) Gennie, born 1871.  She died on 4/20/1955.  I don’t have much information on this family.  If anyone has more information, I will be grateful to have same.

Benjamin H. Hollingsworth

Benjamin H. was the thirteenth child and seventh son of John and Zilpha.  He was born 9/22/1848 and died 11/16/1852.

Franklin Pierce Hollingsworth

Franklin Pierce was the fourteenth child and eighth son of John and Zilpha.  He was born on 10/29/1852.  He married Marguerite Ann McCALEB, daughter of Andrew and Leah Catherine McCALEB.  They had the following children: (1) Henry Clay, born 12/27/1873.  He married Delia Ann HARGROVE on 11/22/1894.  (2) Mary Alice, born 7/3/1875.  She married Abram H. FOWLER on 7/29/1896.  (3) Minnie Belle, born 1/16/1879.  She married Christopher C. “Lum” EHL on 12/15/1900.  (4) John William Houston, born 6/11/1881.  He married Ada HALLMARK on 8/11/1904.  (5) Marguerite Zilpha “Mag,” born 1/10/1887.  She married John Leonard EHL on 9/12/1907.

Marion Galloway Hollingsworth

Marion Galloway was the fifteenth child and ninth son of John and Zilpha.  He was born on 1/23/1855.  He married Sarah Alice McCOLLUM, daughter of Newman Theodore and Carrie Nichols McCOLLUM.  They married on 3/8/1877.  They had the following children: (1) Newman Felix, born 2/19/1878.  He married Delphia SMITH.  (2) Drusilla, born 3/3/1880.  She married Asa Ebb JONES.  (3) John Marion “Bus,” born 11/17/1881.  He married Dena Frances SMITH.  (4) Mary Aughtie, born 11/17/1882.  She married James GLADDEN.  (5) James Clay, born 10/17/1884.  He married Lucy ALLRED.  (6) Rosa Mae, born 4/9/1888.  She married Rex Raymond HOLLIS.  (7) Hassie Frances, born 11/26/1890.  She married Lucien Clayton JOINER.  (8) Cora Blanche, born 9/20/1893.  She married Wilburn Green HALEY.  (9) Lula Alice, born 6/10/1896 and died 7/20/1897.  (10) Susan Clancy, born 1/19/1898.  She married Walter Clyde BOUTWELL.  (11) Edith Kermit, born 5/16/1902.  She married Frank Hugh PAPE.

These are the offspring of John and Zilpha Galloway HOLLINGSWORTH.  They were certainly one of the largest families in Fayette County.  Many of the their descendants live in the county today and several live on land once owned by John and Zilpha.  They were evidently very generous people as Zilpha’s journal records many loans made not only to family, but others in the community. [5]

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Virginia Hill HOLLINGSWORTH, daughter of Thomas HOLLINGSWORTH and Margaret FOWLER, married William Andrew Jackson NEWTON.  They lived in Fayette, Alabama, and had eight children: William Curtis (my father), Melvin, Marion, Burnice (boy), Clarence (died young), Myrtle, Maggie, Virgie and Jenny NEWTON.  The family moved to Texas, via train, about 1904 and settled in Rule, Haskell County, Texas, where they farmed.  A.J. NEWTON died in 1927 in Snyder, Scurry County, Texas.  Virginia died in 1937 in Snyder.  Both were buried in the Snyder cemetery.  Their granddaughter, Ila Ruth NEWTON, still resides in Snyder.  [Source: Garnell Newton Fortner, e-mail message, 07 May 2004]  New!

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