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Fayette County, Alabama

~ Moore & Related Family Photos ~

Generously contributed by
Penny Argroves Holmes
with assistance from June Moore Smith & Eddie Smith

James Wilson MOORE family
(circa 1906 ~ Berry, AL)

(Left-right): James W. MOORE, Fletcher MOORE, Ila MOORE, Ernest Melvin MOORE,
Fannie (DAVIS) MOORE, Sula MOORE (in Fannie's lap)

James Wilson MOORE family
(circa 1908 ~ Berry, AL)

(Left-right): Sula Francis MOORE (1905-1964), Fletcher MOORE (1903-1956),
James Wilson MOORE
(1871-1960), Ernest Melvin MOORE (1900-1966),
(1877-1910) with
James Richmond MOORE (1907-1959),

John Leroy (MOORE) ARGROVES & sons
(circa 1945/48 ~ Gay, GA)

(Left-right): James Marion ARGROVES (1926-1988), John L. ARGROVES (1897-1961),
Curtis Leroy ARGROVES (1929-1972)

NOTE: John was placed in an orpanage around 1900 in Atlanta, GA,
after his mother, Belle Zola MOORE, died from tuberculois. He was adopted
by Rufus & Sarah ARGROVES of Meriwether Co., GA.
He was listed on the 1900 Fayette Co., AL, census as John L. MOORE.  At that time,
he was living with his mother and her brother's family, James Wilson MOORE.

Tilda Verilla MOORE
(1952 ~ Berry, AL)

Tilda (sister of James Wilson MOORE)
with her great-niece, Martha (ARGROVES) WILKEY (right),
and Martha's husband, Allie WILKEY (left)

Marriage Record

James Richmond MOORE to L. Caroline Wilson HARBIN


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William Moore, Abbeville South Carolina

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