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Fayette County, Alabama
~ Marriage Book 1 ~
(19 June 1866 – 20 August 1879)

Generously contributed by
Don Bynum

Book 1 of the Fayette County marriage records contains 664 pages.  Each page lists two marriages – top (a) and bottom (b) – with the exception of pages 10b, 106a, 149b, 405b, 502b, 511b and 600b; and some pages are blank: 532, 533, 568, 569, 596, 597, 601, 646, 647 and 659–663.  Even so, nearly 1,300 individual records and more than 3,000 names are listed here.  We are grateful to Don Bynum for selflessly poring over microfilm to painstakingly transcribe these records.  Thanks, Don!

Transcriber's Notes:  The data was entered into the Book in an obviously haphazard fashion.  While it "generally" follows the order of marriage date, there are a lot of "local" variations.  I checked my transcriptions against Melba Sims' and Adrienne Thompson's transcriptions.  Where we had different intrepretations, I mostly used theirs; however, in several cases I stayed with mine.  So, there are a few records where this file will differ (slightly – mostly relating to spelling) from these other files.  There are at least 10–20 duplications, but some of the duplications have slightly different data – so I left them in. ~ Don Bynum

Coordinator's Notes:
  The highlighted entries in the indexes below indicate that the information has been changed from the original transcription, either by Mr. Bynum or other researchers.  Scroll to the bottom of those pages for more information.  Your corrections are welcomed!

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JP - Justice of the Peace | LD - Local Deacon | LM - Licensed Minister | MG - Minister of the Gospel | NP - Notary Public

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