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Fayette County, Alabama

~ Musgrove Autograph Book ~

Autograph Book belonging to:
Mary Geneva Musgrove
Daughter of William Anderson Musgrove and Mary Frances Amelia Harris
b. 28 May 1868, Fayette Co., AL
d. 14 Sept. 1948, Fayette Co., AL
bur. Musgrove Chapel United Methodist Church.

This Album is a reef to thee,
Sacred to love and memory,
Let every line or flower be
A pure, bright gem of constancy.

~ Written by F. A. Musgrove

"There is another album
Filled with leaves of spotless white,
Where no name is ever tarnished,
But forever pure and bright.
In the book of Life - God's Album,
May your name be penned with care,
And may all who here have written,
Write their names forever there."

~ Mary F. A. Musgrove

Select for your self,
The way that is best
That others may be guided
To an endless rest.

~ Willie B. Musgrove

True friends are but few.
But when you find a friend.
Change not the old for the new.

~ F. A. Musgrove

Friends may forsake you,
And friends may die;
Friends may forget you,
But never will I.

~ H. G. Musgrove

Oct. 19. 1887
Love, with all thy soul, the God above
And as thyself, thy neighbor Love.

~ I. B. Youngblood

Long may you live
Happy may you be
Is my last wish for the[e]

~ E. A. Porter

When the golden son is sitting
and your mind from close as
ben When over a thousan thinges
your thinking will you please
think of me

~ M. E. Porter

A place for my name in your album
A place for my love in your heart
A place for us both in heaven
Where true friends never part

~ Mollie Ward

Written in this book so pure and white
But none but friends presume to write.
May each line with friendship given
Direct the readers thoughts to heaven

Your loving cousin

~ Belle Hodges
Nov the 28th 1887
Your best friends may prove
untrue as they with our saviour
did to. Human hearts and
looks may deceive you
God art not like them untrue

~ W. F. Barnes

Remember me I only ask
Remember me if not a task
Remember me and so will I
Remember you until I die

~ Sudie Webster

Jan the 21 1888
Miss Mary Musgrove.
Guard well they thoughts.
For they are heard in heaven.

~ Belle Hodges

Mary please except this little gift of mine
To read in lonesome hours
When parted we may be
And pray that if we meet on Earth no more
That we may meet in heaven

~ Ella Earnest

Jan. 23d 1888
Farewell! how oft that sounds of Sadness
Like thorns of sorrow pierce the heart,
And hush the harp tones of its gladness
And tear the bleeding chords apart.

~ A. N. Musgrove

Jan. 23d 1888
Farewell! and if by distance parted,
We see each other's face no more,
Ah! may we with the faithful
Meet beyond this parting Shore.

Your little Cousin

~ Houston G. Musgrove
Among the many friends that claim,
A kind remembrance in thy breast,
I too would add my simple name,
Among the rest.

~ E. G.[or J.] Musgrove

Good by
Mar 13, 1888
Last in your album
Last in your heart
Last to bee remembered
And first to be forgot

Your Cousin

~ Clara Musgrove
Sweet the hour when
When first I met you
Sad the hour my lips shall
Say by and by you will
Forget me by and by when
Far A Way

Your Friend

~ Bell White
Remember me I only
Ask this little Gift of the[e]
And in some sad and lonly
Hour read this and think of me

        ~ C. L. Musgrove

May the Gods in
Heaven bless you
And keep you from
All sin and when you
Knock at the Golden Gate
May the Angels let you in

~ Clara Musgrove

When this you see remember me
Tho far away I bee
May the blessings of God attend you
As you read these lines
Remember the one that put a name here
And if we never meet here again
Let us live that we may in Heaven meet

This Mar 28th 1888
Your Cousin

~ R. L. Musgrove


Graciously contributed by
Monya Havekost

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