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Fayette County, Alabama

~ Musgrove Store ~

William Anderson MUSGROVE, proprietor

Musgrove Store

"This is last of the Musgrove houses in which a post office and store were located.  You can hardly see it, but there is a room on the left-hand side of the front porch which served as the post office.  Directly behind the house was the store, so it's not visible in this picture.

"I don't know who is standing in front of the house when this picture was taken.  His stance is much like my grandfather's [Fred MUSGROVE], but it could have been any of the Musgrove men.  One of the two chimneys for the house is dated 1881, the date in which this house was finished.  From letters, I know that it was under constuction while my g-g-grandfather [William Anderson MUSGROVE] was in Mongomery finishing his Senate duties.  Prior to this, they lived just down the road where they also had a store and, I think, post office.  I need to check my post office records.  I have a beautiful certificate granting them the post office ...

"After serving in the Senate, my g-g-grandfather became a Justice of the Peace until his death in 1902.  I have copies of many of his cases."

Graciously contributed by
Monya Havekost

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