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Fayette County, Alabama
~ Smith Family of Winfield ~

Graciously contributed by
Karen Melton Manasco

William Wiley & Sarah Morton Smith
Left to right:
William Wiley SMITH (1860-1918) & Sarah Florentine MORTON SMITH (1861-1951)

This is a copy of an old tin-type of my great-grandparents.
William Wiley Smith was born May 17, 1860; died Feb. 9, 1918.
He was buried in the Winfield City Cemetary, Winfield, Alabama.
Sarah Florentine Morton Smith was born Nov. 12, 1861; died Feb. 3, 1951.
She was buried in the Ballard School House Cemetery, Fayette County.
They were married on Nov. 5, 1886.  This picture was made probably not long after they were married.
They are the parents of my grandfather, William Dilmus Smith (see below).

William & Viola Morris Smith
Left to right:
Viola MORRIS SMITH (1903-1979) & William Dilmus SMITH (1887-1970)

This photograph of my grandparents was made at their home
in Fayette County: RR #1 Winfield, Alabama.
I'm not sure what year.  Papa died in 1970, and he was in Tuscaloosa when he passed away in the hospital.
I would assume it was made in the 1960s.
~ Karen Menasco

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