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Fayette County, Alabama
~ John W. Ray's Cotton Gin ~
(circa 1904)

Generously contributed by
Scott Aldridge

John Willard RAY's cotton gin was located about 50 yards south of the Fayette-Tuscaloosa county line.
Mr. RAY and all six of his sons are pictured here with a few other friends and relatives (see below).
Based on the estimated ages of the two children, the photo was taken about 1904.
The original is in the possession of Oneil RAY and posted here with his permission.

(Left-right): Sidney RAY, Lando RAY (child), Earl RAY (at top), Arthur RAY, John W. RAY.

(Left-right): Oscar RAY, Burl RAY, Will VICE, Walter RAY (in doorway), Morgan RAY (baby),
Bob WILSON (standing), Julius DAVIS (on horseback).

NOTE: Will VICE is John W. RAY's brother-in-law.  The children are sons of Sidney RAY.
Oscar RAY is Scott ALDRIDGE's maternal grandfather.

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