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Fayette County, Alabama

~ Starling Johnson Family ~

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Dallas Johnson

William Franklin JOHNSON (pictured above), son of James M. JOHNSON (No. 2 below), once owned a store and a cotton mill in Fayette, the seat of Fayette County, Alabama.  William married Nora MELTON.  The couple moved to Denver, Colorado, for Nora's health in 1920.  He died in 1944, and she died in 1984.

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Starling Johnson

Starling JOHNSON was born in 1819 near Spartanburg, South Carolina, and is believed to be the son of William L. JOHNSON.  He came to Fayette County, Alabama, in the 1830s, and was among the first of many settlers to obtain original land patents of Indian land.  In 1842, he married (1) Rebecca Ann CROW, daughter of Lewis CROW and Catherine WRIGHT, and settled on land near Pilgrims Rest, on Beaver Creek.  Many JOHNSON families lived in the area: Lemuel, Samuel, John, Elizabeth, William Sr., and others.  They were Buckskin Pioneers turned farmers, living in log cabins.  On June 15, 1864, Starling enlisted in the Fayette Militia and, according to the record, was six feet tall and had blue eyes, blond hair, and light skin.  Their children:

21.  Marion Lee JOHNSON (1870-1936)
22.  William Franklin JOHNSON (1872-1944); md. Nora MELTON (1887-1978)
Tenny JOHNSON (1874-?) 
24.  Henry Sidney JOHNSON (1876-?); md. Bertha WRIGHT (?-1954)
Curtis JOHNSON (1879-?); md. Erma NELSON
Helen JOHNSON (c1881-?); md. Jessie HOLLIMAN
41.  Lovie OWENS (1897-1982); md. --- PLYLER 
He married (2) Harriet E. (HUGHES) HAMBY (1825-1906).  Their children:

8.  Julius Glover JOHNSON, b. January 24, 1864; md. Alice Lou BLACK in White County, Georgia 

9.  Drury Bascomb "Doc" JOHNSON, b. 1867; md. Addie ROBINSON in White County, Georgia

Starling JOHNSON's first wife, Rebecca Ann CROW, died a few months after giving birth to Saville JOHNSON.  Later, Starling married Mrs. Harriet E. HAMBY.  It is said that she (Harriet) was an orphan because her father HUGHES had died and left her mother and two daughters.  She was raised in her "grandfather Wilson's home," so her mother must have been a WILSON.  She married (1) John HAMBY and they had a son named William (Billy) HAMBY.  John and Billy died.  I don't know how.

In 1873, Starling, Harriet, Julius, Drury and Saville left Fayette and returned to Georgia.  They lived with relatives there for five years then purchased land from William SATERFIELD in White County, Georgia.  Later, Saville (Villie) returned to Fayette, Alabama, where she lived out her life.  It is told that she moved into the home of Mary Ann CROW.  Starling JOHNSON died on February 4, 1886, found dead outside his barn door in a deep snow. 

William F. JOHNSON, one of the sons of James M. JOHNSON, visited the JOHNSONs in Georgia many times.  There was much correspondence.  Then the correspondence stopped around the time William F. and Nora moved to Colorado.

I am interested in finding any descendants of the family of Starling and Rebecca.  I would like to learn more about all the associated families.  If you have information or are a descendant and would like to learn more about the family, please write.

I have heard from many of you because of another inquiry that I made.  I will share with you and the people of Fayette the information I have gathered and will gather.

~ Dallas Johnson

Military Record: JOHNSON, Starling (A-911)

A record roll dated June 22, 1864, lists Starling JOHNSON who enlisted June 15, 1864, Fayette County, Alabama, and served with Captain Everett PALMER's Company, Fayette County Militia (Home Guard).  Starling had blue eyes, light hair, fair complexion; six feet tall and was a farmer.

A roll for out muster (discharge) dated October 31, 1864, lists Private Starling JOHNSON who enlisted June 15, 1864, Fayette County, Alabama, by Captain HEADEN and served with Palmer's Company, Alabama State Reserves (Home Guard).

Starling JOHNSON and Rebecca Ann CROW, had two sons who were in the military during the Civil War (or, for most of us, the War of Northern Aggression).  They were James M. JOHNSON, aged 18, and William L. JOHNSON, aged 20.

JOHNSON, William L.  Private, Company A, 26th Alabama Regiment.  Confederate Archives, Chapter 10, File Number 2, Page 131, lists W.L. JOHNSON, Private, Company A, 26th Alabama Regiment.  File number 2, Page 132 lists W.L. JOHNSON, Private, Company A, 26th Alabama Regiment, died March 7, 1862, in General Hospital Number 20, of Typhoid Fever, money left: 60 cents.

File Number 26, Page 63, lists W.L. JOHNSON lists claims of soldiers from Alabama which were filed in the office of the Confederate States Auditor for the War Department.  March 28, 1863, claim was filed by Starling JOHNSON, father, Bever Dale, Alabama.  The claim was filed on March 31, 1863.

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